Warwick University Student Union (2)

A cunting please for Warwick University Students Union. They have voted to change all their catering outlets to vegan only, which will materialise by 2027 and is the 8th student union to go vegan.

So in the space of a generation we’ve gone from complaining about no veggie only crap to now saying you can’t have anything else. And this is being done in the name of our old friend The Climate Crisis.

Oven. With meat in it please.


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81 thoughts on “Warwick University Student Union (2)

  1. Fucking wankers. Not only did they vote for vegan shite they also voted for a fucking w*g as their President. How very right on.
    I notice 52% of the tossers voted for this change. I seem to remember that 52% wasn’t good enough for brexit. Surely they are going to have a People’s Vote?
    This is good news for the local McDonalds and KFC.

  2. Going vegan, not good enough..
    The world is overpopulated, eating vegetables won’t be enough..

    Show some conviction Sebastian kill yourself, it’s the only way..
    Spread the word on Facebook, drink the cool-aid. Or just shut the fuck up..

  3. All university students are far-left lowlife cunts, that’s all you need to know. Any prick can get a degree in some non-subject, so what?
    Stupid wankers think they’re going to change the world with their poxy student demos. Piss off arse-holes!

  4. Warwick University is in Coventry. A fact apparently lost on the founders when it came to naming their institution.

    A better idea for ending the climate crisis would be to switch off permanently the central heating in the student accommodation. See how Vivek likes that as he would appear to hark from warmer climes than the UK. Save a few bob too. Think how many more diversity and inclusion managers they could employ.

    • I think they were ashamed of calling it Coventry University. That title now belongs to the old Lanchester Polytechnic.

    • The reasoning behind it Geordie, was that when it was set up Coventry was in Warwickshire as were Birmingham and Solihull. Ted Heath created these new county authorities consisting of urban conurbations one of them being the West Midlands County Council. Maggie scrapped them and rightly so. They were as popular with the people they ruled as a bad attack of the clap and were notorious for duplication and waste. The only people who supported them were those who were their employees. For anyone who is interested the west midlands used to be spread over Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire and the tripoint was behind West Bromwich Albion’s football ground. West Midlands only exists now as a postal address like Middlesex.

  5. It’s racist, how the fuck are the sooty students going to get their chiggun.

    Unless the vote is 100% how can they claim to be inclusive, oh yes, the 48% can fuck off because they are on the wrong side of history.

  6. I wonder if anyone in the header pic has ever had sex ?

    Probably not.

    The smelly, commie, shite arsed cunts.

    Plant based university ?

    Cover it with dung.

    Organic enrichment.

    Get To Fuck.

  7. Apparently out of 28 and a half thousand students 774 voted for it and 516 voted against. That’s 2.7 %, not exactly a stomping majority but the sort of majority Communists love.
    I don’t know who provides the catering at this leftie wankhole but I wouldn’t buy any shares in them if I were you.

  8. Students?👎 Pfft.

    Floppy fringed shoe gazing effeminate little fuckers.

    Never liked em.

    NME reading little bastards are all poseurs.
    Flaccid little cocks.

    Bet they eat meat in secret?!

    And when in their bedsits rock out to AC/DC 🤘

    I don’t believe they’re all that soppy bollocks in reality,
    No one can be.

    As for Warwick,
    Full of bumboys

    • I wonder if they will have sniffer dogs to hunt out contraband meat?

      “Lock down the halls and toss Tarquin’s dorm! It’s a mandatory two week climate change awareness workshop if we find a pork chop you fucking Nazi!”.

  9. Typical student union politics. Let them eat shite, it’s the ultimate in recycling.

    Afternoon all.

  10. Going vegan in the name of the Climate Crisis, eh?

    Surely all the methane that will emenate from their arses will negate any difference the vegan diet would achieve?

    • I can imagine other universities sports teams who still eat meat will relish playing a bunch of pasty weak vitamin deficient wankers.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if contact sports were banned at university LL.

        The last thing you need is to rupture some bloke hymen playing rugby..

      • You are probably right Baz.

        Touch/tag rugby wearing their fucking pronoun badges.

  11. Young people aren’t rebellious anymore.

    Bunch of wet farts.

    Be contrary
    go against the herd.

    Don’t be such boring little pigs.

    Become volunteer butchers.
    Wear a straw boater hat and a apron.

    Stop listening to your bucktoothed lecturerers.
    Fuckin hippy cunts.


  12. Make the fuckers grow all their own food. Do something useful. I would restrict university educashun to pure sciences, engineering and mathematics. Maybe some logic courses would also do the prissy, virtue signalling Herberts some good. Might save us from their ‘look at me’ bullshit.

    Good afternoon, everyone.

    • I once heard a farmer say TTCUtS; “If everyone had to grow their own food there’d be some hungry-looking fuckers about.”

  13. Bet over Christmas little Cressida and Barnabus eat a pig in blanket in a moment of weakness.

    Start self harming out of guilt.

