X (Twitter) [15]

A cunting for the awfulness of Elon’s X, formerly Twitter .

This site may have its detractors (despite them returning as if they aren’t too sure), and we might get carried away but at least there’s a structure to it, and the admins keep the vituperative outbursts below a certain point, with simmering egos soon shown the door.

Not so with Elon’s X, a platform so full of unhinged vitriol (on both sides), the brakes on abuse now off, ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ flying around, batted between users in what Youtuber Chris Williamson charitably calls ‘sardonic tennis’, the same levels of hypocrisy from the feral left; ‘#BeKind you spunk-sucking whorecunt’ if you’re a woman who doesn’t want to shower with blokes in wigs), Misogyny from the red pill police and Tate’s dude-bro cultists, Jew-hating (from both sides) that would put Miles in a distant amateur league, and the general lack of anything resembling an exchange between adults. Everything goes straight to snark or ad hominem attacks, ‘tell that to your 50/100/250 followers’ (at what number of followers is a point considered valid to these geniuses?), or strawmen ‘so what you’re saying is…’


Nothing has changed. It’s the angriest site i’ve ever visited, and not even in an amusing way, with the added (dis)pleasure of increasingly violent and degenerate acts being shared in viral videos. The cat ladies are still there, filling their feeds with how much they ‘just fucking HATE MEN!’ blue hair and glasses , obese or all three.

It’s a grubby cyst in the consciousness of humankind and its purulence leaks into what now passes for ‘legitimate’ media.

The sad thing about it is so many media figures are part of -and fuel – its typhoon of bare-faced cuntery.

Even from a practical usage view it is impossible to keep track of a conversation you are involved in; replies are not apparent and nested in a logical way. It often appears that people are replying to phantoms, often with a comment about their photo (or lack of one) it really is the stuff of the playground, if that playground was full of miserable, embittered fiftysomethings.

All of this and the adverts dotted throughout, make it a pretty awful waste of my time.

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Nominated by : Cuntamus Prime

72 thoughts on “X (Twitter) [15]

  1. Good Morning

    It is so easy to be a vitriolic, hate fuelled , keyboard warrior whilst sitting on the bog in your string vest whilst performing an act of digestive transit, that you sometimes wonder whether the internet is a good thing. It causes so much stress to so many people. X is just the greatest manifestation of this.

  2. “‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ flying around….the admins keep the vituperative outbursts below a certain point, with simmering egos soon shown the door……It’s the angriest site i’ve ever visited….”

    Are you sure you are not describing our beloved ISAC?

    • Respectfully I have to disagree MMCM. I feel the nom is a pretty accurate description of both X/twitter and ISAC. I confess I have never been on X and have only read it on a link from ISAC but from what I’ve seen and heard from people whose opinion I rate it appears to be pretty low level stuff. ISAC on the other hand is replete with people with whom I can get on. Most live in the real world and I have certainly learned things on here I didn’t know before, which has also been remarked upon by other ISACers. For all the insults and expletives thrown about everyone knows it is just taking the piss and not meant maliciously. I can recall only one occasion where a post was so malignant I was driven to post a one word obscenity in response and admin banned the poster the same day.

      Good morning cunters.

    • I don’t know how you came to that conclusion from the nomination.

      Did I not make the comparison with IsAC at the start?

      I see the ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ ratio is similar but not the venom towards other users for not sharing the same views and certain never seen the appeal to ‘likes’ /popularity you get on Twatter.

      I see many people praise the new-found freedom of X but to me it’s as petty and snide as ever.

      • You did indeed make the comparison at the start CP. My fault for not reading the first paragraph properly.

        I was of course being a bit tongue in cheek, as usual.

  3. I briefly used to view President Trump’s posts during the 2016 election as they were hilarious.

    Then I uninstalled the thing and now it no longer exists as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s just a cesspit for Cunts.

    Morning Gents.

  4. (The cat ladies are still there, filling their feeds with how much they ‘just fucking HATE MEN!’ blue hair and glasses , obese or all three.) Well I’m a cat lady. I much prefer men than women, I don’t have blue hair, glasses and I’m not a lard arse. I do agree with the rest of this nom tho.

    • Don’t take offence Jill. We all know the characters Cuntamus refers to and it doesn’t include you. We also keep cats and we both now have white hair.

    • In this sense I use ‘cat lady’ as a euphemism for the sort of bitter feminist who fills her timeline with sniping at men.

  5. I’ve probably said this on here before, but social media in pretty much every variety, is far too many people with nothing of value to say, making a lot of noise saying it.

    Consequently, you end up with one know-nothing arsehole arguing nonsense with another know-nothing arsehole, so it quickly degenerates into hurling abuse.

