Dead Pool [311]

Congratulations to Jack the Cunter who has won Dead Pool 310 by picking former wrestler Jim “Cry Baby ” Breaks who died on Christmas Day aged 83.

On to Deadpool 311

The rules:

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will conk out next.No duplicates allowed and it is first come first serve.You can always be a cunt and steal someone elses nominations from the previous pool.

2)Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt who we will ignore.

3)It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4)No swapping picks mid pool unless already taken by someone else.

5)Hits are awarded based on the chronology of death reporting not necessarily in chronology of death.

50 thoughts on “Dead Pool [311]

  1. Peter Blake (artist)
    Desmond Morris
    Norman Jewison
    Thelma Barlow
    Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction)

  2. Geoff Boycott
    Steve Wright no longer on the afternoon
    Henry Blofeld
    Harold Dickie Bird
    Andy Bell

  3. Eddie Stobart
    Nancy Olson
    Alan Greenspan
    Annette Crosbie
    Eileen Derbyshire.

    Nice work Jack.

  4. Who?

    Yoko fucking Ono
    Danglebert Pimpledick
    Eric Burdon
    Alan Price
    Georgie Fame

    • If you mean Christopher Lloyd the gardener and writer at Great Dixter he died some years ago. If this is another Christopher Lloyd I am an ignorant interfering cunt.

  5. Well done Jack

    Group Captain John Hemingway DFC
    Flight Lieutenant John Cruikshank VC
    Sandy Gall
    Alan Bennett
    Julie Andrews

    It would be wrong of me to nominate my old favourite Glynis Johns as the DT has reported her demise. RIP Glynis.

  6. Cliff ‘colostomy bag wearing, cunt for all seasons’ Richard
    John ‘Cliffy boys spunk hoover’ McElynn
    Timmy ‘Do you like my mallet’ Mallet
    Roy ‘Painty faced mouthy cunt who’s shit record need to be banged up his fucking arse’ Wood
    Samantha ‘I’d still give her a massive pearl necklace’ Fox
    Andrew ‘I’m a fucking arrogant n*nce’ Windsor

  7. Sorry, off topic again but I see that b@stard Justin Welby has just inherited £2.4m. I wonder how much of that will ever see the collection plate on a Sunday?

  8. Congratulations JtC

    James Hewitt
    Roman Polanski
    Heather Locklear
    Sophia Loren
    Oprah Winfrey

  9. In there Jack.

    Patsy King
    Andy Taylor
    Denis Law
    Madonna (2024 Dead Tour)
    Sheridan ‘Hic’ Smith

  10. I reckon after much Neil the hippy type whining, I reckon that Wee Willie Eilish may top him – sorry – herself in 2024.

  11. I can honestly say that although I’d heard the name lots I knew sweet FA about her and cannot ever recall having heard it’s music. I thought it was another Elliott Page girl/boy abomination thing. Having now read its wiki biography I think your hunch has a lot of merit. It sounds like a night listening to hippy Neil drone on about vegetable rights & peace would be infinitely preferable to meeting her and coping with her “ishoos” & grandstanding activism. She’s definitely one for the shrinks couch in the future.

  12. Been quite a long dry spell on the deadpool.
    I predict a January Surge
    Virginnia Mckenna
    Cleo Laine
    William Shatner
    Neil Kinnock
    Roy Hattersley

  13. Clint Eastwood
    Beast of Bolsover
    Phil Collins
    Denise Nolan
    Alexi navalny

    Nice shooting Jack👍

  14. The Dalai Lama
    Alex Ferguson
    Gary Glitter
    Rupert Murdoch
    Eva Marie Saint

    Well struck, Jack.

  15. Gudrun Ure
    June Spencer (The Archers)
    Roger Corman
    Dabney Coleman
    Richard O’Sullivan

  16. Well done Jack!

    Colin Jeavons
    Sian Phillips
    Brian Trueman
    Tony Soper
    Shannon Doherty

  17. Klaus Schwab
    Michael Hesleslime
    George Soros
    James Abbott Thompson (Suicide)
    Vince Cable

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