Robert and Saskya Bush

Have Robert and Saskya Bush, the ‘brains’ behind Legacy Independent Funeral Directors, been cunted yet?

If not it’s about time that was rectified. We all know the story by now – a pair of (alleged) chancing grifters allegedly conned fuck knows how many people out of thousands at the most heart-breaking, vulnerable time of the lives in order to fund their poxy little motorbike habit.

They (again, allegedly) took what was supposed to be one last celebration of a loved one’s life for their clients, and turned it into a nightmare, all while showing absolutely no respect whatsoever for the deceased.

Indeed, they cared that little about the people they were meant to serve that they didn’t even bother to give them the correct ashes most of the time. If or when they are convicted, I hope they are shown no mercy by their fellow inmates.

What they did transcends regular cuntitude.

Daily Mail

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  1. You get treat like a cunt when you’re alive and this cunt has extended it to when you’re dead. I’m opting for the cheapest funeral going, not too fussed what happens to my corpse to be honest.

    Funerals are mainly for those left behind but my intention is to be cremated with no one present apart from the oven operator and I’ll record something on video that can be distributed to anyone that gives a fuck.

    I’m more concerned with making sure anything I leave behind goes to my kids and the government gets nothing.

    This guy is a cunt, more for how he’s lead his daughter astray, fucking over strangers is one thing but he’s taken his own child and made her a monster.

    What a piece of shit.

  2. I’d have them embalmed, obviously whilst still alive and ask them if I could, how does that make you feel. Its the way loved ones felt when you cheated them out of what you did with their most precious loved ones, regardless of their life savings.

    • This same funeral parlour is the subject for the recent File on 4 radio programme. A harrowing listen is the only way I can describe it.

  3. I’d never use a undertaker called Bobby Bush.

    And especially if he was a ginger.
    The man’s one big freckle.

    Gingers don’t have souls.
    It’s a well known fact.

    Check.out your coffin dealer before booking.

    Have a look.around the back of the premises.

    If it’s all overflowing bins and dirty sofas chances are he’ll just chuck your mortal remains out for me binmen.

    I of course have had a artisanal coffin made already.
    Lovely Victorian brass fittings
    Velvet lined.

    Can’t wait 👍

  4. I know it is morbid but no one needs to use a funeral director. You can collect a body from the hospital or morgue and take them home. As long as you get the forms signed then that is our right. You can then book a cremation direct and take the body in an estate car or something like that. Perhaps you have already paid for a cemetery plot. You do not even need a coffin, just a suitable covering, which could be a blanket or a body bag. When you look into it you will see how very little it costs and how much these firms are making. If you store in cool and dark room then there is no bad smells. People can pop by and pay respects. Thank god it never happened but this was my plan for our kids should something bad happen. Was not going to leave them with random bods. Do we really want to leave our passed loved ones in some room with people who BY CHOICE, WANT TO BE in that room. Think about that……

    • You can have a very simple cremation for less than £2k.

      If you opt for an “eco friendly” casket, just have the hearse, and use your own cars, forgo flowers, and the celebrant ( who doesn’t know the deceased at all), but get family/friends to share a story , a funeral really can be a celebration of a person’s life.

      When my partner died, 10 years ago, this is what we did, as a family. Yes, there were tears, but there were smiles and laughter, too.

      We played Buddy Holly and Queen music. It was brilliant, sad but comforting, too.

      • Having just had my Mum’s funeral the celebrant was worth every penny, spent 4 hours with wife and I getting her history and our funny stories .Told them perfectly, lots of tears and laughter I hope she would have liked it.

      • You fell lucky, Chris.

        The celebrants at my parents funerals might just as well have been talking about other people.

        At Mums the one repeatedly referred to my lovely Mum as Dorothy. Her name was Doreen and he kept correcting himself.

        At Dads the other referred to his five children, there are 4 of us.

      • Thanks JP much appreciated. My uncle went a couple of years ago and his funeral was just like the farce you describe.

