The Rochdale By-Election a cunt, or at least the candidates are. Surely the elephantine child abuser and asbestosis denier Cyril Smith represents the nadir of parliamentary representation for the town. Maybe not though – just look at what’s standing this time:

– Labour anti Semitic conspiracy theorist Comical Ali. Except Labour have withdrawn support for him. But he’s still on the ballot paper as Labour candidate. What a farce.

– Saddam Hussein’s arselicker George Galloway, who’s stood for as many parties as he’s had wives (4 – Labour, Respect, Independent, Workers). ‘This by-election is a referendum on Gaza’ says the unfushable turd. The people of Rochdale can fuck off then, eh George?

– Simon Danczuk, former Labour MP standing for Reform. Fiddled his expenses (should have been charged but wasn’t) and sent a sext message to a 17-year-old.

– A no hope Tory who’ll do well to beat the Monster Raving Loony.

– A Green dickhead who’s been dropped by his party for something he said about the Pallys, but like Labour he’s still on the ballot paper. Farce number 2.

– A retired vicar and JSO activist who comes up with ‘Climate hell’. Good one Rev. I’ll see your climate hell and raise you a global boiling to go with your belief in a Sky Fairy.

– A Limp Dim who’s a walking advert for NHS dentistry.

Add in a few no chance Independents and there you have it. What a shower of shit. I suppose the Rochdalians should be grateful there’s only one P*ki and no splitarse quota candidates.


Nominated by Geordie Twatt.

67 thoughts on “The Rochdale By-Election

  1. Rochdale used to be a white working class town, taken over by P*ki cunts and is now a junior Islamabad.

    Urban legend, it is said that Hitler admired the architecture of the town hall which to be honest is the only thing worth saving if Rochdale were to be demolished

    Fact, Rochdale appeared in one edition of the Guinness book of records as having the widest bridge in the world, it was challenged by Sydney harbour bridge because they claimed it wasn’t a real bridge.

    Gracie Fields and Lisa Stansfield.

    It is a shithole that deserves Galloway

    Yes, I used to live there, I left never to return 😂

    • George Galloway…

      Leader of the ‘Workers Party of Britain’ 🤣

      You couldn’t fucking make it up – but he has!

      Says the main focus of his campaign will be calling for a resolution to the conflict in Gaza…

      “The number of people in Rochdale vitally concerned with the issues that preoccupy me… there’s probably not a constituency in the whole country where there are more people concerned about Gaza than there are in Rochdale.”

      So no fucks given about Rochdale, or white British workers, or Britain. Just Gaza and his Hamas mates. Pussy impersonating Cunt.

    • I worked in Rochdale for years Sicky, and I heard that about the Town Hall accept it wasn’t Hitler but one of his Generals who admired it so much.

      One Sunday morning in Rochdale I saw a woman washing her laundry in the river,
      I kid you not.

      • When I worked in Dover I’d eat my sarnies in Penchester park and watch the Chinese do their washing & fill up huge barrels of water from the river Dour, guess they didn’t want to pay water rates, felt sorry for the fish with all the soap suds

    • I lived there twice for a few months each time. The first time I got married, at the registry office at the town hall. The second time I divorced her, not at the town hall. Town hall is a nice building but Rochdale is a fucking shithole.

  2. The Islamic rabble want the Jews dead and Israel destroyed.

    In order to get their vote politicians are either openly siding with the rotten medieval cunts or performing mental gymnastics to not call them out for what they are,instead they want a “ceasefire” and a “two state solution”.

    Windbag appeasing cunts,shitting their pants in case a Peaceful decides to go “fundamental” on them.

    All of it caused by immigration from Shitholistan.

    This stinking midden of lies and simpering “debate” about “Islamaphobia” shouldn’t have ever have been allowed a foothold in this country.

    Now we can watch the country disappear in front of our very eyes.

  3. I hate by elections, I’ve cunted this topic before. Unless the former sitting member has died or been taken seriously ill the cunt should pay for it themselves out of their gilded pension and be denied any taxpayer funded perks. Most especially if it’s to take a higher paying job on a company board, sacked or compelled to resign for corruption or gone to prison for whatever depravity they’re keen on. We’ve had a spate of these lately including former dictatorial, God botherfolk, lockdown Stasi cunt Scott Morrison, who shall take a board position in an American arms manufacturer. Don’t hurry back cunt.
    End of rant.😤

  4. I remember Rochdale. Isn’t that the place we’re all the dakis were done for grooming young girls and sharing them around their mates – filthy scum.

