Antisemitism – A Tale of Two Countries

Ever since 7/10 and the cold blooded murder of around 1400 Jews, the British government, the British Met Police, the British Media and a good deal of the British population seem to see antisemitism as something to be relished rather than denounced.

The Met police in particular seem to take the side of Hamas/Palestine and its supports if the recent street demos are anything to go by, with very few arrests for antisemitism or hate crime against Jews. Even the government appear to share the same view, and any descension is immediately dealt with, as Suella Braverman soon found for speaking the truth.

Compare and contrast with France, where the country has the third largest Jewish population after Israel and the USA. The French government and its metro police are of one mind and deal with antisemitism in no uncertain terms, arresting hundreds of pro-Pally, anti-Israel supporters for public hate crime.

Almost 50 French citizens were killed in the Hamas attacks in 7/10, but despite this young French students still support Hamas rather than show any sympathy for its own people killed in the terror attacks.

Even though the contrast of protests of the two countries is very similar, how they are dealt with is widely different. Britain opts for the softly softly approach, preferring instead to criticise/arrest supporters of Israel and/or the so-called “far right”; while in France they literally stick the boot in against anyone charged with antisemitism, and they don’t give two shits what their media or any Libtard group think otherwise.

Yes, the French can be cunts at times, but on this occasion they really do show us up for being Angleterre Surrender Monkeys.


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  1. Excellent post, TC…one assumes that, despite Macron the granny shagger being Klaus’s chum, the globalists haven’t reached their tentacles quite as deep into the frog politicians nest as they have into ours.

    Also, the site is completely back to normal on my Android phone…hooray!

  2. A quick internet search shows that as well as France, pro-Palestine demonstrations were banned by the governments of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Switzerland and Bulgaria immediately after the 7/10 pogroms.
    Our ‘government’ is pathetic.

    • You’re being very generous there I feel Geordie. I would use a much more pejorative term than pathetic.

  3. Muslims are brought up as anti-semites and we are infested with the cunts. Remember that oily little cricketer who was called a hurty word, allegedly, 12 years ago and used it to destroy Yorkshire Cricket. Despite being on record as an anti-semite. The labour party and , ridiculously, the woke are also pro Palestinian.
    Israel is not above censure. They need to sort out their settlers in the West Bank for a start.
    But, Hamas are no different to the rest of the muslim terror groups. Vile scum who should be, and hopefully, will be destroyed. Fuck Gaza.
    Without Israel the whole of the middle East would be warring muslim factions, murdering at will.
    Nobody seems to pick up on the fact that Egypt wont let the fuckers in.

  4. Are these tanned gentlemen unfamilar with the countries they’re in?

    Or is the problem that they’re all too familar?

  5. Spot on TC.

    Watching our police “force” and political class enrol at the Neville Chamberlain school of Outstanding Cowardice has been quite the eye opener over the last decade or so.

    What do these cunts think will happen if they keep it up?

    It’ll all blow over?

    It fucking won’t,it will get much,much worse,large parts of the country are filled with hate filled Stanley vermin who want Israel destroyed and anyone who supports the Jews dead.

    The French(and others) have something like the right approach,just ban the fuckers..although I’d prefer to let them march to expose the worst elements of the extremist cunts to a very hardline anti terrorist paramilitary unit,who would simply grab the shite off the streets and make them disappear forever.

    • It’s also worth mentioning that if the police are at best perceived as powerless or worse,seemingly encouraging antisemitic violence,the desecration of war memorials etc then it won’t come as a surprise when stopping the cunts is taken completely out of their hands.

      Rainbow badges and kneeling won’t sort that out.

    • I think you’re right, Unkle, that they hope it will “blow over”, which is just the kind of deluded, fence sitting reaction I have come to expect and loathe.

      If there was an option on the ballot paper to bomb the HoP and all it’s members, I’d tick that.

      This kind of “not taking sides, remaining impartial” will not serve the UK well (especially as the supposed impartiality has a bias) and there will be a reckoning in days to come.

      Nothing further from me, apart from thank you to Admin for managing to sort the site out.

    • A dislike of Israel doesn’t correlate to a hatred of Jews nor a warm embrace of the muslim hordes.Hamas factions were created by the US Neocons with Israel and Palestinians, regardless of their hideous religious proclivities, don’t deserve the satanic shit that’s bearing down on them.Israel will be going down eventually and good riddance.Zionism is satanism.

