The Child Abuse Epidemic

I’ve been following the trial concerning the Maya Louise Chappell case and it’s got me thinking – is child abuse more common now than it used to be?

The first such case I remember is the Baby P case, and part of the reason why it was so shocking is because you rarely heard about that sort of thing back then. Sure, Victoria Climbie was killed years before but aside from that very few incidents of that nature cropped up in the news – or at least, that’s how it seemed to my 10 year old brain.

Aside from Daniel Pelka and Keanu Williams I don’t remember many cases from my teenage years either. Nowadays though it feels like every other month a story breaks about a poor child who died as a result of abuse in the home.

I know the pandemic has exacerbated things but even then it was no secret that services were incompetent and overstretched beforehand, so it can’t just be that surely? What do you all think – is it more common now or is it just reported more?

Regardless of the answer it seems to be happening far too frequently as it is, and we’re definitely failing when it comes to tackling it.

Link to Statista’s research: Statista

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65 thoughts on “The Child Abuse Epidemic

  1. Or could it be the sheer number of undesirables swamping this country?

    Sorry I better check my racism..
    Diversity is our strength..

  2. Child abuse can be anywhere on a scale from indifference to torture/murder/rape.
    Just keeping your child clothed and fed but neglecting to instill principles of life and living is abuse. If they reach adulthood and are caught blindsided by realities that you as a parent should have taught, you have abused them by omission.
    Parenthood is difficult and requires selfless sacrifices that many aren’t willing to make. Outsiders may see good parenting but in reality they don’t equip their kids for life at all.
    Snowflakes are the result.
    I tell my daughter all the time when she doesn’t like something I oppose on her that I am not her friend. I am her Father. Huge difference.

    • Exactly this.

      We call it “Little Mate/Princess Syndrome.” If you refer to the child as your equal or better, they’ll end up believing it. Thus they grow up believing they’re extremely important and are unable to cope when they discover that they’re not.

      Parents are in charge, children have to be obedient.

      You can renegotiate a relationship as equals when the child is an adult. Until then, adults are in charge and children aren’t.

      • I think there are some parents now who would actively encourage their child down the trans route, on the flimsiest evidence, because it would be something to boast about in the coffee shops ( they can show how progressive they are) – I regard that as a form of abuse.

  3. You could argue that the rise in the statistics is due to the diligence and efficiency of the Child Care Services, the Police and the Criminal Justice System.

    But we all know that’s a load of bollocks for a start.

  4. Could be a number of things including it being reported more but the population has gone up by roughly 7M between 2002/3 and now.

    • We also know immediately the boat people arrive, they’re on the hunt for young totty before changing into clean underpants.

      • And they know that the legal system will defend pædophiles, and keep them here on a laughable sentence even if convicted.

  5. Child abuse, no longer seems to be the horrific crime of humanity these days. In fact it seems its impact has been diluted by the Trans mob insisting that children can identify to anything they want, along with schools teaching kids as young as 5 about sexuality, masturbation and cross-gendering.

    Moreover, we all know who the biggest suspects are for child grooming, and yet the MSM seem rather reluctant to make a big play about it. Instead preferring to dump the items as a side-bar, buried deep and out of sight on their news site.

    There’s even talk of reducing not only the voting age from 18 to 16; but also the age of consent from 16 to either 14 or 12 (the age of consent in Nigeria is 11 ffs!)

    One of the biggest arguments for reducing the age of both is that with the advent of the internet and social media, children are far more clued up and mature, compared to say 20 or 30 years ago. And therefore, 12 year olds act more like 18 year old because of it.

    Bollocks is all I can say to all that. People who fuck about with kids under 18 should be locked up for 30 years. End of.

  6. If the cunts that did this evil shit were hanged immediately after conviction I’m willing to bet the number of cases would start to decline at once.

    Oh and those cunts that form gangs to prey on children?

    Burn them,bulldoze their homes and shoot anyone who ever raised to finger to cover for their crimes,including anyone from the “authorities”.

  7. I see child abuse being committed whenever I’m in public. Recently a father at a bus stop was talking to his young son as though he was a baby. I see that a lot by total strangers to youngsters.

