Teachers [5]

This is what we allow to happen.

‘I’ve told 100,000 primary school kids I’m non-binary’

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This from a disgusting wretch called Jack Lynch, I think. It doesnt seem to be entirely clear. This fucker has made it HIS mission to corrupt primary school children. HE is chuffed when 9 year olds are taken in.

However, what really disturbs me is that he is allowed to do it. By teachers. You know, Teachers. Who go from nursery to school, to school, to school and finish of at another school. Then start ‘work’ at £29k knowing absolutely fuck all of the world. Then pass on degeneracy to fertile minds.

So this is a cunting of teachers who enable degenerates like the one above to corrupt kids.

Nominated by : Cuntstable Cuntbubble

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  1. Modern teachers have two career path options:
    1) Bone-idle communist/activist
    2) Bone-idle tran§bumdery borderline pædo

  2. Weird cunts teachers, I’ve always thought it. Think about it, you go to school, then ‘big’ school. You then leave and got to another school called a university, then back to fucking school. No wonder they are odd.

      • Spot on Cuntamus. On two occasions i have been addressed by teachers as if I was a school child. Both times were long after I was a married man.

  3. Teachers now are like the police.
    Virtually useless and not fir for purpose.

    Just woke lackeys. Not public servants, not at all.
    Just servants to gays, blacks and Hamas supporters.

  4. OFSTED must share some of the blame for allowing teachers to “teach” whatever political mantra they want!

    But like all government watchdogs, they’re pretty toothless and are more or less in full agreement with the woke teachers they’re supposed to be criticising.

    The “Three Rs” is now just an anachronism,. These days its all identitarianism, climate change and getting your gender pronouns in the right order!

    • It is ofsted that set everything that is taught. Not going into this because I was a teacher for 25 years. But most aren’t cunts. Just like vicars. Many are straight up and down.
      Ofsted are cunts and they are led by government thinking

      • I do see your point everybody.. Ofsted drove a mate’s missus out of the profession. She never thought it would be so suffocating andshe’d feel so powerless to discipline the little shits she encountered.

        I couldn’t do it, but then again i’m not too keen on kids of any age. Don’t hate them but I could happily ignore them.

        Most are on the spectrum or allergic these days.

      • As a teacher I would have battered half the class to death by lunchtime on the first day. Lunchtime itself I would have spent battering other teachers.

  5. What gets on my tits is that teachers will use any excuse to sit at home doing fuck all on full pay. So if a few flakes of snow fall, a strong wind blows or there’s a virus harmless to children doing the rounds the schools don’t open. I wonder how many teachers have ‘Long Covid’.

    I don’t recall my primary school closing in February 1963.

    • It was all faked. Shot in the Nevada desert by Stanley Kubrick.

      Lionel Jeffries was in the spacesuit.

      First words weren’t that’s one small step for a man….’ they were, ‘oh the posh, posh travellin’ life, the travellin’ life for me…’

  6. Tell the little cunts the world is going to end and there is nothing they can do about it.
    The ones with any fucking brain cells at all will know it’s bollocks, the others will disappear up their own arse holes and become teachers 😳

    Words like Net Zero, Trans, Gender, Climate change and My Bad should be banned in schools, bring back the cane and stick to teaching not brainwashing.

  7. I agree with all the comments and the nom,
    But let’s be honest here,
    The kids are to blame too.

    When I was a kid, even quite a young kid, say 6-7yr,
    And anyone visited our school like a religious twat, Legz Akimbo, firemen, coppers, etc
    I immediately wrote them off as cunts.

    Some ducky type had come out school preaching this shite,
    Would of been heckled.

    If a ducky activist had told me I might be a tranny at 7,
    I’d of told him to fuck off.

    Slashed his tyres 😁

    • Spot on, MNC. The kids need to take responsibility too. Silly little crybaby cunts, falling for transybollocks, climateyscarebollocks, leftiescumbollocks. They need to fucking well grow a pair. When we were shavers there was smoking, fighting, British Bulldog…

      Teachers had to be fucking good at their jobs to get our attention. That, or be liberal with the corporal punishment. Lessons were interesting. All about how great Britain was, the war, Henry VIII, the extent of the Empire. We were eager to learn.

    • The theatre groups were always mercilessly mocked, usually for their hopelessly middle-class drama student views on drugs and bullying, being gay etc.
      The play bout being disabled completely backfired.

      The police wee simply ignored because they spoke slow-ly and in the most condescending tone possible. The St Johns Ambulance resuscitation dummy molested.

      The only guest-speaker who got any respect was the ‘Animal Man’. He had one eye, he was in his seventies, he was a bit eccentric but himself – never tried ‘rapping’ about hedgehogs or any stupid, embarrassing ‘yoof-focused’ shite – and never spoke down to us.
      If you asked a stupid question he’s respond a bit like Patrick Moore, ‘that is complete rubbish, I’m afraid..’