  6. There seems to be no end to the UK’s appeasement of mudslimes.

    All this palaver about flying immigrants to Rwanda is just a smokescreen.

    A load of tommyrot.

    Our glorious leaders and those that give them their orders, are in reality welcoming in lots of lovely cheap labour.

    They’re also importing a Civil War.

    Four star โญโญโญโญ hotels for all.

    Remember 9/11 ?

    The Gazan cunts were dancing in the streets.

    Well they’re not dancing now.

    Are they ?

    It must be frightening for Jews living in this country.

    Go Israel ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

    Wipe the cunts out.

    Good afternoon.

      • They are medieval barbaric cunts, how much more evidence is required, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, Hamasโ€ฆ.

        All these fucking Pro Palestine idiots should go and live in these backward countries to immerse themselves in the Islamic culture.

      • Sorry, I meant Arfurbrain, not SIT.

        Good link SIT. It’s amazing how many people need reminding of the horrors that sparked this conflict.

      • Nah, it’s a long way to the Red Sea from Gaza MMCM. Much handier to sweep the low life into the Med and just as effective.

    • Where the bleedin ell ave you been?

      Had LL sick with worry.

      Think on.

      * Glad your back๐Ÿ‘

      • To paraphrase the great Harold Steptoe,

        Gaza and its inhabitants are morally, spiritually and physically,
        a festering fly blown heap of accumulated filth.

  7. Agree. Top post and massive worry that our government, plod appear to have gone so far off the blooming scale when it appears to want to appease what is clearly wrong.. FFS 1200 people murdered brutally and they still can’t call a fucking terrorist cunt for what he is.

    • The Millenial perma woke generation believe everything they read on a tik tok post or ‘what my friend said’ – no independent thought, research, reading of history ‘books’ or god forbid, opening your ears to a different opinion.
      You is disrespectin’ me bro.
      You are ‘triggering’ me – I need a safe space and your opinion needs to be cancelled.
      This is what todays vegan non-binary ‘education’ system is turning out.
      God help us all….

  8. Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon) is the only target for the heroic Met Fatsos. This is because he far-right and is against David Dukes, Owin Jawnes, Red Ken,and Jez Corbinn’s apparent anti-semitic/pro terrorist – rapist – baby murdering position. Of course, the Holocaust was grossly exaggerated. Only far-right extremist colonialists like the transgender black politician Winny Churchill would believe that far right extremist Nazis would set out to systematically murder every Jew in Europe. Seig Heil, Englander pig-dogs. ..Fuckensie Offen.

  9. Excellent and heartbreaking nom. But true. The French have got this right. And they generally take a tough line against Muslims and anti-semitism even banning the Burka. In this country one has the impression that itโ€™s run for the benefit of Mudslimes and their genocidal anti- semitism is tolerated.

    I wonder if itโ€™s because in this country we have never had real viscous anti- semitism, unlike France and Germany. At least we never had it until the arrival of Mudslimes and woke. So we donโ€™t know how to deal with it and fail to take it seriously.

    • What’s more, by the time they even begin to think about taking it seriously it’ll be far to late. Plus, any feasible measures will be shouted down by the incredibly intelligent left wing who would cheerfully support the mudslimes while they’re having their heads sawn off.

      • I understand there were pogroms in Britain in the late 1100s. Persecution of the Jews was a thing throughout the middle ages. Grandpa Corbinn’s streetfighters are just the latest example.

      • In the 1100’s, yes. Longshanks expelled the Jews from England. They were invited back, ironically, by arch-Puritan Oliver Cromwell. Since then there has been next to no vicious anti-semitism in England. Nothing of the viciousness previously seen in France, Germany and Russia.

  10. The term ‘Cheese-eating surrender monkeys’ sounds more pathetic than ever, especially given our ridiculous head of state and the moribund cunts in the HoL.

    Forget lions led by donkeys, ours is a
    country of swine led by reptiles.

    Vlad has nothing to fear.

  11. Remember any of you cu ts vote for the Islamic Liebore Party, you get what you deserve.
    What the fuck happened to the n??

  12. Its all down to the political will to face these thugs down.

    In years to come Sunak and his spineless government will be the compared to Neville Chamberlains ‘peace for our time’ and his appeasement of Hitler. Its clear some of these cunts need reminding of what happened next.

