The Benefits System (3)

This cunting here is for parasites who feel hard done by because the government attempted to put limits on how much you can milk the system.

BBC News

I know not everyone on benefits wants to be in that position and I’m all for helping people through hard times. It’s another piece of fair and balanced reporting by the BBC but we don’t expect anything more from those cunts!

Anyway, having read about these poor women who all had multiple children without the means of supporting them I’m very upset.

What kind of country are we if we don’t throw ever more of other peoples money at irresponsible cunts who think they are doing society a favour by pumping out more chav brats?

I’ve got four kids but the fucking nazi government are only taking money off everyone else to pay for two of them.

The welfare state has normalised this sort of entitlement, millions of cunts sucking money away from things this country needs like baby cuckoos.

If you get a dog you can’t afford to look after you’re a cunt, make babies you can’t afford and you’re a victim.

These cunts are still getting lump sums towards their utilities and most of their rent and council tax paid for them.

Up to 26 k a year salary for being a spunk receptacle isn’t enough apparently.

Fuck off with the lot of you. It’s s lifestyle choice now. Being a single mother is difficult but surely you know that after the first child? Why is personal responsibility such an evil concept?

Most of these cunts couldn’t earn 25k a year if they tried. But because of their irresponsible choices they are given a better income than people who are working full time. Isn’t that insanity?

This is socialism and we live in a socialist state. Socialism is hard coded into our way of life now. No one has the balls to openly call these people out.

I’ve not mentioned the fathers involved in these stories. They are also mostly cunts, you made the kids you ought to be paying for them but fuck working when you can fuck skanks, smoke weed and play on the Xbox rather than pay for your jizz stains.

Any given life form can only sustain a certain level of parasite load before it is weakened and eventually dies.

The government isn’t destroying your child’s future, you chose to have a child with no way of providing a future apart from stealing out of other peoples incomes.

Sorry if the rambling rant, I’m sick of hearing one side of a story and I’m sick of no one asking these people difficult questions.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

And Seconded by: Chuff Chugger

I second this nomination as I can to this page to post it…albeit a bit too late.

I would like to raise a point in the article that the two child benefits restriction came in, in 2017. 7 years ago……..

I quote. ‘Danielle lives in Fulham, west London, with her four children, aged 12, five, three and seven months’

So, how many of your sprogs were born when you KNEW this would be the case with benefits love???

Another quote. “The two-child limit on benefits is one of the biggest policy drivers of child poverty,” Barnardo’s chief executive Lynn Perry says.

YES, but only if you keep popping out kids, which is it is exactly designed to stop! YOU are putting your kids in poverty..get it? No, didn’t think so you feckless cunt

This is a real piss boiler.

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  1. This is a very worthy cunting that’s close to my heart, the useless cunts at the benefits office need to re, evaluate who can and can’t claim, stricter pera maters, shit loads of paperwork and only cunts from the UK, Handy Bendi Ghandi and his 30 kids can fuck off back to Is,shittistan and that’s just for starter.
    The useless Brits need to work for their benefits, also it needs to have a 1 year time frame and then start the application process again, weed the workshy cunts out, there’s always Burger King, brain not required, better still into our now depleted army as cannon fodder, you will be amazed how many can suddenly find a job and no longer be a tick on the tax payers ball sack,,,, as someone who has worked a lifetime in one of the hardest trades there is, Ican say without any doubt,,,,,, fuck them, lazy cunts, fuck them…

  2. If you need more cash, Sunak;s there in a flash. It is part of the state control mechanism to ensure that it can micro-manage everyone’s lives. It makes recipients passive and biddable. ‘If you want more sweeties tell us more about yourself, fill in some more forms. If you want even more, jump through this hoop and say your trans; take all the jabbies; say your kids have ADHD, autism, tourette’s; marry an immie; stand on your heads, and so on. Never mind the cost, those wankers with a work ethic can pay until their eyes bleed.’ Fuck off.

    Good morning, everyone.

  3. Oxygen thieves……plain and simple.
    Trout lipped fat slags in tight ‘gym’ leggings who think that maccy D’s is j.d. sports ….and scrawny weed smelling wannabe top dog drug barons ambling around town muttering ‘innitbro’ as if they’re all from Harlem…..arsewipes

  4. For some? A safety net that stopped them sinking before they found another job.

    For others a lifestyle.

    I’m all for helping white people who are struggling to get back on their feet.
    Those who find themselves in dire straits through no fault of their own.

