Israel – The Aggressor

Israel is a cunt.

Yes, what Hamas did is reprehensible. Yes, the Israelis have the right to defend their borders.

However, the conflict has gone far, far beyond that now to the point of gratuitous violence. It is no longer about defeating Hamas, but about revenge and bringing Palestine back under Israeli control. It is about frightening Palestinians into obedience and bringing them back into line.

Far too many civilians have been killed and if Israel aren’t careful there won’t BE any of them left to rule over.

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97 thoughts on “Israel – The Aggressor

  1. It would be a far better world if every last stinking piece of shit muźzıe was removed from it.
    Obviously the Israeli Jews aren’t saints, far from it. But at least they aren’t carpet-kissers.
    Fuck each and every muzfilth. They are a cancer that needs excising from the face of the planet.

  2. It’s a point of view, though not one I’d particularly subscribe to. I think Hamas miscalculated how far Israel would go & thought the hostages would be enough to bargain with. Big underestimation.
    There isn’t one Gazan who wouldn’t have applauded the October attacks …they aren’t applauding now though. Be careful what you wish for.

    • I couldn’t care less. This dance amongst The Sand People has been danced many times before. It’s as old as time itself.

      Let ’em at it, fucking savages.

  3. Said while ooking out the window on a lovely Sunday morning, and biting on a swiss roll filled with apricot jam and cream ..

    ‘fuck ’em’.

    Not really. I don’t really have a dog in the fight but i do know Hamas were voted in by the people of Gaza, the Arabs surrounding the area aren’t fans and Israel allow different faiths to live within their borders including a mudlim bedouin who worked with my dad as his hod carrier and found with the IDF.

    AndJesus was Jewish. he’d want Gaza oaid a visit by his old man’s top nutter, Abaddon.

  4. Nope, can’t agree with this one.

    Hamas fucked around and found out, nothing short of their total obliteration will do. Good on Israel for having the backbone to say no to a ceasefire and not taking any shit. They wanted a fight and a fight is what they have.

  5. This one could get messy!🤡

    There is no such place as Palestine,the Arabs had to coralled into the West Bank and Egypt’s Gaza Strip as they kept wanting to annihilate the Israelis and also kept plotting with those other Arab Cunts to invade Israel.

    Luckily the Israelis got fed up with being murdered and have become very good militarily,they’ve got loads of lovely tanks and warplanes they seem keen on using to kill terrorists and their sympathisers in droves.

    They are also keen on dressing in disguise,going into other countries to kill Arab terrorist and don’t give a single fuck who knows it.

    No pushovers the Israelis,I wish them every success against the vile rabble and poisonous terrorist scúm that surround them.

    I also very much hope that after tidying up the festering nest that is the Gaza Strip they then turn north to utterly destroy Hezbollah,another pack of murderous Arab cunts.

    Finally a nuke or 3 on Tehran would be the icing on the cake.

    A world without Israel would be a catastrophe.

    • I quite agree Uncle Terry. Israel is the only country with the guts to stand up to the infernal Sand Pikeys. Good for them. We should be following their example and not behave like gullible degenerates giving school places to 13 year old bearded Afghans and believing them when they “convert: to Christianity” to and then hand-wringing ourselves into oblivion when Israel mans up to the task. Cunts.

      And fuck David cameron as well. Another cunt.

  6. The halfwits who organised these attacks knew Israel would retaliate. Give these Israelis their due, you fuck with us we fuck you harder. Well they have their retaliation now. Don’t go wailing and crying now you have your arses handed to you on a plate.

    How much mercy were the poor sods who were raped, butchered and otherwise abused in many ways get? None.

  7. I certainly have no problem with Israel wiping out every living thing in Gaza

    Can’t ever remember an Israeli blowing up a pop concert/suicide vest/ knives taped to his hands in LONDONSTABISTAN) raping northern white children/blowing up London buses/.

    It’s only a shame they will stop there…🔥

  8. Urban warfare is a problem, well it is when it’s Israel killing Arabs, it doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue when it’s Arabs killing Arabs (Aleppo for example)

    Israel have to completely destroy Hamas, in the process ‘innocents’ will suffer, Hamas don’t give a shit so why should anyone else care.

    Hamas controlled health authorities give out the numbers of casualties as a whole, Israel claim that one third of this number are Hamas fighters.

    I don’t give a fuck as long as our taxes aren’t used to rebuild Gaza, and I see fucking Cameron is getting concerned over Rafah, the next bloodbath, but it can be avoided, if Hamas surrender.

