Dylan Mulvaney; ‘Days of Girlhood’.


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Attention pop pickers everywhere! The IsAC horn section should be placed on full alert. That captivating little minx Dylan Mulvaney is back, hotter than ever!

The sex-on-a-stick Miz Mulvaney has (as they say in the biz) ‘dropped’ a record and a video for ‘Days of Girlhood’, and it’s absolutely sensational. It’s a superbly crafted take on how the average ‘girl’ spends her time; you know, climbing out of a pink sports car, going through the pink front door of a huge mansion, lolling about in pink lingerie on pink sheets, sipping champagne, and all that sort of thing.

But I’m also certain that beneath all that entertaining, frothy fun, there’s a serious message about something or other for us all to take on board.

This isn’t merely a singer who can deliver a great song with style and panache. No, this is a performer with something to say, with a statement to make.

Without doubt this is the musical event of the year, and enormous sales and a string of awards must surely follow. I foresee a massive future for the incredibly talented and gorgeous Miz Mulvaney, with this latest triumph being merely one more step up the staircase to Swiftesque mega stardom.

You go, gurrrrrl!


Nominated by Ron Knee.

98 thoughts on “Dylan Mulvaney; ‘Days of Girlhood’.

  1. In one way this whole thing makes me sad.

    Aside from the extremely noisy and vicious trans loony fringe, there must be many trans people who crave nothing more than to live their lives unobtrusively and with as much dignity as they can muster. I’ve no beef with that.

    Then along comes a prancing exhibitionist ninny like Mulvaney to help bring mockery down upon them. Mulvaney deserves every bit of vilification coming his way.

    • Ron I’m absolutely convinced these narcissistic and quite clearly mentally ill exhibitionists are being used or are State Actors.

      If you read the Hate Crime Act
      Of 2020 passed during lock down one of its main tenets is….

      ‘’Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice, based on a person’s disability or perceived disability; race or perceived race; or religion or perceived religion; or sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation or transgender identity or perceived transgender identity.”

      The key phrase there is ‘perceived by the victim or any other person.

      This is such a massive attack on Freedom of Speech in a so called democracy that I’ve been aware of and when you actually go into detail it’s alarming this is all happening in plain site.

      I’m convinced that Mulvaney and the thing that keeps trying to get JK Rowling prosecuted are there to test the legislation so it can be tightened up every time it’s challenged.

      As Neil Oliver says legislators no longer legislate for the people instead they are legislating for themselves. Let’s be honest the where have the hate incidents been towards the so called Trans Community that warrant such a massive tightening up on Laws that actually already existed.

      The key difference in the 2020 Act is the use of the word ‘perceived’ as it’s a catch all.

      As Adolf Hitler wrote in that book that is almost impossible to buy now “to conquer a nation you must first disarm it’s Citizens”

      He was talking about Germany and specifically freedom of speech.

      This is where we are.

      Happy Easter and don’t eat too many eggs. 👍

      • Governments are scared shitless that the man in the street will one day figure out how badly he’s been fucked over.
        They are putting things in place to try to prevent that ever happening.
        Few people understand the concepts of natural law and the diffeence between natural law and the ‘legal’ system.
        Those in power definitely put statutes in place to maintain their place in extracting wealth from the productive.
        Only the productive have anything to steal.
        The world is run by lazy fucks who set up a system to maintain control.
        Wheels can’t come off soon enough

  2. Jokes aside about throwing this postbox-gobbed prick off a roof, he – and I will not call him she, because he’s a bloke – does a dreadful job for the trans lot.

    I know a couple of trannies and they’re alright. None of them take themselves too seriously. I had a cracking conversation a year or so ago with one.

    He (she?) admitted he (she?) will never “be a real woman” and I respect that level of honesty. Fair fucks. Do no harm and all that.

    Mulvaney’s behaviour is pure poison. It’s like those hysterical gays who make the fact they like cock a personality trait. Gives us a bad name, when in reality, most of us just want to get on.

    Not cool. I hope it melts. Those cunts who enable its behaviour are equally as culpable and need to be called out for indulging in its delusion.

    Despite being a raging pisshead, I couldn’t give a shit about Mulvaney and Bud Light. Absolute pish. If it were Põhjala or Red Willow or something like that tho, then I might kick right off! 😅

    • There’s a saying in Canada….
      American beer is like having sex in a canoe….
      Fucking close to waterz

  3. Sirs:

    ” I foresee a massive future for the incredibly talented and gorgeous Miz Mulvaney, with this latest triumph being merely one more step up the staircase to Swiftesque mega stardom.”

    You mean Jonathan Swift, right?

  4. We now have a transformer at work.

    Used to be called Jonathan, but now likes to be called Jenny.
    Preferred pronouns at the bottom of the email (she / her).

    I work in construction and all of our managers are over 40.
    You can imagine the guffaws of laughter and the ‘I don’t fancy yours much’ when that email landed. Complete with updated photo of Jonathan with a 5 o’clock shadow and a poorly fitting wig.

    The thing is, Jonathan is lining up for the inevitable huge payout when someone misgenders or ‘dead names’ it.

    I bet a pound to a pinch of shit, the minute that discrimination lawsuit cheque has cleared, Jenny will be set for life and will miraculously transform back into being Jonathan.

    It’s all a sham and the leftards fuckwits are falling all over themselves to help promote it.

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