[English] Law


is a cunt.

I know this is a short nom, but I only have one statement to make re this cunting: Any business/entity/individual has the right to refuse admission/entry to anyone on THEIR PRIVATE premises for whatever reason(s) they choose: It is their privilege & human right – nothing to do with twisting it around to `race`, or anything else for that matter …

I rest my case, m`lud.

For `Irish Travellers` read `Thieving Bastard Gypsies` – that`s my free speech privilege.


Nominated by Sam Beau with a second helping from Chuff Chugger below.

i second this nom sam. i tried to attach a link earlier today but as im currently toasting my tits off in 27 degrees of canary islands heat, but phone decided to throw a wobbler as i wasnt in the uk.

this boiled my piss….particularly the part whereby the oirish traveller cunts are referred to as a ‘race’ they arent a fucking separate race….and then special dispensation must be made as they dodgy fuckers are rarely on electorial registers.

i have had first had experience of dealing with travellers in my business dealings and rest assured they are all cunts.

they have made this reputation they have because they want to be feared and left alone…..now pontins dont want cunts with their reputation trashing their places and ruining the holidays of countless others they dont fucking like it. these cunts in this race board or whatever its called are so fucking green and naive it makes you sick.

the only reason i would agree to the abolition of cash is because it would fuck these cunts up as they cant exist without it.


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  1. Well, no surprise that I think this cunting is a bit off kilter.

    It is one thing banning individual tinkers on the basis of their behaviour, quite another to ban everyone one “with an Oirish accent, and Oirish-sounding surname, or carrying a basket of heather”.

    The name ‘Murphy’ was even on the shadow-ban list of undesirable names, FFS. That’s like 90% of my kin.

    Whilst I sympathise with the intention to keep thieving knackers out of the holiday site, their way of handling it was discrimination 101.

    I’d even be offended if I had any desire to stay in some cunt hole like Pontins but alas, I’m a classy bird with a bit of lolly.

    P.s. I reckon the tinkers ARE a separate race to the likes of you and me, at least if ‘race’ has any meaning at all.

  2. Pontins should have just implemented a credit card only payment method, with a mandatory £500 deposit against theft and breakages.

    Banning people with an Irish accent or surname is just fucking stupid.

    Fuck Pontins.

  3. I completely understand Pontin’s dismay at The Dids causing problems in their centres, but they should have taken legal advice on this as anyone knows this area of law is a bear trap.

    I would challenge the definition of The Dids as a ‘race’. OED defines it as ‘physical differences such as skin colour’. The definition has been corrupted by Marxists in recent years to suit their own agendas. For example, Suckondick Khunt.

    • The Gypsies haven’t yet tried to apply to the EU for protected status for genuine pork luncheon meat. When I used to work at a local supermarket during my 6th form years, the filthy, thieving fuckers would buy several kilos of it at a time.

    • Thanks for the link Geordie. However I was somewhat disappointed when I was unable to book any holiday in the late 1970s. Shame on you – again – Pontins.

      • Sorry to hear you were excluded from Pontins in the 1970s Sam.

        Did you go to Butlins instead? I gather they were always open to the tree swingers.

  4. I’ve known a couple of families of travellers near me for about 15 years and i’ve never known them to travel anywhere apart from down the pub.

  5. Pontins have certainly made a mess of this one, but perhaps they’ve run out of options.
    The most basic alternative would be for Pontins to rely on old bill to deal with any trouble.
    Not much of an alternative with today’s police ‘service’ is it?

    • they used to be referred to as the police ‘force’ but some cunts though the use of the word ‘force’ made them sound a bit hurty.

      • Ah yes, that police “service” shite, brought in by…… yes you guessed it, grinning jackanapes and destroyer of everything he touched,Tony Im-a-straight-kinda-guy Blair, along with defining so-called “travellers” as a separate “race”. Indeed the only whites who can be waaaaacism victims. That unflushable turd laid the groundwork for virtually every piece of oppressive shite and control-freakery, that naturally, subsequent governments didn’t repeal and in most cases beefed up. How do you think the Tories got away with imposing the repugnant Scamdemic terror regime. Check out the disarmingly named Civil Contingencies Act that at a stroke removed our property rights, the RIPA snoopers charter and of course the caveat ridden Human Rights Act, that actually removed our rights.
        The “travelling” community and of course the Religion of Cuddly Kittens and melanised criminals were the main beneficiaries and fuck the rest of us.

