Patrick Harvie (3)- Green Twat

We’ve had a bit of fun on here recently at the expense of Scottish FM Dumza Youseless and his lamentable Hate Crime Act. However let’s not forget the cheek on the other side of the shitty arsehole. I refer to Daddy Pig lookalike Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the Scottish Green Loony Party.

Harvie’s stuck his head above the parapet to defend the legislation, which I presume he and his Green colleagues were a driving force behind. Apparently it’s needed as a defence against ‘a rising tide of hatred around the world’; this ‘rising tide’ naturally being an unquestionable fact in little Patrick’s mind.

Of course there’s a plot against the Hurty Wurty Feelings Act; this rising tide is ‘certainly connected to deliberate misinformation that certain people are propagating with regard to this legislation’. Huh? I don’t quite know how he makes this very dubious link for a start. How exactly is there a certain connection? Also, I wonder who these ‘certain people’ could be? Oh, witters Harvie, it’s probably to do with ‘the rise of far right movements* around the world’, or ‘it’s the effect of social media’.

Well he’s a thought Diddy. Maybe the utter distaste for your Snitch’s Charter is simply a revolt against lefty authoritarianism. That, and the fact that most people think you’re a twat and just don’t like you.

Daily Record

*yes, them again

Nominated by: Ron Knee

66 thoughts on “Patrick Harvie (3)- Green Twat

  1. Probably a cunt, who knows?
    These fucking newspapers make it almost impossible to read their stories in full.

    I gave up trying.

    • Worth a cunting in itself. Recipe websites are equally annoying; a forest of pop ups and the irritating author with their Tory of how they love the dish. I only need two things, arsehole: Ingredients and method.

  2. Good morning

    Wednesday of this week was the most wonderful day for the SNP and Scottish Green Party who have been in an unholy alliance. Useless, seeing votes haemorrhaging, has decided that the Greens can go fuck themselves. He has u-turned on ridiculous climate change targets and altered the criteria fior children to start having the transgender treatment both crazy policies inflicted on the SNP as part of the alliance.
    On top of all that Murrell has finally been arrested and charged.
    It would have been a good week for the conservatives if yet another of their poofter MPs hadn’t got himself into trouble with “bad men”.

    • A glorious day indeed, Wanksy, for us cunters and all decent folk throughout the realm.
      As for the nom, never heard of the insignificant nodule of shite, so not worth commenting on.

      • “insignificant nodule of shite”

        You have a way with words Sam. I’m borrowing that one.

      • Take it from me Sam; this little cunt is a key player in the festering sore that is the ScotNat-Green coalition north of the border.

        Him and his cohorts are a prime example of what can happen when loony left authoritarianism gets a grip on things.

  3. In the story link, he looks way skinnier. ‘Well done for losing weight’, I thought. Then I read that he was bleating on about being a bender, so it’s probably the Freddie Mercury AIDS-assisted diet.
    All politicians ought to emulate mentalist heat-enthusiast Max Azzarello, who liked barbeque so much he decided to toast himself outside the Trump money trial in Noo Yoik yesterday.
    Fuck me, what a way to die, bloody lunatic.

    • He does look a lot skinnier in the article pic.
      He also looks like he should be the singer in shite yank band REM

      • He wouldn’t have the strength to undo my belt buckle!

        He looks like he has to have his food through a intravenous drip.

        Vegan food

  4. I don’t want to be that person , but is he allowed near schools?

    Oh dear, so the snitch charter isn’t working out so well..
    Anonymous online hate crime reporting being abused, who ever would of thought.

  5. We are going through the doldrums with politicians these days – kinky Conservatives in the middle of the night, – there is a definite touch of the Avengers with Rishi’s reprobates a Jock leader charged with embezzelment, Labour with Keir’s kweers and a couple of old Blairite farts – Cooper and little Hilary, who were no great shakes thirty years ago.

    Save your shoe leather and don’t vote on May 2nd.

    • Let’s not forget the 2 homes Stockport Strumpet as well, WC (apologies to MNC).

      The whole stinking lot of them are a giant fatberg blocking one of Bazalgette’s sewers.

      • Funny how they always bleat on about ‘not having done anything wrong’.