  13. How many of these cunts were demonstrating over Yemen, a big fat zero, there is no fucking interest when rag heads are killing rags heads (the more the better) itโ€™s only a problem when infidels are killing the cunts and especially the Jew.

    From the river to the sea, Israel will be free ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Message to Hezbollah, you are fucking next!

  14. One problem here is people associating the average red sea pedestrian as an extension of that shithouse Netanyahoohoo and his war funding brethren in the US, Israel has also behaved abominably in this latest conflict, there is no higher ground.

    But you have to take into the account the leftards are so ass backwards that whatever their herd says is wrong, is wrong, without questioning their actions.
    One day the cancer of modern Left will eat itself but the preceding years will cause immense damage.

    • Yes CM, but if you will poke a sleeping tigger with a stick, you must surely expect to be torn apart.

      • True JP but that’s part of my concern.

        Sticks on one side ICBM’s on the other – not exactly a level playing field and this shit has been going on for years, and will continue to do so!

      • Max@

        I’d give Israel fuckin deathrays if they promised to atomise Palestine with them.

        Nothing cheers me up more than seeing Arabs throwing stones being shot up the arse.๐Ÿ˜

      • Israel have excellent death rays,they’re encased inside nuclear missiles,at least 200 of the buggers apparently.

        One of the main reasons I suspect the Mad Mullahs in Iran have told Hezbollah to keep things on the back burner…

        If Israel faced another Yom Kippur War there would be a lot of glow in the dark Arabs in short order.

        Very Good.

      • They should of used them the other month.

        I would see it as justified.

        They should bomb the shit out of Hamas.

        Then bomb them again.

    • You can’t compare Israel to Hamas. Hamas uses rape as an instrument of terror. If an Israeli soldier is caught raping a Palestinian they will be tried and imprisoned. That’s the difference between the two sides in a nutshell. Barbarity vs civilisation.

  15. York.

    York’s got a unenviable record on the subject of antisemitism.

    1190ad Vernon Fox’s ancestors hepped up on rumours and conspiracy killed 150 Jews.

    Jews have always had issues in Europe.

    Not sure why?

    They aren’t visibly that different?
    Don’t tend to shoplift?

    Ok there’s the nose thing.
    But they can’t help that.
    And they’re tight as fuck with money.
    But so are the Scots.

    Maybe it’s because they run Hollywood?๐Ÿ˜

    • It’s because we’re not flagrantly excessive, we’ve got it, we just don’t flaunt it, like jewels and atom bombs.

      • Hehehe ๐Ÿ˜„
        Thanks for clearing that up for me JP.

        Hey JP,
        I sometimes have to work near strangeways prison,
        Fuckin right shithole,
        But near there is a Jewish area.

        You see Jewish kids wearing the yarmulke skull caps,
        And Jewish blokes with these sort of cowboy hats?

        But the ones that fascinate me are these massive hats,
        Like tractor tyres covered in fur,
        Fuckin massive they are!
        Couldn’t get through a doorway wearing one.

        What’s the deal with them?

      • Not noticed any dreadlocks,
        But can’t miss the hats!
        Say hats more like landmarks than hats.

        Why don’t they just wear a cowboy hat like the others?

        Fuckin showoffs.

      • After a hard day’s work, kick your shoes off put your hat on the floor, instant foot-rest.

      • Ultra Orthodox Hassidim. The costumes are throwback to 19th century Poland where the sect originated. I like the cowboy hat style though.

      • Evening MCMM.๐Ÿ‘

        Yes I quite like the cowboy hat too.

        Orthodox Jews have beards like mine and look like Yosemite Sam in a cowboy hat.

        But those furry tyre things are totally impractical.

  16. How long before we have our own Gaza? Possibly Luton? Maybe the lefties will allow them to shelter in our hospitals and schools, set up giving pages on social media with Grandpa Corbyn as their patron Saint, who in their right mind sympathizeโ€™s with terrorists? Israel are no angels, they are bullies but at least they have something to offer and seem to turn out professional people unlike the rag heads who just turn out Human garbage.!

      • I cultivate the slightly demented, about to disembowel you, look for a purpose.

        It stops the scatters and jakeys trying to tap you for a fag or a quid, if they think they may die much sooner than expected.

      • Larry David is my favourite. A right clever, and funny, cunt. A latter day Groucho. Doesn’t stop me having him in DP though!

