The Phrase ‘Before My Time!’

is a cunt

This cunting comes with a caveat; this excuse for ignorance becomes valid in relation to various obscure cultural references , such as underground psychedelic bands of the late sixties or middling footballers of the fifties; they’re generally not known for a reason. It’s quite a narrow subject of interest to the general population.

You hear this phrase quite a lot from millennials, who almost say it with pride, as if knowing about anything before their date of birth, or decade currently made fashionable (such as the eighties because of Stranger Things) is equivalent to being an old codger. You’re now a relic.
The Battle of Britain was fought with tanks, innit?
Nah, don’t matter… before my time!’

I thought this cunting would probably be better if it came from me as I’m one of the younger cunters and in the limbo between Gen X and Millennial.

I find that what near-contemporaries or those just a few years younger really mean is ‘i don’t read books/papers/journals/watch documentaries/ am generally incurious about the world’.

A lot of these people are quite well-travelled, even if they all tend to travel to the same places and far from sober and think that simply by travelling they become better people, but return just as ignorant and conceited as when they left; the delusion is just even more embedded.

May don’t seem to have picked up any more common sense, which I find odd, but then I remember that many are treading a path so well-worn and Anglophone, so cossetted by airports and hotels and top-ups from mummy and daddy, they don’t need to learn life lessons.

Also, they don’t need to know who either Charles Dickens or Darwin were because they’ve been drunk in Phuket, drunk in Bangkok, climbed on the ruins of Angkor Watt and then drunk in Sydney.

The modern quiz show is where these worldly bon vivants proudly display their ignorance;

‘Before my time, bruv!’
‘Before my time, mate!’
‘Before my time, moosh!’

Did you really need to be alive in the middle ages to know which angel led a rebellion against God in the Judeo-Christian bible?

May as well say, ‘naah, don’t believe in God, ha!’

I reiterate the point that certain pop songs, TV programmes etc. do not really merit being known about by the younger generation, and sometimes ‘before my time can be employed diplomatically.

A good example might be Watney’s Party Sevens. I only know about those from working with blokes who talked about them. I certainly wouldn’t say ‘before my time’ with pride.

By the same token, I’m not one to scoff at a late millennial/ gen Z who has never heard of Depeche Mode or The Foo Fighters, although you can bet they know about Nirvana.

I know a few contemporaries who might, but I put that down to insecurity. It isn’t important they know about pop and rock bands from the eighties and nineties, whatever I may think of them. Even within the scope of musical history they are ephemera, as are most pop acts.

Still, the pride of the ‘before my time’ crowd we see in the media and those leaving education reminds me of Orwell’s line from Nineteen Eighty Four,

‘Nothing exists except an endless present. and the party is always right’

Eh? George Orwell? Before my time, bruv.


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69 thoughts on “The Phrase ‘Before My Time!’

  1. Thing is, their taste is so appalling as well.

    These young cunts listen to the likes of Swift, Sheercunt, Adele, and Capaldi and actually think it’s decent music.

    They also have the teeth itching habit of saying ‘their’ shit is the ‘greatest ever’.
    Like ‘Ed Sheercunt is the greatest songwriter ever’ or ‘Daniel Craig is the greatest Bond ever’. There is a blinkered arrogance to them, and they are ignorant to anything that is ‘before their time’. You could play them something infinitely greater than Sheercunt – like Jim Croce or Scott Walker – and they still wouldn’t have it. ‘Don’t know it! It’s old! Don’t care!’ They are as soulless ans as vacant as the crap they watch and listen to.

    And young lads today don’t know what a real woman is either. Cheap trash like Little Mix, Rihanna and Ariana Grande. Not remotely feminine and about as sexy as a shitting camel.

    And here’s a blast from the past. A proper woman, who gave me the raging horn in the old days. Suze hits the screen at 18:57.

    • Same with authors, Norm.

      ‘J.K Rowling is one the greatest writers this country has ever produced’ used to be uttered by cunts I know, before she became a transphobe. Some of the over 40.

      I don’t think she’d make my top 20 of kid’s authors.

      Yes… Children’s authors.

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