    • The war could end today if the hamassholes surrender and release the hostages, unconditionally. They are quite happy though for their own people to die as long as they can score points in the propaganda war. Worst thing about it is that the dopey cunts in the west swallow what hamas tell them. Oh yeah, fuck UNWRA too for claiming that they knew nothing about a hamas command centre beneath their own offices.

      • Quite so.
        Hamas terrorists have no interest in ceasing hostilities; in fact they have vowed that given the chance they will repeat similar atrocities to that of October 7th,
        “many times in the future until Israel is exterminated”.
        Western politicians and celebricunts calling for a ceasefire are either hopelessly naive or plain fucking stupid.
        Appeasement never works.

  9. That Tarantino twat who loves gratuitous violence, will be orgasming at the thoughts of making a film of Hamas’ atrocities. He’ll be glad there’s no more Sam Peckinpah, but Monty Python might beat him to it.

  10. What libbo lefty fuckin’ limp wrist “refugees welcome here” fifth columnist put this nomination forward then?

    Fuck the Palestinians.. Israel is doing the rest of the world a huge favour.. give them a free reign!!


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  11. Maybe the Palestinians should ask nicely for all the food, water, fuel and medical supplies that Hamas have stolen and stockpiled in their tunnel network for years first before whining about aid? Didn’t they vote Hamas in? Why would Israel supply any aid when it will be stolen by the terrorists they are fighting?

  12. They want Israel to be obliterated and they preach it 🤲 from birth and they won’t ever stray from this mantra….. Ruben and co obviously won’t stand idly by and see their own destruction and so it goes on its merry-go-round of violence and ceasefires…’from the mountains to the sea,peace there’ll never be’ one of them has to relent or they face oblivion, place your bets 🇮🇱 or 🇵🇸 bring plenty of popcorn it’s a long trilogy

    • Should be told to continue fighting on their own doorstep. I understand that the home fixture must be boring for them, but why bring innocent people into it ? A neutral ground must be found. In the meantime, respect other people’s property.

  13. Hamas and their Iranian masters knew what would happen. Hamas etc couldnt give a fuck about Palestinian lives – it’s Allah’s will or whatever their cult of hatred preaches.
    I see Israels point but am uneasy about the extent. Destroying Hamas will not change anything. Another bunch of savage fucking madmen (and it is men) will emerge.

  14. I have to say that it will be through no fault of criminal Benjamin Netanyahu if he doesn’t start World War 3. Before this bruhahua started he was already facing criminal proceedings in the courts on serious financial matters and, perhaps this is an over-the-top attempt at deflection. It is highly dangerous, and, in his own way, he is as big a menace to peace as are the lunatics who lead North Korea, Russia, China and Palestine. Enough is enough and if America wasn’t led by a half dead senile idiot, I am sure some sanity would be bought bear on him.

  15. I’m four square behind the Hebrews on their mission to discipline the mouse limbs.
    If you prod the Zion lion with a stick, don’t start mewling and puking when it rips your arms off.
    Something else this has shown, is how many people in this country, have no loyalty to it, or respect our values.
    Go on Benny boy, give ’em hell !

  16. Still no fucks given. Why as a Western European do I have to give a fuck? I don’t think anyone understands the actual facts an about who belongs in israel, so much misinformation on both sides.

    If any other country in the world behaved like Israel they would be hung out to dry. We’re prosecuting another soldier for supposedly committing crimes in Northern Ireland, imagine if we’d levelled parts of Belfast looking for provos. The yanks would probably have bombed us.

    Anyone murdering innocents of any description is filth. The atrocities on both sides are way beyond anything I find acceptable, israel isn’t going to stop terror attacks it’s creating more militants with every death. If I was a Palestinian I’d be hating Israel.

    I’ve heard interviews with Jews and Arabs that speak of the days before 1948 when they used to be friends, used to look after each other kids and all the things people do when left alone to sort their own shit out.

      • Hello C_C

        It depresses me that people are manipulated into taking sides in a shitshow in the desert or any other conflict that is presented via the media as being one way or another.

        We are watching our own history being rewritten to suit an agenda but we believe every fucking word were told about history elsewhere.

  17. Fuck the lot of them. Each and every rag head there cheers when a suicide bomb goes off or when an Israeli is killed. They hold up these murdering scum as martyr’s and now they are reaping what they sow. Most Germans claimed innocence after ww2, yet they all cheered on Hitler and his mates when the going was good. The raghead Palestinians are no different, they support and Idolise Hamas and Islamic extremists who kill in the name of their degenerate Death cult. Fuck em, I sincerely hope the Israelis finish em off this time.

    • Absolutely right Rik.

      The ‘celebrations’ that went on in these Eh-Rab shitholes after the September 11 attacks. They all reveled in it. Bastards.