  6. It’s be pissed off if my surname was in the banned list. There must be a better way of stopping undesirables; perhaps the credit card suggestion above.
    I’ve never been able to play the race card when I’ve been to an away match and they won’t let you in the pub.

  7. Let’s see,
    Thieving bastard’s – yes
    Law unto themselves – yes
    Constant illegal activity – yes
    Wherever they leave after ” travelling” shithole – yes
    For ” travelling” read next area to rob – yes
    Inbred – yes

    Seperate race – NO.

    Would you want them sqatting on land near you – NO.

    • I know it falls under illegal activity, but the filthy cunts really do elevate one particular behaviour – and one they fucking never seem to ever have to answer for (not that they seem to answer to Johnny law for much at all) .. to a unique level – widespread enough among them that – disgustingly – tradition isn’t too strong a word – and that is their casually wanton neglect and cruelty of/to animals. Dogs & equines particularly, but not exclusively, not by a long shot.

      The few who don’t actively indulge , well, silence is consent in this particular heartless avenue of cunt’s behaviour.

      Shameless scum of the earth, one and all. Really. No frivolity with this one.. I would delight in their overnight eradication.

      The foreign criminal scum disgust me, but I TRULY hate these homegrown variety.

    • When I was a lad growing up the slum that was Balsall Heath in Brum, these cunts would periodically pitch up on any one of the numerous bomb sites in our street, along with a pack of scavenging dogs.

      Cue an outbreak of trouble-making, thieving and noise until the cunts eventually moved off, leaving a mess of litter, dog shit and scrap behind them.

      Rougher than a badger’s arse they were, and about as welcome as a dose of the shits.

  8. In English law anymore going to Pongtins on holiday is by definition a gyppo.

    They were trying to screen out Irish traveller families.

    And probably people related to Bono.

    But your surname is a bit of a broad sweep?

    They need a questionnaire!!

    A) do you like dags?

    B) does your daughter dress like a slag but is strangely frigid?

    C) do your kids hunt squirrels with catapults?

    D) do farmers panic when they see you?

    • I just read that out to Elder, Mis.

      She says question B is very valid, but pointed out that they get ‘married’ when they’re about 12.

      • Your elder is quite right JP.

        They marry young ,and any infidelity is strictly frowned on.

        I like that they leave me plastic covers on their sofas😁
        It amused me!

        Can’t be comfortable surely?
        You’d slide off!

  9. I find this nom interesting on several fronts.

    Firstly, when these dirty pikey cunts descend into our area, you can bet your arse crime increases and this is a documented fact. They take what they want, dump their shit, flytip everywhere, and generally think they own the place. I heard several substantiated stories of these cunts robbing teenagers of mobile phones in the local park and two large western style fights ensued on the streets over the course of one weekend. They are vermin and should be treated as such.

    Secondly, why is it OK for Pontins to be called out when they have a right to decide what type of clientele can use their services and facilities. We have LBGT+ only venues, venues where there is a certain dress code (to keep the pikeys out) and other establishments where only certain races, or types of people go, to the exclusion of others so I take my hat off to Pontins, and piss in the face of the law.

    • See my reply above. It’s ALL down to that grinning cunt Blair who “redefined” so-called “travellers” as a separate race and simultaneously hamstrung councils, landowners etc from dealing with violent thieving cunts, while the long suffering public who pay for it all are vilified as waaaayycists if we object to being burgled, abused and the local beauty spots, carparks and parks turned into shit and scrap covered wastelands. Ironic considering that they’re so finicky about keeping their caravans clean, not so concerned at MoT, tax and fines which the Plods do fuck all about for fear of being called waaaayycist.

