If ever Kweer Charmer breaks both arms, he need not worry about his lavatory arrangements. His arselicker in chief, camp as Xmas, limp-wristed poofter Streeting will be there to wipe the Prime Ministerial bum and insert a soothing suppository.

Streeting really is the Starmer mouthpiece – His Masters Voice who will say things Kweer himself hasn’t got the guts to say, for example:

So any of us who do not vote for that shit Suckdick Khan is not at all duckie in Streeting’s bent little world.

Streeting’s price for this invaluable service? – a safe Northern seat for his boyfriend/husband/cocksucker, bumboy Joe Dancey, another Londoner like Streeting himself. Strictly Come Dancey – who does the womens steps?

What a poisonous little fairy Streeting is.

Daily Fail

Nominated byW. C. Boggs.

61 thoughts on “WES STREETING M.P.

  1. I would gladly subscribe to a pay per view to watch this cunt’s precious Islamists hurl the cunt from the top of the OXO tower for being a screaming arsehole astronaut.

    Splendid and fuck off.

    • It will be a sad day for Max Factor and the lipstick industry when Streeting meets his end – he must increase their profits the amount he slaps on himself every day. He looks as if he had been embalmed by Mandy.

  2. I’m afraid that if he stood for election round here espousing all the policies I wanted, I could not vote for him. He turns my stomach.

  3. Everyone who doesn’t vote for the Left is apparently the reincarnation of Reinhard Heydrich.

    I’m quite sure that those few Londoners who understand the English language and pay any attention at all to laughable puffs like this little cunt will be in total agreement.

    A mentally defective Arse Bandit?

    Welcome to the Liebor Party,fancy becoming PM?


      • That report has it all, devious bearded death-cult slime with a liberal dash of climate tripe.
        The been journos must be wanking themselves into a stupor over this.

      • That really is shocking…. I never knew they had roads in Afghanistan..

        Speak to the teletubbies grandad, maybe flog some of the armaments sleepy joe left behind..

      • Bet Mo is already trawling the area looking for some 9 year old orphan girl to replace the wife he lost. He probably thinks the opportunity to do so is a blessing from Alan, his non-existent God.
        No sympathy for the Afghans from me I’m proud to say. Let their estimated 1.9 billion fellow Muzzies in the world cough up the equivalent of £0.50 each and they’ll have more than enough to rebuild the sh!thole just the way it was and how they like it. Don’t ask the civilised Western world to contribute anything as they hate us.

      • All those dead… fewer mouths to feed. Win-win. He’ll get over it.
        Lacking empathy, moi??!

  4. Keyboard warrior wes streaking is acting tough to try and impress his constituency..

    It’s not gonna fly bum boy, but you will be when you lose your seat to the hamas headbangers in Ilford. Twined with Karachi..

  5. ‘..ists and phobes. the wotld over’.

    because, to cunts like Streeting, the world is entirely contained within the M25.

    Woking and Watford are in high orbit.

    Not just a cunt, but a hysterical mincing cunt who really does live in a metropolitan bubble.

    Gas mark 7.

    • It helps those who are actually running the country to promote their ass-bandit place-men into positions of authority because they are easily controlled.

      They are either supplied with endless amounts of bum-fun to ensure compliance or blackmailed, or both.

      A sort of honey-trap, but involving poo and hamsters instead of honey.

  6. A fine cunting Mr Boggs.

    A shiny, featureless face, just like his master; almost a Kweer clone. A shiny, featureless political stance that can meet any issue with the same self-assured blandness. A shiny featureless cock just waiting to fuck us all in the arse – metaphorically, obviously.

    Good morning, everyone.

  7. You can’t trust a man who isn’t shaving by the age of 41yrs.

    There’s something wrong with him on a molecular level.

    He seems more like a game show host or good morning TV type than a politician?

    But no matter what he does he can’t send me into a murderous rage like his cohort Johnathan Ashworth.

    • Good grief why did you have to bring that dreadful little pen pushing cunt into it?

      It’s put me right off my morning “happy time” with Mrs Terry.

      I hope you are happy with yourself,you inveterate cad.

      • Sorry uncle Tez.

        I despise ALL politicians but there’s something about Ashworth that pushes my buttons,

        No matter what party he was in I’d not vote for them simply by having him in it.

        I’d happily nail the little turd to a tree.

        He constantly bashes me Tories and he’s right they are useless but when HE says it ?
        Makes me want to vote for them.

      • Well said.

        He’s a Cunt of BBCistan level.

        A smarmy smug ferret.

        Apologies to ferrets,especially in Yorkshire.

      • He’s a slimeball. Didnt he get caught slagging off magic Grandpa to a tory he was chums with?

        Then made excuses on national TV. He’s nearly as bad as that weirdo Barry Gardiner.

      • MNC, does your Country Cream gate have any inspiring mottoes emblazoned above? I would like to think so…

  8. People should be proud to be called racist, white supremacist islamaphopes.

    I certainly am.
    Even more so when called that by a raving bender who understands nothing about race.

    Islam is wrongly classed as a race, but I will go along with it.

