GoFundMe, and Similar Sites

I found myself typing “It’s a wonder her showbiz chums haven’t set up a gofundme for poor Kate” yesterday, ..

“Site for unworthy lowlifes such as it is, I doubt they say no to much”.

Imagine my surprise when I took a brief aside, typed it into the ISaC search bar & found no direct hits.

I don’t particularly know MUCH about them, but what I DO surmise, is that by what they allow on their platform(s), they must be cunts.

Which suits THIS site’s raison d’être.

Like a lot of things, I reckon perhaps the initial motivation behind GFM was good intentions ; like most things if that’s the case then it’s been bastardized to bits & had the good taken out of it by the greedy/selfish/rotten/awful percentage of humanity.

Funerals and; ‘associated costs’ for dead criminals/scumbags was mostly what I knew it for, from news reports. “A Gofundme has been started” the words adorning practically any story where an undesirable met their demise.

Outright scammers, as well. Untruthful sob stories in a nutshell. Par for the online course, of course. No fee to start one up. And why would they stop you … they lift 3% from registered chariddies (from the donated amount as it comes in, even if an overall target isn’t met. 8% in the all other cases). Well, from what 2 mins on Google just told me. So a twelfth, roughly.

Then there’s the millionaires that use the likes. Zach Braff and Robert Trujillo two people who jump to mind, crowdfunding for vanity projects to the tune of 2 million apiece while Forbes reckoned each could have drawn down 2 million respectively from their personal accounts and still had 23 million left over each at the time(s)

. I can find no residual details on Trujillo’s one bar a general mention (“Pledgemusic”), but I do remember posting the second – and highly irreverent – reaction to it on Metallica’s own message boards at the time … the fastest taking-down of a post in earthly history!

(“Grampappy always said let multi-millionaires indulge their own hobbies & interests, a doctrine I just can’t shake unfortunately”)

Of course, for every cunt with the hand OUT, there must be a bunch of folk with wallet in hand… paypigs is the associated phrase, I believe. Well intentioned, I suppose, .. but in the world we live in …naive and gullible is probably more accurate for the most part.

South Park gave them(GFM) the works in 2014, but I never see any condemnation of it generally. Maybe cunters have the knowledge to correct me and/or prove my hunch wrong?

And finally .. Just last weekend I learned 2 pornstars (of whom I was aware) will be a-porning no more. Emily Willis is in a coma, and probably not long for this world, .. and Kagney Lynn Carter went down on a shotgun a few months ago. Guess what! One GFM for the former ; the star of over 700 scenes … and THREE separate ongoing ones for the latter, already dead & buried…two by some of her ‘friends’ .. for a memorial they claim. 28K in the pot for Ms.Willis so far, 11K for the other.

Does anyone keep an eye on what the money actually gets spent on? .. Is it binding in any way? Is it fuck, I reckon.

Anyways, ..I’m not heading towards any particular point with this, so over to the rest of you …


Wasn’t sure of an angle to come from with the link … settled on this one outlining the backlash at Zach Braff’s Kickstarter – which met its $2 million goal in no time, and cunts still kept throwing money at it up to 2.6 million. Nice little earner for all concerned on the receiving end.


Nominated by: Cunt’emAll

60 thoughts on “GoFundMe, and Similar Sites

  1. Well any cunt who gives these people money proves they are a cunt. The fucking cunts.
    I lost my way, not used to the sunshine, must have effected me. Please send money for a parasol.

  2. I read the article in the link and have absolutely no idea who that fuck is or what the fuck is going on. And I couldn`t be arsed to pursue it any further. Anyone else?

  3. Who is this Kanye(?) character and how does he run up debts of fifty-three million? Our bank sends us a text to warn us if we’ve gone into our authorised overdraft.

  4. I would of thought burn,loot, murders antics would of sounded the death knell for that sort of thing?

    “Stupid is as stupid does” said Forrest chump.

  5. I had to laugh at those Gurzhii fools, the couple who went to the Caribbean to “give birth” in Paradise (their words), found they couldn’t register the birth and were stranded, unable to bring “their” baby home.

    The husband, Clive, set up a GFM, asking for £15k. Last time I looked, it had £28 in it!

