The Human Race (2)

The Human race, basically are cunts.

Look at the news right now and there are wars in eastern Europe, the Middle East; at least two there and three in Africa.

In modern history we have had two world wars and in ancient history far too many wars too mention.

Civilisations, What the fuck is civil about sacrifices. Every civilisation I can think of as at some time regarded human sacrifice as part and parcel of their civilisation. Ancient Britons, Romans, Mongols, Mayans Chinese Africans,.honestly , the list is almost endless.

Slavery pretty much the same as the above paragraph. The east Africans do not have a monopoly on creating and degrading their own kind into slavery. Britons, Romans, Slavs, Egyptians, Native Americans and many many more races have enslaved other people throughout history.

Yes The Human race has been cunts towards each other for probably forever.

In the old testament we are told the story of Noah. God was so displeased with human kind that he wiped us from the face of the earth with the exception of Noah and his family.

Basically we humans are/have been cunts to one another forever.

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    • “What a piece of work is a man, How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, In form and moving how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel, In apprehension how like a god, The beauty of the world, The paragon of animals. And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me..”

      As usual, Shakespeare gets it right. Look at the achievements of man – science, literature, poetry, music, art, philosophy, technology. Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Milton and Dante. And look also on our wars, our aggressions, our religious and ideological zealotry, our abominations and cruelties.

      It’s hard to disagree with Shakespeare. Man is a paradox.

      But there is hope, if the right sorts prevail. At the moment it’s the wrong sorts that seem to have the upper hand.

  1. Good cunting.

    And all I can add to that is how fortunate I am to have been born in a relatively civilised first-world country, not had to witness any kind of major military conflict/war, earned a decent living in a decent home with access to all the basic needs and commodities we so take for granted.

    As for the future? Couldn’t give a fuck. I don’t have kids, so that’s a bonus in one respect. But for parents with kids, well all I can say is OMG, are they going to face a shitfest of a lifetime ahead of them.

    I just hope there’s no afterlife! Wouldn’t want to come back as M’tebee, still walking miles to the nearest water well in some African shithole, or worse, coming back as Owen Jones’ bastard love child!

    • Good Morning TC,

      I would add to that we have been born in relatively peaceful times, at least in Western Europe and the U.S. . We have not had to go through the horrors of the 20th century world wars and the vast majority of us have lived in peace for the last 80 or so years.

      The problem with the human race now is that we cannot stop breeding. The elephant in the room is that this wonderful planet is trying to support at least double the number of people it can. The developed world has largely stopped doing that as birth rates are well down but in Africa and other areas it is well up. I suspect we might have seen the best of it.

      I agree about the afterlife, apart from wanting to see my dogs again, fuck everything else .

      • If dogs can’t go to Heaven, then I want to go where they went. You are Will Rogers and I claim my five pounds.

  2. You people are terrible, it’s lucky I’m just a visitor to your planet. I only stopped off for a pint of milk and some tunnock teacakes.

    I engaged my ship cloaking device, saw a most welcoming site.. A pub. Many hours later forgot where I parked..
    Been here ever since..

  3. We were never meant to have been so successful.

    We’re animals after all.

    By design we are meant to be scavenging apes in small packs.

    But we boomed in population, eradicated most large predators,
    Devised medicines that beat most natural illnesses,
    And even manipulate our own environment to suit.

    We’re victims of our own success.

    They’ll be something along sooner or later that hits the reset button.

    The Black Death was good for population control.

    Something to look forward to?

    • Quote – “By design we are meant to be scavenging apes in small packs”

      As soon as you mentioned that I had a subliminal image of some London borough like Peckham, Wandsworth of Lewisham

      • Speaking of which,
        Wandsworth’s rasta poet and BBC darling Benjamin Zephaniah has carked it.

        Sorry ‘ professor’ Benjamin.
        Honourary of course.

        BBC making him sound like a black Jesus!!