    Far easier not to bother with any of it & save yourself the stress

  6. Anti-social media.

    I am aware of it, but don’t use it and don’t contribute.

    I’d rather watch grass grow and occasionally pop to ISAC for a glimpse of normality in the cyber world.

  7. Your name suits you, if it passes you off that much, DON’T FUCKING LOOK AT IT!!
    I have never used it and never will, I live a stable life.
    I see the white English girl has been dropped on Dr Who for an Asian.
    Good morning.

    • I no longer use Twitter.

      You could apply your logic to anything mentioned on IsAC, but then there wouldn’t be many ‘cuntings’ at all and you wouldn’t be able to post such redundant replies.

      I hope you noticed there is a theme of the names of many users on this site.

      If not, how embarrassing for you.

  8. never been on twatter, did faeces book for a while until realised it was a vehicle for showing off and getting contacted by cunts you cared little about who now wanted to be your mate in an attempt to out friend their friends, social tedia is an open cesspit of idiots and mediocrity.

  9. Never used it and I block all its content on my browsers, doing this strips the BBC news site of 50% of its content. Not a bad thing.

    I don’t mind people tearing each others arseholes off in some online platform. As long as it’s a level playing field.

    I do mind people who get their news from Facebook. Not exactly sharp as tacks.

    Social media, I’ll pass. I’m happy enough being a cunt in here.

    • Being quite a shy person I’ve never been on Twitter.

      Sounds good though!

      As for ISAC Ive never noticed any acrimony amongst it’s denizens which is surprising as most of you are awful cunts.

  10. ‘X’…… more than likely is how most of the contributors sign their name 😖…….Isac should replace it along with Fakebook, influencer gram,tackytok which would expel most people and increase bandwidth for the select few…I think 😵‍💫

  11. social media is the cause of a lot, if not all societys problems now.. the world may have been less informed, but certainly was a better place before it

    • Ironically, despite more bytes of information being available to us than ever, the literacy rates of those between 16-24 are lower than those approaching retirement, the first time literacy rates have dropped in developed societies since the inception of the primary-secondary school system.

      So much for the ‘Harry Potter effect’

  12. You need to go to Gaza to find out it’s a shit place to go? What the fuck were you doing on Twat-X?

    Once again someone swims in a sewer and exits covered in shit. You don’t need to tell all the cunts who know better than swimming in a sewer that it’s not a good idea…..

    • It was more about challenging the idea that Elon the Magnificent has changed X into some vibrant hub of free speech and bants. I notice a few here use Twitter/X. I was curious.

      Could it be that different people have different experiences of different things?

      • Musk has levelled the field a little but Twitter attracts cunts. Doesn’t matter who owns it! Twitter exists for cunts, it’s patronised by cunts and Musk is a cunt for buying it.

        Musk isn’t the messiah and anyone with half a brain knows it.

    • That’s right Sammy.
      One thing about on here is we are all very refined.

      Sometimes I mistake Thomas Cuntengine for Noel Coward.

      • Thomas has that rare combination of charm and sophistication that’s unusual these days.

  13. Twitter is vile. The sort of virtual environment that Lib Dems thrive in. Chucking shit around at anyone who does not agree that smearing one’s beard with yogurt, kiddie-fiddling and tit removal is the way forward.

    PS Go The Donald; smash it in New Hampshire. Box the wankers in!

    Good morning, everyone.

  14. What I have noticed is that the cheaper newspapers (the red tops) have started to use “X” to develop non-news stories – for example you will read “TV Viewers All Say The Same Thing About Claudia Winkleman, and it turns out they have based a story on three X users BigMama,Brixton, Lessie Dykes, Labour MP for Mincing Lane, and TarquinDragQueen, all postimg that the face of shampoo “looked a bit q ueer” on TV on Saturday: “I do hope she is OK says Big Mama, while Lessie voices her concern “looked very washed out- I blame Brexit”, while Tarquin squeals – I want to look like Fenella Fielding in Carry On Screaming when I transition – darling Claudia reminds me of her in that character”

    So three people with nothing better to do than make arseholes of themselves have created tomorrow morning’s Daily Mirror.

    I don’t read the shit (paper or X) but I understand wankers like Streeting, Starmer, Jess Phillips, Chris Bryant, Vorderman and Lineker and Stephen Kinnock communicate using it. Nuff saidl.

  15. I wrote this cunting partially to dispel the myth that Elon has ‘revitalised’ the bird from being tied up in a far-left straitjacket..

    It seems some may have missed the point.

  16. Who are the Twitter mob, is it one mob or several mobs.

    Do they identify as the ‘mob’, hey dude I am part of the mob.

