Nkechi Diallo (Formerly, Rachel Dolezal)

Let’s have a you can’t teach an old dog new tricks CUNTING for Nkechi Diallo.


Oh…sorry…you guys know her as Rachel Dolezal. Nkechi Diallo is what she changed her name to after she was outed as a race baiting fake.

It seems she can’t quite let go of her non-existent African roots. Her new given name…Nkechi is short for Nkechinyere which is an Igbo girls name meaning “gift of God.”

Her new family name…Diallo is a West African boy’s name meaning bold.

Recently it came to light that the woman who now identifies as a bold gift of God was working with little kids at the Sunrise Elementary School in the State of Arizona. Now I know what you’re thinking. After she changed her name her past caught up with her and they fired her for being a fraud.


It turns out she’s in the news for “selling risque content” on Only Fans.

As of this cunting she is still employed and presumably mentoring the little kids.

New York Post

This cunting isn’t advocating that she be fired. This cunting isn’t even passing judgment on the fact that supplements her income as a cyber-whore. (That judgment is left to IsaC Horn Section who can view a risque pic of her by following the link.)

This cunting is for still clinging to the fake African heritage she claims to have and for the unmitigated gall she shows for naming herself a Bold Gift of God.

Absolutely no fucking self awareness! And worse than that no fucking shame!

As an aside I had to do some research to learn the meaning of her new names and I uncovered an interesting tidbit.

If you Google the IGBO… translation for cunt, it comes up as Anu.

Assuming that’s correct, the Former Rachel Dolezal now Nkechi Diallo is an Anu.

Nominated by: General Cuntster

79 thoughts on “Nkechi Diallo (Formerly, Rachel Dolezal)

  1. She should date vicars son Timothy Westwood.
    He pretends to be a sooty and likes to dip his winky in chocolate pud pud.

    Booyackasha !!
    Snizzel my wizzel muddafuckas

  2. Bit of a boiler if you ask me.

    Not surprised it decided to disguise itself as a blek key,those tyre swinging cunts will shag owt.

    Has it filled its forms in to claim reparations off Britain yet?

    I bet it will now it’s been unmasked and sacked.


    • She got caught out by a reporter JP.

      ” Are your parents Afro American?”

      She ran off.

      Her parents are white as fuck.
      Like something from the sound of music.

      The gig was up

      Sooties were angry with her
      Whitey was angry with her.

      Rachel said
      ” Whatchoo givin me evils for den?!
      I ain’t done sumpin or nuttin!”

      • Even her Mum was

        What the what now?

        Joking, she said ” I don’t know why she’s doing this”

        Puddled, off her meds, plain delisional, or there’s some kind of advantage, like hiring quotas.


      • Hiya, General.

        Hope you’re well.

        Why pretend? Are there quotas, got to hire so many of this, so many of that.

        I’m struggling to get why she would pretend to be what she’s not.
        Plain delusional?

  3. Times have changed, when you were a kid you pretended to be cowboy or a soldier.

    Nowadays it’s a cat or a dog.. but a porch monkey? Even with the offer of a free race card it’s a no from me..

    Still we have a government that pretends to be Conservative, and a prime minister who pretends to be tall, by putting on short trousers and pretended he grew out of them..

  4. I can’t recall who, but Rachel (or whatever her name is) was famously confronted by a reporter who asked her point blank, “Were you born a black or a white woman?” She stuttered and said, “I don’t understand the question.”

    Silly tart. Can only be a matter of time now before she comes out as a man.

  5. “Gift From God”? Yeah the gift that keeps on giving more like. I think somebody need to take a swab of the inside of her month so it can be sent oft to 23andMe and we can put this to bed once and for all.

    …………. Okay guys, results are in:

    – 102% Scandinavian.

  6. Where am dat watery melon ?
    As an aside, I don’t think Lee Anderson should be thrown under the bus for exercising free speech. I don’t think he’s being devisive. I think the un-regulated, endless pro-Hamas/anti-Israel marches are being devisive but as Muslim voters out-number Jewish voters, our self-serving wank MPs don’t want to do anything about it.
    I don’t think Suckdick Khan is controlled by Muslims or anyone. He is just another self-serving egomaniac two faced Cunt who shoul go and boil his head in a vat of electric car battery acid.

  7. Why would you claim to be a different race, from the one you actually are?

    In the link, there’s a report on another person who claimed to be what they weren’t. Why?

    Is there some hiring for the job advantage?

    I’m sure our dear General can enlighten us.

    • Despite a chorus of denials there are advantages when one claims to be descended from an oppressed ethnic or racial group.

      Affirmative Action was (and still is) a policy where minorities are given hiring preferences and special legal protection under the law. In short; you have to hire them and you can’t fire them.

      Two candidates for a job…one white…one other than white…the other gets priority. The other is incompetent? Tough luck. Firing them violates their civil rights.

      And there is a hierarchy. A black female, trumps (pun intended) a Hispanic male. A black, female who identifies as a lesbian is a triple whammy.

      A black, Muslim man in a wheel chair trumps a gay Eskimo and so on.

      It’s all about identity except that White people, Asians, Christians and Jews don’t count.

      Cherokee Liz Warren is a great example of someone who pretended to be something she’s not in order to benefit from racial preferences.

      • Thank you, General.

        I rather thought that might be the explanation.

        You have my commiserations, Sir.

  8. Rachel can now dance .
    So that’s a positive 👍
    But she’s also lazy, wears brightly coloured clothes and gets hysterical if challenged about any aspect of her behaviour.

    Welcome sister✊🏿

    • She also holds her finger up while moving her head from sde to side and saying, ‘mm-hmmm! ain’t no way yo’ wearin that!”