        The cunt was a vegan
        Didn’t help him live past 65yrs.
        So much for the health benefits of meat dodging.

        A absolute lazy piss taking cunt in my book.

        Never did a day’s work in his life.

      • Apparently he became a vegan when he was 11. Obviously he was a kind, sensitive soul. Except that he used to slap around a girlfriend in his 20s/30s, by his own admission. Not a saint after all then?

        Never heard of him before yesterday.

      • Anyone would have thought he was Shakespeare, Milton, Keats and Wordsworth rolled into one from the MSM woke eulogising. In fact he was a mediocre novelty poet, a scribbler of bad light verse in Peckham Pidgin.

        Is it cos he’s black? Or “was” I should say. He’s a shade of puce now.

      • He was just part of a pattern. Another example; “George the Poet.” Look up his stuff if you want to be amused. Or perhaps horrified.

    • Benjamin Zephaniah was the second black person I remember having seen on TV, possibly third.

      Floella Benjamin was the first. The other contender for second was Gary Willmot.

      • I suspect two reasons why few cunters knew of him;

        A) Poetry
        B) He was on children’s/school programming quite frequently in the eighties, although I don’t remember him making appearances on general TV. Perhaps a slot with Humpty and Tom Paulin on The Late Review?

  4. The (majority of) people are thick, entitled cunts. I know, I deal with them on a daily basis and I’m not keen on them, and, it’s getting worse.

    Good cunting.

    • Think of the money. I wouldn’t blame you for dumping bodies every time you pass a big site.

      Concrete delivery today, lads?

  5. We are like all other animals – we fight over territory. Can I now have my sociology PhD, please?

  6. A strange nomination for a website where everyone at one time has advocated that undesirables should be……

    Cooked in an oven.
    Boiled in horse piss.
    Hung by piano wire from lampposts.
    Fed through bark stripping machines (feet first).
    Machine gunned in dinghies.
    Blown up.
    Analy raped.
    Etc… Etc…..

    I can’t work out what is being suggested.

    Perhaps is-a-niceperson.

    Where we should all love and respect others.
    Maybe sort out our differences over a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.

  7. This sounds like a load of self pitying snowflake bullshit to me. The strong prey on the weak, that’s the way it’s always been. The answer is don’t be one of the weak ducky. Know your enemy and be prepared.

    • Hopefully that John Belushi looking cunt they’ve elected in Argentina will get cocky and try for the Falklands!

      Then we can have some action of our own.

      • Seriously, can you see Wishi Washi or Starmzy sending a task force down there. That was forty years ago mate, we are too fucking weak and every cunt knows it.
        Here’s my idea……fuck Rwanda, never going to happen……..send all the immos down to the Falklands. Then when Johnny Argie invades he’s stuck with all the p*ncing cunts. You’ve gotta think outside the box!

      • Press gang every immo who has arrived in the last five years , stick on barges around the Falklands and let the argies have firing practice.
        Cheaper than the 240 million for rwanda.

      • When the Venezuelans invade Guyana I can’t see the Suntan billionaire sending the fleet to sort Maduro out. I’m sure he’ll take in plenty of displaced Commonwealth subjects though.

      • It’s just been revealed that the government have given Rwanda a further £100million.
        That makes a total, so far, of £240million.
        For a maximum of 200 migrants…
        That’s £1.2million per migrant.
        And we have to take an unspecified number of Rwandans in return…
        Next year they’ve been promised an extra £50million.
        These Tories really must think we were born yesterday.
        I despair.

      • Save on the ridiculous fuel cost for jetting them off to Rwanda – and only a few hundred at a time – and store them in Wales and Northern Ireland, near ports. Both countries are subsidised by the English and could start ‘paying their way’ by hosting the boat-boys.

        Use the same contractor Amazon use to build its monstrous ‘fulfillment centres’, with some basic amenities. Cheaper than putting them up in hotels.