    I fucking hate all Muslims.
    They are all sneaky fucking bastards who hate anyone that isn’t Muslim.
    They all consider you as not being human.

    They are quite open about that.
    They parade in the streets with placards saying that all non Muslims should be beheaded.
    They abuse non Muslim women in the streets who do not dress in the way that they want.
    Thet openly call them prostitutes.

    They preach hatred against all infidels in their mosques.

    But of course that is not racist.
    It’s a cultural thing.

    The word ‘racist’ has been adopted and abused by the looney left.
    Now people are shit scared to be called a racist.
    There is probably more stigma associated to being called a racist than there is to be called a pédó.

    I couldn’t give a fuck.
    Call me a racist you ignorant bastards.

    The followers of Islam are all cunts.
    They offend me.

    They cannot live in civilised countries and should all be returned to the Muslim shit holes where they or their ancestors came from.

    Of course I fucking hate the Muslims who carry out terror attacks.
    And even though they might be a tiny percentage of Muslims, every other Muslim knows what’s going on and they do nothing to tidy up their medieval religion.
    Instead they just shuffle their feet and say, “It wasn’t me. We are peaceful and now we are treated like victims”.

    Well I’m not having that.
    You know who the extremists are in your community and although you may not (yet) celebrate in the streets after a terrorist atrocity you don’t do anything positive to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

    Unfortunately there will not be any civil uprising against these Muslim cunts.
    People in general and the younger generation in particular are too weak and brow beaten to do anything except watch their country get taken over.

    You live in a democracy and non Muslims are still a minority.
    Your votes matter.
    If you feel that there is no point voting then you are just adding to the problem.

    • Excellent post, TAC.
      I do wonder, on the Labour backbenches, do the mużfilth refuse to sit next to the benders and vice versa?

    • 👏👏👏👏👏👏….. excellent, you are the new Enoch … 🇬🇧 send it to Mr b.ender and hope he self 💥

      Also send to the Muslim council of Britain 🤣…. lovely

    • After any terror attack their will be the usual line up of appeasers.

      An Iman will say, “The people that did this are not true Muslims”.
      The head of the police will agree that they were not real Muslims.
      A senior politician will say that Islam is the religion of peace and the people who carried out the atrocity were not true Muslims.

      But it doesn’t matter what anyone says.

      What matters is that the terrorists believe that they are true Muslims.

      And that’s all that matters.

      • The “not true Muslims” line is an outrageous piece of casuistry – the terrorists are precisely enacting everything they are mandated to do by Koranic authority; they are as true to the faith as it gets – and the implication that there is room for “interpretation” is a lie from within the religion, a religion which is quite explicit on this issue – the Koran is the last and final word of God, and his orders for jihad and the destruction of the apostate and the infidel are quite irrefutable.

        The “Not true Muslims” excuse is like ordinary workaday members of the SS saying the architects of the apocalypse where “not true n*zis” – an absurdity of epic proportions, but one that nonetheless can be smuggled by the simpering idiots of the left who just want to feel good about hugging a culturally colourful person.

    • Splendid Mr Artful, a Richard Coeur de Lion for our age. The sword of righteousness rests easy in your hand.

    • I’m neither proud or ashamed if people call me a racist,as it no longer means anything. If you can include criticism of religion in the definition, then you can expand it to cover any criticism of any demographic, as has happened in order to shuut down debate;
      ‘I think the newDoctor Who is crap’

  9. Up until today I thought that picture from the arsegrapes nom acfew months back was the most off-putting pic I’d seen on IsAC.

    That is no longer true. Everything about that face, that pose .. in the pic above .. says ‘cunt’, to me … and I’d never even heard of the cunt before 5 mins back. Icing on the cake; there’s a look of Piers Morgan about the fucker too, but that might just be the smug look of a self-important tool.

  10. Who ever gets in, whether its right up the shitter or not, I don’t care tuppence. Just prefer to know if you found it difficult to get the top off something or other.

  11. I don’t feel ashamed to be called racist or islamaphobic especially if it is by some soft cunt who would rather put up with things than cause a stir

  12. O/T Where is Edward Wallace? His astute observations seem to have been missing recently. No doubt he would have a suitable demise organised for Streeting…

  13. The bandits in the Labour Party are all nasty cunts, get all screechy when anyone doesn’t agree with the lefty perversions.

    Racist, Islamophobic, white supremacy, let’s have more please

  14. I’m also not ashamed to be racist. Especially if the persons I’m being racists about are utter despicable evil cunts.

    • A Bulgarian spook’s umbrella.
      Gamp for a gimp, as my dear old Grannie would have said, while flicking the blood-stained pages of her Daily Fail, and chugging a litre bottle of Peter Dominic’s Military Gin.
      She was truly an inspiration.

  15. What is it about peacefuls that shirt lifters like Streeting find so adorable?
    They fucking hate you, you mincing cunt.

  16. I had a friend on Facebook whose other friends were almost all people who looked and acted like Wes Streeting. All in low-level public sector, charity or academic roles, all who were scared to death of having the wrong opinion and pathological virtue signallers. No deviation from the woke orthodoxy was allowed, or any knowledge of history.

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