    I’m not for supporting the feckless.
    Or foreign.

  5. King for a day, skint for a fortnight.
    Hours are great, but the money is shit.
    Bust us a pound till d day guv.
    The chat is full of grey tracksuit wearing skunk smelling 9ct gold wearing chavy scum.
    For others who want work it’s a system which can make the difference.
    Use the system don’t abuse the system.

    • Was there ever a more repulsive blight to the eye than the hideous grey trackie clad hordes found on virtually any shopping street in blighty.? An item of apparel that dumfounds in it’s charmless ubiquity ?

  6. Years ago, when child benefit was five bob a week. You only got it from the second child on, nowt for the first.

    I’d go back to that principle, but make it nowt for the first two.

    And nowt for those not born here.

    Good morning 🌄👍

  7. It’s only money ..
    I say spend spend spend..
    Free electric cars for immo’s
    Thousand pound Amazon vouchers per child at Christmas.
    Free holidays for criminals if they are good..

    All paid for by the last taxpayer left..

  8. I read with amusement just the other day that the welfare bill is very soon to top 100 billion per year,so this is indeed a worthy Cunting.

    You know its gone very wrong when the utterly out of touch Prime Minister (ffs) tells us that the cost is “unsustainable”..

    Well you’re in charge you greasy little cunt so fix it..but of course he won’t as it will have the usual vermin screaming about “poverty” and no politician I’ve yet to see has the guts to tell them to Fuck Off.

    The only answer Westminster has is more rules,more complexity,more expense and more colossal waste.

    As we know it’s going to end in complete financial disaster but the Gravy Train will just keep on going.

    Entitlement to Oven.

    • “unsustainable” – a much used phrase these days Unkle.
      But in the case of the benefits system, he is absolutely right. And guess what? It WILL change – one day some UK govt (see what I did there?) will stop the lazy fuckers being funded by working society. Unfortunately, I won’t live to see it – but it will happen, because it will HAVE to.
      Many posts here regarding the payments of child benefit. Where the fuck did this idea come from anyway – at any level? Why should the rest of society (except the lazy, scrounging, benefit fuckers), contribute to paying to raise your child? WTF is that all about? How about contributing to my excessive petrol bill or my next pair of Y-fronts? Back in the day I did have two that I took the money for, but only because every other fucker was as well!

    • “How much is spent on benefits? In August 2023, 22.6 million people were claiming some form of benefits, in England, Scotland and Wales. In 2023-24, the government is expected to spend £265.5bn on paying pensions and benefits, just over half of which (£134.8bn) goes on benefits to pensioners.”

  9. I remember this being a prospective way of life for slappers at school, bragging about getting knocked up to win a free house when they left prematurely without taking their GCSEs.

    Turned my stomach then – growing human rubbish in their wombs for free housing and all the rest, their only contribution to society being net negative. I suggested the state euthanise their babies for being a drain on society. Back then you’d have male teachers who would quietly laugh. Now i’d be expelled for hate speech.
    I said their petty criminal dads and brothers should be put in the chair. That caused outrage amongst the underclass kids.

    I didn’t even know my Grandad was a Hitler enthusiast at that point. Just said it to upset the pramface chav cunts with their 20-something junkie dosser bum fluff-faced boyfriends.

    Oh well, turns out half of them got on drugs snd lost access.

    fuck ’em.

  10. Have you noticed the monotonous regularity with which a father is missing from the families of these multi child women .

    Look cunt, if you are struggling don’t have 5 kids, you fucking stupid moron

    • i’ve noticed many of the dlapprrs are ugly and have a fivehead and a Romford facelift.

      zi see them smudging up to the school, fucking far carcasses barrly contsined in leggings, rest of the brood in tow, bingo wings.


    • Seeing increasing mulattos manifesting here on the sleepy isle of wight; as enrichers make their steady in-road to the work arena.Those biological clocks have much to answer for,such that the swamp-donkey demographics feel the black meat option is their only recourse for enabling their heirs to their respective lands, titles,trinkets and chattels ?

  11. Do you reckon the Govt would be as scared to tell them to fuck off if we removed the vote from cunts who haven’t paid in enough over the years bit like NI and getting your full pension.

    Why the fuck should you get to vote on a system and how it’s run if you aren’t putting in

      • I have long thought that voting should be restricted to tax payers only, and that this could be administered somehow by HMRC. I suppose there are those that would say that is unfair and how can you pay any tax when you have just £175 pw benefit money – maybe just console yourself that whilst it is not a lot, it is a lot for doing nothing.