    We need more Lee Andersons in this country.

    • I like Anderson a lot, but as far as his attack on Khan and Islamists went, it was very badly worded. It gave his opponents an open goal to shoot into. He could, and should have done better.

      • I quite like the way he said it.

        No mealy mouthed soft as shit non answer.

        Plain and simple,I wish he’d gone further to add that Islam has no place in Britain.

        Let’s have fun with the cunts!

      • I agree with Terence, it needs to be put plain and simple and more people need to say it, not just think it.

      • Anderson speaks for millions.

        My point is simply that by referring to Khunt in person in this case, he gave the little shit a chance to get on the front foot and straight in front of the cameras. It gave his opponents a ready line of defence and an easy ‘out’. Could have been a bit more politically savvy. Clumsy, in a word.

  5. ‘A referendum on Gaza’. Forget the cost-of-living crisis, the immigration crisis, the NHS crisis, the housing crisis, and every other crisis which might be of some slight concern to the voters.

    What a cunt.

    Morning all.

    • Maybe he’ll ‘twin’ the town with Rafah if he wins the seat.

      Although I suppose it mightn’t be ratified if he forwards the notion. Even Rafah must have SOME standards.

      🥁 Thump tsssh!

  6. Rochdale stinks.

    No joke.
    It stinks.
    Of corruption and curry.

    You walk down a backstreet in Rochdale, it fuckin reeks .

    It was a prosperous Northern industrial town,
    And there’s echoes of that all about.
    But it’s carpet kisser central.

    I wouldn’t vote for any of those cunts in a election, what a choice!

    Poor old Rochdale.


    It used to have a thriving Country and western scene!😂
    Nowt funnier than some cunt from Rochdale being a plastic yank,

    ” Eeee care to line dance ,flower?”

  7. In the 80s there was a pee do file story that broke about Rochdale.
    All over the media.

    The Rochdale Revellers they were called.

    Which goes to show.
    The people of Rochdale aren’t hypocrites.

    They’re just as happy to shag their own kids as groom other peoples.

    If any of the candidates in the by election want that sound bite as a election motto ,
    Feel free 😁

    • That was fat vile peed Cyril Smith, MP and child abuser of Rochdale for over 20 year, when he got up from the liberal bench 30 other MPs got catapulted into the air

  8. Poor old Rochdale. It’s become a byword for all that shite in today’s UK. Obese peter files, mudslime peter files, urban decay, mudslimes and now George Galloway! Could it get any worse?

  9. He’s got us right.
    I am a bald devil.

    But he’s a bit rude.
    We don’t say

    You cousin fuckin, shit smelling, terrorist,
    Your dad’s a taxi sex pests
    Your little sister has a tash like Magnum P.I.
    Your mum’s Darth Vader
    And your Gods got B.O.

    Because I’m white English and I’m politeness itself.

  10. Just wanted to add that Cyril Smith was a morbidly obese, child-diddling, sweating useless pile of fucking blubber. My father passed away from mesothelioma (lung lining cancer). Smith was an utter cunt denying the dangers of asbestos.

    Anyway, George Galloway is a fucking Jockanese, Mudslime-loving bag of wind with a rotten hat. Mad as a box of frogs and as much use as a fucking Costa Coffee on Saturn. The cunt.

  11. Overrated two-hit wonder and Rochdale skank Lisa Stansfield sang, “Been around the world and I, I, I… I can’t find my baby…”

    Perhaps it’s been groomed.

  12. Dave Sutch was an acquaintance of mine way back when. He formed the Monster Raving Looney Party ‘to represent the people who do not vote’

    His bio ‘Life as Sutch’ is well worth a read. As it points out, every election he ever stood in, ‘Did not vote’ won a majority.

    Great to see that the Shadow Minister for the Abolition of Gravity, Nick the Flying Brick, didn’t come bottom in the recent by election and got roughly the same support ad the Limp Dump candidate.



  13. Rochdalekistan – twinned with Londonkistan, Lutonkistan, Peterboroughkistan, Bradfordkiatan and just about every other city and large town.
    We’re doomed……

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