People Who don’t Know When to Quit

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Yesterday (11th November) a footballer named Raphael Dwamena died after collapsing on the pitch.

This, of course, is extremely sad. However, what struck me was the fact that he had been explicitly told by doctors to retire from playing because of his heart condition, yet refused to do so.

He even collapsed previously in 2021, and even THAT wasn’t enough of a wake up call to get him to quit.

Because he made the selfish decision to keep going, his parents are now left without a son. RIP to the lad but, as cruel as it sounds, he only has himself to blame.


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39 thoughts on “People Who don’t Know When to Quit

  1. I suppose that there are extremes and it is sad that this guy carked it.

    If we listen and do exactly what our doctors tell us we would never smoke, never drink, never eat red meat, never go out in the sun…….

    Sometimes you just need to weigh up living a life or wrapping yourself in cotton wool.

    • His mum named him after her favourite Teenage ninja turtles and he drops down dead.☹️

      drama queen.

      poor Donatello

      • Donatello was my favourite Mis’.
        Michelangelo was my brothers’

        The other two, no idea. Wasn’t one a goody-two-shoes and the other had learning difficulties?

  2. A short life doing what you love or a long life spectating from the sidelines ?

    Lad made his choice, maybe selfish but then it’s also selfish to stop people from living their lives just so they can be present in yours.

    • Broadly agree. He wasn’t duty-bound to his parents to carry on living (starring Kenneth Williams, Sid James and the rest); but if he had children, then that’s a different matter.

      • It was the birth of my first child that ultimately led me to seek employment outside the armed forces; not worth the risk and time missed from their lives.

        but there isn’t a day that goes by where I wouldn’t rather be somewhere out there in the desert calling in air-strikes on Arabs.

  3. I suppose this nomination neatly aligns with this morning’s offering of Nigel Farage from WCB.

  4. Couldn’t give a shit about this darkıe, but am excited for the sexy 11am nom and have planned to pull over in a layby for a wank.
    Is it Anne Widdecombe or Dianne Abbott with the nom being something about waxing wimmin moustaches and incredibly hairy, untouched-for-years vaginas?

    • Cuntengine @

      Maybe admin could organise a 11am ISAC synchronised wank?

      at 11 we all drop our strides and tug ourselves?!

      There’s nothing gay about that.
      might even get in the Guinness book of records?

    • You’ll need to do a David Bellamy on that pair of hedge trimmings, before even getting close. I don’t mind, the pong from them will keep me going.

    • mmmm.some say ‘sad’ others say ‘ bonus 👍’
      I wouldn’t worry about it too much Opey.

      I’ve heard of this before in sooties.

      it’s medical term is sudden realisation death syndrome.

      one minute your theiving or swinging from the curtain rail,
      then the epiphany

      ‘ I’m a macaroon!!!”

      heart just stops in existential distress.

      oh well.

      • I have Exploding Head Syndrome, sometimes. That’s the closest you get. Its harmless, something that cannot be explained.

    • He was happy to put himself in the hands of Jesus and carried on playing. Maybe the two of them are now together in heaven talking about football and having a laugh. Or maybe not.

  5. Sorry, OP. I can’t agree with this cunting. Live your own life, you only get one. Some are long, some are short. Get living, and not for other people. And as for people who don’t know when to quit, thank fuck for them. Imagine if previous generations had decided to quit in 1916 or 1941. We are currently seeing what a mess was made when most people quit in 2020/2021.

    Good afternoon, everyone.

    • If they’d all stayed in jungle, that would’ve been a massive bonus to us all. There again they’re part of the fun and chuckles we get from taking the piss out of them for being the biggest enemy to everyone but themselves. But that’s not true because they killing each other more than anybody else. You can go round in circles why they exist in the first place. They are the world’s mystery in my painstaking eyes.

  6. Not at all gay, but just a casual observation.

    Is the guy nursing a semi in the photo?

    Maybe he is gearing up for 11 o’clock too.

  7. There’s something wrong here.

    Lenny Henry told me that African witch doctors are far superior to the mumbo jumbo spouting colonialist doctors in patriarchal Europe..

    Didn’t do this cunt any good did it?

    Probably a racismisms conspiracy by everyone who voted for Brexit.

    Roll on 11a.m..

    Morning gents

  8. Without knowing the details of his heart condition let me just say this…if your Doctor tells you to avoid strenuous activity because of your heart…aside from banging your wife, girlfriend or mistress…you should avoid strenuous activity.

    But seriously, in a modern nation what kind of heart condition isn’t treatable with by-pass surgery, a heart valve, a pacemaker, or medication?

    Paging Dr. M’Butu…paging Dr. M’Butu…evil spirits causing chest pains in hut 5.

  9. I can see this site crashing at 11am.

    You tease, Admin.

    (I wouldn’t get too excited to be honest. – Day Admin)

  10. There’s been.a fair few incidences of football players keeling over on the pitch with heart conditions down the years.

    Fabrice Muamba was lucky enough to make a full recovery where as Miklos Feher and Marc Foe weren’t so lucky.

    Seems that there’s been an increase since 2021 mind.

    Also an increase in spectators in the stands having heart attacks while watching.

    Maybe it’s always happened but it’s more noticeable now for some reason.

    Probably explains the increase in Defibrillators on every street corner.

    Where there was once a pay phone there’s now a defibrillator.

    Modern life, playing and watching sports is obviously just a stressful business and not good for the ticker.

  11. * Admin.

    I posted a nom a while back about domestic cats and their owners.

    It never seen the time of day for some mysterious reason.

    I didn’t realise domestic cats were among the protected species on IsaC.

    I personally wouldn’t describe the nom as wanking material but I’m wondering if it’s finally going to be aired at 11am.

    ( I will look into it for you – Day Admin)

  12. This has reminded about a men’s health ad that has been doing the rounds.

    The dreaded prostate

    1 in 8 men
    1 in 4 Black men

    Prostates are Racist!!

  13. I noticed that sicky.
    means there is 2-1 sooties on the ward if you get poorly.

    They’ll soon be up and about if your family bring you get well soon fruit.

    • I am going private, don’t want to be near some umbongo shouting about sacrificing chickens and grinding bones to cure him

  14. We have a simple rule chez Snockers:

    Do whatever you like if you’re fit and well. If the Grim Reaper taps you on the shoulder by giving you a life-threatening warning, it’s probably more sensible to listen.

    Everyone has, or knows of, a Great Uncle Bob. Bob fought in two world wars, smoked 100 unfiltered cigarettes a day, downed a bottle of whisky for breakfast before starting serious drinking later in the day, chased loose women, ate fatty food, worked as a steeplejack and part-time stuntman and took up skydiving when he retired. He lived til he was 101, when he was shot by a jealous love rival.

    Some people are indestructible and can get away with anything. If Death should remind you that you’re not as robust as Great Uncle Bob, best to listen, eh?

  15. Unfortunately when your time is up etc. but I have had a look at myself recently when my Mum and Brother said at the same time “Your becoming a fat bastard again”. I’ve now started on the ‘Eat less cake, exercise more’ diet. I’ll keep you updated, in case any of you are in the least bit interested. Aiming to drop 3 stone, on Gary Linekers head.

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