    So, obviously their “tragic” tale didn’t get much sympathy, and so it

  6. Wasnt that ‘Tom’ business a similar scam? Swimming pool urgently needed?
    Go Fuck Me as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Perhaps an alternative could be a ‘no shits or fucks to give’ site where chaps like us can post how many we dont have to give for celebricunts and slags whose trout pouts have exploded or to cure the echo in their cavernous flanges.

    Let me have a look in my ‘give a fuck’ tin.
    Oh dear, empty as a nun’s cunt.

    • Well, PC, when it comes to appeals for funding for non-British people, I always empty out my white privilege wallet for them.

      I’m sure the expired 10p off coupon fills them with gratitude!

      • Yes Arch.

        I was still schooling, until 18, but I had a Saturday job at Asda,from 15, shelf filling, and worked full time hours during every school holiday.
        Why not, I wanted stuff. It cost money, I earned it. Couldn’t expect the bank of Mom and Dad to step in, they didn’t have it.
        Paid board money, too.

        But then, I wasn’t a spoiled, entitled brat. My girls aren’t, nor is the Lass.
        Made sure of that.

      • First day at work, apprentice electrician.
        Right lad, new ring main in here.

        You, under the floorboards…!


        Fucking loved it, working with plumbers/ brickies/ chippies/ plasterer’s.

        Pudding chips and peas for dinner, pub Friday when we got paid..

        Scotching jobs for cash at the weekend..

        Disco dancing at the weekend, drinking and pulling the lasses.

        Happy uncomplicated days.

  8. From what I understand, givesendgo.com is a viable alternative to gofundme.com.

    It is however a christian-based website so if that offends you, then you should probably refrain from using it.

  9. Ah, GoFundMe. That go-to website for deceased benefit shitheads/wasters/excuse makers, whose scrotey families can’t raise the cash between them for a fucking burial. Usually advertised in the low-brow articles of Reach PLC “news” sites.

    • And usually accompanied by phrases such as

      “loveable rogue”
      ” cheeky, always up for a laugh”
      ” do anything for his Nan”

      Complete these phrases, at your leisure. Try to include an appropriate name, for example

      “Our Darren was always the light and sole of the party”,
      after he died attempting to torch a stolen car.
      Splashback is a bitch, Darren.

  10. I think the taxation system should work like go fund me. You get to allocate your taxes where you want them to go.

    Might hurt some more than others. Be interesting watching the libtards watch their pet projects disappear.

    If people want to throw their money at shit causes so be it.

  11. BLM was basically a ‘gofundme’ exercise in guiltripping stupid Honkeys into giving money so that the Grand Poo-Barrs in the racist organisation could go buy big mansions in Honky areas.

  12. I heard Black and White Cunt set up a site called GoFuckYourselves.
    Something to do with ladies arseholes.
    Said he knows “nuffink abaaaaht it!”
    Another great cunter gone AWOL.

      • Told you.
        The General had him taken out! 😳
        A contract killing it were.
        But the FBI or Deep State found out!
        Now GC’s in jail awaiting extradition to the UK. 😥

  13. Speaking of things we fund, border farce are in charge of stopping the flood of counterfeit chinese stamps.

    I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling with their track record, we will all be saving on first-class postage this year.

  14. OT. Iran has launched dozens of drones and missiles at Israel.

    There’s no doubt that Israel will respond.

    But what about the Yanks, UK and other Western nations ?

    Time to show some balls.

    Time to cut the head off the snake.

    Flatten the rag head cunts.

    It’s long overdue.

    Good evening 👍

      • JP@. They’re fanatics JP.

        It’s impossible to reason with them.

        The West has been weak for years, pussyfooting around and trying to be nice.

        Meanwhile, an axis of evil has been allowed to flourish.

        China, Russia, Iran and NK are hell bent on overturning Western hegemony.

        You get the feeling that we’re at one of those periods in history that’s a major turning point

        Apparently, some drones / missiles have already been shot down over Syria and Jordan.

        Serious stuff.

        Anyway, I don’t want to keep going OT and hijacking a fine cunting.

        Goodnight 👍


    • Of course those Iranian cunts have gone and escalated….. it’s long overdue that the bastards were deleted – staring with that Ayatollah twat.

    • Time is well overdue when the Christian west turn on the Muslim and savage the bastard’s.

      Also, all the peacefuls in Western Europe are told. Leave, the liberal lefty love in has failed.

