Maid Programme (Assisted suicide)


Justin Castro proving he’s the west’s finest dictator yet again. I use to be pro choice on the assisted suicide topic but seeing the government overreach in communist Canada has put me right off it. I feel so badly for the father in this case, your daughter is physically fine but two pure bred cunt excuses of doctors have deemed autism and ADHD as passable for assisted suicide then the cunt of a judge doesn’t even ask about the conditions and passes it.

Considering how easy it is to misdiagnose those two conditions are it’s giving the government a machine gun to get rid of people it hates potentially. I can see the UK adopting this and considering being right or centre a mental illness and putting you down. Fuck the cunts in charge of Maid.

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  1. Bit of a reductio ad absurdum argument against assisted dying in the nom.
    This case may well be a cunt, but for many assisted dying will be a release from pain.

  2. Being right of centre and mentally ill it’s got me worried as well.

    I am pro choice.

    I think if someone is in unbearable pain they should have the day on if they want to end it.

    But once you throw politicians in the mix it can be used for nefarious actions.

    Canada seems a mad fuckin country?

    Always thought they’d be level headed types?

    But they’ve gone for WOKE in a big way!

  3. What blinkered, corporate profit-controlled, short-sighted cunts the medical establishment are.
    Autism/ADHD, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy can greatly helped by pure CBD (no THC). Here’s a very interesting video:
    And chronic suicidal depression and severe anorexia can be mostly cured by psilocybin.
    But there’s no money in cures, only prolonged misery.
    Or, in this case, artificially-induced (criminally encouraged?) guidance towards entirely unnecessary suicide.

  4. Typical of the Daily Mail to conflate Euthanasia with Assisted Dying.

    As I’m sure most posting here are aware, the two are not synonymous.

    Euthanasia is when a third party, e.g. the State, doctor(s), anyone, decides to end a person’s life without the expressed wishes of the person concerned.

    Assisted dying/suicide is when a person wishes to end their own life (usually due to a painful, terminal illness that has reduced their quality of life to sub zero) but requires the assistance of another to help him/her on his/her way.

    The law in this country at present leaves the helper open to prosecution and a possible prison sentence, even if the act of assisting was done abroad.

    Bottom line: I demand the right to die at a time and place of my own choosing. It’s nobody’s fucking business but mine.

    Hopefully assisted suicide will soon be legalised in the UK so I won’t have to travel to Switzerland or some other foreign country in the time of my greatest need.

    • Quite right Baker,
      I don’t see a problem here. This is a request made by the “suidicee”.
      Case 1: I am fully compos mentis and I am in constant excruciating pain. I do not wish to be on this planet any longer. Being in control of my own body, please help me to end my existence gracefully.
      Case 2: I am fully compos mentis and just don’t see any reason to continue existing any more. Being in control of my own body, please help me to end my existence gracefully.
      Just because dad doesn’t think it’s a good idea is not a reason to deprive the person of their wishes.
      The ending of existence could still be achieved by their own hand, it’s just that they want it to be “gracefully”. This isn’t about the state deciding anything – except granting the person their wish.

  5. If any govt backs it then its shit.

    If that cunt in Canada says its a good idea then put down your maple syrup covered bacon and flee the country.

    Mind you there’s thousands of Westminster cunts in need of an involuntary cull.

    Can’t quite put my finger on the best method to be rid of the vermin..

    • It is terrible to think of someone in excruciating pain, with no chance of recovery, being denied the means to end it all, but what makes me nervous about this is that it is being discussed at a time when there is so much obvious hostility to pensioners. Hardly a week goes by without hearing phrases like “useless eaters”, “undertaxed”, “had it too easy generation”, “codgers”, and of course they are all far right, gammons etc. It has the feel of someone introducing ideas by stealth, a bit like calling paedophiles minor-attracted persons – making the unacceptable acceptable. Someone somewhere will be rubbing their hands together , thinking of all those paid-for houses being available.

  6. A slight digression, I have seen a couple of adverts for Stop the Silence (silence of suicide), I don’t get it ‘even the happiest faces can hide the darkest thoughts’

    ‘Hey mate you seem way too happy, are you thinking of topping yourself’

    Back to the Nom, tough call, init!

    Assisted death should be available for those in certain categories, the completely fucked covers them all.

  7. To think suicide was once a criminal act. But it still doesn’t beat the fact why this country is allowed to be overrun with cunts, by cunts.

  8. This already exists and anyone who has had a relative spending their last days in an end of life hospice.

    The code word is ‘We would like to change the medicine to help xxxxxx better cope with the pain’.

    After that, 48 – 72 hours tops.

    • My old man died in a community hospital the night he died the stench of morphine was so evident. Just a pity somebody didn’t do it 6 months earlier, the poor fucker really suffered.

      • In Scandinavia you can ask the district nurse to help if a loved on is in excruciating pain.

        She will leave an additional bottle of morphine on the understanding that you call her before the ambulance, so that she can remove the evidence.

        Far more humane to let you decide when it’s time to go, in your own home.

