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What planet is the Guardian on?

”Thatcher was right: Tory moderates have no power over the party’s ruthless right-wing extremists”

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Does anyone know who these all powerful fuckers are? And where their policies are implemented?

And further more:–

” Despite all the lurches to the right by Rishi Sunak’s government, there are still supposed moderates in the cabinet, ”

Lurches to the right? These cunts dispense more benefits than previous governments of any stripe. They put the scum of the earth in hotels and fail to remove the cunts with any sort of due process. They are more akin to wet LibDems that anything ‘far right’.

Ruthless extremists? You are having a giraffe.

The Guardian, fantasy rag for middle class tossers.

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79 thoughts on “The Guardian (28)

  1. Not fit for wiping your arse on.

    The rag of Islington soy latté drinking, Islington champers socialists. And of course fully circulated around the corridors of the BBC.

    The Bible of the Wokerati.

    Only fit for hanging in the karzi as far as the rest of are concerned.

  2. In the pub a few months ago this fella I don’t particularly know, is busily bending my ear about one thing and another, attempting to put the world to rights.

    Halfway through his waffle, he referred to the blatantly bias “right wing” media and press, which runs this country.

    I had no choice but to laugh in the daft cunts face.

  3. Good nom. The Guardian are tax avoiding, offshore hypocrite cunts. Wouldn’t wipe my arse on it unless it was a photo of an MP.

  4. Anyone who lurches to the right is purged like Cruella Braverman or even Dominic Raab who told the maggots in the civil service to get on and do their fucking jobs.

    Like everything else in the country, even ‘far-right’ is now dubbed down.

    I’m getting a bit nostalgic now, I think I’ll listen to a bit of Enoch.

    • Utterly bizarre bunch of wackos at the Guardian.
      The powers that run the UK have turned it into a quasi-communist nut-house in a matter of 20 years.
      …after some thought a few years of proper communism might do some good. The spaz-chariots and dole-poles would be too expensive. Same with medicine; ‘Sorry we’re out of stock.’
      Fancy an ice-avocado-eco-fartisan-bean and grass burger – that will be 5 years salary.
      Sex-change? Sorry we have no spare tits and we’re clean out of cocks.
      Want a 125 inch microwave mood enhancing air filter – fuck off.

  5. If those dozy cunts think there is a problem with the supposed “far right” now then they are in for a rude awakening.

    It might take bankruptcy,war or rise of Islamic conflict but it’ll all get swept away if things carry on as they are..

    Right wing “populist” parties emerging all across Europe aren’t a coincidence nor is the panic amongst the Progressive woke dung that are shit scared of them and want them all banned (of course)..

    Can’t wait for the fireworks to start.

    • Wait till the peacefuls start throwing the cunts off buildings, guess who’ll they’ll be wanting to fight for them. They can then fuck off. In fact, they can fuck off right now.

  6. Steve Bellend did funny drawings in it but was chucked out. He was too anti-semitic, apparently. Which was weird for a leftie rag. Then again, it did support slavery.

  7. Hard to imagine where The Guardian gets the notion of “right wing extremists” from.

    Surely a more accurate description of the faction currently controlling the Tory party today would be “Bumbling idiots who think we were all born yesterday.”

  8. I love the Guardian.
    Me and my Cressida wouldn’t read anything else.

    And it’s big enough that when you’ve read it you can use it as a yoga mat.

    I often leave old copies laying around so visitors know we are liberal, ashamed of our whiteness,
    And big fans of socialism.

    ” We aren’t racists you know!”

    • You will need to get rid of that colonial country cream gate, replace it with a sustainable sourced arch with a migrants welcome sign.

      • Never!!

        That gates the last vestige of a glorious empire on which the sun never set.

        I’ll stack the bodies 5ft deep in defence of that gate.


      • @Mis. One expects then you have a Lewis gun poking through the front door post slot, good show.

  9. Seems the Guardian will be waving the begging bowl to all and sundry (including those nasty white hetero working class males it so despises) given its finances are in crisis due to a big drop in digital advertising and paid subs.

