Israel – The Aggressor

Israel is a cunt.

Yes, what Hamas did is reprehensible. Yes, the Israelis have the right to defend their borders.

However, the conflict has gone far, far beyond that now to the point of gratuitous violence. It is no longer about defeating Hamas, but about revenge and bringing Palestine back under Israeli control. It is about frightening Palestinians into obedience and bringing them back into line.

Far too many civilians have been killed and if Israel aren’t careful there won’t BE any of them left to rule over.

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  1. yahweh vs. allah proxy fight 🙄

    Be almost funny except for so many donkeys getting hurt or killed.

  2. I respectfully disagree Opinionated Cunt and believe you are seriously misguided.

    When a nation is attacked and its civilians butchered that nation has a right to respond to eliminate the threat and protect its borders and its civilians. Each civilian casualty is of course a tragedy – but, unlike Hamas, Israel does not deliberately target civilians and issues warnings when it can. Hamas, on the other hand, deliberately targets civilians and put their own people in harms way (even launching missiles from civilian infrastructure) to maximise their own civilian casualties and fool bleeding heart western liberals.

    The only nation that has made a real effort to make Gaza a successful for the Palestinians is Israel. They evicted Israeli settlers and handed over a territory replete with efficient farms, abundant natural resources, infrastructure and a thriving port. The Palestinians could have turned it into a prosperous territory. Instead, they destroyed the infrastructure and turned Gaza into a hate filled cesspit and missile launching territory against Israel. I don’t know what more the Israelis could have done.

    It’s remarkable that arabs kill more arabs than Israel. Bashir Al-Assad has caused many more innocent deaths with his chemical fuelled aggressions in Syria. Why is there no one on the streets of London protesting that?

    It’s not the Israelis who are the cunts. We should admire them. God give us their determination and strength.

    • Well said, MMCM.

      I wish I came across more folk like you, clear and rational thinking, but sadly, more and more I see folk that believe that the last thing they saw on Instabraindead, TikTwat or Facefool is real, the more I despair.

    • Thank you MMCM.

      Very few people actually understand the reality of the situation.

      “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us”. Golda Meir

    • I have stated that Israel has the right to defend themselves. I just wish they would do more to avoid civilian casualties. I’m aware that Hamas uses them as human shields but I don’t think that’s the whole story.

      • Then please, OC, give us your take on what the whole story is, according to you.

        I wait in breathless anticipation.

      • It’s in the nom. Israel have a right to take out Hamas but I would rather they didn’t raze entire cities and make people homeless.

      • It’s not just in the nom, it is in the fucking link you posted, OC.

        Personally, I didn’t have any difficulty understanding what you wrote and am not sure why you are getting the shit as above but let’s take this snippet from the much-reviled BBC;

        “Since the start of the war, more than 26,750 Palestinians have been killed and at least 65,000 injured, according to the Hamas-run health ministry in the Gaza Strip….Israeli officials say that 9,000 of those killed were Hamas militants but have not provided evidence for the figure.”

        Imagining that we can trust those figures, Israel claims to have killed 9,000 militants from the total of 26,750.

        I’ll save everyone the effort and point out that means 17,750 non-militant deaths.

        We have rules of engagement for a reason, so armed forces don’t commit war crimes. 17,750 non-militant deaths could arguably be a war-crime. As is gratuitous filming and humiliation of detainees, whether militant or not.

        As for the argument that “Israel is always held to a highter standard”, let’s hope so – when US military personnel did the above they had the book thrown at them by the state and its media.

  3. Any nation, ours included, (Dresden), that wilfully targets civilians, is a pile of cunt.
    I despise both sides and regret our country jumping in. We get nothing out of this, ask the Knesset friends of GB.
    Sarcasm off, there’s no such thing of course.
    Seals who blindly clap for invaders who’ve responded to a counter invasion are lumpen retards.

  4. Israel supported the formation of Hamas in opposition to The PLO.
    Just like Al Qaida and the CIA.
    Fuck you all, you shit on your own doorstep, clean your own shoes.
    Oy vey, always the victim.

  5. Could give a flying fuck about Israel Palestine or anywhere else in the middle east, most of Asia and Africa.
    Why have all the problems in these hell holes have to become our problem?
    There is enough shit to sort out in this country without sticking our oar into foreign affairs.

  6. Israel will always be held to a higher standard by the Western liberal media, the same media that call Hamas freedom fighters or militants. Anything but terrorists. Elements of the same media that under reported and downplayed October 7th but cry about a bunch of handcuffed Hamas terrorists being paraded around in their underpants because they are being humiliated and it violates the sensitivities of the fucking UN.

  7. Hmm, some good replies here. It’s certainly a complicated topic, but I do wish Israel would use a bit more tact when it comes to civilians. Even with their usage as Hamas human shields there’s got to be a way. It’s a little concerning mind how a sizeable minority of people on here seem to want an echo chamber where only their worldview is heard.

  8. I’ve only met a handful of known Red Sea pedestrians, but they were cunts. Always the victim in everything and absolute cunts, all of them. It’s wrong to base an opinion on just a few examples, unless they’re Somali, of course. Now there’s a complete nation of cunts, for you!

  9. The state of Israel is equally responsible for the events of October 7.

    IDF turned a blind eye to the Hamas mobilization even though they were warned by Egypt in advance.

    Militants on pick-up trucks and motorcycles cross into the most heavily guarded border in the world unnoticed?

    So Netanyahu could have his ‘911’ and keep clinging to power. Also to galvanize support from the west and more funding.

    The blood is on IDF’s hands as much it is on Hamas.

  10. Lets see how you feel when the Hamas cunts are washing up on the beach screaming we are fleeing persecution, im a christian now, oh and im gay too. Three weeks later raping kids and plotting to blow up the filthy infadel.
    Bomb the fucking lot of them. Allah can sort the fuckers out.

    • If your question is directed at me,

      Of course i feel concerned but flattening a whole city will result in mass-displacement but of course for Israel, that’s the west’s problem.

      This isn’t a ‘teach hamas a lesson’ situation.

      There are gas reserves near the Gaza beach. It’s a multi-pronged strategy.

  11. Fuck ’em. The Jews have been playing the victim for over 2000 years.
    Let’s stop Jesus by killing every first born mail. Poor us!
    Oh, we killed Jesus. Poor us!
    Oh, Mr Hilter doesn’t like us. Poor us!

    And don’t turn your back on an Israeli soldier. The British found that out:

    The sooner they wipe out each other the better. Cunts – the lot of them.

  12. Hamas and Palestine won’t exist in a years time and that’s no bad thing. Israel will nuke Theran and do the world a massive favour. The Arab leagues silence is deafening. They know the oil game is short, and they don’t want to go back to being goat fucking tent dwellers, so they are keeping quiet to keep getting western money. They are too busy buying up western football clubs and panicking about the Chinese buying every else to get involved in this ongoing ideological bullshit struggle.

    When Israel does nuke Iran, the Arab nations will say it’s tragic but they will do fuck all. Gaza will get rebuilt and the Jews will give the dirty rabs short order to shut the fuck up and keep the place tidy from now on. Russia will pipe down and that tinpot North Korean fucktard will sit down as well. People are tired of the bullshit and need certain parties need reminding just how hard it can be.

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