People who use Animals as Accessories

Everywhere we go now seems to be festooned with small dogs, particularly dachshunds, many of which are being carried or chauffeured in puppy pushchairs.

Obviously, a new must-have accessory for the dim-witted and/or unselfconscious.

But let`s not get all depressed – my belief is that every cunt has a silver lining.

Why don`t we use this opportunity to have a fun competition – `Name That Sausage`.

So, if you had a sausage dog, what would you call it?

Mine are, if it’s a girl, Strudel; and a boy, Hitler.

Or maybe you already have one, possibly called Swastika.

Either way, I look forward to your suggestions.

Nominated by: Sam Beau

64 thoughts on “People who use Animals as Accessories

  1. I’ve got a Chu. He’s the most neurotic dog I’ve ever owned.

    I’ve also got a Bengal cat. He’s a big boy, he’s sat at the side of me, purring like a Lambo!

    I see my favourite sink estate chav has got herself a rare breed cat, a Sphinx, only £1200, bargain. Owes £750k+, in tax but can buy a rare breed cat?

    Wonder how long this pet will last?

  2. Bummer of a birthmark that poor dog’s got.
    I hope its owner dies, and the dog eats said owner.
    With apple sauce.

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