John Lewis Partnership (5)

I want to nominate the woke bastards otherwise known as the John Lewis Partnership who are promoting “chest binders” for children, via their sick magazine that has been circulated to all 70,000 of their unfortunate employees.

This horrendous publication was created by some LGBT cunts at John Lewis to coincide with “LGBTQ+ History Month” (yawn). The 32 page magazine takes advice from notorious child sex abuse advocates Mermaids, a so called charity currently under investigation by the Charity Commission. Articles include advice for parents seeking to raise “trans and non-binary children” using chest binders to crush growing breasts thereby posing health risks like breathing difficulties and tissue damage, not to mention the long term psychological scars these parents would be inflicting on their vulnerable, impressionable offspring. These parents are either mad, bad or both, either way they need locking up, or investigating at the very least, IMO.

Re Mermaids – there’s never been any doubt as to where they are coming from. But to be given the red carpet treatment by John Lewis? Disgraceful doesn’t begin to describe this vile collaboration.

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Nominated by Shit Cake Baker.

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  1. Child abuse.

    Pure and simple.

    But it’s the parents that need to be prosecuted as well.
    They will be the cunts buying the stuff, not the kids.

  2. I can’t say I’ll miss anything about them when they go the same way as Wilko, BHS, Woolworths, Body Shop and Debenhams et al due to their own stupidity.

    At least Woolies had Pick’n’mix.

    • When that fucking old bag Harriet Harman retires from Parliament this year I can see her going to work for Mermaids. She did, after all, back the PeterFile Information Exchange, years ago, along with Patricia Hewett, another crackpot Labour MP.

  3. When that fucking old bag Harriet Harman retires from Parliament this year I can see her going to work for Mermaids. She did, after all, back the Paedophile Information Exchange, years ago, along with Patricia Hewett, another crackpot Labour MP.

  4. Thirty two pages, seems excessive..
    One sentence would suffice..there are only two genders..

    Also applicable to all the cunts that think Islam is a race.. no its a nasty religion..

    • Suckleprick Khunt suggests Mudslimes are a race of people, as evidenced in his rant at Itchy Ballsack’s “deafening silence” on the Lee Anderson hoo hah.

      But he is a premier league, weapons grade plutonium cunt, as we are all well aware.

    • The definition of racism keeps being widened by the authoritarian left in order to shut down criticism of their social engineering projects.

  5. Once a flagship of the chattering classes now in with the gutter freaks,after being led down the garden path by the recently departed diversity hire who had no experience nor clue how to run a major company.
    I know someone who went in the Manchester store recently and when asking the once polite ‘colleague’ about some item of stock was met with a ‘if you can’t see it,we ain’t got it’ response….he won’t be back he said, i suspect many will be doing the same….how about renaming it john spewis 🤮

  6. What’s that modern saying?

    Go Woke Go Broke?

    These cunts were well on the way to going broke before they started promoting degenerate filth,largely due to that blek wimmin who couldn’t run a bath.

    Another one bites the dust.

  7. Once John Lewis dropped their ‘never knowingly undersold’ policy, they were fucked. Why else would you go there now?
    Then there was the disastrous diversity appointment of a chief wimminz of colour, along with attempts to dissolve the ‘partnership’ and turn it into just another debt ridden retailer, in hock to fly by night investors.
    Now this. Which equates to the lid being put on the coffin.
    Just a matter of waiting for the nails now.

  8. It all went wrong for them when they appointed the ironically named Sharon White as their CEO (hint: her surname is not a true reflection of her complexion) – public sector technocrat, former head of Ofcom, with absolutely zero retail experience.

    She proceeded to trash the John Lewis and Waitrose brands by embroidering communications and instore merchandising with corporate endorsement for all the usual suspects; BLM, trans rights, Pride etc.

    I put a review on Trustpilot explaining how I would no longer be buying from a retailer which had decided its role was to lecture me on the need to surrender to Marxist mind control, and hey presto the review was removed in minutes. Another reviewer, an elderly disabled gent, complained he had been banned from his local Waitrose because he’d gone to the customer services desk to complain about the Pride paraphernalia littering the store – they could identify this enemy of the thought police, so his crippled arse was kicked into shape.

    Shareholders finally gave the brand wrecking bitch her cards a few months ago, but way way way too late.

    I shall rub my hands together with glee when these cunts go to the wall.

    • As a kid, my parents shopped at Waitrose as it was our local supermarket and wasn’t really expensive in the 70’s. As an adult I’ve been once, to buy something I couldn’t source elsewhere and then didn’t actually use. It was really funny when it closed down a year or 2 ago and got snapped up by, I think, Lidl. We have an M&S Simply Food round the corner which I use for treats. Fuck them both.

      • The Waitrose in our town is moribund, having drastically shrunk its range and massively hiked up its prices over the last couple of years, whilst seemingly implementing a policy of only employing care in the community cases. A huge M and S food hall has opened up round the corner and is driving them into the ground. I’m loving it, and routinely nip into the M and S just to spite the sanctimonious woke rip-off bastards.

      • Yeah depressingly true, they’re all at it. Where the fuck am I gonna shop?

