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Right up front this where we are. Mrs D has breast cancer and is scheduled for a mastectomy. Shit happens – usually to us – but that’s not my point.

This shit hits you right between the eyes and you really need support to get through it. Both of us but especially her. And according to the politicians there’s plenty of support out there. Except there fucking isn’t.

They give you lots of leaflets. Main use for those is filling the recycling bin. We found one that looked hopeful so Mrs D trots off to the local MacMillan drop in centre. They couldn’t give her the details of any local support group but they did give her some more leaflets.

So I tried Doctor Google. Clicked on lots of links. Found a group that meets once a month in a local cafe. Except that’s for ‘younger sufferers’ and my better half is 78.

So then I went looking for blogs. Found a few. Took a look. Mostly attention seekers and virtue signallers and mainly in America. Not a lot of cop frankly.

What we need is someone to talk to who has been through this shit herself. You think that would be easy but it isn’t.

So my conclusion is : Cancer support? What fucking cancer support!

What a cunt…

Nominated by Dioclese (still alive and kicking).

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  1. If I may say a few words of support. My mum contracted breast cancer at the age of 82 . She is 90 in May and although she is on permanent medication she still insists on scrubbing her kitchen floor and wobetide you if you tell her to get help. So try not to expect the worst. Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc. I am on my £50 android phone and I am not wearing any glasses so I can’t see shit.

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