Dead Pool [307]

Congratulations to Lord Biryani who correctly predicted that the next celebrity death would be Former US First Lady Rosalynn Carter who died this afternoon aged 96 in Plains Georgia.She had been diagnosed with dementia earlier this year and it was announced 2 days ago she had been placed on hospice care two years ago.Her 99 year old husband the Former President Jimmy Carter has also been on hospice for the past 9 months.Mrs Carter was best known for humanitarian work and mental health advocacy.

Commiserations to Captain Quimson who picked prolific actor Joss Ackland who died aged 95 today.His death was announced about 20 minutes after Rosalynn.

On to Dead Pool 307:

The rules

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will conk out next.It is first come first serve and no duplicates are allowed.You can always be a cunt and steal someone elses nominations from the previous pool.

2)Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt who will be ignored.

3)It must be a famous cunt who we have heard of.

4)No sapping picks mid pool unless already taken.

5)Hits are rewarded based on the chronology of death reporting not necessarily chronology of death.

47 thoughts on “Dead Pool [307]

  1. Zelwankski, he is on the list for being a merchant of Con
    Joe Bidet suddenly strokes and no nappies on hand, fucked.
    George not one bit Sorrows arsed, about what he does to humanity.
    Klaus foreign non forgiven relentless pointless nasi cunt and friend of a King or two.
    But number one is Net and Yahoo who will die mysteriously before he’s finger touches
    the button

  2. John Woodvine
    Sidney Cooke
    John Savident
    John Stapleton
    Mark Drakeford

    RIP Joss Ackland, a truly great actor “Diplomatic immunity”

  3. More of a Christmas wish list than anything!

    Dear Santa. I have done my best to not be a cunt, well most of the time anyway. Please can have these utter cunts stricken from the list of humans!
    Yours FT
    1. Cliff ‘Op YewTree Dodger’ Richard
    2. John ‘Cliff’s cum dump’ McElynn
    3. Megan ‘complete and utter worthless, self serving cunt of all cunts’ Markle
    4. Harry ‘worthless, lying sack of pig shit, ginger cunt who married a lying slag’ Wales-Hewitt
    5. Russell ‘ I think I’m funny, but in reality I’m just a fuckin’ n*nce’. (And the fact I’ve shagged Katie Perry) Brand

    • PS, if you could ‘Do’ the Wales-Hewitts in a plane crash from 41,000’ or trapped in a burning car as I want them to have time to reflect on the misery they caused our late Queen, gawd bless ‘er!

  4. Captain Quimson had Joss Ackland ….. just saying Admin …..
    Virginnia Mckenna
    Cleo Laine
    William Shatner
    Neil Kinnock
    Roy Hattersley

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