      • I found Larry David and Curb your enthusiasm by happy accident.

        I binge watched about 10 episodes in a night.

        A very funny man.
        A coward
        A skinflint
        A hypochondriac

        Brilliant ๐Ÿ‘

      • Me an all Mis.

        It must have been around 6 or 7 series old when I watched an episode one evening.

        The one where Steve Coogan (of all people) played a quack psychologist I think.

        Laugh out loud funny.

        Larry is a proper cunt. Gets annoyed at the same type of shit that annoys me.
        The Mrs reckons she sees a bit of Larry’s attitude in my own when we’re out and about.
        I think she’s maybe right

    • Larry David looks and behaves in a way very similar to a mate of my dad’s, but he isn’t Jewish.

  17. “Antisemitism” seems to thrive in left wing circles and echo chambers.

    Just as “islamophopbia” seems to thrive in right wing echo chambers you would argue.

    For example – LBC favourite, James O’Brien’s monotonous monologues regarding Israel Palestine seem to attract hostility towards Israel and Jewish folk in the comments section.

    Israel – evil
    Palestine – good

    The left love Islam as we all know.

    We all know that the left are hard of thinking as well.

    They just love to patronise those they perceive as victims. Often because they’re sanctimonious dimwits. Or “dhimmi” wits (if you catch my drift. Clueless cunts is all they are.

    A phobia of Islam is a perfectly normal and rational human response.

    • Evening Herman ๐Ÿ‘

      I agree with you,
      But I wonder why?

      Why is the left so smitten with Islam?

      War like
      A throwback of superstition

      Things the Left espouse to hate.

      • Erm, because they’re thick as pig shit?
        Hive mentality, what one does/ thinks/ says, the drones follow.

  18. He did have a club foot and was a short arse, not exactly a good specimen of the Ayrian race….!

    • Something else he had in common with Owen Jones! Not the club foot, obvs.

  19. Joe the cripple was a true believer.

    As a Aryan ideal he didn’t measure up.

    Cripple, weak, little.

    As a propagandist he was top of the pack.

    You ever see a photo of Goebbels he’s not smiling.
    They weren’t known for a sense of humour.

      • I wouldn’t of made it either 20.

        “Tuck that shirt in!!!”

        Gravy stains on Hugo boss.

  20. Not to worry, the IDF are very close to pumping the Mediterranean sea into the Hamas terrorist tunnels, flush the Islamic rats out at then slaughter the twats… the hostage’s however are history…!

  21. OT…. Erik Ten Hag claims that friends tried to talk him out of taking the Manchester United manager’s job.

    I only wish they succeeded, you useless negative bald cunt.

    • Erik Ten Twat is acting all Billy Big Bollocks by banning various papers from Old Trafford.

      Someone should tell the cunt that you can only act like that if you have won some trophies, are unsackable, and are actually a big time manager like Fergie, Mourinho or Wenger.

      Piss poor Dave Sexton impressions and winning fuck all does not count, Baldy.

  22. Somebody called Benjamin Zephaniah has croaked.
    The Beebscum are wetting themselves and referring to him as a ‘Major force in British history’. He was, of course, black.

    Only thing is, I have never heard of the bloke.

    But the BBC will be telling us he split the atom, wrote the 1812 Overture, directed Psycho, broke the four minute mile, and invented nanotechnology.

    • I saw a bit on the news about him Norman, truly nauseating the over the top eulogisng. Another black ‘icon’ that almost no blacks have heard of.

      • Hardly Bob Marley or Marvin Gaye, is he Liberal?

        Mind you, the BBC do this with every black person nowadays.
        There was this Radio 1/TOTP presenter in the 80s called Dixie Peach. Nothing special, just a black lad who was briefly doing both. But BBC4 did a doc about him, making out he was the first black radio and TV presenter, and like he was some sort of pioneer. Absolute bollocks.

    • He was on a lot of programmes for school chidren in the ’80s.

      I knew of him before I knew of Lenny Henry.

      As for ‘Major force in British history’.

      Uhh… no.

      A major force in British history would be the requirements of wood and cotton mills, farms etc. to supply the Royal Navy with raw materials under Henry VIII. Arguably the world’s first ‘military industrial complex’.

  23. Dickie the Lionheart should have wiped the bastards out during the crusades.
    Imagine how better the world would be without Islam?
    A lot of people would still be alive, I know that….

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