  10. As Mike Reid said, “if New Age Travellers love travelling so much, how come they always complain when the police move them on?”*

    *warning this joke comes from an era when cunters may be triggered into a state of nostalgia for when we actually had a police force

  11. Point is when these rats fuck off after “travelling” , YOU the council tax payer picks up the bill for the clean up and disinfection of the area they illegally infested…

    I wonder if plod ever impound their uninsured/ untaxed stolen transit vans…

    The cunts are almost as bad as the peaceful’s.

    No, they are worse. That said peaceful’s like to shit on public land . .!

    • Travellers don’t use the toilets in their caravans.

      Think about it.
      You don’t want people shitting 4ft away from where you prep your food.

      So they shit elsewhere.
      Your garden
      Pub toilets

      One thing with the gyppos,
      You’ll never see a tranny one.
      Or a sootie one.

  12. Considering UK prisons are holiday camps you’d have thought Pontins would be welcoming the thieving gypsy bastards with open arms.

    • Not a chance, unless they’ve floated their caravans across from France in which case, no problem as the tax tap is opened to pay for it.

  13. A lot of people also seem to forget or not realise – maybe because these cunts make a LOT of cash money ripping off old folk in return for cliché ‘jobs’ done badly (tarmaccing etc.), on top of which they don’t have to spend much of their not-earned cash in public as shoplifting, including organised shoplifting (ferrying female non nationals to rural retail businesses to ply this trade when their own thieving faces get too well known), .. keeps costs to a minimum. Taxing & insuring vehicles is an expensive little racket. Helps financially if you just don’t bother your arse to do it etc. etc. but (original thought here from about 15 lines back, sorry).. the cunts are also experts at holding the hand out on benefits day. Pulling up in the Mercedes, more jewellery than jimmy saville ; fur coat the works … eleven hundred quid from the taxpayer. A real life example, there at the end, from a lady I speak to occasionally, that works in a rural benefits dispensory.

    In short. Every one of them you see, shoplifting, scamming, all their shit …. is also on t’ dole.

    Laughing at the rest of us. Condescension running in the wrong fucking direction, but inbreeding clearly lowers inhibitions such as shame or humility, it would seem.

  14. I think Pontins over stepped the mark here. It’s one thing to ban known hooligans (who may or may not be Irish or travellers) – quite another to ban all people with certain Irish names.

    For instance one of the proscribed names is Boyle – so good luck to acclaimed director Danny Boyle if he fancies a holiday in Pontins.

    Not very smart at all.

  15. The problem with you people is your full of Hate.


    Gyppos have contributed massively to our culture.

    Drugged up sooty Jimi Hendrix was backed by a band of gypsies.

    Cher brazenly bragged her family were gypsies tramps and thieves.

    Other great gyppos

    Dexys midnight runners
    Jimmy Cricket
    Diddycoy David Essex
    Eamonn Holmes
    Billy Butlin
    Anthony Worrell Thompson
    Tyson Fury
    Gypsy kings
    Gypsy creams
    Michelle Mone.

    • You seem to have been born too late and missed your calling Miserable. You would have either been happy whittling some trinket for the local kids on the steps of the vardo or been a 19th century bare-knuckle boxing champion, winning in 79 rounds.

  16. I worked on an install some years back, in High Wycombe. These parasites descended for a wake, the carnage their initial infestation created resulted in the pubs getting walkie talkies to keep the others updated on their movements as they brawled and shat everywhere they went resulting in the entire town centre shutting down for the weekend, it was like a ghost town, without the tumbleweed.
    No weekly market, no shops or businesses open, the loss of revenue must have been immense and what did the police do ? Fuck all, they stayed away, as did the Town Cuntcil. The denizens stayed indoors out of fear and let’s face it, what authority is going to back them even if they were to protect their homes ?
    So good on Pontins, shithole-for-chavs that it is.
    Ask yourself if plod would stand down if it was football mobs causing affray.
    Tony Blair sucks Pikey cocks in hell.

  17. So that’s why the bastards wouldn’t let me book. There was only 25 of us and no prison sentence was longer than 16 years. Talk about tarred with the same brush.. we all lived in houses without wheels and none of us ever shit on children’s playground equipment. The World is not a fair place once you get a reputation

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