  8. A local mother wrote on the town social media how her 8 year old son came home and suggested that mummy lets daddy eat her vagina for supper.
    Progressive mummy chortles about sex ed in school.
    8 fucking years old and being taught about muff diving.
    Degenerate progressives are worthless cunts.

    • Sex education for primary school kids when I was a kid was still depraved.

      ” Kermit the frog
      Got a smack in the gob
      For messing around with ms Piggy.

      They pulled down their Knicks
      And connected their dicks
      And now they’ve got ten litty piggies.*

      * Sung to the tune of ” messing about on the water”

      Interspecies fornicating and confusion of basic biology.

      • There was the gay sex limerick featuring Rainbow characters at my school;

        ‘Zippy and Bungle went up to the jungle,
        hoping to have some fun

        Zippy got silly and pulled out his willy.
        then stuck it up Bungle’s bum’.

      • Bruce hasnt got dementia,
        He’s shellshocked from diving in that gorgeous muff!!!

        Spent more time in the jungle than a ww2 jap has Bruce!

      • Apparently Bruce Willis is notorious for not giving autographs?

        Saw it on telly,
        Doesn’t like doing something nice for his fans.

        The utter cunt.
        Hope his nurse has the same attitude to his meds.

      • Magnificent muff Ron, does it for me I can tell you!

        Mis, I once met a man who had spotted Gilbert o’Sullivan in the dark recesses of a club. My acquaintance approached him and asked if he could shake his hand. The response;

        “No. Fuck off.”

      • Right little charmer eh Arfur?

        These fuckin celebs don’t do themselves any favours.

        If someone makes time for fans it goes a long way with me.

        That actor Keanu Reeves?

        Wooden as fuck but a decent bloke.
        Saw some article where he was staying at a hotel and on his tod.
        There’s a wedding going on in the hotel and a guest recognised him.

        Rather than act the cunt like Gilbert, he attended the wedding,
        Danced with the bride,
        Ate and drank with the guests and posed for photos.

        Gets my thumbs up 👍

  9. During the occasional teachers meetings at playtime they sometimes overran and the children without any supervision were allowed to run riot and get up
    to all sorts of things. On one occasion I’ll never forget, was the boy with the largest cock I’d even seen giving us his version of “The Sex of Life” (which the school hadn’t prepared us with yet) and shocked us all with what he used his large member for. It was for the women who probably had younger children in primary school. Remember the girls screaming each time he released his hands from the his throbbing cock and I guess they’ll never forget also.

  10. Yeah, sexualisation of infants, right on . Why can we be surprised at the sheer scale of nonsery going on.
    Torch and pitchforks time.
    Followed by oven*

    * Tata have some fine examples up for grabs now.

  11. The Metro is a full-on pamphlet for gayblack indoctrination and cheerleader for woke excess. Not surprised they champion this creature’s fantasies as genuine validation from children.

  12. The Metro is a full-on pamphlet for gayblack indoctrination and cheerleader for woke excess. Not surprised they champion this creature’s fantasies as genuine validation from children.

    ‘ I definitely felt like I was ‘too sporty’ to be ‘camp’ but I also didn’t feel masculine enough to be a ‘sporty gay’’

    What a load of tripe. Who gives two fucks, and why is it even published.

  13. The whole system is a shambles. Ultimately, state schools should be given a curriculum and told to fucking stick to it.
    Sounds simple, but there’s one major fly in the ointment.
    The government, via the department of education, are so commie, woke, deviant and besotted by climate change, that technically the teachers are doing their bidding.
    The rot always starts at the top.

    • Good morning, thank you for coming to the interview, Mr.Beau. Before we begin, could you strip off for your rectal examination, then put on the miniskirt and bra for the trial lesson when we’ll bring in twenty-five disruptive 15-year-old cunts to call you a cunt for an hour while we observe you so later can tell you everything you did badly.

  14. Suppose most on here got caned as a youth?!

    Or the slipper?


    Not the punishment you feared was it?

    I remember first time I got it,
    Two of us,
    Went back to our seats oh so humble!
    Soon as our eyes met we started grinning.
    Lost all fear of it from that moment!!

    ” You boy!!
    I’ll cane you!”

    Ok . Go ahead.
    Mind if I smoke sir?
    Hehehe 🤣

    • Bet nowadays the teachers get caned off the pupils.
      Probably enjoy it the dirty bastards.

      Buy you a new pair of trainers if you thrash me?

      Don’t mind if sir wanks during a caning do you 3B?

      • I was never chastised by my parents and it carried on throughout my school hood and my children’s chlldren. Nothing to do with privileges. We all had fuck all and accepted it. Nothing like behaviour of these days. Its enough to bring out the violence in me now. The fucking twats !

      • When I got caned for being disruptive in History I expected to get a few across the buttocks. I didn’t realise the dirty bastard was going to insert it up my bum hole.