  5. When I pass you can chuck me on a compost heap for all I care. That said, tie these fuckers over an anthill and smear them with a mixture of blood, milk and honey a la Swahili spear chucker.
    Oh, and dog shit too, add the last vestiges of home comfort to their shitrat lives.

    • I have a patch, about 20′ square, at the bottom of our garden which has been left wild. I’ve told my wife that if I go first, unlikely, wrap me in a blanket, dump me there and cover me in grass cuttings and hedge trimmings. I’m sure the landlord would be well pissed if he found out but there’s no reason why he should.

  6. There seems to be no depths that humans won’t stoop to scam people out of money..

    Not a pleasant species are we when we fuck over the dead…!

  7. Bloody hell….a bit morbid on IsAC today.

    Wee Jimmy McKrankie is writhing like a maggot on a hook to cheer me up.

    • Me and JP will be paying for your funeral LL.

      Nothing fancy but tasteful.

      Probably a accident with a lawnmower?

      Accident with weedkiller?

      Do you want a open casket so people can see your new wellies?

      • I’m up for that, Mis.

        Hope the undertaker is patient, when I’m paying my half in copper.

      • He’ll have eaten some of those banned slug pellets, thinking they were spearmint Tic-Tacs.

      • We must remember that Mr Krankie is innocent until proven guilty but whatever happens his and her reputations are destroyed.
        Interestingly, the current First Minister offered no support for them today when questioned despite rising to the top jock job on her coat tails despite being a proven failure.

      • You are all too kind.

        I’m a simple man of the earth so chuck me on the compost heap.

      • Sorry OP.

        Your nom about these two despicable things ( can’t call them humans) is just another example of how low society has fallen.
        Surely there’s some kind of oversight of companies that offer funeral services, Health and Safety or local Government.
        I’m sure I don’t know, but it beggars belief that they got away with this for any length of time.

        Still, I’m sure lessons will be learned.

  8. I think I shall have a Sky Burial.
    Hoisted up on the roof and left to rot, with crows and seagulls pecking at me till the bones fall into the cunt neighbours gardens.
    Perfect! 😃

    • Itll be a sad day when I die.
      Mainly for me.

      A nation will.mourn.

      Curtains remain drawn.
      Shops won’t open
      Dogs will howl inconsolably
      And the rain will fall in a great deluge.
      Lightning splitting the sky.

      The cunting world will pass the mourning of a giant no more in their midst.

      And carved into the Persian marble of my mausoleum will be

      A humble man.

      • Ah!

        Persian marble, from the country formerly known as Persia, now called

        Good choice.

        I’m having one of the Elgin marbles.

  9. I would like to be tied to the front of the Unimog MadMax style so Mrs Civvydog can drive it round our local town with my rotting corpse draped in the Union Jack with a neon sign attached saying ” fuck off home you foreign cunts”

      • Yep a Unimog only transport, big noisy smokey diesel, tree huggers and dinner party types round here hate it , so a result. Hitler’s revenge the noisy bastard.

  10. When people type burn on here at first glance I always read it as bum. 😄

    There was a comment the other day and someone said burn them and I thought they said bum them. I thought ooh err well that’s a bit extreme but whatever floats your boat. 😂

    Just thought I’d share that insight.

  11. As some internet wag once put it; when I die, I want my remains scattered over Disneyland.

    Also, I don’t want to be cremated.

    • Harold, Mickey.

      I don’t know if it’s alcohol related, but I’ve just laughed at both your comments so much, I’m really glad I’d just been for a pee.

  12. This is just across the water from me. These cunts seem to have swindled non existant funeral plans from unfortunate locals but the unexplained bit is what was the scam with the bodies – 35 were taken away, and the ashes mix ups? Some ashes were alledgedly from bodies which were recovered by the cops.
    And why are these cunts out on bail instead of in the chokey? Let the fuckers loose on Hessle road. I’m sure the locals could look after them.

  13. Robert sent to prison.
    Saskya sent to the Cunt Engine residence.

    ‘What’s it like being six feet under… in your new home?’

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