Elon Musk (8)

Elon Musk is a fucking cunt!

You Tube

This piece of shit has lied so many times about his ‘genius’ – Tesla self driving, the hyperloop, the boring company, tesla solar panel roofs, getting to Mars by 2024, buying Twatter. He’s a fucking CUNT and that’s the reason that song will never be removed from Youtube, because:

1: It’s true
2: It’s a song published by a band/person so YT can never delete it for copyright

Although, they will suppress and shadow-ban it – hence why so little views!

BBC News

Nominated by: truthtella

And seconded by: Two In The Stink


I’d like to second this nomination as to why Autistic Jesus isn’t quite as great as his fanboys think he is.

He invests in innovative technology companies, changes the ethos and organizational structures of them by hiring family members and yes men and makes unrealistic promises to investors to the point where the original founders leave, at which point he alters history by stating that he was THE founder. An example of this being
Martin Eberhard and Tesla.

There is a hugely under-subscribed Youtube channel called Common Sense Skeptic which has done very detailed and well-researched videos on Musk over the last few years and from what I can tell, the channel has never been hit with a cease and desist order or a lawsuit for slander so my guess is it’s all true. Definitely worth a look.


67 thoughts on “Elon Musk (8)

  1. I don’t know if he’s a cunt or not.
    I can’t make my mind up

    He called his kid R2D2, that’s pretty cuntish.

    An he looks like he should be licking the back window of the Sunshine variety bus.

    But I don’t know much about him or care enough to find out.

    Cunt? Possibly.

    • Morning Miserable.

      Your post sums up my own view perfectly.

      The only thing I’d add is that it stands to reason that anybody with a name like Elon Musk just has to be a cunt.

      Morning all.

      • Morning Ron👍

        Yeah, Elon Musk-sounds like some sort of bath scent sold by the Avon lady

      • I think he got his name from the Muskrat.

        Yes. His face bears an uncanny resemblance to that of a Muskrat.

  2. Ps

    I’m hesitant to go along with someone called ‘Truthtella’
    I’ve got to admit.

    Your probably on some sort of watchlist for the CIA.
    Get me into trouble.

    Your not some fuckin yank who lives in the woods are you?

    • Only the ones who carry a fucking sink and think it’s the funniest joke ever. I’ve seen fungal nail infections funnier than that window licker. World was a better place when we left flids outside the city walls on a cold night.

  3. This cunt promised flying cars that could bring whiskey and black pudding (maybe other stuff as well?) to your house at the press of a button..

    Well that hasn’t happened has it you lying cunt?

    It might not have been him but it probably was.

    • He’s a fucking fake cunt his rockets are made up shit his starlink and brain implants are bollox but keep ramming the shite down people’s throats for long enough and twats believe it.

      • Brain implants…


      • Starlink is real. I got one so now I watch porn anywhere. It’s cheaper than fucking BT landline internet too and faster.

  4. Look the windows don’t break, Look I can defy all known physics and land a pencil rocket backwards and the nasa fan boys believe it…Shame his dad wasn’t charles lindburg so the planet wouldn’t be inflicted with the conning spazo

  5. Elon Musk by Sam Beau.
    He was always quite brusque,
    And he used to sing and busk –
    From early dawn `til dusk.
    But he became a husk
    And wore the scent of musk,
    Was partial to a rusk – and admired an elephant’s tusk.
    Elon Musk: Probably sucks.

  6. He is the Sir Clive Sinclair of the 21st century, Genius or deluded?. As in Sir Clive’s case for the defence: The ZX81 and the Spectrum

    For the Prosecution the C5 (car)

    In my humble opinion the QL COULD have been great, but it was hampered by Sir Clive’s penny-pinching and the sudden luck of Microsoft, so a point for bothe defence and the prosecution there.

    Musk has some great moments, but some terrible half hours (as Rossini said of Wagner)

    • I’d forgotten about the Sinclar C5, my neighbour had one in the 80s, bin lorry run over it. The remains were outside his house for years. Made me grin every time I looked at them. Funny fucking Noddy shit they were.

      • There was a bloke down in Belvedere who had a garden full of them.

        They now sell for upwards of £1000, so maybe not the silly cunt we thought he was.

      • I saw an old geezer who was pissed fall out of one going around a roundabout.

        That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  7. Elon Musk is a Fagin for the digital age. Picking corporate pockets. Come to think of it, he even looks a bit like Ron Moody in certain lights. Is he also Jewish? We have a right to know. Maybe”truthtella” knows? Maybe “truthtella” is a Josef Goebbels for the digital age? We live in strange times. Stay safe…

    Good morning, everyone.