        Fucking cesspit.

    • I fully understand the sentiment WC but I suggest by simple arithmetic you can better get at them by voting than not. Don’t vote and it’s a point they don’t get. Vote for their opponent and it’s an extra point they are down. They don’t care about low turnout, that just tells them how malleable the (non)voters are. If it looks like he has a chance vote for their leading opponent. If it’s a safe seat (What a misnomer!) vote Reform. Comparatively few votes for Reform will cause them to panic.

      • i was going to spoil my ballot paper, now Mr Tice and his merry men look to get it. Pity the far right aren’t fielding a candidate.

  6. Harvie’s Barmy Army is the the tail that wags the SNP dog. In a rare example of common sense I see the Holyrood nutters have just dropped the totally unaffordable, unachieveable Net Zero by tomorrow afternoon bollocks.

    However, they’ve still pushed through a new law banning gas, oil or solid fuel heating on all new houses and conversions. So you won’t even be able to heat a new home by burning wood on a fire or log burner when you get a power cut.

    I can see the Highlands, the coldest part of the UK where winter power cuts are routine, gradually becoming uninhabitable. Perhaps it’s because most accents you hear spoken in the Highlands are English that these cunts want a return to the Highland Clearances. Ethnic cleansing by the back door?

  7. This Hate act was bound to fail.

    It encourages you to grass up fellow employees
    Things said inside your home?!

    No proof is needed
    It’s demented.

    The SNP should stick to what they do best..


      • I still think Krankie will get away with it and the ‘husband’ will take the rap. She’s thrown him under the motorhome.

      • Great to see Baldy Krankie get his collar felt, but the gold standard still has to be seeing Wee Jimmy charged. Fingers crossed; it’s creeping nearer and nearer to her.

        Regardless, I’m still betting that it’ll all turn out to be that nobody knew anything about anything, and the cash simply evaporated. Convenient.

  8. If you are high enough up the establishment pyramid you can express the most perverse opinions and indulge in the most outlandish behaviour and you will be not merely tolerated but lauded. If you haven’t got a pot to piss and are heard to moan about the weather today you are in danger of getting a certificate under the mental health act.

  9. Unbelievable that a country whose population is 95.4% white would be so stupid as to vote in a coalition government headed by this Green Tallibannie tyke Patrick Harvie and the openly anti white racist Humza Useless, who under his own Hate Crime legislation should by rights now be occupying a prison cell and not the office of First Minister.

  10. There are two things I cannot understand:
    1. People who walk around with coffee.
    2. People who vote ‘green’.

    These two points tend to short-circuit my little brain.

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the first person decided to stand up and walk (as if late for something) out of the cafe with coffee in-hand. ‘Eric, Eric, where are you going…?’

    Then there are people who vote Green. Maybe Eric was the first? Was that why he was in a hurry that day?

    We will probably never know even in these days of AI and paper cups.

    One thing I do know is; 1 + 2 = Cunt Buttered Sad Bastard.

    Cunters! Do you know anyone who matches this description?

    Morning All!!

    • Equally as strange, are those people who go to the pub, order a coffee, and sit there on their laptops making out they’re on the brink of clinching a huge commodities deal.
      Like a modern day version of Del Boy holding his Filofax aloft down Peckham high street.
      Only nowadays they aren’t voting conservative, they vote for imbeciles like this cunt.

  11. Fucking beardie gaye whingeing twat. I hate him, even though I have never met him (or heard of him before Ron’s nom). I just know I do. He is the disease that is eating away at our society. Useless Sweaty fucker. Fuck off, cunt face.

    I didn’t bother with the link, I trust Ron.

    Good morning everyone.

    • Thanks TT!

      Being married to a Scot, I take an interest in what’s going on at Holyrood. Harvie is one of two Greens who hold a ministerial post in Youseless’s government, the price the minority SNP had to pay to get an overall majority.

      Fracures in that unwholesome alliance are now appearing, with the Natzis looking to distance themselves I think.

      The influence of the Greens has been malign; a case of a tiny tail wagging a very large dog. Scratch a loony policy north of the border, and you’ll expose this little pimple.

