The Justice System (4)

Just saw this news article and had to comment, watch the video and marvel at the sight of instant karma being played out before your very eyes.

See the ghetto rat terrorising the bloke on the ground and then a sight you don’t often see these days, old Bill getting stuck in old school style, the ghetto rat must have thought fuck this for a game of soldiers when he saw that little mob running towards him, luckily that swing he took with the knife missed, but great to see some positive action from the young men involved, I wonder if this could be the start of a new trend, I only can wish on that score.

Anyway , fast forward to ghetto rats day in Court ,and yes you guessed it, our pussy magistrates let the side down BIG time,again, eight years in prison would have been something, but no eight MONTHS, out in four…….. what a fucking joke, and take a look at the ghetto rats face, tell me that cunt is not another jail sentence just waiting to happen, magistrates and judges , CUNTS the lot of em

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54 thoughts on “The Justice System (4)

  1. Sounds like he was fighting with another piece of shit, not some old Doris who was being mugged. I would have ordered another beer and let the cunts get on with it.

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – six strokes of the whip or birch for a first offence would deter a great number of these little cowards. Long custodial sentences with hard labour for any subsequent offence. Fuck the ECHR.

  3. The first time in years the police do what they’re paid for, albeit they were off duty, and the nation is let down by the spineless, pussies in court.
    The cunt slashed out at an officer, so should have been given the maximum sentence.
    Isn’t everyone always bleating about getting tough on knife crime?
    A better outcome for all would have been a firearms officer taking direct action.

  4. Good job they were out of uniform or they would have been reported for excessive force.

    The knife should have accidentally ended up in the cunts neck.

  5. With a face as genetically defective as that, it’s safe to say that this piece of excrement would have had a date with the gas chambers once upon a time.

    Nevermind eh. Let’s just try and rehabilitate the poor soul and hope he doesn’t stab some innocent person in the future.

  6. The mugshot says it all – a perma-tanned, chippy, teeth-sucking, knife-wielding, sub 40 IQ niff-noff with the only plan in his tiny brain is for no-one to “diss” him n sheet in da hood.

    There is no hope for this prick. Render it down for meatballs to feed to wild animals.

    Hopefully some larger and nuttier prick in “da institootan” will nail the cunt permanently. Wheelchair mobility only will cool his ardour.

    • Quite right. I’m all for giving the judiciary some leeway on sentencing, but surely wielding a knife like this must carry a minimum sentence measured in years. Anyone know?

      • Threatening with an offensive weapon – The court must pass a prison sentence of at least four months for a person aged between 16-18 and six months for a person aged over 18, unless it is considered to be unjust to do so. That again depends upon the facts of the offence and defendant.

      • Wow! Such small sentences. Still I’m sure the 600 odd MPs will change that once they start getting shanked.

      • Looking at the vid, this dindu not only threatened someone with an offensive weapon, but took a huge, intentional swing at the copper with the knife. Had the blade connected, the little cunt would have been facing an attempted murder or murder charge.

        Keelhaul the little fucker.

      • Re keelhauling, it’s a shame that the Titan sub isn’t available to add a little depth to hos deficient character.

      • our traitor MPs didn’t give a toss when their own David Amess got shanked by a dingy pirate they sure don’t care if one of us goes the same way.

  7. All these plastic gangsta feral stabbing foreign looking cunts need hanging.

    They are not,and never will be,of any use whatsoever.

    The legal system does not provide justice but the rope or oven will.

  8. He seems a nice young piccaninny?

    Ok his hair looks like the arse of a neglected sheep.

    But that kid Creole pencil moustache? 👍

    And he’s done his eyebrows like Liza minelli used to.

    Mark Rowley will give him a sad look and a basketball.

      • ♫ Oh Jos-ay
        I’m not your daddy (mama’s dindu papa’s dindu)
        Oh Jos-ay
        I’m not your daddy (mama’s dindu papa’s dindu)
        See, if I was in your blood then you wouldn’t be so ugly
        Oh! ♫

        Fuck off.

    • Seems to me Mis that he is trying and failing to grow facial hair. There are P*ki girls on the checkout at Tesco with better moustaches.

  9. I would hand out on prescription knives and guns to the gangsta wannabes and let them stab and shoot themselves into extinction. Live by the sword die by the fucker,hopefully. The cheeky feckers have the audacity to claim they are unfairly picked on by the Runners when they with their deluded ideas of respect are statistically proven to be responsible for most violent crimes. But get used to it Cunters the race card is still the Ace in the pack.

  10. Totally had enough of scum on our streets. White, black or brown there are too many cunts with no regard for the basics of civilisation. The government who are meant to make law to protect the public do everything but.

    What the fucks up with people? Man up, find a place to sort out your problems with your fists like men!

    Of course it doesn’t help that the media glorifies criminals, from movies about the n0nce twins to any chippy cunt that can rhyme badly about killing and raping the youth are served up Gangsters as hard men.

    We are lead to believe cowardly cunts who are prepared to use extreme violence to intimidate and harm are modern day anti heroes. Kids are getting tooled up and killing each other because the consequences for carrying a knife are less daunting than the consequences of not carrying one when the street scum are all tooled up.

    Carrying a knife should be an automatic 5 years inside. Obviously we can’t afford a proper penal system but we can afford 7 million a week for refugees, millions for Ukraine and the like.

    No one gives a fuck about law abiding citizens do they?

    • Nope,

      Plenty of decommissioned oil rig legs in the North Sea, which could be re-commissioned and used to build secure prison units upon to house this detritus.

      If we had the prison spaces, it would give an opportunity for the sentencing guidelines to be revisited and hopefully detritus like Mr Jimenez could be given a proper, appropriate and just sentence like 8 years (no early release) for carrying an offensive weapon with intent to cause harm or death.

      But as soon as any leader proposed this, the avalanche of usual suspects would be there to decry the cruelty of it all.


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