      You are no longer welcome in a free thinking democratic system, if you thick fuckers want to worship some middle aged Fantasyland fuck off off and go somewhere where you can…..!

      Choose any Muslim shithole you want and go there…ta ta and good riddance…💩

    • You shouldn’t care which desert people started the war with the other desert people. Neither of them are our people and it has nothing to do with us.

  15. Within 3 days of the nom, there was a newly dead scumbag in the nearest town to me – roughly ten miles away – ‘Died in a car accident’ is the GFM line being spun. Another man from said town whom I know with his ear to the ground tells me the guy died trying to bail from a moving car (with a bootload full of drugs) being chased by the polis. So a ‘tier 1’ of the nom not very far from the nominator within a week.

    Meanwhile on the tier 4 front ….

    “Sophia Leone dies at 26, 4th adult star death in 2 months.

    Mar 2024 — Adult film star Sophia Leone was found dead at the age of 26 ; Leone’s stepfather confirmed her death on a GoFundMe page”.

    Wowsers. Cash-in cashgrab revealed/announced only 2 lines in. Also ; Stepdad. Hmmmm. Stepdad for the Willis girl too. 60K is HIS stated desired amount, incidentally. And he might not have to wait too long. A 30-second perusal of the progress showed a $200, a $250, .. and an $800, even.

    Also newly learned in the interim .. the percentage lifted by GFM was listed at 15% in a 2017 post. The drop to circa 8% (They take 39% currently if you ‘only’ donate a single dollar/euro/pound incidentally) .. probably in response to a slew of monkey-see, monkey-do (competing)copycat crowdfunding sites.

    For christs sake, I did a quick look to see if using ‘charidy’ for fun in the nom may have been too obscure a reference … and charidy dot com …. is a crowdfunding site!

    Each to their own as the saying goes, but I think most could agree there are far more worthy causes in this world to throw some money at than greedy wealth-addicted millionaires, high-end funerals for dead criminals, and memorials for dead pornstars

  16. spunked your money on beer, fags, scratchcards, and sky tv.

    nothing left, or too feckless to consider house contents and buildings insurance important? fucked off to spain with the family on hols and couldnt be arse to get insurance?

    granny pissed her money up the wall when she was feckless and young like you, so there no money to pay for a funeral?

    well, go fund me is your answer.

    insurance and financial planning for cunts

  17. That acid attacker Ezidi cunt who threw himself into the Thames was given an islamic funeral with money from a gofundme page, even though he was supposedly a newly converted Christian.

  18. That piss poor Audrey Hepburn who was in Emmerdale as the dyke vet.

    Smoked herself to death and got the Big C. So she goes ‘crowdfunding’ and expecting Joe Public to clean up her mess. Totally to blame for her own situation. But, needless to say, scores of gullible twats obliged.

    My old mum got it and she never smoked in her life. And she never scrounged off anybody or gave them a sob story. She took it with both guts and dignity and then she passed away.

    Why do these low rent celebritites think their illnesses are more important than anyone else’s? Granted, some really big names (George Harrison, David Bowie) made no fuss at all and did not trawl for sympathy and publicity. But these crappy ones one the lower end of the fame chain like Jade Goody and that Emmerdale cunt make a big deal out of it, and some even go as far as filming their own death. Fucking useless Z-List cunts.

    • I know Jade Goody shouldve gone to the doctor when requested, but ive since read that after a lot of testing for cervical cancer since her teens she was terrified of being told she had cancer and decided to fly to India to appear on Big Boss or whatever it was called.

      • Jade Goody… the white man’s thinking Diane Abbott on amphetamines. 😁

  19. GoFundMe and Patreon have a reputation for freezing accounts of those the media deems ‘politically unfashionable’.

  20. The kate in the first line in the nom was in reference to the insufferable garroway woman, not the Buckingham palace version. The [lowbrow-TV] royalty, who had been poor mouthing again the previous days, and not the other in-the-news kate, who became ‘actual’ royalty by fucking a real-life, blue blooded prince… the entire family of whom live on an automatic public funded gofundme from the day of their births to the day of their (very expensive) funerals.

    An automatic gofundme perpetuity.

    No better than beggars with the hat out.

    Which is the gist of the cunting overall.

    Cunts, all.

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