WASPI Wimminz (3)

A post-menopausal cunting please for those greedy, avaricious Karens known as the Waspi Women.

Demonstrating that entitlement culture is not confined to the young, some wimminz born in the 1950s say they weren’t warned that their state pension age was going to be the same as that for men.

Weren’t warned? What were they doing in 1997 when it was plastered all over the News media? Did they have their noses stuck in Cosmopolitan? Toiling over a hot stove making jam for the WI bazaar? Were they Calendar Girls, too busy posing naked (Eurgh!) for a photo shoot, coyly positioned behind a fruit press? Oh do fuck off.

All the women I know of that age knew perfectly well that this was coming. They also accept, after a few grumbles, that getting their pension at 60 when men had to wait until 65 (now 66 and rising) was both unfair and unsustainable. My guess is that 99.9% of these grasping cows also knew it and they’re just trying it on.

Well tough shit ladies. Johnny Taxpayer’s already had his pockets picked and there’s no more left for HMG to steal.

BBC News

Nominated by: Geordie Twatt

61 thoughts on “WASPI Wimminz (3)

  1. Nicely cunted, Geordie.

    Apparently 27 years was not long enough for these moaning Minnies to prepare for equality.

    Just goes to show, when it comes to women and the state pension, they believe some sexes are more equal than others.

  2. Equality stings doesn’t it ladies..

    But that’s not what you wanted when it came to Equality..

    Waspi woman, I always preferred “take it to the limit” myself

  3. The stupid cunts should know that the most gold plated packages can be had by simply showing up on shore in a dinghy. If they’re not willing to do that then they need to live with what they get.
    I wonder what pension packages are available in Haiti these days.

  4. Princess Anne, Theresa May and Diane Abbott are all in the Waspi age group. I think we should have an IsAC whip round for them as they’re all so hard up.

    I feel particularly bad about Diane, who looks rather perplexed today. Yesterday somebody told her the clocks were going forward last night. But when she looked at the clock on the mantelpiece this morning, no, it hadn’t moved forward at all. It was still in the same place as when she went to bed last night.

  5. Second nom in a day that I cannot get on board with.

    Switching from 60 to 66 in one go was a smash and grab by the Treasury. Let’s not pretend that equality was what was behind this. Increases in age of eligibility could have been achieved incrementally. Meat Curtains, above, makes the point well – someone has to pay for the tide of cunts washing up on our shore with their hands out. Wimminz are not the cunts this time.

    • The real motive behind this change was to stem the tide of men identifying as women to get their pensions 5 years before they would otherwise be eligible.

    • It’s fucking 67 for me and the Mrs, when we started to pay the cunts it was 65 for me 60 for her, the robbing cunt rule changing bastards.

      • Agree, Chris/Arch the thieving leftie scum (ie Tories in this case) always take from the working tax-payer to give handouts to dossers. Cunts.

    • The cunting isn’t about the changes. It’s about the wrinkly hags claiming they spent 25 years without ever watching TV, reading a paper or ever hearing about this, which is a load of bollocks which should not mean the rest of us should be handing out compo.

  6. Moan moan fuckin moan.

    The daft bitches put the effort into cooking ,fucking and baking that they do moaning ,
    They’d be wealthy enough not to care about a few quids worth of old age pension.

    Because they’re irritating at picnics.

  7. I know one such Waspi Woman. It’s quite sad, really. She was a right laugh and we used to get on well.

    A couple of things have happened in recent months to change her attitude.

    She had her arsed grab by a bloke in the pub. Not cool. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean she should hate all men.

    She also packed up boozing. She’s got right up herself since doing that.

  8. They should do a calendar.
    Get their tits out.

    Try and raise a few quid that way.
    Can’t all be mingers surely.

    That’s the problem nowadays.
    All got a hand out for a freebie off the government .
    Get em off.

    • Having seen those pictures on the BBC link, I doubt even Mr Rust, London’s notorious necktie killer from “Frenzy” would entertain them.

      • You do love your frenzy references mr boggs, should we be worried?

        Maybe start a go fund me page for you imminent arrest..

      • No, Barry it’s just that when I see the corpse fall out of the potato sack, I always think of Jess Phillips. It gives me a warm glow and the inflatable in the Thames at the start could well be Sugartits Cooper,. I don’t have that many ties these days…..

  9. And I’m currently working and paying National insurance even though I’ve paid the full amount ( 35 years for full pension).
    That is not fair either but the government aren’t going to change that.

  10. I still maintain that “WASPI wimmin” sound like a euphanism for crusty, raddled old lesbians of the Kim Leadbetter variety, the type with mutton chop whiskers and Harris tweed knickers – the sporty ones – steeplechasers who leap over every dyke, or the rugby playing female who wears a pre war jockstrap.

