The Benefits System (3)

This cunting here is for parasites who feel hard done by because the government attempted to put limits on how much you can milk the system.

BBC News

I know not everyone on benefits wants to be in that position and I’m all for helping people through hard times. It’s another piece of fair and balanced reporting by the BBC but we don’t expect anything more from those cunts!

Anyway, having read about these poor women who all had multiple children without the means of supporting them I’m very upset.

What kind of country are we if we don’t throw ever more of other peoples money at irresponsible cunts who think they are doing society a favour by pumping out more chav brats?

I’ve got four kids but the fucking nazi government are only taking money off everyone else to pay for two of them.

The welfare state has normalised this sort of entitlement, millions of cunts sucking money away from things this country needs like baby cuckoos.

If you get a dog you can’t afford to look after you’re a cunt, make babies you can’t afford and you’re a victim.

These cunts are still getting lump sums towards their utilities and most of their rent and council tax paid for them.

Up to 26 k a year salary for being a spunk receptacle isn’t enough apparently.

Fuck off with the lot of you. It’s s lifestyle choice now. Being a single mother is difficult but surely you know that after the first child? Why is personal responsibility such an evil concept?

Most of these cunts couldn’t earn 25k a year if they tried. But because of their irresponsible choices they are given a better income than people who are working full time. Isn’t that insanity?

This is socialism and we live in a socialist state. Socialism is hard coded into our way of life now. No one has the balls to openly call these people out.

I’ve not mentioned the fathers involved in these stories. They are also mostly cunts, you made the kids you ought to be paying for them but fuck working when you can fuck skanks, smoke weed and play on the Xbox rather than pay for your jizz stains.

Any given life form can only sustain a certain level of parasite load before it is weakened and eventually dies.

The government isn’t destroying your child’s future, you chose to have a child with no way of providing a future apart from stealing out of other peoples incomes.

Sorry if the rambling rant, I’m sick of hearing one side of a story and I’m sick of no one asking these people difficult questions.

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I second this nomination as I can to this page to post it…albeit a bit too late.

I would like to raise a point in the article that the two child benefits restriction came in, in 2017. 7 years ago……..

I quote. ‘Danielle lives in Fulham, west London, with her four children, aged 12, five, three and seven months’

So, how many of your sprogs were born when you KNEW this would be the case with benefits love???

Another quote. “The two-child limit on benefits is one of the biggest policy drivers of child poverty,” Barnardo’s chief executive Lynn Perry says.

YES, but only if you keep popping out kids, which is it is exactly designed to stop! YOU are putting your kids in poverty..get it? No, didn’t think so you feckless cunt

This is a real piss boiler.

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  1. As I’ve said a couple of times on here already this year, work’s been pretty shit since January. Stuff’s picking up gradually, but I’m still gravely concerned over the future of my business. April/May will be crunch time.

    Nonetheless, I still log in, do my job (well, I hasten to add!), behave professionally, pay my bills, pay my taxes… and it’s fucking hard, especially when I go to town and see these scrotes (and let’s face it, you can tell the Dole Dossers by how they look!) with their nails done, latest iPhones, scratty tracksuits, corpulent bodies, and brood of kids.

    Meanwhile, you get hardworking folk down on their luck who are having to save every fucking penny they can with no help from the government.

    Welcome to Britain.

    • Nothing but respect for your position, and sympathy for your concerns for the future. Small business is the back bone of this country, but unfortunately we are aspiring to become a nation of invertebrates.

      All fingers crossed the situation improves for you.

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