New York City – It’s a Knockout!

(The alleged attacker since arrested and charged – Day Admin)

Well they say you get what you vote for and for young women in the Big Crapple that means getting sucker punched in broad daylight in random street attacks. I’m more than happy to generalize and say these are probably liberal women who vote Democrat and have elected a mayor and state governor who have overseen a rise in violent homeless attacks, assaults, muggings and gun crime aided by the insane no bail law and exacerbated by calls to defund the police.

Do they deserve to get punched for no other reason than being a bit of a naïve wet fart lib? No, of course not but this type of behaviour was prevented by the lower level stuff like littering, vandalism and fare evasion being ruthlessly punished in mayor Giuliani’s broken windows theory back in the 90’s and transformed New York into one of the countries safest big cities.

At the moment its more like broken noses than broken windows but citizens will get their chance in Nov 2025 when Mayor Eric Adams is up for re-election but I predict more of the same Queers for Palestine type of hive mind.

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45 thoughts on “New York City – It’s a Knockout!

  1. Nıg-nögs punching wimminz is just their version of foreplay, just lighthearted fun. And those liberal spastıcs would still find a way to excuse the behaviour of these violent simians, so fuck the lot of them.
    Of course, foreplay is important to relax a person and get them in the mood, which is why Barrymore would graciously lube his arm up to the elbow before adminstering a full-depth Lubbocking, managing to wave to his depraved guests from the back of the poor, unfortunate Stuart’s mouth.

  2. The knuckle sandwich once again on offer at NY delis. Best served with a Glaswegian kiss on the side.

    • Morning Ron.
      As an aside, the Villa went up to 4th yesterday without kicking a ball thanks to the Toon.
      That’s one you owe us.

      • Aye up Geordie.

        Yes, much obliged old son!

        However the lads are away at the Arse later; could be short lived!

      • I think it was more thanks to how supremely gutless Tottenham Hotspur are.

        For all the talk of Champions League qualification, Tottenham Hotspur will undoubtedly receive a few more good hidings before the season is done and will finish outside the European places.

  3. These evil black cunts are a different species who give me the creeps and need wiping off the face of the earth once and for all.

    • Talk about fitting the stereotype! He calls himself an “artist”, he only punches white women and he has a Gofundme page. Fuck me, you couldn’t make it up!

      • An artist, you reckon? There’s his defence before the judge.

        His mouthpiece will claim that his actions were ‘an improvisational performance piece, aimed at demonstrating traditional cultural values towards women predominent among male persons’.

        It’s art innit?

  4. According to the NYT, Halley Kate Mcgookin, a social media influencer with more than a million followers, posted on Monday morning that she was sending an email on her phone while walking in Manhattan when a man with a dog came up to her and hit her in the face without warning.
    In my opinion, the above paragraph contains all the necessary reasons to justify the provocation for the assault.

  5. I think it’s quite funny in a way.

    Not that I agree with violence towards females but I’m willing to bet that these ladies are all latte drinking open border multiculturalists.

    The mental gymnastics on display from the victims of this subhuman filth was very impressive.

    “I…you know…like I got totally punched in the face…by….a ..a….man!”

    “Any description love?”

    “Er…yeah like….he was a…a man”

    “Vote Biden. You know it makes sense love”

  6. There’s some mad bitch in London doing something similar, attacking people at random, men and women, no one steps in to take her down though.

  7. The knee will be taken for this cunt at next weeks Premier League matches. Hopefully a knee to each of their bollocks.

  8. Sirs:

    The “progressives” bemoan the decline of their cities, but never connect the dots between the politicians they elect and the policies enacted, and said decline.

    Are they stupid? Are they insane?

    Why choose? They can be both!

    Personally, if I see two or more diverse people ahead I cross the street. I’m not quite ready to celebrate the diversity yet.

  9. Don’t these silly women with their white liberal privilege realise that getting smacked in the chops by a deranged black man is just part of living in a big city?

  10. How much more evidence do the right on diversity wankers need to show them that all races are not equal.
    Why the fuck does society always have to sink down to the level of scum rather than dragging the scum up into the daylight from the primordial swamp in which they lurk.

  11. It’s that accent.

    I watched the clip and bunched my fists subconsciously.

    It’s so whiny.
    You’d have to be fuckin Gandhi not to chin the cunt.

    This is clearly a case of provocation.
    Drop all changes
    And award the suspect with a watermelon.

  12. Would be a tough call to make. Given the choice,would you rather have Charles Manson and his followers as your new neighbours or a family of bliks?

    Like being asked if you would like to die of cancer or cardiac arrest.

    • Start spreading the news
      He’s punching today
      Those fighting hands are longing to stray
      Right through the very heart of it
      Noo Yawk Noo Yawk

      I (don’t) wanna wake up in a city were pugilists send you to sleep
      And find I’m getting punched in the head and in a heap.

      It’s up to you Noooo Yawk Nooooooo Yaaaaaawk!!!

      Ba ba ba da da. Ba ba ba da da.

      • Me Harold?
        Yeah course I am!
        I’ve not been on here for a few days.
        Had some heavy jobs on,
        Falling asleep while eating me tea.🙁

        In all honesty I was glad of a break.

        Not enjoying it as much as I used too.
        I’m mellowing 😮

      • @MNC
        You don’t think you’re….gasp…..getting old do you?

        You’ll be looking at Saga holidays next and those big slipper things for both feet that they advertise in the back of magazines like People’s Friend.

        Only joking.

        I sort of dip in and dip out every so often. Might not post in a week or two and then might post 3 or 4 times for a couple of days

        Isn’t quite the same since a few people left like Ruff and dare I say it Miles. Didn’t always agree with Miles. If I’m honest he pissed me off a few times when he was trying to be controversial.
        Shouldn’t have let it get to me in hindsight.

      • I do like pottering around garden centres?
        And sigh heavily when I sit down?
        So maybe!

        I find I’m not getting as irate about things as I used to,
        and your right about Ruff Tuff and Miles.

        Both totally unique , they had opinions that weren’t always ‘ on message ‘

        And I liked that.

        30 people all singing from the same sheet is boring.

        Not as many original characters or viewpoints as there was.

        I mean no disrespect to any new cunters.

      • Hoped it was going to be this one when you said Genesis

        Or will that provoke TtCE into donning his raincoat again and committing atrocities like Patrick Bateman.
        I can imagine him saying ‘don’t just stare at it Sabrina…’

        the wrong’un

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