    It’s a shame in one respect because many years ago it was a very good broadsheet, along with the Observer. Yes, it was Left-leaning, but far more objective than it is now. It certainly acted as a good counter-balance to the rabid right-wing broads and tabs, such as the Times/Sunday Times (back then), Torygraph, Express, Mail and Sun.

    I suppose Brexit is to blame.

    • Quite right Techno.
      I used to buy it as a youn ‘un but now I wouldn’t use it to line a parrot’s cage.
      Anyone questioning the WHO, the UN, climate change, open borders is now a rabid right winger according to the Grauniad

  10. Fucking hell, where are these ruthless right wing extremists in the Conservative Party, if they existed I would vote for them.

    The Guardian cunts would shit themselves if we had a real far right government, exterminate!!!

  11. The Guardian the paper read for free on our money by MPs on their expenses, because they think they are far too posh to buy a Daily Mirror, who share with the Mirror their arselicking devotion to the poofters of the Labour party. KS for PM my arse!.

    Also read by pretentious arty types who “work” in the public sector”

  12. How to give Hypocrisy a bad name:

    Editor and subsequent owner C P Scott had links to slavery.

    The C P Scott Trust was set up specifically to avoid death duties.

    The Guardian sold Auto Trader through its offshore trust and paid no CGT.

    The Guardian employs unpaid Interns.

    • The Guardian was originally the Manchester Guardian.

      And founded by money from people involved in the transatlantic slave trade.😁

      A fact that would make me glow with pride
      But makes them weep with embarrassment.

      Should be called the Daily Shackle.

  13. National Socialism, now that’s a party I WOULD VOTE FOR.
    A bit right wing perhaps, but then perhaps that is what’s needed to Sort this fucked up country out after 40 years of lefty liberal shit..💩

  14. You voted for brexit AND want to stop the boats?
    Far far far right, unlike the sensible middle of the road only slightly left leaning Guardian. Why do we all have to go along with these utterly boring woke cunts like Owen Fucking Jones!?

  15. Those cotton mills that dotted the North,
    All yuppie flats now.
    Full of Guardian readers.

    They mention those mills they always bleat about slaves picking the cotton.

    Never mention that white Americans picked cotton too.
    You were poor?
    You picked cotton.

    They also don’t mention that the people working in the Cotton mills were more or less slaves.

    Or that half of them died in the first world war in trenches choking on mustard gas.

    But they were white working class northerners.
    Hardly worth a mention at Oliver and Magentas dinner party.

  16. One of those cotton mills was owned by a Mr Samuel Oldknowe ,
    He’d deduct his workers rent from their wages,
    Also the firewood they’d had
    And food that he grew on site.

    That’s your wages gone.☹️

    The orrible rich cunts would be a multi millionaire by today’s standards.

    He was outraged that one of the workers kids had stolen apples from his orchard!!

    And put up a warning sign

    ” It has come to the attention of Mr Oldknowe that a workers child has stolen apples from the orchard.
    If caught the worker will be sacked and evicted from their cottage,
    Theft will not be tolerated.”

    Kid was probably half starved and had borderline scurvy.

    Be some Guardian readers related to Mr Oldknowe?
    The fuckin tight cunt.

    I sometimes trespass where the mill was , occasionally I find old work clogs and found a Stone bottle that says

    Home brewed
    Ginger beer
    Whaley bridge

    It’s on our Welsh dresser.
    Reminds me of what cunts the Rich can be.

      • Occasionally Moggs .

        I hope that cunt Oldknowe choked to death eating one of his precious fuckin apples.

      • He was buried at the Church of All Saints in Marple, Miserable, so you could still go and piss on his grave.

      • Was he LL?
        I know the church,
        I just might do that .

        His meanspirited approach to fruit angered me.

        I’m not quite sure why ?

        Probably because he didn’t really care about the fruit.
        Just that someone else took it.

        I’ll give the cunt apples! Hehehe 😂

    • The slums of Victorian England and even well into the 20th century were as bad as anything you will see today. For almost all of humanity the vast majority or the worlds population, of all races, has lived in poverty by todays standards up until around the 1950’s.

