The Guardian (28)

What planet is the Guardian on?

”Thatcher was right: Tory moderates have no power over the party’s ruthless right-wing extremists”

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Does anyone know who these all powerful fuckers are? And where their policies are implemented?

And further more:–

” Despite all the lurches to the right by Rishi Sunak’s government, there are still supposed moderates in the cabinet, ”

Lurches to the right? These cunts dispense more benefits than previous governments of any stripe. They put the scum of the earth in hotels and fail to remove the cunts with any sort of due process. They are more akin to wet LibDems that anything ‘far right’.

Ruthless extremists? You are having a giraffe.

The Guardian, fantasy rag for middle class tossers.

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79 thoughts on “The Guardian (28)

  1. Agree with the comments on Tice and Reform.

    For all those tempted to vote for the cunt , be aware they aren’t actually against mass immigration.

    Their manifesto says they are committed to net zero immigration.

    So if 500k leave the UK , because quite frankly it is shit (and we all know it will only be decent taxpayers leaving) , they will replace them almost certainly with the same third world shit that we have had all along .

    He can fuck right off . Slimy cunt

  2. Anyone right of Dianne Abbot is now considered ‘Far Right’
    are you fucking serious ? Hitler was “Far Right”
    If this country moves anymore to the Left, we’ll find ourselves in the Pacific Ocean.

    I live in a Muslim state, where it’ll soon no longer be able to speak your own mind.
    When is that ubercunt Sadiq Khan gonna throw a 7 ?

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