        Rwanda is one of the stupidest things i’ve heard from this government and almost designed to fail.

  8. I was conceived due to father being on compassionate leave from the last war. A War Baby. I became uncompassionate towards certain cunts.

  9. Since we lived in caves when we saw some other cunts we didn’t like the look of off we went to knock fuck out of them.

    Politicians particularly but also rich people with fancy cars etc like to pretend that’s all a thing of the past.

    It isn’t,human behaviour is hard wired and cannot change.

    After all,it’s why Admiral Lord Nelson liked killing the French so much.

  10. The human race is a virus.

    Swarming across poor patient, Earth.

    We’ll have our day.

    Then Mother Nature will fuck us off in gruesome fashion.

    Big mistake, fucking with Mother Nature.

    She bites back big.

    Speaking of fucking.

    Last night, I dreamt that I was pounding the youngest SIL doggie style. 💪💪💪

    I had her ample tits cupped in my hands.

    All soft and warm, with rock hard nipples.💋

    I awoke feeling extremely warm.👍

    Good morning.

  11. AS MNC says we are just a bunch of intelligent apes. We still have the pack instinct. Somewhere along the line we became intelligent and that has helped restrain some of us. But the aggressive instinct is still there and will show itself at the slightest provocation.

    I blame the obelisk in 2001 a Space Odyssey. When it came to Earth it chose the wrong species to make intelligent. As soon as it touched humans they started clubbing the hell out of each other. It should have chosen dolphins instead.

    • Dolphins can be cunts as well.

      They hunt in packs and can completely wipe out a ‘bait ball’ of sardines.

      They have also been know to disembowel sharks with their noses by swimming at them full pelt.

      I don’t trust the flippery fuckers.

      • Fair point AC. Is there any animal life that is not, to some degree, aggressive or predatory? Perhaps the 2001AD monolith should have chosen plant life instead? A rose bush, for instance.

      • Cadbury’s Roses are crap now.

        One – fucking one – Brazil Caramel in an entire tub of the bastards. Loads of shitty strawberry creams though.

        And the little mini bars of DaIry Milk and Bournville have been axed and all. Sod that.

      • I don’t like Dolphins, simply because they are a beloved favourite of hippies and new age cunts. And I hate anything to do with hippies of any kind.

        And the way cunts wet themselves over Dolphins making clicking and whistling noises. So what? We had a Budgie that could do telephone rings, sing the old Doctor Who theme and say ‘Fuck off City’ (I taught it that one). Fucking great that Budgie was, RIP.

      • My late father had a terrible habit with tubs of Roses and Quality Street. He would go through the tin squashing them until he found the hard ones he liked. All that was left was a tin of squashed strawberry creams.

      • My mother-in-law once had a budgie. Her husband was combing his hair in the mirror before going out one evening, and asked
        “How does it look?”
        The budgie replied
        “It’s a bleeder!”

    • Good point MMCM.
      However, average IQ levels in the West are now in freefall as we regress to our primordial origins. There will surely come a time when 2001 A Space Odyssey will be shown with the opening sequence at the end.

      • As played out daily on the streets of Tottenham and Peckham, Geordie. If Kubrick was making 20001AD today he could have saved himself some trouble for those opening sequences by just filming some live action footage in Tottenham.

      • Noel Gallagher is back to being a cunt again.

        He said the great 2001 was ‘one of the worst films of all time.’
        Probably too hard for the thick cunt to understand. I bet he’s one of those: ‘But… But it has no story! What’s that ending about?’ You can take the man out of Burnage…..

      • Reminds me MMCM, I was alone in a lift in the shopping centre in Tottenham one day. The doors opened and a young black couple stepped in. As soon as the doors were closed she gave him a punch to the side of the head which I think would have knocked me unconcious. He caught my eye, gave a little laugh and said; “We’re just having a little domestic mate.”

      • It wasn’t Bianca Williams was it arfur?