  8. There are men who dress up as children and pay women to treat them as such. I’d organise these cunts to be kicked to fuck.

    • I once knew someone like that. They’re under police investigation now. I can’t say any more obviously but I only found out about the more perverted stuff after the fact. Oh, and the evil cunt was a trans ‘woman’ too.

  9. remember the far left are coming for your kids. I hope you all remember PIE.
    When grinning smirking cunt Smarmer is top dog keep your kids in sight.

  10. Best one I saw……

    Father with his son in a shop. Brat picks up a chocolate bar….

    “Can I have this?”

    “What is it?”

    Looks at it and says “chocolate”.

    “No, what does it say on the label?”

    Looks at it again says “dunno”.

    “Well, when you can read it then you can have it.”

    That’s the way to do it.

  11. Parents totally ignoring their children on public transport by constantly looking at a phone, when they’ve something more precious by their side.

    Some bring a child inside a pram into the bus and have the poor thing staring away at the inside of the bus.

  12. These figures are horrific. i have no doubt that child abuse is growing. But I harbour some scepticism as to how child abuse is being defined here. Disciplining or spanking your child is now regarded as abuse – which it plainly is not. When I think how my mum would, quite rightly spank me when I behaved like a little turd (frequently), she would probably now be accused of abuse. But she was the most loving mother. This was quite normal then and parents should be able to chastise their children, within reason of course, without fear of being reported to the NSPCC.

    • There’ll be a huge outcry if his parole hearing recommends release from the slammer.

      They’d better make sure the cunt’s well disguised; there are a lot of hard noses about who’d love to top the cunt.

  13. Child abuse has changed.
    when I was younger it was quite common for a gobby youth to get punched off a adult.

    it was accepted as instant justice.

    and nowt was done about it.

    Anything sexual though and if the culprit was quick he could pack up and do a moonlight before the locals payed a visit.

    it DOES seem more common now,
    and more depraved.

    Told on here before about as a little kid getting fags for my mam,
    and the local sex pest/kid diddler Chinaman Joe mithering me.
    Two workmen drove me home in their work van and on the way ,
    seeing Chinaman Joe one got out and punched Joe straight through a privet hedge.

    nowadays they’d be the villians, Joe would get compensation and I’d be in detention at school for being frigid.

    The world’s gone full retard

  14. Not all child abuse is done by the dress-wearing Mohammads and Jamals. It can be celebrities like the BBC’s Jimmy Savile or child-fucker Michael Jackson who paid off victins with hush money. It can be smaller issues too like feeding them cheap Mcshite or forcing them to wear a Man United shirt.

    Nonetheless, it is often the Muslamic cunts.

    • I think the kids on the Cosby show could tell a few tales.

      Drinking dizzy juice and waking up with snot on the upper lip and balloon knot.

      jibber jabber, wakey wakey, you like the jazz?

  15. Of course there is a flip-side to all this.

    Quite often guys looking out for street-walker prostitutes (adult women) can often find themselves in trouble when it turns out the “woman” he has pulled is actually way under age, but is dressed up in such a way that she looks like like an 18 year old!

    This is also the same on social media where underage girls get too deeply involved with Peter Files via video-chat apps such a Zoom or Skype.

    To top all of that it is quite amazing/disgusting/sickening at the mount of CP my customers have garnered on their computers when they’ve asked me to do a disk recovery/migration/data restoration.

    A simple app like Recuva can restore deleted files and OMG the shit I’ve seen would shock even the most hardened of souls. But the problem I always face is do I tell the police, or face possible retribution from said customer?

  16. If you let your country become a backward third world shit-hole before your eyes.

    Don’t be surprised that the enricher’s bring their beliefs with them.
    Where women are second class.

    yes we have our own problems with
    wrong-uns .

    But that’s a drop in the ocean. compared with what’s coming.

  17. Back in the late noughties I attended a seminar where it was revealed that 34 per cent of girls claimed to have been the victim of sexual abuse. It will only have got worse, as OC suggests. The fucking Government seems to condone it. It certainly doesn’t seem to give a fuck. This is beyond epidemic, it has somehow become almost normal. Someone said something like ‘the health of a nation can be measured by how it treats its children.’ That being the case, the UK is at death;s door.