  9. My mum, in the final year of her life, longed for a Shipman type to put her out of her misery.
    Said anyone who thought assisted suicide should not be legalised was a sadistic piece of shit.
    I agree with her.
    In her final days she lingered on in a semi-comatose state.
    This once vibrant woman, a nurse who raised 4 children, had been reduced to something unrecognisable, relying on various carers for even the basics, such as changing her diaper.
    I wouldn’t allow one of my dogs to go out like that, so why did she have to?
    My dad had a pretty undignified death too.
    Not for me.
    I’ve made certain arrangements.
    No civilized society can legitimately insist that it’s citizens must suffer at the end.
    When an effective alternative exists.
    Oh, and fuck those religious cunts to Hell.

    • I have been through the same, slow process recently. It’s an absolute bastard for all concerned.
      One simple injection would have been a happy ending for all those concerned.

    • You can bet your life that if you’d let your dog get to that stage you’d have been prosecuted for animal abuse. It’s only people that are allowed to be abused to that extent.

      • Yup, that was the general discussion. The dog would have been put to sleep a few years ago.

  10. I hope I die a quick.death.

    Not wasting away in agony.😒

    I’d like to be alone when I go.too.

    It’ the only time I’ve not been fuckin someone.

    Probably be a heart attack for me.
    Big blokes tend to get that.
    Hope I’m driving at the time and a coach going to mosque is coming the opposite way.

  11. Commie Trudeau is welcome to come and tout for business around the House of Lords if he likes.

    You could probably finish most of them off with an airhorn.

    • LL@

      Can you do me a favour?
      If I die afore you please could you make sure that any statues put up are tasteful?

      And any eulogies arent mawkish or sickly sweet?


      • It would be a honour Miserable.

        I will lobby that you are permanently immortalized on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square. A blue plaque on the abandoned caravan in the layby of your favourite dogging hotspot too.

        As a fellow beard enthusiast, a reading by Brian Blessed, if still available, would be fitting.

      • It’s a shame Michelangelo’s dead since the statue would, of course, need to be wearing a plastic mac with your knob hanging out. He could’ve just adapted his David.

  12. The oleaginous pile of chimpanzee semen that is Turdeau should have this process forced on him and live streamed.
    This smarmy, smirking pòòfter needs to be force fed shit in a copraphiliac version of scaphism.
    May he die in abject misery and excruciating pain.

  13. It’s a shame the public can’t vote for who they would like to see euthanised. There’s quite a lot on my list.

    • Same Bertram.

      A sparsely populated place it’d be if I had my way….

      Go all.week.without.seeing another human being.

      I’d start with that Johnathan Ashworth the Labour MP.

      And I’d personally take care of it with a bootlace .

      • This country is well overdue a substantial cull.

        30 million be a good start. They wouldn’t be missed.

  14. Disturbing shit coming out of the Scottish covids enquiry shows that GPs were asked by NHS to prepare lists of people who could/should be denied treatment and/or given Do Not Resuscitate Orders. I think this tells us all we need to know about what our ‘Cabinet of All the Cunts’ would do once it has the power of life and death over us sorted. The Nazis made up similar lists to help eliminate ‘useless eaters.’ I expect there is a copy of the 1930s ‘Handbook for Practitioners’ doing the rounds somewhere. Ask Reichsmarschalll Gove.

  15. Another depopulation tactic. It won’t be long before they monetize it and the Suicide booths from Futurama will sadly become all too real.

    • They’ll be disguised as Benefits Offices. Or perhaps the Houses of Parliament, although throughput in the latter will be slow.

  16. Perhaps I flatter myself to consider Yours Truly the oldest cunt on here but I have a perspective lacking in you younger shavers. My goal in life is to live longer than any other old cunt and to remain mean and spiteful to the last. Nothing like a graveside gloat as another one goes down. I recommend a final internment serenade of the late cunt based on the old Troggs number “Love is all around”

    I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes
    Well, Death is all around me
    And so the feeling grows

    Inebriated Welsh cunt poet and piss artist Dylan Thomas had himself liquored up to perfection when he wrote:

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    So when the NHS quacks decide they want your bed for another less dead cunt (known in the trade as “Triaging”) summon the last of your moxy and tell them to fuck off. Accept no injection to “make you feel better and less anxious”. Sign no “Do not resuscitate” notice and above all accept no “Palliative Care” (formerly known as “The Liverpool Care Pathway”). Remember those two fine Anglo Saxon words as your mantra of life, “Fuck off”.

    At my age been there, done that, many times.

  17. I’m slightly confused as to why the government would “hate” the autistics so much that they’d want to wipe them out. I was unaware that the governments engage in that much card-counting.

  18. Is this the thing Fester Rancid is always gobbing on about?

    Well, she can fuck right off. The tombstone toothed hag labeled those with depression ‘malingerers’. When one of my closest friends killed himself because he suffered depression, I hated the fucking auld wytch.

    Dame Fester was also well in with Sir Jim’ll and she deliberately ignored his victims when they came to her ‘Childline’ for help.

    Hell is a-waiting for the old prune.

  19. This is why my family don’t want it. My brother is happy and healthy (aside from needing to lose a little weight) yet because he’s severely autistic we’re worried some medical cunts or cunts from the Waffen Social Services will deem it in his best interests to euthanise him if it gets approved here. Especially when he eventually has to move out of my parents’ house – which given they’re nearing their 60s may happen sooner rather than later.

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