Teachers [5]

This is what we allow to happen.

‘I’ve told 100,000 primary school kids I’m non-binary’

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This from a disgusting wretch called Jack Lynch, I think. It doesnt seem to be entirely clear. This fucker has made it HIS mission to corrupt primary school children. HE is chuffed when 9 year olds are taken in.

However, what really disturbs me is that he is allowed to do it. By teachers. You know, Teachers. Who go from nursery to school, to school, to school and finish of at another school. Then start ‘work’ at £29k knowing absolutely fuck all of the world. Then pass on degeneracy to fertile minds.

So this is a cunting of teachers who enable degenerates like the one above to corrupt kids.

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  1. Thank fuck I never had to put up with foreigners in school. When it came to be told the Facts of Life and in senior school at that, the teachers either didn’t know much or weren’t unable to divulge certain things and pupils who did know more would quiz and take the piss out of teachers, by pretending to be innocent and embarrass the teacher. It was just a game then. A whole different way of life to the way its all been completely fuck up these days, with choosing a sex and calling yourself a name of an animal ? Who’d have thought it.

  2. I had a lucky later school career. Our teachers had worked in the real world – my 6th form maths teacher was an ex turkey farmer. Clever man and gave up his time to help. Anyone he thought was a cunt was referred to as a turkey tosser – someone who had the job of milking male turkeys for artificial insemination.

    I came out with high grades and went on to get an engineering degree. Good old turkey!

      • The old boy was once explaining a complex maths question to the 5th form class to exclaim “hmm this one is a bit fishy”. He then bent down, took a sniff under the desk of the class bike, near her fanny and said “no I don’t think it is you this time”.

        Fuck me, he’d get slaughtered for similar in 2024.

      • Evening Paul 👍

        Yeah. He’d probably lose his job?

        We had a English teacher who used to do impressions if you cajoled him, Hill Street blues, TV stars etc.

        A lads surname was Bates and he’d always call him ‘ master Bates’
        Hahaha 😂

        Bullied off the teacher.

      • My chemistry teacher made a joke about a pretty but bitchy girl in the class being like a particular molecule and very keen on bonding.

    • How does one become a ‘turkey tosser’?

      I’ve seen ‘chick sexing’ for poultry farms. I like to forward jobs to mates who have spoken to me of some useless idle cunt they know.

      ‘Pass it on. Let me know how the interview goes.’

  3. I remember back at school in the early 80s so called religious education (my arse)
    We had a blick teacher who obviously hated the white kids.
    I think the eek a mouse ganja smuggling posters adorning the class room walls testament enough.
    I.e. rasta or nothing!
    Surely the aim of teaching is to be able to cover and explain all views otherwise what’s the point

  4. My favourite teacher in secondary school was Spanish.
    Tiny little thing with a big temper.

    She’d slap and hit you ranting in Spanglish if you were cheeky.

    I adored her .
    Do anything for her.

    She used to put me on a school fete plant stall and I’d nick a third of the money.

    Suppose she’s a old lady now?
    Wish her all the best she was a true star,
    She never held a grudge
    An neither did I.

  5. Best teacher I ever had was a college teacher. She was from Edinburgh, and she looked like Shirley Maclaine in the Apartment only with specs. I was there for qualifications I didn’t get at school, and I got them and ended up working at the college myself years later. She was still there and I did have a thing going with her, I am glad to say. She now teaches in Japan.

    I have had some good girlfriends and a good few bad ones. But she was one of the best and I still owe her a lot.

  6. Miss Kendall. PE teacher with spectacular tits.

    She did the trampoline demonstration when she taught the lads one afternoon.
    ‘Did you get that?’ Miss K asked us,

    ‘No, Miss, Could you do it again, please?’

    I don’t think any lad walked normally out of that gym that day. I certainly didn’t….

    • No, Sammy.

      I see enough of that Coco Clown Onana at Old Trafford.
      I don’t want to watch the inept cunt play for Cameroon as well.

      I also don’t want to hear the BBC wanking over Sir/Saint/Lord/Pope ‘Mo’ Salah.

      • Hi Norman, you probably realised that I tried to get the o to settle on top of the upside down v.

  7. We did have a Miss Teaser off the horn, who deliberately wore clothing that caused blood to rush to the hampton when buttons were left undone on her blouse, revealing a large cleavage from the huge tits and visible from under her desk, legs left wide open showing white thighs above her black nylon stockings that were straining on suspenders, that revealed tuffs of pubic hairs from a white knickered steaming crutch.

    It was the1950s.

    • We had a Mrs Armstrong who wore blouses wear the fabric gaped out between the buttons, revealing bra and
      upper curves of her tit.

      It’s just a shame she looked like Rod Stewart cross with Peter Capaldi.

  8. I look at that thing and I immediately think “weird, creepy pervert”…… not the sort of person you want around kids.

  9. On the odd occasion I actually attended classes in high school I was constantly under the unshakable conclusion that all the teachers were either pot smoking hippies, or fucking war veterans. I now happily concede that they weren’t all cunts (This does not include PE teacher Mr Baker, who is, was and always will be a pious, God bothering, Bible thumping, child hating cunt of the highest order) but I certainly was, and probably still am if you ask the right people. Although I’m at the top of my game, I am staring down the barrel of retirement age. I often think if I’d paid attention, attended more classes, spent less time with my fingers in the pussies of very willing girls (they all love a rebel) in the girls toilets, I would have reached this point 30 fucking years ago!

    • Thanks for posting that Elecuntrian. As you have track of this case I for one would be grateful if you updated us on how the case goes.

  10. My 23 year old French teacher showed her rather good tits to me when I was 15. Looking back she was definitely after some.
    The wank sock under my bed suffered badly in the weeks after.
    Looking back I should of followed up on her offer. Oh the Folly of youth…

    • Coincidence Ober. At that age we also had a French teacher who was fucking gorgeous. Problem was that often when she asked a question of one of us boys he would simply go red and mumble something incoherent because he was distracted by having a hard on like a broom handle.

      • Lonely 23 year French teacher stranded in England. Surrounded by 15 year old boys with stonk ons. Bless her heart she was confused. I’d of lasted about 4 seconds at best, but given a second wind I’d last for 30 seconds.. Female teachers are the worst for sex with pupils. The male teachers always get caught. The girls tell all thier friends that’s the difference.

  11. It seems like going back to school after jogging my memory, telling you the good and the bad about the place we went without our parents for the first time. One other thing I’ve told before but still comes back, now more for amusement than anything. It was a rare visit from our headmaster in early senior school and he was addressing my class about something and with me being sat at the front desk, he put his foot on it and what I had to endure, was me staring at his hairy bollock that had fallen out of a hole in his trouser crutch, for the entire duration of his speech. What an introduction to senior school.

  12. I had a teacher in primary 7 who smacked you on the head if you stepped out of line. Definitely not woke, gay,pc just a serious teacher who ……taught.
    Nobody had meltdowns or felt fragile we just played in the snow,had 20 aside games of football with a tennis ball, played British bulldog and threw water bombs. If someone puked the Janny covered it in sawdust. I got belted and did endless 100 lines.
    It’s all seriously fuked now. Glad I’m not starting out now. Those kids won’t know anything apart from how to play the victim and be outraged at everything .

    It’s a cunting mess.

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