    What if Neil the college lecturer finds out ?!

    He’d be furious from his centre parting down to his hand woven sandals!

    Blame it on your bourgeois parents
    Miriam and Humphrey.

    Yes it’s their fault.
    The fuckin Nazis!

    Tricked you.
    The meats poisoning your system.
    Your getting hairs round your plums
    And your voice has deepened!

    You’ve started to question if you’re really non binary!


    • A plant based diet in their pissy canteen is really going to change things.

      The banner should have read ‘End the Climate Crisis; Shoot Us’

      Students are cunts. I know, I was one once, now I’m a steak-eating, Brexit voting, anti-immigrant, anti-peaceful, ultra anti-woke Reform UK supporter.

      It’s amazing how your outlook changes when your bollocks drop, your voice deepens, and you have to earn a living in the real world.

  14. I despair (or would if I gave a shit) at the likes of the above bunch of arseholes(as per nom & header pic) … I know we all know it HERE, … but how can any of them wave their banners smiling(exclusively for social media virtue signalling, of course, answered my own question there) if they truly give a fuck about whatever is their ’cause of the week’ … do they really and truly understand nothing of the world? Doesn’t matter what your cause, .. you’re inevitably outnumbered by (other)cunts. Vastly so, for the in-your-face-about-it vegan lot, or the other usual dumb suspects (j.s.o. etc.) – 3 words should be enough to send them home in tears, in that case …. china ; india ; africa

    i.e. Your efforts count for nothing on any scale that matters. You insignificant, stupid, shits.

    Somewhat noble for an innocent child to naively wish the world a better place … but the ‘grown-up’ noticewhore brigade are just pathetic. And – in my opinion – not doing these things for the ‘right’ reason in the majority of cases … as in : they always seem to be doing whatever pointless gesture, TO BE SEEN to be ….

    I’m preaching to the choir on ISAC at this point, of course ….

  15. I’m finding it hard to give a shiny shite as all it means is there will be one more succulent rib-eye steak in my fridge.

    Just placed my Christmas order with the local butcher for a nice big fore-rib of beef. That’s Christmas Dinner sorted. Fucking yummy!

    • Good lad.

      We hear a lot from the veghead lobby about how cattle are contributing to climate change, so the more of the fuckers we eat the better I say.

      We win, the planet wins. What’s not to like?

    • Try a tag end of beef Paul, It comes from one end of the steak cuts. Slow cooked, lovely grub.
      Mind you where you are it might have a different name.

  16. Is there another nom later?
    Or just the 2 today?

    I’d like a nice sexy one admin.

    With busty ladies touching themselves and moaning.

    • Well, there’s nothing women are better at than moaning.
      Unlike us old fuckers on here.
      Light up the room with our positivity, we do.

    • Joey’s right, but forgotten to mention its the women reporters not the players, who are comparing the game equal to the men.

  17. Have female students had a say in whether they want two veg but no meat? Thinking about it for a moment, the way things are going in this crackpot excuse of a country it may be more appropriate to ask male students first.

  18. I was right-wing at university. Can’t say as it made me many friends, but it made me some good ones.

    Never engaged in student politics because it’s futile and full of cunts. That said, I did join the Conservative party because they’d throw a decent piss up (all-inclusive!) every few months, too.

    I’m “far-right” now, according to the meejda.

    Anyway, can’t endorse this cunting. Food in student unions has always been slop. I wouldn’t feed it to my in-laws’ pigs. Fuck ’em.

    The places tend to be surrounded by kebab houses, etc. The kiddiewinkies will be fine.

    • How do CC 👍

      Yeah I’ve been told I’m Far Right too.

      But I’m not sure that’s really true.

      People are a bit too free and easy with the Far Right label eh?

      I don’t like being out in a category with some mental yank who’s prepping in the forest for a zombie apocalypse.

      I’m much more refined than that!!! 😁

      • Easy now, MNC. Good to hear from you!

        I’m alright. In the midst of that self-employed kinda thing at the end of the year when you try and get as many shekels in as you can.

        Are you and yours keeping well?

        Ha! Was discussing this “free ‘n easy” attitude with the Far Right label the other day.

        Just because I’m not a fan of the whole “Men in Dresses” thing, or want to be living next door to Tree Swingers, that hardly makes me the head of the SS, does it? I guess you’re the same.

        That said, I reckon we’re at a tipping point now with these labels. If people know deep down where they stand, they’ll just go “fuck it, you know what? I am far-right/racist/sexist/homophobic” because the blue-haired cunts have no answer to that.

        And it’s funny to see the look on their little piggy faces, because they’re ALL porkers.

        As for refinement, hear, hear, brother. As am I. Nobody suspects my leanings!

      • Ethel called me a nasty fascist bastard, a few months ago.

        I was overcome with emotion.

        She says the loveliest things 😁

        It’s why I married her.