        “I told you to put that blunt out and stick to 20 Ricardo!”

        Followed by that suck-teeth noise.

      • 2001: A Space Odyssey is definitely a cunt test.

        Noel Gallagher channeling Karl Pilkington?

  12. You can add hubris to the list. What kind of species is it that imagines that by changing its own lifestyle and making itself poorer, colder and hungry it can alter the Earth’s climate?
    And most of the certifiable idiots who believe that shit are the cunts in charge.

  13. My visits to the high street seem to show this cunting to be bang on the money. However, on further thought, we need to invent a new categoty of super-cunt, and another for some rstwhlie cunts who actually do not retain the intelligence to reach the lofty heights of being a cunt. Super-cunts and festering-cunts might be appropriate labels.

    Cunts cunted on this most excellent and praiseworthy site would, henceforth be super-cunts (Is a Super Cunt). The gibbering druggie/alcohol crazed zombie scum that shamble around town, and the Lib Dems (obvs), would be known as festering cunts. Meanwhile we cunters could relax once more, safe in the knowledge that we are merely cunts. The erudite cream of society.

    Given all of the above – or some similar re-categorization, I would be happy to endorse this cunting.

  14. While pondering the human race this morning, it suddenly came to me……

    I want to smash Susanna Reid over the Good Morning Britain news desk.

    • Funny, after every time I have a shot of iron (every Thursday), I get the stonking horn 24 hours later. Good job I’m not in with all those lovely nurses today then.

  15. Planet of the Apes is still totally ace.
    The Chuck Heston original, of course. Not that ‘reimagined’ CGI bollocks.
    Linda Harrison as Nova is also always a big bouns.

    ‘You cut out his brain, you bloody baboon!’

    • I found that lobotomy reveal fucking terrifying when saw it as a child.

      Fortunately I didn’t develop an irrational fear of Orangutans, or I would’ve missed out on one of the greatest films ever made.

      (clue: it’s neither of the Every Which Way… films)

  16. Agent Smith summed up the human race quite nicely in “The Matrix”.

    “I’d like to share a revelation I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to another area, and you multiply, and you multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.”

    Says it all really. Bring on the asteroid!

    • Another thing about movies … disaster movies specifically … have cunts tripping over themselves to save the world (or ; as with the various orange-hi-viz cunt brigades) .. save it FOR THE HUMAN (disg)RACE to continue raping, pillaging & destroying … none of them ever take pause to consider “Is the human race (as a whole) WORTH being saved/allowed continue?”

      The end of Armageddon, specifically, is coming to mind … Bruce Willis & Ben Affleck practically arguing about who gets to be the one to stay behind on the asteroid to manually set off the bomb to destroy said asteroid …

      Bruce ‘wins’ out … and as he waits for Affleck & whoever else to fuck off away, .. it doesn’t seem to occur to him that if the thing works, then every bit of suffering down the line over the future years/decades/centuries/millennia… would thereafter be facilitated by him!

      Different movie if I was one of the few still on the thing. Bluff the rest away , then while their escape vessel lifts off, zoom in on CuntemAll breaking the detonater in half.


      FUCK the species overall. It has well and truly shit the bed and is getting only worse in every negative aspect.

      p.s. I’d like to save all the NON human creatures from this current hell-for-them , … but there’s no hope ; as long as people exist, their lives will for the most part be subjugation & cruelty. Doomed to extinction , they might as well go today. Why breed another few thousand of anything any more – it’s just another few thousand of them who shall have to die(or be purposely killed by humans for jollies)before the inevitable.

      On a weekly basis, at least, I think about what the planet would be like hadcthe curse of homo-whateverthefuck (nor any subsequent substitutes) had ever arisen…


      My favourite cunting to date….

      • Th remake/re-adaption of The Day The Earth Stood Still (it was based on a short story – Farewell to the Master)
        does have Klaatu spare some of the non-human life prior to using Gort to level human civilisation by the ‘grey-goo’ scenario.