    How many people do you need as followers before you have access to the mob.

    It’s all very interesting 😂

  17. Never used it and never will, pig swill written by cunts for cunts and owned by a cunt who makes cars for total cunts and council estate people.

    Utter shite.

      • Think of it as a crusade MNC. Get out there with sword in hand and flail away.
        Return to the land of Isac with many tales of your rampant pillaging of the lefty hoards.
        I keenly await the banquet to celebrate your worthy efforts. It will be a night of drunken celebration indeed.

      • If you were on it you’d push the number worth following to double figures. Just make sure you follow nobody, like Peter Hitchens and Will Self.

  18. social media should be left solely for the use of kids and cunts if it has to exist and it certainly shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    politicians NEVER be allowed to use any form of social media. it is fatal. just look at the misconceptions, misinformation and spats that have occurred by users of all political persuasions since its inception.

  19. What I find both pathetic and hilarious is how the loonies on social media (and Youtube, come to that) make nasty and personal remarks, simply because they don’t agree with someone.

    Anyone who says anything they don’t like is ‘trolling’. No matter how well thought out and diplomatically put it is. Then we get the snidey shit. Stuff like ‘You really must have nothing in your life if you are here.’ Or remarks about people’s personal hygeine and (lack of) intelligence. They are but two examples.

    But, give it them back, and it’s even more outrage and taking offence. And, naturally, they grass, grass and grass again. Aside from being ‘tell teacher’ cunts, these fuckheads are also pathetic fanboys. The worst and most easy to wind up ones are fans of Daniel Craig, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and (recently) the Stone Roses. Not original fans of the band or Mancs, of course. Not born in 1989 titheads from Glasgow. Their last two singles in 2016 were crap. But say that and they spaz about like bluebottles sprayed with WD40. Like shooting rats in a barrel.

      • The Daniel Craig Bond fans are hilarious, Cuntamus.
        Say that even George Lazenby was better, and they chimp out like those monkeys who see that mirage in Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Cunts offering me out and everything. Over some luvvie cunt who doesn’t know or care if they’re alive or dead.

        And say that the Disneyfied bastardised Star Wars is a load of woke badly redone Mary Sue bollocks, and it’s a spazzed up fit en masse. And these are grown adults.

        Baiting both sets of freaks is a pleasure.

      • I never encounter the fans of the newer Star Wars stuff anymore. I leave them to it. Not that there seem to be many, especially now.

        I only like the original trilogy and even then, feel no need to ever watch it again.

      • I did anger more than a few people I knew by writing on Facebook that The Force Awakens was a pile of derivative cunt more like Spaceballs than Star Wars

        I found it cynical fan-baiting, with Joss Whedon-style, too-knowing dialogue and a nonsensical re-hashed story. Typical JJ Abrams fare.

        I wasn’t even too fussed by the first trailer. Saw the fan-baiting tactics straight away – all the iconography with no hint of the story..
        Being in my early thirties I was a bit too old and cynical to be excited by imagery of stormtroopers, droids, desert dunes and the Millennium Falcon with the Williams fanfare.

        I’m a bit embarrassed that I was almost unique amongst my peers for not being swept up in the hype despite them spitting out the dummy and saying ‘I didn’t like anything’ etc.

        I watched the bloody thing at the cinema, even though I did almost walk out.

        In retrospect I should have. it went nowhere interesting and would’ve been a tremendous ‘fuck you’ to the infantile fanboys who insisted it was a return to when ‘Star Wars was great’.

  20. And, whatever you do, don’t say Rush are overrated.
    I do like them as a band, But their fans are humorless easily triggered knobheads.

    Say Bonham was a better drummer than Neil Peart, and they wish hell on you.

  21. And they way cunt trombones use X/Twatter when somebody dies is cuntishness of the very highest order.

    The done thing is to send flowers or a sympathy card if it really matters. But now, many people just send a short tweet like ‘Soz suchabody’s dead’ with a crappy emoji.

    Unless it’s some celebrity media whore eulogising another media whore, and they act like Kennedy has been shot again.

  22. One of the things I really hated on social media was watching the Lass looking at a Youfool “influencer” promoting a certain beauty product.

    She begged me to order it for her. OK, I start with Google, onto eBay for the best prices.

    No, Grand, you can order direct from her Youfool site.

    Yes dear, and I’m actually Santa. Needless to say, I got it for a fraction of the price.

    O/T, the Lass just told me, in a WhatsApp conversation, that I “just ate that up”. Which she immediately qualified with a “that’s a good thing”.

    So that’s OK, then. “sigh”

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