  12. What is even more annoying is that “poverty” action groups, still insist the government (ie. the Taxpayer) should do/give more!

    It has already come to the point where going to work will make you worse off than going on benefits. There is little or no incentive taking on minimum wage jobs (even with tax credits bolted on for some), when you have to consider the commuting, the travel expenses, doing a hard day’s graft, and then having to deal with the housework when you get home at some ungodly hour.

    While at the same time the cunt next door is laughing at you while he/she settles down to another day watching Jeremy Kyle and waiting for the Deliveroo guy to turn up with 20 quid’s worth of shite and getting a text alert on their Samsung S24 (only £45/m 3 year old contract) that they’ve received their monthly £1800 benefit money – courtesy of that very same cunt next door!

    Of course, you make this point this out as a post on The Guardian, or Mumsnet or MoneySavingExpert, and you’re immediately shouted down as an uncaring cunt!

  13. These chav cunts that are dole reliant?
    Third generation claimants.

    Why would you want that?!

    Ok, free dentistry, prescriptions, money to lay in bed till dinnertime etc
    But surely that gets fuckin boring?!

    I wouldn’t want to be breastfed off the state.

    I like as little contact with the government as possible.

    I like to EARN my money

    Not have some pencil pushing jobs worth cunt who can stop my income on a whim hanging over me.

    It’s out of control.

    • Might have been Farage who said if the government feeds, houses and clothes you as well as providing schooling and healthcare, don’t be surprised when they tell you what to do.

      If only this country was more like a real ‘socialist paradise’. a Romanian bloke I used to work with lived under Ceausescu and said the government gave him everything, but if you didn’t work you didn’t eat.

      From each according to ability to each according to need. You can fucking fucking work, get your boots on and jump on the bus/tram.

      The trouble is a lot of the lefties who are at university and claiming the dole think they would be giving orders rather than shipped off to the mines and timber yards.

  14. My partner and I run a small business that depends on unskilled workers whose most realistic prospect is a minimum wage job. We pay a margin of at least 20% over minimum wage to try to attract people who want to earn a better living than they can otherwise hope to achieve (and our customers’ rates have increased by 60% in the last four years thanks to the government “bringing inflation under control” by constantly ramping up minimum wage and presiding over an economy which has rocketed up the costs of doing business more generally).

    The point I’m getting to is that we directly compete for people with the welfare budget, and even with a sizeable advantage over what they can expect to get on the dole, we have a simply ridiculous level of staff turnover as so many of the shitbags that work for us decide PDQ after taking up the job that the effort of getting out of bed, putting in a day’s graft, disciplining themselves to behave professionally and with courtesy to our customers, is not worth it when the viable alternative is to sit on their fat arses smoking rollies and scratching scratch cards all day, all paid for by our tax pound.

    My partner’s 86 year old grandfather travelled the world in the Merchant Navy, brought up his family without a day off from work in his entire life, and when he was pensioned off went and got a job on the tills in Morrisons rather than sit at home enjoying his retirement – his time in the supermarket while he was taking treatment for prostate cancer. He regularly talks about how welfare was a crutch of last resort when he was younger, and one that came with the tarnish of shame. It was self-regulating thanks to the stigma of being on it.

    It’s pretty clear to me that a cultural shift back to the values that existed when the welfare state was devised is required if this is ever going to be dealt with. Work is good, self-elected dependency is shameful. How to do this? Well no government will ever have the balls to do it, but stop giving these scumbags money. Food stamps, energy stamps, clothes stamps. Prescribe what they can and can’t buy. As soon as they can’t get their fags and PlayStations at our expense, and they have to go through the ignominy of advertising their fecklessness to all around them, they’ll soon rethink their priorities.

      • Thanks Cassandra et al, especially kind comments re: grandad Brian who is salt of the earth and a model for my own children.

        It’s a messed up world that’s for sure, but we never give up, there are still loads more people with a straightforward, proper moral compass than we’re led to believe – this corner of the internet proves that!

    • Hope he doesn’t get shit from pricks telling him he’s doing a woman’s job. I used to get that as an 18-20 year old even as a part-timer. Anyone who goes around supermarkets or fast food restaurant insulting the workersbis a sad cunt.

  15. Fancy eyebrows, nails, pouty lips, tattoos? – food bank due to poverty. Latest phone, Netflix etc? – free school meals (thanks to a tax dodger), Multi-hued picaninnies with phones and videa games? – cost of living payments.

