Warwick University Student Union (2)

A cunting please for Warwick University Students Union. They have voted to change all their catering outlets to vegan only, which will materialise by 2027 and is the 8th student union to go vegan.

So in the space of a generation we’ve gone from complaining about no veggie only crap to now saying you can’t have anything else. And this is being done in the name of our old friend The Climate Crisis.

Oven. With meat in it please.


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81 thoughts on “Warwick University Student Union (2)

  1. That header pic – a bunch of arseholes hanging over a bridge – has reminded me of some docu-footage I saw a few years ago, (anyone else seen it or recall?) .. a bridge, in India, over a … ‘river’ (there was a small percentage of water I suppose) .. and the shot was from beneath and 50 yards out … of about two dozen Indian arses hanging out shitting (yup!) into the river below. Like animals but without any animal-like dignity.

    24 human arses shitting into the town (a shithole anyways pun unavoidable) river .. and periodically ONE would rise & exit to be replaced moments later by another crapping sphincter. .. and so on up & down the line. Middle of a standard day, the narrator mentioned. There was even an entrepreneur making bank (selling scraps of paper for the higher-class lot 🤣 to have a wipe with … less than one in ten were buying no surprise)

    Anyways. Off point or maybe a perfect macrocosm for the heading as a whole, there it is. Bear in mind that shitting-bridge (and plenty more like it I surmise) continued in operation when the camera crew had left .. all that day, then the next, and so on until today, latterly tomorrow … the day after and so on …

    The real (gross) world. Not then one those banner-wavers seem to have an inkling about ….

    (afterthought : twinned with San Francisco these days, I suppose.)

    • What’s probably worse C’em, is the shitting river was probably the sole water source for some village 3 klicks down.

      Yet, they can send rockets to the moon.
      M’tebe thought he’d got it bad, at least it’s only animal pee in his water.

      • I’d love to see ’em use that shitting-bridge footage for some of their future Charity Inc. propaganda… make M’tebes dozen plus kids work the riverbank. Or his GRANDkids, I suppose … as he must be mid twenties by now ….

  2. Morning all – bet these cunts wear leather shoes, belts, jackets etc. Bet they use transport that is powered by petrol or diesel. Bet they go on the piss and buy pints that are took to the pub in a diesel lorry, whose ingredients are taken to the brewery in a diesel powered lorry. The brewery uses gas and electric in its production method. (Bet the cunts still sneakily buy kebabs and burgers too). The cunts wear clothes that are driven to the shops by a diesel lorry etc etc etc. Now if the cunts went barefoot, only wore sackcloth, ate only locally grown fruit and veg, got rid of their mobile devices, laptops etc etc and actually were taking a degree in something that is relevant to the world today then I might – just might have a little bit of respect for their them. But no – they are the biggest load of hypocritical cunts going.
    As for India nuke the fucking shithole – it could only improve living conditions – and that would solve the climate “crisis” overnight.
    During Roman times and the Middle Ages the southern British Isles were considerably warmer than they are now – must have been all those SUV’s and 4×4’s every fucker was driving! Point is the climate has NEVER stayed the same and planet Earth has managed to survive for a few million years! As for the predictions yesterday that next year’s average temperature will rise half a degree or something – utter bollocks – the useless cunts cant’ even accurately predict the weather the next day.

  3. The good thing about these rebelling idiots, they won’t have the energy, becoming lethargic to continue demonstrations, due to being undernourished. Doctors will foolishly want to put them on a diet of Cow Pie. Medical staff should be warned to leave them to it.

  4. More parents should withdraw the rebellious cunts allowances and discontinue paying for their education, but continue to, just to be rid of them being under their feet.

  5. There was graffiti around Seattle in the early part of the 1980s THE HIPPIES WERE NOISY AND STUPID.

    Daft cunts… their parents are scratching their heads a wondering why they just didn’t use birth control instead of shelling out hard earned money so their little snowflake cunts could cunt about cunting nothing.

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