  9. The phenomenon of whiteys claiming to be darkeys is now all too common place. Not surprising – they get the best treatment, the best jobs, the best roles on tv and go to the front of the queue for Justin Bieber tickets. Only a matter of time before lottery winners are restricted to darkeys.

  10. I once tried to pass myself off as Dave Benson-Phillips from Get Your Own Back! in order to get free sponge puddings from the BBC cafeteria at Television Centre .I was only there for concrete repairs, but I thought it would e a wheeze.

    Unfortunately I was rumbled by none other than Lizo Mzimba.

  11. Although, apparently, amongst the Hipsters, Monday is the new Friday?

    I now live in a zoo, full of weird and exotic things. I’m glad the Lass explains this shit to me.

    I don’t understand it, but at least I know what it means.

    • Be thankful JP, if you could understand it you’d be on track to being one yourself. These people go beyond delusional, Bedlam is no longer confined to the locked cells.

  12. Sooties adore me.

    No shit.
    Dunno why?
    But it’s a fact.

    ” Heeeeyy, ok Dere Boss?”

    Mm. Hiya Lips.

    ” Hello Dere darling, say hello to your lovely wife from Latisha”

    Ok will do mgumbi.

    Think it’s my air of superiority.
    They respect me.
    Know my fingers are twitching for the whip.

    And they are good as gold.

    • I grew up in the state of Indiana near a city named Gary. It was once hailed as the City of the Century but by the time I was a lad it was degenerating into a Shithole.

      Indiana was (and is) a hotbed of basketball. And with Gary having a majority of splibs they produced some seriously good high school basketball teams.

      High school basketball has cheerleaders.

      During the tournaments, the black girls would chant:

      Boom, boom
      bang, bang
      Black Powa

      • Did you hustle the mean streets like Woody Harrelson in White Men Can’t Jump, General?

        Isn’t Jacko a famous son of Gary? I can’t imagine they were too thrilled with his n*ncing.

      • Hey LL,

        I did play basketball. But I didn’t hustle. Ain’t no white guy alive ever hustled a bunch of black street kids in basketball for money and lived to tell about it.

        The Jackson 5 was indeed from Gary! Every stolen television set in the city was tuned in when they were on the Ed Sullivan show. They were the pride of Gary.

        In fact later in life I met a girl who knew Michael. His old man was a real cunt.

        As such it was said that Michael was truly a tortured soul. And as his old man was recognized as a cunt he (Michael) generated some sympathy among the natives.

      • My mum had an American penfriend from school days who lived in Gary, Indiana. My parents went over there to stay with her and her husband some years later, by which time they’d joined the white flight out of the place as it was becoming too dangerous.

        Small world, eh General?

      • Very small world Geordie.

        Do you know why it took so long for the white folk to leave Gary?

        Filthy, race baiting, Niqqer, piece of shit and (alleged) criminal, Gary Mayor Richard Hatcher, passed city ordinances and put in place extensive red tape procedures prohibiting them from selling their homes and moving.

  13. I envy Ol man Jackson.
    He beat them if they fucked up a dance routine.

    I think that’s only right.
    Made them a LOT of money.

    I’d of done the same.
    I think he knew Michael was a wrong un.

    I’d of hit him with that belt till I got tennis elbow.

    I’d of loved to of taken my belt to the Jackson 5.

    • That method of “coaching” was common when I was a boy…exemplified by people like Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight or Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes…to name but two.

      The question as to whether Michael was born a wrong un or made a wrong un is still open for debate.

  14. Sheet. Dis beeatch has her undercarridge hangin’ out at 30 secs in bro.

    Dis all pixellated n sheet. Da beeatch’s puss look like de Big Mac turned on it’s side, man.

    (sound of teeth being sucked).

  15. Interesting twist in the discourse…

    Rachael tried to darken her skin, dye her hair and kink it to look black.

    Michael, lightened his skin, got a nose job and straightened his hair to look white.

    • Is Shaun King still knocking about? In the age of social media why these people think they can get away with saying they are black when they can be exposed as a bullshitting fraud in about five minutes shows next level narcissism.

      • That fucking cunt is still about and still spouting the race based, social justice bullshit he is famous for.

        Lately he’s been in the news because some dumb cunt alleged to be a US Service man lit himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington.

        Burning yourself in front of the the Israeli Embassy is beyond ironic. The only thing better is if he had gassed himself…along with Shaun King.

  16. Same could be said with old slapper-face Markel Sparkletits.

    Identifies as black if only because its trendy and that she’s probably only 10% of a negroid DNA fragrance – but makes for perfect victimhood.

    I suppose the next thing to be banned will be white people sunbathing, as that will be deemed culturally insensitive and racist trying to look brown for a couple of days!

  17. Rachel is a product of the times.
    Especially in America.
    Just another attention seeking nonentity.
    Bin around for yonks.
    Good luck to her exploiting her emotional disorder.
    Going outside now.
    Could be some time.
    Fuck them.

  18. £7.88 a month to view that ! She’s got more front than Brighton, seen sexier sights than that for free in the summer trolling down the road.

    • This has been a revelation to me.

      Seeing the picture of this monstrosity leads me to one conclusion.

      There is definitely an economic opportunity for Ethel ( and me, as financial director ) here. 😁

      As long as she gets the lighting right the money should come rolling in.

      She goes live at the end of the week 👍

      Fill yer boots.

      Good evening 👍

      • The IsAC fraternity haven’t been this titillated since Fanny Fiddler as the milkmaid in the hayloft, Jack.

      • Hang on to your hat LL.

        It’s going to be a wild ride !!

        Was that the one with Cuntbubble ?

        When he tried to introduce a sheep into the ‘ proceedings ‘

        He’s a fucking disgrace :o)

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