    Money to pay for this?- Dull cunts who work.

    • Mis. Just say you’re a new applicant just in from deepest Syria and that you’re a refugee with 15 kids and 3 wives in tow.

      Tell them you’re in dire need a 10 bedroom detached, preferably somewhere posh like Henley on Thames where the Henrys and Henriettas reside and love refugees (just so long as they’re housed somewhere up north!)

      • Techno@

        I’ve told them I’m a persecuted Christian from Afghanistan and severely disabled due to a stutter.

        They gave me a £300 decorating grant.
        And I also get carers allowance for my wife due to her ingrown toenail.

        My disability vehicle is a Ford ranger raptor.
        But I’ve had to pay for the custom paint job out of my own pocket!!

        Tory scum.

    • Dye a mop head in Indian ink, apply black face, wear mop head and some vertical zig zag-patterned pyjamas, walk into jobcentre, looking at your feet, shaking your head and muttering ‘Jesus loves me’.

      Hey Presto, £350k of free house.

  16. I’m sure I did a nom about a couple who were supposedly incapacitated and couldn’t work, but were somehow managing to pick up something like £85,000 a year in benefits!

    Can’t find the nom, but it was a fucking disgrace how they managed to con all and sundry when it was found out they were healthy enough to work.

    Absolute pisstake. And yet the benefits people are constantly on your back if you’ve been recently made redundant after 20 odd years working and threatening to stop your meagre benefits if you don’t prove you’ve been out looking for work.

  17. And what’s more, we’ve had three Ukrainian “refugees” pass through our doors in the last six months, all rinsing the benefits system, getting instant access to healthcare that they’ve never paid into and which those of us born and bred in this country can’t begin to benefit from, all the while moaning about how shit it is here, what cunts the Brits are, and how Ukrainian culture is so superior. I had enormous sympathy for the situation of the Ukrainians until I had to work around them, now I can see they’re just a bunch of ex-Communist ignorant lazy grifters, and my only beef with Putin is he hasn’t finished the job quicker.

    • I know cunts on benefits who no doubt feel they should be better off than me.
      Had one grizzling on Facebook several years ago because i dared post a picture of me and a mate outside a gourmet burger place during a night out.
      ‘You’re always eating out. Not everyone can afford to eat burgers and steaks every week’.

      A mate of mine chimed in before i had the chance to respond and said ‘it’s called working 6 days a week’.

  18. Benefits are shit, I’ve paid tax and national insurance for about 40 years, and if I ever got laid off I’d get no money from the state as I have more than 16k in savings, if I had fuck all I’d still only get about £85 a quid a week dole money, what fucking good is that, what the fuck have i been paying in for for 4 fucking decades

    • 40 odd years of going to work, paying income tax, paying NICs, paying into a private pension pot, paying into a private healthcare pot. And what do you get out of it when you officially retire?

      You’re means tested for any source of income. Go over the personal allowance (currently frozen until 2028) and you start paying tax all over again.

      If you’ve spent 25 of those 40 years paying off your mortgage to completion, and you now own your own home, the state will fuck you over with Inheritance Tax. Or they’ll say if you need to go into a care home you’re going to have to sell your home to pay for the extortionate fees!

      Of course if you don’t own your own home and have no money, then in all likelihood you can get into a care home probably for free and still pick up benefits.


  19. Our two socialist parties will never have the balls to sort this out, it’s easier to spunk tax payers money than risk major reform.
    We know that most right thinking people would be all for it, but the two main parties see it differently, they think they’ll lose more votes than they’d gain.
    Therefore the answer would be to remove the vote from those not contributing tax. Why should long term benefit spongers have a say in a system they don’t pay in to?
    And besides, most of these people can’t be arsed to vote, even if they had half an idea who to vote for.
    But it won’t happen, we’re a socialist country now, with an added dose of out of control capitalism.
    Hardly a recipe for a successful state is it?

  20. This shit all started under Good Queen Bess. Her ministers passed the Poor Relief Act in 1601. Local taxes to pay for people who couldn’t work. Little did she know where it would all lead!

  21. I am sure there are some clever people who can crunch number and calculate the differential, what number is needed to actually make living on benefits uncomfortable and actually working comfortable.

    For example cutting benefits by 10% and raising minimum wage by 10% and increasing personal tax allowance to at least 15K, ok it may upset some of the lefty cunts but you can be sure that there will a lot more people wanting to work.