  17. Wish someone would publish a daily newspaper that appeals to people like me, so far to the right you couldn’t see me with the Hubble space telescope.
    Im A throwback to the ideas of the Empire and the munificence this little island gave the world instead of constantly slagging us off they should be kneeling at our feet and thanking our generosity for sharing it and dragging them into the modern era , instead we have a world of ungrateful whining cunts fuck em all.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  18. As per the earlier nom, we live in a socialist state. Any move to right is dar right.

    The state spends the vast majority of our money on benefits, healthcare and education. None of it has proven to be a good investment.

    As it stands we are trapped in a socialist system and turning back now is probably impossible.

  19. I would love all of those Guardian writers/reporters to spend 12 months in the most multiculturally diverse London boroughs and England’s cities. And I don’t mean living in detached homes out on the suburbs, but right in the middle, perhaps in a semi or a terraced house on a busy High Street where they can mingle with:-
    African (from all states)
    West Indian

    .. a veritable cornucopia of different worlds and cultures. The kind of cultures these cunts keep banging on about as being a positive attribute to British society.

    Yeah, okay, well try it for 12 months and keep us regularly updated with the real facts and events!

    But of course, will never happen. These cunts are far too busy to actually sample the shite they try to praise.

    • I have visited 3:
      Stonebridge Park
      Butts Farm
      On a wild night you’d find the what remains of the bodies.

  20. Surprised that prick Jon snow hasn’t changed his name … mind you he probably puts on a dark set of ray bans when his namesake falls just to feel solidarity with the windrush hand wringers in Islington ⛓️… ‘take these chains from my heart and set me free’ 🎶 performed by the guardian editorial sextet 💋

    • He’d have done us a favour if his connection to Windrush resulted in the cunt being on the top floor of Grenfell.

  21. They need to make Geert Wilders guest editor I reckon .

    One of his ideas (I’ve heard him actually say this) is to post a cartoon mocking Islam each week just to show that the Dutch can do what they fucking like in their own country without pandering to cunts .

    I’d hope in his stint as guest editor he’d do that on every fucking page.

  22. Say what you like about Right-Wing Extremists, at least they stand for something and have a vision for this country. As do their counterparts on the Hard Left. The Conservative party by comparison stands for nothing, has no vision, and no idea where it’s going, apart from oblivion at the next general election. Same lack of principles and vision applies to the other main parties in Westminster, but they’ve not been in charge for the last fourteen years. I and most of the disaffected Tories I know will be voting Reform next time around. Oh, and fuck The Guardian.

    • I wonder if the ‘tories’ could even find oblivion? Good job there’s the electorate to show them the way.

    • Both the Conservatives (so called) and Labour have no vision because they are being directed by outside powers such as the WEF with their open borders and Net Zero bullshit.

      They are literally puppet political parties devoid of morals or spines.

      Horrible treacherous cunts in other words.

  23. I just can’t bring myself to vote for that oily twat Richard Tice.

    He sets off my ” Spidey sense”.

    He’s a wrong un.

    I’m voting for the spoilt ballot party the only party I trust.

      • So, just one of the many. Is anybody really bothered? This country really is fucked, it’s too late to turn the tide. Get some exercise in so you’re comfortable getting your arse in the air.

    • Sorry to be a pedant, but only those voting in Tice’s contstituency vote for him or against.
      I’ve always voted based on party policies. Who is leader/PM is not that important.

  24. You must all realise the guardian is a satire publication..

    All the journalists are fictional characters..
    Polly Toynbee is really a 40 year old male comedy writer..

    All invented to upset gammons..

  25. This is a rare multi-layered cunting.

    Underneath, we have the fucking Establishment/TINO/Uniparty* hacks and their bullshit leftist policies.

    On top we have LaGuardia lying to everyone about the dangers of right-wing Tory extremism.

    Don’t worry because Labour** is waiting to save you all.

    A righteous nomination

    *Pardon me for using American lingo to describe the traitorous cunts who sold and continue to sell out Britain.
    **Labour stands for; Leftist Arsehole Bollocking Oppressive Uniparty Retards


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