    • Jewish maybe but that doesn’t mean he’s by default, away with all that Talmudic/Sabb-Frankist evil that languishes in the higher echelons of power i would vouchsafe ?

      Henry Makow’s long been a powerful and erudite ‘canary in the coalmine’ chronicler of organised Zionist chicaneries across the ages and he’s a chicken-swinger himself by birth (non-practising) A brilliant fellow.Invented the ‘Scruples’ game,Bit of an all round polymath and has a Gab channel well worthy of perusal.

  8. Don’t care about the bloke. I like how he winds up the Loony Left and reinstated The Donald on Twitter.

    Teslas are horrific cars though.

  9. He’s a cunt if he doesn’t offload Tesla pretty sharpish, the games over for battery vehicles.
    But kudos for righting the wrongs of Jack (look at me being over sincere and believing my own hype) Dorsey. Now there’s a mega-cunt if ever there was one. Up with the likes of pasty faced soyboy Zuckerborg.
    If I had his wealth I’d give even less of a fuck than I do already.
    He’s South African BTW.

    (Word up! – Day Admin)

  10. Not sure, he’s certainly odd. Only got to see what he named his offspring.

    Teslas are shit for sure. Can’t comment on star link, but he stopped that cunt Zelenski from using it.

    Despite what the flat earth, tin foil hat brigade spout, his SpaceX company is the only one to have launched and reused the first stages of an orbital class rocket almost 300 times. The experimental Starship is the largest launch vehicle ever to put a payload onto orbit and will only improve.

    He’s pissed off many, but the leftwaffe seem the main focus of his comments.

    As for, X, Twatter or whatever it’s called, anyone who uses it is a cunt by definition.

    • Yes despite the fact that SpaceX keep failing their targets for NASA funding, Starship is improving all the time.

      At first they just exploded on the launch pad, spreading debris including concrete from the launch pad across miles of Boca Chica.

      Then Starship graduated to exploding mid flight.

      Then with this most recent launch, Starship reached a high altitude, at which point the last raptor booster cut out and the ship hurtled uncontrollably to Earth and impacted in the Indian Ocean at terminal velocity… presumably exploding.

      This is what progress looks like.

      • Space X are a commercial company, they have twice the number of commercial launches than their nearest competition. The NASA contracts are just one of the revenue streams they are exploiting.

      • Has it fuck?.. what bollocks are you on Chris?

        The Falcon 9 series of rockets are approaching their 300th sets of launch and recovery. Look it up, if you have taken your tinfoil hat off.

        Starship is in development and will improve exponentially Meanwhile NASA with their risk averse approach and vintage Space Launch System fuck about with 1960s tech that was first used on the Saturn 5.

  11. There ain’t narf been some clever barstards
    Lucky bleeders, Lucky bleeders
    There narf been some clever barstards
    Da da da da da da Oi

  12. ‘X’ never used it, but the letter reminds me of how the elite think of us…to be erased

    anyway…’i am not a number,i’m a free man’ come on bring back the big bouncing chewing gum from the prisoner, i could never blow them that big no matter how many of the big pink bazookas you put in your gob! ….as for elon he looks as if he wouldn’t stand his round in the boozer…

  13. Dont know a single thing about the moosher and as is usual with isac posts on pratts I’ve never heard of once of read them I’m so pleased I dont have a clue and in my head I still live in the days of Empire. Delusional probably, happy you bet I am.

  14. Musky is a bit of a cunt – the Richard Branson-meets-Clive Sinclair lovechild. Full of big ideas, most of which are just wet dreams, and expensive ones at that!

    However, he has been upsetting the wokey media, Biden and the usual wokey cunts, especially in California. So he can’t be all that bad.

  15. Elon is all fart and no shite.

    Goebbels of tech.

    Happy Easter folks. I trust you have all been to church! Free bread and wine today.

  16. The media love to cast him as a ‘real-life Tony Stark’.

    Howard Hughes was the real-life inspiration for Tony Stark. Musk has more in common with P.T. Barnum.

  17. I thought he was a cunt until I watched his Joe Rogan interviews. He definitely over hypes his products but you can’t fault his war on woke.

    • The one good thing he did was buy Twitter and introduce Community Notes, thereby levelling the intellectual playing field on that site.

      A lot of thin-skinned, woke, lefty cunts fled Twitter before the sale was finalized citing “moral reasons” and “not wanting to be on a platform where hate is permitted”.

      Translation: “I’m an intellectual midget who can’t compete on the basketball court of ideas and I don’t like it that people can now respond to my anti-male, anti-white hate”.

  18. The picture used by admin reminds of how much he resembles Gordon from Thomas the Tank Engine.
    The same goes for George Osborne and Diesel.

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