Another BBC Scandal (111)

Wot, again? Is there no end to the perfidy of these cunts? Apparently not. Auntie’s had her drawers pulled down again in another ‘cover-up’ scandal.

Cunters will recall the furore over Martin Bashir’s now infamous ‘three in the bed’ interview with Princess Diana. After rumblings about Bazza using nefarious methods to set things up, the Dyson Report concluded in 2021 that faked documents had indeed been used to persuade Doe Eyes to take part in the interview, and that the Beeb had tried to cover this up. The report could not specify who had ordered the cover-up, only concluding that it must have been someone in ‘senior management’.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of matters, investigator Andrew Webb has been pursuing Auntie to release information which could shed some light into this sleazy saga. After having its arm twisted by the courts, thousands of documents were finally released, only for Webb to find that in its arrogance, the Beeb had heavily redacted much of the material on the grounds of ‘irrelevance’. Back to court then, by the look of it.

Do these arseholes never learn? The BBC is a public funded institution, once the pride of the nation, which likes to boast of its transparency and accountability. Yet when push comes to shove, it’s ‘Savile’s Travels’ again; more obfuscation and dissembling. Sooner or later all the shit on this is going to hit the fan. Ducking and diving and back-covering only prolongs matters and ultimately makes the damage worse. When you’re in a hole the first rule is to stop digging. Just ‘fess up and be done with it.

In 2024 a state funded broadcaster is an anachronism. The Tories were supposed to be going to ‘do something’ about Auntie’s funding, but then the Tories were going to ‘do something’ about a lot of things. Looks like we’re stuck with this bloated, soiled, discredited beast for the foreseeable.

The BBC; Big Bunch of Cunts.

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54 thoughts on “Another BBC Scandal (111)

  1. 18 + 111 = 139

    In print or over the airwaves, one thing’s for sure. The whole of the British Press is a cunt.

  2. It’s the same across the board with the establishment, they will try every trick to wriggle out of accusations or awkward questions, lie, ignore , lie some more yet the little guy does this, they send in the boot boys.
    Fuck ’em all, I’ve received my “official investigation” letter from them, something they’ve sent me multiple times over the last 9 years.
    Just stop complying.

  3. It’s not the original malfeasance, it’s the cover up that’s the scandal for which you face public vilification.

    Is BBC Management so out of touch that they’ve never heard of Watergate?

  4. I would expect no less from a greedy corrupt unaccountable “British Institution”..

    Rotten to the core.

    Traitors for Oven.

  5. Who’s that fruity little cake over in the header pic?

    John inmans camp brother?

  6. As a part of HM gov’s soft power and intel apparatus, the Beeb isn’t going anywhere.
    The licence fee might change in some form, but the BBC will keep doing its work; treating the public like mushrooms.

  7. They’ve taken to calling themselves ‘your BBC’ trying to kid us into believing that we regard them as some sort of national treasure.
    Well they could not be more wrong the odious lefty woke poof cunts!

    • Indeed SH.

      I’d maintain that this cunting is a good companion piece to that for ‘The Guardian’ earlier today.

      Cunts of a feather flocking together. Lord I hate these smug bastards.

      Afternoon all.

    • Rumour is he’s on the run after strangling Steve Wright BBC DJ with a pair of Jill Dandos soiled knickers he’d kept in a drawer for 20 odd years..

      The Met can’t be arsed looking for him due to systemic racistsism so just said he fell into the Thames.


      • His whole “act” was knicked from the Yank’s….

        Like the slaphead jock, went on far to long…

      • Him and his little ‘posse’ whose job it was to laugh hysterically at his every utterance. ‘Zoo radio’ I think it became known as.

    • Wasn’t he another one of the old ‘male, pale and stale’ school given the big elbow by the Wokery Gestapo at the Beeb?

      I see that according to the meeja, ‘tributes are flooding in’. Does anybody actually know where they flood in to, as they invariably do on these occasions?

      • I would rather Jeremy vine would get run over by some Abdul fresh off a dinghy driving some minicab, but knowing the BBC they would blame it on a white Englishman who lives 300 miles away, oven please

      • I hated Wright’s show when they pumped it into the workplace. The cretinous ‘posse’, that Mister Spoons cunt, the pervy at the window, those crap Mick Jagger impressions. Absolute bollocks. And my opinion has not changed.

    • Leonardo DiCunty looks to be the winner with Wright. Congrats to him if the win is confirmed.

  8. Redacting parts of the information provided?

    Who do these cunts think they are ?MI6? The CIA?

    You’re a publicly funded broadcaster , you don’t get to redact all of the nefarious shit that you get up to FFS. Just do as you are fucking told .

    Anyone that was either part of redacting anything or insists on being forced to go to court to release the information needs to be sacked .

    Not that I give a fuck about Lady Di .

    When the fuck are we going to be making this a pay subscription channel like Netflix . Good luck funding those monstrous pensions and salaries (for cunts like Lineker ) when you’ve only got Songs of Praise with which to entice people .

  9. The only BBC scandal is they have the brass neck to charge people to watch the guff they churn out..

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