    It’s all about the differential, it’s already been said above, why work when you can be better off on your arse in front of the 65” plasma.

    • Simple, just drop the benefit hand outs to the point where current min. wage will look like a kings ransom.
      Forty quid a week?

  22. One way to make up for benefits is community service, green clearance, litter picking, weeding the gardens and parks, assisting at a local OAP care home etc.
    Things councils used to provide.
    We’re a nation of selfish fuckers really.
    Zero freebies for incomers until they’ve provided 5 years of tax returns is another option but what do you expect from Wefminster, reality ?
    The three biggest parasite households in the UK:
    House of Windsor
    House of Commons.
    House of Lords (these fuckers get 300 quid just for turning up and signing an attendance book.)

  23. Slightly off topic, but I was interested to know what the salary is of Oxfam’s CEO. And here it is, taken from their own website.

    “Oxfam’s Annual Report and Accounts 2021/2022, the salary of the current CEO Dr. Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah is reportedly well over ₤120,936 and the company’s turnover is ₤400,000,000. After the CEO, the highest salary is of CFO who is paid around ₤108,703.”

    So that’s two cunts already taking almost a quarter of million out of donations on an annual basis.

    And this is the same charity that took on board a few diversity officers on 5 figure salaries, and also bemoaned colonialism and white man’s money!

    And yet they, like so many other UK charities looking at national and international aid, still insist that people on benefits are living in poverty and that those who earn money should give more either through increased taxation, and/or regular donations to charities such as… Oxfam!

  24. I see this shit all the time and it winds me up to breaking point.

    We’ve just got rid of a twenty something lad who was busily fleecing the benefits system.

    His girlfriend had just had child number 3 while claiming single parent allowance and free housing etc.

    He was pocketing his own wage while basking in benefits and bragging to anybody who would listen, about his “virility”

    Easy to churn out kids when some cunt else is paying for them. (which I told him directly)

    Little bastard.

  25. There’s this other creature who I see quite regularly who is on the old “single parent” benefits etc who has recently had French Bulldog number 3 or 4, re-homed as her “autistic” 3 year old is having a difficult time with the new/latest dog.

    Have you seen the price of these French Bulldogs?

    Why are the kids of these scrounging cunts always autistic?

    They plaster this shit on social media without an ounce of shame or self awareness.


    • Autism is a fucking grossly overused excuse for kids who have never been set boundaries on their behaviour.
      By clueless, lazy moronic parents who, for some reason, are unwilling to step up and give the whingeing little cunt a fucking shock they’ll never forget. A good old fashioned kick up the arse was all it took for me and my siblings to learn to toe the line.
      Dad was never cruel, but we knew if the old fella got pissed off, sparks would fly.
      And then the teachers of the time carried this on.
      Same in industry when I left school.
      I was apprentice with an old fashioned engineer, who was proud of his abilities and his achievements. I knew that if I did anything to make his work look shabby, or make him look a cunt, the consequences would be dire.
      Always had the greatest respect for the man, as I did for my parents.
      They taught me right.
      There’s the problem right there.
      No discipline, no respect, no punishment, no fucks given=grade a cunts.

      • The reason for the sudden rise in autism is due to parents in the midlands have been claiming more for their children because of the way they pronounce Artistic.

    • Thevmothers are just as likely to have some mental disorder, usually self-diagnosed BPD with a bit of Anxiety.

      BPD is the female version of sociopathy and anxiety doesn’t stop people working. I was on the edge with sll sorts of mindfuckery and still worked, as i was self employed.

  26. Never understood why we should “care.”

    155,000 people die each day, worldwide. You don’t give each one, individually, a second’s thought. There aren’t enough seconds (at 86,400 per day.)

    So, having established that even the most handwringing liberal doesn’t actually care about everyone (and are therefore discriminating against the ones they don’t give a second’s thought to) why should I care about the people that these HLC*s tell me I should?

    There are over 8Bn people on the planet and, of those, I don’t care about over 8Bn of them.

    My circle of caring is quite small. HLCs may be larger and more motivated by fashion, but it’s still tiny compared to the world population.

    Don’t have enough money? Get a job.

    Too many kids? Take (free) contraception or keep your legs together.

    Upset at a hurty word? Harden the fuck up.

    Don’t understand English? Learn it, you lazy cunt, or FOBTBBL**.

    Kid has autism? Check it’s not naughtyism.

    * Handwringing liberal cunt
    ** Fuck off back to Bongo Bongo Land

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