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Here we go again, more boys will be girls and girls will be boys nonsense. This time it’s North Hertfordshire Museum rewriting history and declaring Roman Emperor Elagabalus to have been transgender.

An ancient Roman chronicler accused Elagabalus of being a splitarse, a well-known insult of the time. Historians say it was probably just a case of character assassination. But the Lib Dem and Labour wokeists who run Hitchin Council (advised by Stonewall) are creaming themselves, and henceforth the Museum will refer to Elagabalus using female pronouns.

The museum contains artefacts from Alexandra the Great, Matilda the Hun, Julia Caesar (I came, I saw, I took it up the arse) and leader of the Norma invasion, Willamina the Conqueror, who defeated Queen Harold at the Battle of Hastings when Harold was hit in the eye by a flying handbag.

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Nominated by Geordie Twatt.

More on this historical bullshit from Sam Beau below.

It is said that history is written by the victors.

These days it would appear that the LGBQWERTIES want to re-write that history and, I think, they will never stop until everything is aligned with their own viewpoint (on which they cannot agree between the various splinter groups themselves anyway).

So, I would like to nominate North Hertfordshire Museum.
It is to relabel its display about a Roman emperor after concluding that he was, in fact … yep, you guessed it, a trans woman.

Yes, apparently they will now refer to emperor Elagabalus with the female pronouns of `she` and `her`.

It comes after classical texts claim the emperor once said “Call me not Lord, for I am a Lady”.

A museum spokesperson said it was “… only polite and respectful to be sensitive to identifying pronouns for people in the past”.

Basically, I think he was he was just a rather fruity emperor – and they got rid of him for knowing what was in his flowerbeds.

Oh, and look out for Harriet`s Wall if you ever visit Northumberland.

57 thoughts on “North Hertfordshire Museum, Hitchin

  1. it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a tranny.
    bloody Romans.

    I’ve never forgiven them for invading this country.

    Some ducky types approve of them.

    ” aqueducts, hot bathes, mosaics, sandals, straight roads, Latin , blah blah.

    fuck that .
    I want reparations.
    and the roads put back how they were.

    spaghetti eating, frock wearing deviants.

    Carpe Jugulum 🖕

    • Morning Miserable.

      Its no kimono of course but I think JP would have appreciated a toga.

      • morning LL👍

        Oh yes indeed!
        first in line for a toga JP!

        haggling on Sheffield market with the Romans.

      • Are you two taking my name in vain again?

        I’ve actually got a question about this extraordinary revelation from Hitchin.

        Does anyone, except the museum people, actually give a crap?

      • I like to imagine JP as being like Mickey out of Rocky. I hope he doesn’t take offence to that it’s meant as a compliment.

        Get up you sonofabitch. Mickey loves ya!

    • Morning Miserable. Don’t let the loony councils get hold of your idea! The M1 will be down to one lane with blind bends in a flash.

    • No shortage of bummers and other deviants amongst Roman royalty. Emperor Galba much mocked by his soldiers for preferring to be the “taker” rather than “giver” in a gay pair, and generally acting the housewife.

  2. Well it’s hardly the Victoria and Albert museum..

    Has a good coffee shop apparently.. someone recommended the carrot cake..
    But full of dusty old shit..

  3. “The museum contains artefacts from Alexandra the Great, Matilda the Hun, Julia Caesar (I came, I saw, I took it up the arse) and leader of the Norma invasion, Willamina the Conqueror, who defeated Queen Harold at the Battle of Hastings when Harold was hit in the eye by a flying handbag”
    Nice one Geordie.Fucking hilarious 😆😆

    • But to balance things up a bit, Livia was a really bloke.

      Good morning, everyone.

  4. Do you think that’s funny, centurion?
    Is there anything amusing in my name?
    Biggus Clitoris.

    Instead of veni, vidi, vici, it could be a vidi, vicii, veni.

    • And Julius Caesar, named after the American pizza chain, was bummed to death by Phallus Erectus.

    • Dont bring that dead Swedish cuntbinto this.

      Sorry, thought you meant Avicii.

      Sammy Scheidt loved his music.

  5. Good Morning

    I was born and raised in Hertfordshire, I am rather ashamed to admit that now.

  6. these cunts must jack off on what they are going to think next.
    when our Islamic brothers take over the Liebore party this bollocks will be a thing of the past.
    why is this format so shit, no automatic capitals at the beginning of a new paragraph.

