William Wragg MP

Most MPs are hypocrites, shills for their leaders , however shit they are (Reeves and Streeting for Kweer, for example) but a few are hypocritical cunts, and nobody demonstrates this better than poofter William Wragg a Conservative MP who called for Boris to resign because of Partygate – he was one of the first to submit a letter of no confidence and went rushing on TV to say so. The BBC loved him. Ditto with Liz Truss

We ALL know Partygate would have gone away, just like Blair’s cottaging and Rayner’s tax problems, but Wragg and his pals stirred the shit. I remember on one occasion the thirty-something Wragg, declared that Boris was “bringing the party into disrepute”. Well we all know what happened.

It seems, however that Wragg was sending pictures of his dick (which I can only assume is as inadequate as the rest of him) to Grindr, a casual sex “dating”service for poofs, and he was blackmailed into sending contact details for other (Conservative) MPs – he should have tried Labour – they have more than their fair share.

The result is this little shit not only retains the party whip, he got Boris replaced by the inadequate vote loser Rishi, and this little duplicitous bastard is likely to get away with it, because other parties will want to keep a lid on it because they know so many of them suffer from The Gayness. Wragg is standing down at the next election anyway, and has probably cost bis successor the job already.

But if Boris bought the party into dispute, God alone knows what this little bender has done. He is a deputy chair of the 1922 Committee, for God’s sake – throw hi out of that at least. As Monty Python’s team once said (in Australian) “NO POOFTERS”

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Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And then there’s this from Sir Limply Stoke

William Wragg MP

Oh dear Fings Ain’t What They Used To Be. Back in the ‘60s we did mucky sex properly – Guardsmen standing to attention outside the public gents at 4am. Models pleasuring MPs in Soho with dodgy Soviet Attaches involved leading to splash headlines and Governments rocked. Questions asked in The House.

What do we have now in our digital age? Tepid pimply Tory laddoes emailing piccies of their little man “under duress” to some Nasty Man who demands them on the internet. Result? Instant blackmail as the Nasty Man demands more piccies of his Tory Friends and their private mobile nos and email addresses. Name of this upstanding public servant? One William Wragg MP for Hazel Grove, Manchester.

“I got chatting to a guy on an app and we exchanged pictures. We were meant to meet up for drinks, but then didn’t.”

“Then he started asking for numbers of people. I was worried because he had stuff on me. He gave me a WhatsApp number, which doesn’t work now. I’ve hurt people by being weak.”

William Wanky Wragg has had the whip taken from him and now sits as an independent and will not apparently seek re-election (make your own Carry On gags from that lot).

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52 thoughts on “William Wragg MP

  1. Two abysmal slimy sleazeballs ‘politicians’ in back-to-back noms. Who is up next? It must be Gove. Please, let it be Gove…

    • Sarah Vine is now single, Twenty…would you slip her a length, knowing that Gove had his little tinkle in there?
      I’d absoutely have a go on Matt Hancock’s ex, she’s rather attractive.

  2. A disgusting assumption, but it’s a 100% guarantee that he likes his fellow faĝs to do their toilet business, both fore and aft, right into his eager mouth.

  3. There will be more to this story.

    He sent pictures of his dick to someone that he had never met and who didn’t show up when expected.

    So how, just from his dick pictures did this blackmailer know who he was?

    Does he have his name and title tattooed on his cock?

    Did he say, “My name is William Wragg, MP for Hazel Grove” before he sent the pictures…?

    Nah!…… It just doesn’t add up for me.

    • I think that it’s more a case of this bender trying to get his bum chum into the gay MP’s circle.

      Possibly one or more of his shirt lifting colleagues confronted Wragg and wanted to know why he had given out their personal details.

      No blackmail involved and this slimey póóf is now wasting police time in hunting down a non-existent criminal.

      These are the morals of the people running the country.

      • “I think that it’s more a case of this bender trying to get his bum chum into the gay MP’s circle.”

        One would-be minister has done this already Wesley Paul William Streeting, would-be Matron, has got his boyfriend/husband/bum chum – Joe Dancey as prospective MP for a safe Northern seat.

        What’s the betting they will become the new “Mr & Mrs Expenses” just like the late Alan and Anne Keen were in the Blair days of expenses swindling?.

      • I wouldn’t care about their morals if they had any intelligence and patriotism, but they haven’t.

  4. SNP – embezzlement
    Labour – tax/electoral fraud
    Tories – gay sex
    Liberals – bollocks to sub-postmasters

    A festering pit of depravity, corruption and criminality.

  5. Put yourself in his place. You’re a Tory MP working round the clock for your constituents, how are you going to find time to meet male partners for sex? Not much option but to put a picture of your dick on the internet and wait to see what happens. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Well I haven’t but you know what I mean. And he’s unlucky enough to contact someone who wasn’t after a bit of cock fun after all, and finds himself in a tricky spot. Could happen to any one of us. You have to feel sympathy for him, if you’re human.

  6. If the delectable Christine Keeler in her heyday was available today, I wonder if any Tory MP could drag himself off a batty boy’s bum for a bunk up with her. Probably not.

    Apart from Boris, obviously.

  7. Just another day aboard the Gravy Train.

    If we live in a democracy then its obvious this cunt should resign and a by election take place.

    As we don’t live in a democracy then it’s best if there isn’t a by election that the tory cunts would be thrashed at which in turn would upset the greasy little stick man in No.10.

    So everything is fine then in dear old Blighty and its not full of Gays,Commies,Pakis and an assortment of very undesirable elements that need gassing.


  8. The picture at the top gave me a start. I realised I had a tie like the one he is wearing. I say had, it’s in the bag for the Sallies.

    I envy mates of mine who can recognise them on sight. I’m OK if they’re wearing a tiara and a tutu but often it’s too subtle for me.

  9. How long till that Wes Streeting is caught in a gay webb of cock sending pictures. He sounds more bent than most comedy stage benders.

  10. Willy Ragg is famous for not being able to live on a MPs salary.
    And moved back home with Mummy and daddy.

    He’s a disgrace.

    A posh boy, and someone who grasses up his colleagues so dirty pictures of him with his winky out won’t go public.

    If he had any backbone he’d of told the blackmailer to get fucked and released the pictures himself.

    I’m always sending pictures of my cock to the Manchester Evening News!

    They love it the little scrubbers.

  11. Push the chutney ferret out of a moving train.The “Tories” are finished.Our country is ruined ☹️.I despair.

  12. Once upon a time, he would go to a room, lock the door, have a strong drink and take out his service revolver and do the right thing.💥💀.
    But so many of these toe-rags that “rule” us have no such inregrity or backbone.

  13. Isn’t he a bit old (brown) hat after the latest Tory scandal involving Mark Menzies, another wrong ‘un of a particular persuasion using consitituency funds to pay off “bad people” who’d locked him in a flat? This wouldn’t be anything to do with him being extorted after looking for gay, rough sex? No, of course not.

    Fucking degenerates. Line them up next to a ditch.

  14. Has anyone noticed that in politics and all other forms of employment that the biggest liabilities are always the fags?

  15. Parliament is full of shite stabbers apparently ted heath was a very good friend of Jimmy necrophile saville and Cyril smith was quite fond of the company of young boys seems like they they are not just fucking the country

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