    Whatever, they are another bunch of old tarts who only want “equality” when it doesn’t come at a cost to their self-important selves.

  11. What’s with all the purple? Big prince fans..

    Thieves in the treasury..
    U got the pension book.
    When gov’s cry..

  12. 60 to 66 years of age in one announcement was a fucking disgrace no matter how long they did / didn’t know about it.
    My missus has had no communication from dhss whatsoever in relation to the increase. She found out about it in the fucking newspaper.
    Despite paying NI for 45 years and with a promise of retirement at 60 she is now the best part of £60,000.00 out of pocket.


    • It wasn’t 60 to 66 in one announcement.

      The 1995 Pensions Act provided that the state pension age be equalised at 65, to be phased in between 2010 and 2020.

      However, in 2011 the coalition government sped up the process, resulting in the pension age (65) being made equal for men and women in 2018.

      Only in 2020 was this increased (for both sexes) to 66.

      • Everybody knew that, except the WASPI women who were living on the moon between 1995 and 2020 😂

      • You are right.
        The change from 60 to 65 was a phased in change, with plenty of notice in the press, news reports etc.

        I had a friend, took early retirement to look after elderly parents. Already knew she wouldn’t get her SP until she was 62 and 8 months, roughly.

        No problem, small private pension, hubby earning, etc.
        Then, remember she’s already retired and expecting a State pension before she’s 63, they put the retirement age up to 66, from 65.

        She gets a letter, stating that because of the increase in retirement age from 65 to 66, she now has to wait a further 3 years to get her pension.

        Retirement age goes up 1 year, but she get to wait 3?

        Although she’s saving thousands for the NHS, and ultimately you, by not expecting someone else to provide care for her parents.

        And they are cross? You think they are wrong to be cross?

        Mate, I’d be incandescent with rage!

  13. Also, women in the UK live 4 years longer than men.

    60-82 – 22 years of pension cash for the ladies
    66-78 – a measly 12 years

  14. They wanted equality and so the got it, 1995 was the year they found out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be be

    Fuck them, no compo you cunts!

  15. Even if they are right like they think they are(they aren’t of course,they just want aboard the Gravy Train)…the shitskin invaders have taken all the money so they are fucked.

    Diversity is our strength,especially when it comes to telling everyone apart from foreign looters to just Fuck Off.

    If you think you are getting a pension after paying taxes for decades then think again..the whole caper is going is slide right off the table.

    All aboard.

  16. I suspect like most things behind this are greedy scumbag no win no fee ‘lawyers’

    You’d had to have been living under a stone not to have known about this change to the pension age of women.

    They won’t have had to have looked hard to find a group of so called victims to cheerleader the cause.

    Fuck them all anyway.

    I’m 53 and took out a pension at 21 because a mate 5 years older than me who used to give me a lift to work had done so and seemed to have it all worked out how he could retire at 55.

    Seemed a good idea to me so I did the same, opted out of SERPS and over the years with various employer pensions where I received decent contributions plus topped up myself about £50 a month or so, they are now all rolled into one bloody brilliant Scottish Widows Pension that’s had an average growth of 15% p/a since 2013.

    I won’t be able to retire at 55 and neither do I want to but 60 is achievable even if growth halved to 7.5%.

    I did all of that off my own back at 21 when trust me I didn’t give a fuck about almost anything apart from partying so if the 21 year old Cunty could do it trust me even the most ignorant of ignoramuses could too.

    Life just so unfair, boo fucking hoo.

    • Spot on. The Mrs and I prepared for many years for where we are now, comfortably off and partly retired, and did without many things over the years to achieve it. Some decisions and sacrifices were harder to make than others and from time to time along the way the kids cursed and moaned at us but now they’re glad for what we did because if ever they need hand for themselves and their own kids they know that it’ll be there. A lot of people moan about things that are entirely their own fault. Who’s sorry now, as the old song goes.

  17. My Mrs was born in 1961 so, just like the so-called WASPI women, for most of her working life she paid for and looked forward to a pension at 60. She’s lost out almost as much as many of them yet she’s not moaning and nor am I on her behalf. I know that it’s not nice and is worse for some than for others but that’s life so get on with it.

  18. Like every group that likes to be perceived as a victim, equality only works when it suits them. The white, straight, working male is the only group without a scapegoat.
    Fuck off you lazy bastards and work like we have to. Too used to lying on your backs waiting to get fucked for the last 27 years.

  19. Totally agree with this nom.

    What makes me laugh is I though Women wanted ‘equality and fairness for all’ – women being treated with the same rights as men, there you go you old dusty dry cunt flaps, you got your fairness!

    When it suits certain women, they don’t want equality – they want it better.

    The irony is women tend to live longer than men anyway so us blokes get to see fuck all less of what we’ve saved for,

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