  7. Just as bad, I read yesterday about some Caribbean w og flat-dick thanking Chuck Battenberg over his appreciation that her claim for slavery compensation is valid. Somewhere north of £4 trillions for her small, palm fringed drugs, rape and murder academy alone. She commendably added that it’s not the kind of sum that can be handed over at once or over even five or ten years. She’s very kindly agreed to a long payment plan. I know that the royals are posh but surely even they have heard of ‘Get Fucked!’.

    • Chuck is the sign that the Royal Family is now both fubarred and finished. Lizzie was smart and her persona was such that she would not allowed herself become ensnared in what could quickly become a worldwide dark-key grab-fest for whitey cash.

      Chuck is thick as a castle wall. Remove the Royal Family now – they are completely irrelevant.

      • Paul, I agree with with what you have written about Chuck. He was a complete twat getting involved in political arguments when he was Prince of Wales and next in line. The whole point of the constitutional monarchy is that it is above politics but he has made too many people aware of his political position on too many political subjects. There is also a sense of entitlement that QE2 never seemed to have.
        Having said all that the institution of Monarchy in this country is about 1,200 years old, has generally worked well, and we get rid of it, as Blair wanted too, at our peril.

  8. Well it got them a brief headline,maybe they hope they can sell some replica Gay artefacts in the shop,a plastic gladiator with big tits or summat.

    what a bunch of fucking great scholars.

    non binary Oven.

  9. In 500 years they will be having the same debate about eddie izzard..

    How brave and stunning it was, till a misunderstanding with a couple of peacefuls on top of a multi storey carpark..

  10. Fucking Stonewall, this bunch of commie dèveants seem to be into every institution.
    They’ll be pushing for diddling next, you see.

  11. Well the rich and powerful Romans were well known for their sexual degeneracy…….bumbanditry, paedophilia, bestiality, cross dressing… name it they were at it. Just like our own ruling class.
    The difference is our rich and powerful cunts can redefine this degeneracy as normal and that’s what they are busy doing.
    And while we’re drawing historical parallels don’t forget the barbarians at the gates of Rome. In our case, of course, they are already inside the gates and opening them every day to let more of their mates in.
    Sic semper tyrranis !

  12. If you dig up roman mural you’ll obviously find all the folk of the time referred to by a plethora of pronouns. What utter nonsense.

  13. As a Hertfordshire resident I am ashamed at the blatant idiocy practised by the North Herts Museum.

    History is supposed to understand the past on its own terms. Now its about imposing the modern worlds own weirdness and moral abominations on the past. In short, it’s no longer history but a projection of our own pathetic and self obsessed cultural wars and anxieties about darkies and the gayness. History truly has ended, but not in the way Fancis Fukuyama thought.

    Elegebalus has long been known as a weirdo, but no historian ever described him as “she”. Gibbon said Elegabulus led an “unspeakably disgusting life”. Just like Eddie Izzard.

    (Edited to get out of moderation).

  14. I wasn’t aware that the Romans had advanced surgery a couple of thousand years ago so he could become ‘she’ and vice versa, before a colosseum-based feast on the leftovers from the operation.

    Imagine Russell Crowe in a woke remake of the Gladiators. “I am Dorisus, Marius, Marthaus, commander of the handbag coffee-morning group of the north, licker of the fishy regions and loyal servant to the true emperor, Peter Tatchell. Non binary parent to a murdered gender-neutral child and partner to Bunny La Roche.”

  15. Calling someone she who is a he is just taking the piss out of an effeminate bloke

    There are only two, men and women, anything else is a lie (SOI, sex and gender studies, ISAC)

  16. Thank fuck I’m normal.

    Lived in Hertfordshire between ’85 and ’92, staying at Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City, shagging all before me. Only passing through Hitchin for the piss.

      • I didn’t experience any trouble myself but good to hear.

        If it was a govt IT glitch it would have cost £100m and been fixed by 2026.

      • I do admire your optimism.

        I would have said it would have gone horribly over budget annually until being cancelled in 2036..

        With fuck all to show for it.

    • Yes. Mine too. Have actually been avoiding the site as half the functions were missing, but back to normal now.

  17. All these stupid cunts trying to rewrite history, will get their comeuppance once the children have grown up and find out they’ve just been pulling their pisser all along.

  18. Great nom.

    Looks like The Ministry of Truth has been busy again.

    They forgot to mention that Elagabalus was as black as the ace of spades though.

    Standards are obviously slipping.

    Site back to normal… Bravo admin.

    (Thanks. Hopefully everything will be back to normal for everyone’s devices. The final bill (including overtime, food and beer) came to £11.34p. Or if this was in the public sector, more like £83 million – Day Admin)

  19. A Roman Emperor mincing about like Duncan Norvelle. They really are cunts aren’t they, Running his finger across the throne looking for dust.

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