Ian Wright (3)


This cunt has announced he is “stepping down” as a football pundit from Match of the Day at the end of this season.

He claims the time is right for him to explore new things after decades in the football industry, although I suspect he was probably pushed by BBC cunts who want to make MOTD more attractive to a younger more demanding and diverse audience.

I will admit he was a very good player for Arsenal and Palace during his playing career in the 80s and 90s. But then he took the easy option of becoming a professional football pundit for the BBC (and ITV). In other words, watching a game of football and then giving an opinion, while being paid shedloads for the privilege.

Of course being black, it also gave him the opportunity to whinge about the usual racist stuff, while also supporting the BLM, St George of Floyd and that white people are all racist cunts!

It will be interesting to see what he ends up doing once he leaves MOTD. Chance are he’ll become like Lineker and become a virtue-signalling mouthpiece with regards racism and how all white people are STILL racist cunts.

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38 thoughts on “Ian Wright (3)

  1. He could be my butler if he’s looking for work?

    Although I’d insist on calling him Benson.

    Or set up a shoeshine stall.
    World’s his oyster.

  2. Good money to be made as a Oprah Winfrey lookalike.

    Of maybe a double act with professor ferdinand dumb and dumber.

    As long at the BBC replace him with a crippled black trans-bender.

    • That’s probably what it is. He is black but still a straight man.
      The wrighting is on the wall.

  3. Just when he was starting to get to grips with the English language.
    When he first started out in punditry he sounded like he was still with da fam.
    Some BBC elocution and lefty indoctrination lessons later, and he’s become the voice of the racially oppressed.
    I fear this isn’t the last well hear of him.
    Innit bruv

    • And beware. Just because he’s ‘retired’ from the BBC doesn’t mean he’s no longer one of their darlings.
      I’m eagerly awaiting his book and accompanying BBC series entitled ‘How racist Britain ruined my life. Ian Wright OBE’.

  4. A sad loss to the nation.

    Nil desperandum though – I think I have the ideal replacement. I don’t know her name and have no intention of finding out, but how about the man-hating American doughnut bumping gobshite who missed the penalty that got her team eliminated from the Girly Cup? You know, the one who hates the USA yet plays for them. The perfect fit for the BBC’s woke agenda I’d have thought, as long as she first converts to Islam and self-identifies as a.porch monkey.

  5. A bit of nostalgia there in the link when MOTD was worth watching with Des Lynam and Trevor looking like he was praying not to be mugged.

  6. if he goes on and does anything like that shite game show he hosted a few years back, then he will be better off going back to playing football.

    aside from playing football, he is a talentless, entitled cunt who relies on his colour to get anywhere

  7. He insisted that anyone who booed the taking of the knee was a rascist.
    Ian wank wank wank.

  8. A black cunt who finks foughts it with letters after its name One Black Eejit, who wrongly accused Peter Schmeichel of a none truth, all because he couldn’t score against him. Every time this piece of shite is mentioned, a bag of cement is always mentioned in the same sentence. That’s all for the time being.

  9. Like that other cunt, Rio, In fairness, I suspect Wrightie is going senile. That perpetually angry sweaty sock Sourness seems to have been phased out already. Gone to join Alan Handsome in the footie has-been wilderness. Next for the chop it will be Rent-a-Geordie and the Spitty Bloke. They all have to make way for the continuous parade of airheads, bimbos and rug -muchers that now infest the coverage of the national game. Fuck off.

    Good morning, everyone.

    • Lets be honest though, punditry was dull as fuck a long time before the birds showed up. Hansen and Lawrenson? Who fucking died, lads?

      Give me James Richardson and Zwhoever turned up that week on Football Italia, with the eyetie director getting his pooch in frame.

  10. They can do whatever they please with MotD. Haven’t watched it in years, due to the stupidity of the programmes producer whose order of highlights let you know what the results are going to be. I prefer to watch my own order of matches, moments after the games have been completed, from games all over the world.

    • Not forgetting the dickheads that put the fucking results on the news less than five minutes before MOTD is going to start. What happened to:

      “If you don’t want to know the results, look away now”.

      Dull cunts.

  11. Never forget Ian Wright was the bloke who trashed a referee’s dressing room after being sent off.

  12. Do people still watch that pile of crap?

    Five hours after the games have finished.

    Tune in for highlights, interrupted by 3 or 4 boring cunts talking about what you just watched.

  13. Oi Ian,
    If you’re read the wise comments made on this esteemed platform.

    I never considered myself a racist.


    Well done all you thick woke twats out there…🔥

  14. He’s already appeared on commercial radio station adverts.

    Advertising Gillete Razors.

    The best a man can get and a finish as good as one of ole Wright’s…

    Yeah, always a cunt, now an even bigger one.

  15. Ian Wright is and has always been a right chippy cunt.

    Great domestic goalscorer for Arsenal but never a true international class player. And he knows it.

    Wears his skin colour like a badge of honour and perpetual victimhood.

    He may well have “stepped down” from the shite that is Match of the Day but his future as an untouchable darling of the anti white Beeb is assured.

    He’ll be involved in Windrush documentaries by the time October comes.


  16. Fucking hate the cunt, always have.

    Snidey little dirty cunt on the pitch. The way he made Peter Schmichel out to be ‘racist’ was well shitty and snide.

    I also remember the little treeswinging shit gleefully impersonating a supporter with thalidomide.

    He’s always been a nasty little piece of work, and his lovable shouty clown routine does not fool me.

    So, I say good riddance to a very smelly piece of shit. I just hope Lineker, Shearer, Scott and Crooks follow suit.

  17. Perhaps he realises he’s on a sinking ship and decided to jump. The BBC are getting more publicity for cracking down of what presenters do outside their BBC work; Michel Roux Jr. left Masterchef over them telling him what he could and couldn’t say or do outside his BBC work (adverts for Alfred Bartlett).Dan Walker, Jake Humphrey, Andrew Marr and Jon Sopel have all left, along with Carol Vorderman, Ken Bruce from BBC radio. Wright will have more freedom to say what he thinks on other channels/platforms. He might get to comment on live games for his new employer.

    I don’t endorse this cunting.

    • Perhaps BBC Verify’s Head Girl Marianna Spring might end up being cast out for not verifying things in the way BBC would like, just as government sacks its own advisors (such as Prof. David Nutt -‘Nutt sacked’) for coming up with the ‘wrong ‘ advice, albeit based on the available facts.

      • *Nutt angered Broon’s Labour investigation on drugs by daring to suggest that alcohol is the most dangerous drug in Britain, in terms of the poor health, violence and accidents it leads to.

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