      • I saw enough of these cunts in my “Government funded holidays” to Afghanistan and Iraq. The majority are backwards peasants who’s only understanding of the world comes through that evil cult. Mum’s giving kids grenades, mums crying when kid fails to kill yet crying with joy when he slaughters with the suicide vest she help make. Dads using kids as human shields all in a belief that it will be rewarded in the afterlife. The Afghans did FUCK ALL to help themselves, they let us and the yanks do there dirty work and when we left as they demanded and Tali came back the Afgans let them! How and why should they be allowed to run here?? And they dare to call us the infidel!

  18. Completely disagree as i imagine pretty much everyone who does not live in Londonistan or work for the BBC does.
    Bomb the lot then bulldoze it and make it the worlds largest untouched nature reserve, no people other than a few scientists and ecologists can enter, sorted.

    • The ‘Paddies’ no more voted for that than the Brits did.

      The story on both sides of the sea is the same; certain people are making money out of the population change and, coupled with a fanatical devotion to the new creed of universalism, they will only strive harder to implement it whenever something happens that would make a sane person have pause for thought.

      They are evil in the truest sense and not in the least representative of the indigienous people.

      • And on Satanyahu’s shekel at the false-flag of things.’By deception thou shalt do war’.Rothrael’s days are numbered l suspect/hope.

      • Or Bestival….. or Shambala. The casualty list would look something like this:

        – Tarquin Templeton-Quimby III
        – Immy Chuffington-Smythe
        – Hector Toffington-Knowles
        – Jemima Silverton-Spoon
        – Phoebe Cuntinghamshire

  19. Israel is clearly not the aggressor and unless its retaliation to the murderous and cowardly attacks are punitive, it will only encourage every other towel head in the region, and out of it, to think the Jewish people fair game. Misguided cunting on this occasion, in my view.

    • It takes two to tango – I think a case can reasonably made against the daily humiliations that the IDF inflict on arab civilians.

      All before the recent Hamas atrocites too, but no doubt after some other such atrocity – this shit has been going on since long before October 2023.

  20. Israel has provided safe corridors for civilians knowing that these were bound to contain Hamas terrorists hiding amongst them. Israel could have absolutely obliterated Gaza if it had really wanted to. Putin wouldn’t have thought twice with his enemy trapped inside a relatively small enclave. The U.S nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end WW2. Considering the firepower, Israel has been quite restrained.

  21. The carpet kissing scum who call themselves Palestinians are filth even by Sand Niqqer standards. Nobody…and I mean nobody in the Caliphate wants them.

    Egypt has closed its borders to them. The money laden Saudis don’t want them and neither do any of the Oil Sheiks. Jordan as a bunch and won;t take any more.

    So…fuck ’em!

    Israel was attacked in the most cowardly and dastardly manner by murderous outcasts who are unsupported even by their own kind.

    I support Israel’s right to fight this war in any manner they see fit.

    Obviously, I don’t support this cunting.

    By the way…lots of great comments by the IsaC faithful in this nom.

  22. Funny how all the bleeding heart liberal virtue signaling trendies dropped the Ukraine like hot shit. Those Beebscum having a news headline about a six year old Gazan kid dying. Very sad, but why is it any different to a kid dying in Kiev? I bet loads of Ukranian kids have died in the last month. But – according to Lineker and his employers – they don’t count.

    • Funny story. I was round my old Mum’s house today for Sunday lunch and she remarked “You know, I never hear or see anything about Ukraine anymore”.

      To which I chuckled and responded “Yeah the 24 hour news cycle and the virtue-signalling, flag-wavers on social media have a very short attention span. If you’re still seeing any Ukrainian flags in peoples’ Facebook profile pics, you might want to get the police to pop round to check on them because they might be dead”.

      • I was talking to a Ukrainian friend about this very topic down the pub yesterday. I think it’s the first time she’s experienced the 24h news cycle and how quickly it shifts.

        Sort of on topic, I’m no fan of Tucker Carlson, but I do like how he sent the blue-haired they/them Twitterati into meltdown with his Putin interview. It was a pretty shit interview with nothing new to it, but the MSM’s teeth-gnashing about it was exquisite.

  23. Everyone condemns Israel for their ‘nasty’ behaviour.
    Yet those Hamas vermin butcher women, kids and the elderly. Yet some won’t even label them a terror organisation, simply because they are sacred cow muzzies.

    Absolutely warped upside down shit.

    • No,nothing nasty about murdering women and children,even issuing natty t-shirts ‘one shot,two kills’ to IOF snipers when targetting the pregnant women of Gaza who’s lands were illegally seized 70 or so years ago by these spawn of Lucifer ?

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