        Ironically I may have to turn to the peacefuls for salvation, as Mr Hussain’s mini-mart is the only place I might be able to buy a loaf of bread that hasn’t been daubed with deviant rainbow livery. In a curious twisting of principles I may find myself gravitating towards the carpet kissers, as they certainly know how to employ the elegant but simple expedient of tall buildings as an antidote to these alphabet people issues.

  9. Mermaids as a organisation has already been discredited .

    Mermaids named after the half woman half fish people who caused the death of sailors .

    It promoted kids getting chest bindings without parental consent.
    Also the taking of puberty stopper drugs.

    Anyone who works for mermaids is the last person I would want around a kid.

    Fuckin freaks.

    • Just looked at there webSHITE. £25 for a shitty t-shirt advertising their deviance and a drat letter template for use against the kids school if the kiddies are misgendered. wouldn’t have had this back in my school days.

      • A fucking draft letter?!?!

        It’s quite evident daily ‘they’ have no shame/humility, … but needing someone else’s copy & paste words to make a deluded point belies the base level of the deluded mob as a whole.

        What’s the t-shirt exclaim?

        “Lesbos with dongs are still real lesbos!” .. something along those lines?

      • My friend had to write a robust response to his son’s primary school when they communicated that they were going to be inculcating his son in the “Rainbow Awards Scheme” – some tranny gender woo woo peter file evil.

        His letter was absolutely imperious in its devastating evisceration of their wicked delusional agenda. I said to him at the time that that letter should serve as a pro forma for sane parents everywhere to lodge their protest against this evil. I shall ask him if he is happy for me to anonomise it and maybe publish as a nom to help cunters everywhere fight off this disgusting assault on our children.

      • That’s some nice articulation there, BD.

        Unfortunately .. dumb, just louder .. has been winning the day for quite a while now.

      • Unfortunately you’re right about that, Cunt’em.

        Friend of ours was at the local leisure centre with her three young daughters (all under 10), in the communal female changing rooms. One of the kids says “look mummy, there’s a man over there”. Geezer disrobing himself from his skirt to reveal his meat and two veg which he flashes around in full view of all the other real females in the changing room. Friend goes and complains to the front desk that there is a naked man in the women’s changing rooms, and is met with “you mustn’t say that madam, you are misgendering Davina, you must respect her human rights”.

        If I’d been there I’d have transitioned him into a woman a lot fucking faster than he’d have been bargaining for.

  10. Difficult to see how the retail trade’s slide into history can be arrested. Going shopping is a terminally depressing experience, shops with limited range who think you should pay their high prices for what they want to sell you rather than what you want to buy. Staff with no product knowledge who are off hand or act as if they’re an old friend from your school days. Big stores proudly pushing deviancy which gets right up the noses of 99% of their customers and just to finish the job the woke, avaricious local authorities. Why should I fucking bother when I can sit at home, order precisely what I’m looking for at the best price and have it delivered to my door the following morning or in some cases even the same day?

    • You get to avoid the snarky college cunt behind the till on minimum wage who think the job is beneath them. Had attitude from the bastards in numerous chains in well-heeled towns; Thorntons, Waterstones, various clothing shops, Costa Coffee.

      I never make nasty comments to people serving me in shops or restaurants, but rarely some seem to think they’re in a position to make snide remarks or give off attitude.
      Rather than playing the Karen and throwing a wobbly, my reply is pretty straightforward; ‘if you don’t like your job, find another’.

  11. They’re definitely on the wrong side of history!

    If you put ‘non-binary in spanish’ in Google it comes back with

    No binaria(feminine)
    No binario(masculine).

  12. I mentioned a while back that when I took a radio back to JLP the cunt in the tech department stepped out from behind the counter was wearing a scruffy skirt and a check shirt. 🙄

  13. Evil is the opposite of good, or to be precise true evil is when what is evil is accepted as being good.

    We live in a world where harming children is promoted as being loving and inclusive. I don’t give a fuck what adults do or who they choose to have relationships with as long as it’s another adult.

    What we have now is indoctrination into the LBGT lifestyle. People think it’s all great and fluffy but we now hear that the N0nces are MAP’s and that’s just another expression of human sexuality.

    Fuck this, it’s repulsive and it’s wrong but if we won’t stand against it we condone it!

  14. In the local JLP in Kingston, you are hard put to distinguish the sales staff from the maintenance crew as they wear scruffy jeans/trousers and tee or polo shirts.
    It used to be suit and tie and the store panders to the latest woke shite.
    Down the tubes they go!!

  15. Isn’t time our Islo friends targeted these cunts? Still they have their wits about them, divide and conquer.
    Thank fuck it as stopped raining.

  16. What is this tomfuckery by JL, the cunts who spaff millions on ponsey Xmas ads, venus flytraps eating presents, what a load of jizz.

    Years ago I worked for these cunts, but I’ll give them one thing, they used to hire nice fanny – got my fingers wet on quite a few occasions, and not on the fish counter…

  17. On an incidental note, Mussolini defined fascism as “the merger of state and corporate power”; so what we are seeing with this weaponisation of corporates to promulgate sinister political aims is, quite literally, fascism.

    That would get the wokeristi in a paddy if they were to understand that they are the classic definition of fascists. Delicate little sensitive #bekind heads would be exploding with the confusion.

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