      • Started school a year or two after corporal punishment was outlawed. Did have teachers losing their rag and throwing stuff at kids and toys/gadgets in the bin, ripping up magazines because a girl was distracting her mates, and several who had complete breakdowns, mainly due to reasons outside of school.

  15. Some of the teachers now apparently hide in the staff room at lunchtime so they don’t get attacked by the pupils.
    This country feels like it’s in its death rows. But seeing as I’m having a beer right now, I can tell you it’s not dead yet.

    • I remember young male teachers trying to be friends with the pupils, having an attitude about them.

      I thought they were cunts.

  16. Teachers never tried fiddling with me as a kid and I was gorgeous.

    Don’t remember any of my classmates getting bummed off the weeds in tweed.

    Maybe they didn’t fancy council estate kids?
    Or they didn’t recruit deviant’s to teach back then?

    In our class room all the girls had big hair and all the lads shaven heads,
    All skinheads,
    If a kid had cancer he wouldn’t of been self conscious,
    Fitted right in!

  17. Some fine points made.

    I’d like to add any degenerate cunt promoting such views to children should be fed to bears.

    The BBC should be forced to air the footage on the news,upon pain of the same fate.

  18. Alan Turing must be doing 10,000 RPM in his grave .. saved millions of lives they say. Shortened WWII by two years the internet just told me.

    DId a bit of gay ON THE Q.T., … “chemical castration or jail, pal!”

  19. i have known a lot of teacher due to the fact I went out with one for quite a few years before I married, and the OP is quite correct in the nom. Teachers just spend their whole lives either being taught or teaching. They never leave teaching establishments, so know fuck all about life outside education. They have no clue about dealing with members of the public other than little Tommys education. They spend all their lives in an education bubble cosseted from the real world, where they are told what to teach and how to teach it. They are generally very soppy, fragile people who really cannot seem to cope with things that people in the real world have to deal with on a daily basis.

    …and don’t get me started on ‘mature students’ who have not decided to leave going to school well into their 40’s…insted to avoid proper work and the real world, they decide to continue to study for more and more degrees and such like until they end up working in the university library. Stupid grifting, lazy cunts

  20. The metro is free to pick up at bus stations etc, mostly off the floor where it’s been thrown out of its bin by school kids passing through the interchange for an early pre school weeze ….all it’s fit for unless you are still in need of some old style ‘izal’ type bog roll 🚽

    • I gave up on it (Metro) when it became a repositry for letters from ¨Remainers Ill written stuff blaming virtually every problem on Brexit. It is like the Daily Mirror for people too mean to pay for it. They virtually can even give it away piles of unread copies at train stations as late as 4 in the afternoon when they are replaced by free Evening Standards – also mainly unread.

  21. Adults who teach little children this gender stuff need to be in jail.

    Schools with non-binary/any gender toilets need to be shut down and the teaching staff put on a black list.

    Notice there are only 2 gender toilets at the Department of Education building in SW1.

  22. When I started secondary school in 1964, most of the teachers had seen service in WW2, The Korean War or National Service.
    You just didn’t fuck about with them.
    The wooden blackboard duster being weapon of choice.
    It was later that the rot set in with the intake of younger teachers not much older than us 5th and sixth formers who couldn’t instill order.

  23. Think I was fortunate in a way, that it was just after the war and everyone was in the same boat of being poor. But some were even poorer, which was the category I filled, but fortunately wasn’t far behind the rest.

    • Evening Sammy 👍

      Hope your well sir?

      My old gran never had a pot to piss in☹️

      Most generous person I ever knew.
      Wish she was still alive so I could treat her to a few luxuries.

  24. Miss Ross – she was my mathematics teacher in 1978-1979 while I was in 3rd form at the local comp school in Brum.
    She must have been in her mid to late 20s and looked very muck like actress Lesley Anne Down (see link below)
    She was a right old prick teaser dressing up on thin pink or white semi-fluorescent tops, shortish skirts and knee length boots!
    Quite often she would sit on her desk while banging on about quadratic bollocks, and those lucky bastards sitting directly opposite at the front received many-a-upskirt view when she crossed her legs!
    That was the only time I found maths lessons anywhere near interesting!


  25. A lot of teachers are degenerates themselves – they were in my day (always playing up their ¨disciplinarian¨ credentials, so they could cane with impunity) by the time my son was in senior school the poofters were coming out, prior to Mrs Thatcher bringing in Clause 28 to stop them going on about it, and now with the trannies and fruitloops mincing round the school they are probably even worse. The little cunts of all these ages seem to think they are ´special´ – well they are – śpecial cunts´. Teachers believe the sun shines out of their arseholes. Just wait till they are invaded by Kweer and his teeth brushing lessons – perhaps he is on the turn himself, so he will be very popular with the poofter pedants.

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