  12. It’s a pity what’s happened to the Green’s.

    They used to be a collection of gentle, bearded folk, ( including the blokes ), who would encourage people to plant trees, grow their own veg, make their own clothes, etc.

    A bit like The Good Life, for the masses.

    Now, they all seem to be demented, leftie bummers and sapphists. 😜🤪

    Screeching about Palestine, Tommy Whatsisface and The Far Right, trans rights and oodles of other hysterical nonsense.

    It’s all quite irritating and bad for the digestion.

    Strap the cunts to wind turbine blades, in time for the next bout of windy weather.

    Mithering freaks.

    Good morning 🌄👍

    • Have to be careful strapping them to turbine blades Jack. If your calculations were out the danger is that the rotating mass would be out of balance and in a strong wind the blades may separate from the hub. Depending at which point unfortunately you would see greens being driven into the ground or flying off into the heavens.

      Then again…..

  13. Call me naive but I just don’t understand how the vast sums of public money that get stolen are misappropriated.

    I wanted something for my classroom this week. We have a three step process where I work that involves forms and signatures. A penny out of place and you face the wrath of the business manager.

    Total cost of this item? $11!

  14. What is with the Greens, fucking Co Leaders, one to stupid cunt is enough init!

    We had a couple wandering around the other day, posting envelopes in selected letter boxes, must have been those who identify as shirtlifters, obviously I didn’t get one 😂

  15. I’d love one of these green cunts to come patronising me at the door.

    I compost
    Feed the birds
    Feed wildlife
    Grow our own fruit
    Plenty of bee friendly plants.

    I’m.greener than those cunts😡

    And shut that tasteful gate!

  16. The problem with this “rising tide of hatred” is what exactly?

    I fucking hate the fascism that is Islam.

    I fucking hate the disgusting child abusing trannie perverts.

    I fucking hate the demented economy destroying green maniacs.

    And most of all I fucking hate the leftie filth that apologise for, and empower, all of the above.

    As far as I’m concerned hatred is a vital force in the fight against evil.

  17. Obviously the moderator doesn’t like too much h*te so let’s try again

    The problem with this “rising tide of h*tred” is what exactly?

    I fucking h*te the f*scism that is Isl*m.

    I fucking h*te the disgusting child abu*ing trannie per-verts.

    I fucking h*te the demented economy destroying green maniacs.

    And most of all I fucking h*te the leftie f*lth that apologise for, and empower, all of the above.

    As far as I’m concerned h*tred is a vital force in the fight against ev*l.

    Ok moderator?

    • Dumbza Youseless is also, naturally, blaming mass opposition to the Hate Crime Act on ‘the rising tide of hatred’ being whipped up by ‘the far right’ (or should that be ‘the far white’ in his terms?).

      Youseless really is a cunt.

      Morning all.

  18. The things that will cost the SNP/Green coalition votes are:

    1. Delayed Ferries,
    2. Trans rights Bill,
    3. Hate Crime Bill,
    4. Failed deposit return scheme,
    5. Net Zero failure,
    6. Embezzlement.

    And yet people will still vote for them.

    If they wanted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from domestic boilers they should subsidise people to replace them with new A-rated boilers which would see us well until at least 2044. The cost: £1.6bn.

    The cost of 2 new ferries: £351 million.
    The cost of Edinburgh trams: £1.043bn.
    You can’t have ferries, trams AND net zero. If they’d thought about that 20 years ago they might have achieved something.

    The trams do nothing except make Edinburgh difficult to drive in. They hate the motorist unless it’s them cutting about in their fucking Range Rovers. Scotland is now poorer than it was in 1995.

    I don’t hate him because he’s bisexual or a member of the Green Party. I hate him because he has never won an election in his life. He is only in the Scottish Parliament by virtue of being the joint leader of the Green Party in Scotland. That is wrong.

    There is a group called The Sensational Patrick Harvie Band:
    I think they’re taking the piss but he hasn’t sent them a Cease and Desist notice.

  19. Patrick Harvie was nicknamed The Schizoid Man and co-wrote The Prisoner Demo and a public domain game for the Atari ST:

    I heard his lack of understanding of bit-planes caused the co-author to have to remap all the graphics. “The graphics were useless”, said his mate.

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