    • I remember it well Cuntalugs. I met a woman at a customer’s who had a relative who knew one of the screws at the prison where the cunt who killed her was banged up. I was assured he received regular skillled beatings which didn’t leave marks. That gave me some little comfort.

  18. You need a licence to drive, and to fish..
    But to breed!!
    Go nuts..
    And we wonder how children get abused?

  19. Any mention of banning FGM and the woke accuse you of racism, primarily because you’re offending another country’s culture. Never mind about the poor girl who has no say in the matter.

  20. Nasty place to grow up
    Lots think what they see on tinternrt is reality
    Parents let’s start with them , breakdown in family values , mixed cheap imported relationships
    Baby mothers Baby fathers what is all that shit , just an excuse to avoid responsibilities
    Young men drug dealing with expressionless faces no feelings no respect
    As long as they got the car , the gear to wear latest phone and a sleeve full of writing they don’t understand , they think they’ve made it .
    Find a dopey woman on social with her own place rainbow kids and plenty Botox, milk them and bully them ,kids don’t stand a chance
    I know let’s import more ,nobody has the balls to stop it , we’re ruled my self important selfish wankers .
    Shit bit of a rant
    Muslim takeover in the distance , if they fell out with the travelling community who would you bet on
    Ffs ffs
    Think I’ll go back and watch The long Good Friday again

    • Harold Shand was a surprisingly liberal chap in some ways – gay best mate and all that – but I don’t imagine for one moment he’d have put up with nonce cases on the manor.

      “Cut ‘im again!”

  21. We’ve all seen them as kids growing up in one shape or another, as Mis alluded too when he had to avoid Chinaman joe on a daily fuckin around after school.
    Had one Quare cunt like that was in his mid twenties and we as 12 13 year olds messing about in the wastelands of dereliction.
    He used to drive around in a black Daihatsu Charade and started getting familiar with the kids in the estate. A black haired cunt with a moustache.
    Yah he was always smiling and talked the talk until he’s intentions became clear sometime later.
    He Cunt, was always interested if school teachers were slapping you and to as where?
    He worked like this and when one is that young they do not understand what he means and he’s demonstration would continue, like is it here or there and so on.
    Well he slapped a few kids with his hand with pants on to begin with and then it moved on to bear cheeks.
    This being the introduction to fear, that is off course until when one boy ran home balling and told his Dah
    Lots of evening walks were carried out by Dad and finally he came across him and beat the shit out of him and Cunt was never seen again in the estate but he was still on the outskirts.
    He is dead for the last 15 odd years the Cunt Quare.

  22. They’re getting brave in this New World,
    peeking out from the shadows now they’re one of the alphabet people.

    But in certain places they’ll always protect their kids the fastest way, the honest way,
    without phoning the coppers first,

    A fuckin good kicking, a boiled kettle and a house fire solves all filthy urges.

      • She’s the kinda one Jack, that knows no boundaries, including on coming traffic, a car crash awaits ay some stage, better hurry up and be done and run. He he hah ha ha

    • This is what you get with Wokes ruling the roost. Trying to reform the sex cases, protecting the sex cases Venables and Thompson, ignoring the child grooming by Muslim gangs, preaching transgender babble and sex education to five year olds. The only mentally sick bastards in all of this are the sex cases and the Wokes themselves. Until we have zero tolerance to this shit it will only carry on getting worse and worse. The Government who allows this crap to be tolerated and taught to children are accomplices in my book to the criminal and deviant acts that follow. What a nation we have become when we can’t even provide basic protection to innocent children. Hang your heads in shame, that’s if you have any.

  23. Things are a bit pear shaped at the moment, MNC.

    Ethel ill.

    Youngest in hospital.

    A sister in law in hospital.
    Mother in law ill.

    But there’s Fuck All wrong with me. 👍

    And that’s all that matters 🤣

    I’m as fit as a fiddle.

    If they want to see the back of me they’ll have to shoot me.


    You ok ?

    Big Sunday roast ?

    Top hole !

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