        This destruction is mostly averted by using John Cleese to play Bach for the alien and Jennifer Connelly to demonstrate humans’ love for one another. It’s all a bit Hollywood at the end, although not without the compromise of Klaatu agreeing to switch off his nano-machines but doing so neutralise most human machinery and systems as a result.

        The film was lambasted for changes to the original (which is stupid as it was an adaptation itself) and some of the acting, although it sends up films like Armageddon and human hubris in general by making the military-industrial complex impotent.

  17. We are destroying the planet, so we must be cunts

    The Sub Humans need to be culled.

    There will be a world war, a war to end all wars.

  18. We were fine, way back before the Annunaki decided they needed workers to mine their gold….

    It was when they messed around with our genes that it all went wrong.

    The Neanderthals and their forebears were eventually wiped about by the genetically modified Homo sapiens..

    Some say the bigfoots, Sasquatch and more modern variants of the sand people and dark keys today are as a result of the initial failed experiments by the Annunnaki.

    Who knows, but it’s no worse a story to explain the shite that goes on now than anything else I read, see or hear….

  19. It’s no wonder aliens never land. One look at the basket case that is Earth and off they go.

  20. Despite being an atheist, I’m not a humanist.

    Humans are simply lucky. To put an even bigger dampner on any Star Trek-type human exceptionalism, read Sagan’s Dragons of Eden and Prof. John Gray’s Straw Dogs.

    I think I was twleve or something when I decide humans should be renamed ‘Space Apes’, and yet much of the space is being explored by robots rather than ourselves.

    Of all the guestsI listened to on that Radio 2 ‘What makes us Human’, the only one I thought had the right attitude was Alexei Sayle.

  21. I guess this is the cunting to end them all huh?

    My thoughts:

    Liberal: Someone who thinks the human race is basically good.

    Leftist: Someone who thinks they are the best of the human race and have a right to rule and control.

    Conservative: Someone who knows the human race is basically no good and needs checks and balances on human nature. See also Realist; Cynic.

    Human Being: Base nature is selfish, self serving, self promoting, and all ‘round CUNT.

  22. Oh well.

    Come the turn of the 22nd century there could be almost 10 billion people on this planet, most of them living in the UK. And yet the do-gooders would still say “Britain isn’t doing enough!”

    Of course by then the plebs will be locked away in 110 storey blocks of flats, There will be no central heating of course; and heat pumps still won’t work very well on blocks of flats. Therefore the 5000 residents in each block will just have to freeze to death in order to continue saving the planet, despite Net Zero failing miserably.

    The plebs won’t be allowed to use/own cars, or eat meat, or smoke/drink. The plebs will only be able ot watch TV if they’ve accumulated enough social credit points. They might even get to vote and/or spend at least 1 hour per day outside of their home.

    Plebs will be chip and pinned to know their whereabouts. If they do anything unlawful like wave an England flag or mention a hurty word in public or private, they will be tasered remotely.

    The Covid enquiry will still be ongoing, and Katie Price will still try to convince people she is fuckable even though she will be 140 years old!

    Yep, if you thought the 21st century was going down the pan, just wait for the 22nd century! Although of course by which time we’ll all be dead – which has to be a blessing!

    • ‘God was so displeased with human kind that he wiped us from the face of the Earth’?
      And whose fault would that be? If he’s perfect like the religious types keep telling us, he’d have got it right first time. And if he’s all-knowing, he would have known he wasn’t perfect and he was going to fuck it up. I’m amazed at the mental gymnastics you need to be capable of believing this shit.
      Which reminds me of Michael Johnson, newly-elected speaker of the US house of representatives, who stated words to the effect that if anyone wanted to know why he did anything, they should read the bible. Which tells me he’s a fucking loony who should never be allowed anywhere near a position of power.

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