Nkechi Diallo (Formerly, Rachel Dolezal)

Let’s have a you can’t teach an old dog new tricks CUNTING for Nkechi Diallo.


Oh…sorry…you guys know her as Rachel Dolezal. Nkechi Diallo is what she changed her name to after she was outed as a race baiting fake.

It seems she can’t quite let go of her non-existent African roots. Her new given name…Nkechi is short for Nkechinyere which is an Igbo girls name meaning “gift of God.”

Her new family name…Diallo is a West African boy’s name meaning bold.

Recently it came to light that the woman who now identifies as a bold gift of God was working with little kids at the Sunrise Elementary School in the State of Arizona. Now I know what you’re thinking. After she changed her name her past caught up with her and they fired her for being a fraud.


It turns out she’s in the news for “selling risque content” on Only Fans.

As of this cunting she is still employed and presumably mentoring the little kids.

New York Post

This cunting isn’t advocating that she be fired. This cunting isn’t even passing judgment on the fact that supplements her income as a cyber-whore. (That judgment is left to IsaC Horn Section who can view a risque pic of her by following the link.)

This cunting is for still clinging to the fake African heritage she claims to have and for the unmitigated gall she shows for naming herself a Bold Gift of God.

Absolutely no fucking self awareness! And worse than that no fucking shame!

As an aside I had to do some research to learn the meaning of her new names and I uncovered an interesting tidbit.

If you Google the IGBO… translation for cunt, it comes up as Anu.

Assuming that’s correct, the Former Rachel Dolezal now Nkechi Diallo is an Anu.

Nominated by: General Cuntster

79 thoughts on “Nkechi Diallo (Formerly, Rachel Dolezal)

  1. Let’s be very very honest here. Who in their right mind would pretend to be a fucking n*gnog!! Here is a prime example…..Meghan Markle, the yo-yo knickered, chicken legged, lying cunt, yacht whore! I mean, it’s bad enough if your mates and colleagues think your a bit eccentric, but to go on the world stage and tell everyone “yeah mon, I is black, innit’ you have to be an absolute nut job! Tim Westwood? Always knew he was a fucking wrong ‘un! Anyone remember the UK version of ‘Pimp my Ride’ with that daft cunt mincing about being a plastic wigger while dimwit boy racers had their 15 year old Vauxhall tarted up! What a giant shower of wank!

    • Half the lads i went to school with thought they were black. it’s the cultural phenomenon that Ali G was based on.
      Quite a few of the came up with deranged shit to explain how they were black because of ‘their state of mind’.

      They often addressed each other as ‘niggàh’.

      More Wo-king than Wu-Tang.

      • I used to run a pub and watched a mother slap her teenage son clean off the bar stool as she screamed “Stop talking like a fukin niggah” lol whole place was roaring

  2. Sirs:

    I can’t decide if this twat is insane or a just a very determined grifter.

    Leaning toward insane because you have to be crazy to think anyone wants to pay to look at that.

    Although somebody did, I guess. How did the school find out about it, anyway? Some horny assistant principal trolling for MILFs?

    Need a new acronym here. How about MIRF — Mother I’d Run From”

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