        Well, that and the nurses uniform. 👍😀

    • As rule, everyone is Britain is now considered violently ‘far-right’, unless they’re;

      A)Trans activists who hate women and send them death threats
      B)Islamic fascists screaming for Jihad and calling white women ‘slags’ for walking through British town centres without a male relative.
      C) Kumbaya quinoa-crunching climate vegans who throw themselves into the road while shouting ‘Quares for Palestine!’ and blocking the path of ambulances
      D) Stabbing enthusiasts, be it young black men (who themselves don’t tolerate gays) or the Dooshkas (who don’t tolerate Muslims).

      • Amen, CP.

        Just spat my brew out laughing at “Quares for Palestine” as I can hear that!

      • Afternoon CP paraffins and pikeys, are much revered by leftie cunts as they are easily patronised. Pikeys like to piss on leftie largesse. Nick their dogs and shit in their car parks. Biting the hand that feeds them is their specialist subject.

        Bleeding heart lefties also like to drone on about the charidee work they do for ‘the vulnerable’ and those with ‘co-morbidities.’ This means cooing over overweight dustbin bellied retards, alcoholic dribblers and arseless smack heads. Lib Dems love this sort of activity as it makes them feel warm and lovely inside. Revolting.

        No wonder the country is fucked.

  19. These cunts seem to be spending more time protesting/virtue signalling than actually doing any studying!

    But then of course what are they studying? Pure Mathematics? Civil or Mechanical Engineering? Chemistry/Physics? Basically are they studying the really hard, demanding subjects that might benefit society as a whole?

    I doubt it. More like 17th Century Basket Weaving, or Critical Race Theory, or Carnivore Scumbag Studies.

    • Funny that innit, Technocunt?

      I studied what I like to think a ‘proper’ subject and so did plenty of my pals. Granted, we fucked about a fair bit when the opportunity, but we never got into protesting or skipping lectures to go and save the world.

      Maybe it’s also subject related?

  20. No way id tolerate this vegan bullshit.
    Fuck that.

    I was a student?
    After a gruelling day of reading and lectures?

    I’d cause fuckin mayhem in that canteen.

    MNC ” steak pie chips peas and gravy luv”

    Doris ” sorry we only do a plant food menu”

    MNC ” what like Baby Bio?
    Just get what I tell you”

    Doris ” but it’s not available anymore”

    MNC ” look Forrest Gump.
    Just fuckin get it .
    Stop fuckin about or I’ll tell them your a racist.”

    Doris ” salt an vinegar?”

    * All dinner ladies are called Doris

    • Fancy seeing you again here, MNC.

      Apparently the little Kiddywinkies at universities have stopped excessive boozing and smoking. Imagine?! During the mid-2000s whilst studying, I developed both into a fine art.

      Roll up to lectures pissed? Absolutely fine if you knew how to behave and contributed meaningfully to discussion.

      Honestly, it’s like they want to make themselves miserable. Granted, I’ve cut back on the drink and I seldom smoke these days, but still. Life’s pleasures.

      Anyway, right-wing (sorry, far-right) people are more fun. Lefties have always been sour fuckers, haven’t they?

      • I used to have lectures all Monday morning then nothing till 3pm. I’d spend 2 hours in the union bar then turn up to the 1pm lecture (maths, which I’d done at A’level so exempt) to stay with my girlfriend. I was fairly pissed by then and always fell asleep. The cunts made me do the exam at the end of the year as ‘I’d been to all the lectures’. Fuck ’em, I was the only one to get 100%. Happy days. The degree was a waste but the experience was well worth it.

  21. ‘Vivek Venkatram’- going from the name he might be a veggie for a separate reason beyond ‘climate change’.

    As others have pointed out;
    52%? Did they know what they voted for?

    Warwick must’ve changed a hell of a lot since the early noughties. I knew a very leggy (6’1” in heels) blonde who studied there, and she had a healthy appetite for pork.

    • “Vivek Venkatram”?

      I’m pretty sure that’s no. 47 on my local curry house’s menu, CP!

  22. Imagine these cunts on University Challenge and their first question.

    “What happened to Jack and Jill when they went up the hill?”

    “Um, did they go on a protest march against fossil fuels? Or were they going to hospital to re-identify their gender sexuality? Or was Jack bullying Jill in a drunken misogynist way? Perhaps Jill was black, in which case Jack was white and treating her as his slave. is that right?”

    • It’s started to resemble something like this;

      ‘Uh, like, ‘Up the Hill’ is actually a far-right dog-whistle for, like, attacking the Capitol building because, like, it’s actually on Capitol Hill. Oh my God, you’re, like, a shitty person and a Nazi. You’re pathetic. I feel really unsafe!’

    • Actually a close analytical interpretation of the text yields some answers to this vexing question;

      ‘Jill came down with half a crown, and Jack had a got a sore on his tadger’

      Clearly Jack and Jill went up the hill where an act of sexual congress occurred, resulting in a pecuniary advantage to Jill. Jack however developed a nasty little rash as a consequence.

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