Adele [9]

I smell a cunt.

If there are any bored mathematicians out there, then please tell me what is the probability that after Adele’s gushing appreciation of a former teacher on stage at a recent gig, then lo and behold, in a scene reminiscent of ‘this is your life’, and much to the harpie’s surprise, who is in the audience? – fuck me it’s the aforementioned teacher herself who is asked onto the stage.

Prearranged? I think so. What a cynical sanctimonious skriking cunt.

The cunting doesn’t end there.

After leaving the stage to replaster her mascara streaked face, she spots erstwhile cunting candidate chatty-man Alan Carr and gets him up to fill in for her (not like that, obviously)

You Tube Link.

Nominated by : Lord Cuntington of Kuntston upon Hull

78 thoughts on “Adele [9]

  1. Also, only a matter of time before Adele gets up the duff from some London Zulu.
    Like most of the chav slags she grew up with.

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