Carol Vorderman (7)

Carol has many assets, some of which I would like to strip with both hands. She has a brilliant mathematical mind and has filled many a wank bank for years.

All those positives apart her recent vomit inducing venture into virtue signalling is as laughable as it is emetic. A mathematical “genius” who has made a living shilling for loan sharks. After Tony B Liar legalised advertising by these scum suckers she didn’t see a huge problem developing, she saw an opportunity.

Vorderman then spent years assisting the separation of desperate and/or stupid people from their money and their homes with usury interest rates, in collaborating with these bastards. All done in order to line her and their amply full pockets.

Did her huge intellect not prod the last relic of her minuscule conscience when seeing interest rates in triple and quadruple digits advertised on daytime TV?

Seriously she expects us to believe that she has had a damascene conversion brought on by the government sinking nearly as low as her?

Go jiggle your ampleness on ice or eat some fucking bugs if you need a career revival and stop with the self righteous bull shit. You spent years demonstrating your ability to go low enough to limbo dance under a snakes bollocks while wearing a top hat.

We remain unconvinced by your recent application for sainthood.

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Nominated by: fatjon

Another helping of Miss big fake tits below by Pontius Cuntus.

Carol Vorderman Is A Cunt Aint She
All the gushing over this saggy titted trollop by the usual suspects. Alan Carr and that other bender Joe Lycett telling her how strong she is for sticking to her guns on the Government.

BBC Radio Wales fucked her off for breaking impartiality rules. Well hopefully the BBC will tell that big eared twat Linicunt to fuck off as well.

Now don’t get me wrong about the shower of shit we have in charge of the country but I dread to think what it is going to be like under Kweer Starmer. Why do celebrities all think they know what is right for the country, and why are they all leftie wankers.

The old Dr Who, Dame Kelly Rugmuncher Holmes, the presenter of Drag Race, fuck me i don’t think there is a straight one amongst them. anyway have a read below.

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49 thoughts on “Carol Vorderman (7)

    • Are they filled with hydrogen or helium? That’s why they’re bringing in more restrictions on smoking

  1. For fuck sake admin 😡
    I couldn’t hold back any longer.
    My back arched like a cat, a Tarzan wail ,
    and I shot a string of baby gravy across the room.

    and for what?
    this old spunk bucket.
    I couldn’t get a hard on for Voldemort if she was dressed as a school girl and had 3 fingers up my arse.

    ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

    • Indeed, MNC.
      Those damn Admin teases.
      Now I’ve had to go back to my regular fantasy about Countdown maths bints:
      Pretending to Jewish horn-monster Rachael Riley that some Nazıs are after her and her only route to salvation is for her to let me go down on her bumhole.

    • Think yourself lucky Miserable.

      My lovely 85 year old customer decided to bring my cup of tea and bun ten minutes early.

      “I see you have brought your own cream today” she replied dryly.

    • Our cocks went north and south, depending on preference, whilst her tits point east or west, from whichever way she’s standing. Just about sums it up.

  2. DA It’s a good job you are not in business. Trade descriptions act. I would have worn her cunt out forty years ago. Now I fucking might do if she asked very nicely.

  3. At the end of the day she’s just a calculator with a tendency for attention and a yeast infection

  4. One door closes, another opens.
    Carol is now working as a dinghy ferrying ‘migrants’ across the Channel.
    36 at a time.

  5. I severely doubt Mr Cunt Engine will be in his motorway lay-by faced with this debacle.

    I feel we have been mislead.

    Throwing a sausage up an alley is no sport for a gloomy Monday morning…

    Anyway I’m off to watch my especially “curated” compilation of Emily Thornberry interviews…what a woman(*)

    *this term may possibly be illegal so please don’t read any of the above.

  6. Going leftie is the long term financial plan for any sleb these days. They all have agents and financial advisers who see the yoof as the long term audience and we all know the MSM and the education system has a grip on their dumb and inexperienced minds. Vorderknockers is getting on now so needs to not only spew Leftwaffe bollocks but to scream it from the rooftops.
    The only question to be asked here is how Saint Linekunt gets away with it but other BBC cunts don’t.

  7. Old car with a new paint job, looks ok from a distance but close up you can see it’s an old banger.

    Who the fuck is she anyway? Why does her opinion matter more than anyone else’s?

    Rachel Riley is hotter and smarter.

    Fuck off Carol, you’ve had your 15 minutes and now you’re overcooked.

  8. Vorderman a brilliant mathematician? No – she got a third class degree. Everything else is just flashy showmanship. Brilliant mathematicians do not host Countdown. They do something useful. Brilliant mathematicians in my field study the structure, dynamics and evolution of stellar systems using techniques of statistical mechanics. Vorderman would not have a clue. She would not even now how to frame the problem.

    Vordermans recent antics and pronouncements show her to have a third rate mind. In fact, they demonstrate that she is completely of the trolley and only waiting for the men in white coats to rush her off to the asylum.

    • Yet another example of a ‘celebrity’ whose place in the public eye leads her to think that the rest of us are interested in her views on anything.

      You’re famous for being famous love; just stick to game shows, flash your knockers a bit more and leave it at that.

      Morning all.

    • From memory – I haven’t Googled it – her degree was in a branch of engineering, not maths. Any road, her role on Countdown was to supply rapid arithmetical solutions – nothing to do with engineering. Or maths, for that matter.

  9. I wouldn’t mind her counting my cock & balls umpteen times and make other mathematical assumptions from my toilet area if she so wishes.

  10. my fantasy that includes Carol involves strangling her with a bootlace then burying her on the Moors with her giant arse exposed to the elements.

      • Sammy @

        Despite what some people say about me,.
        I’m nothing but considerate to others.

      • You truly are the best of us Miserable.

        I don’t care that the rest say that your beard is patchy and you are only really 6’4 in your rigger boots.

  11. By way of limiting Carols cunting a bit, she did lead the charge, (unsuccessfully), to award George “Johnny” Johnson a knighthood.
    George was the last surviving Dambuster, and died aged 101.
    Not awarded the knighthood he deserved, probably because of woke political cowardice instead of displaying the same courage that he did.

  12. sick of this fucking revolting bitch, sooner it bursts or melts they better.
    fuck off you pathetic hag.

    • I’d jizz on her nipples and over her lips and chin whilst she softly purred the Newton Raphson (root finding algorithm) method to me.

  13. If you get wind of we gentle unassuming chums on here, Carol. We lads are willing to give your chest a rubdown if you’ve any problems, or any other parts of your body that might be in need of a gentle massage.

  14. Another ageing celeb desperate to remain in the public consciousness and will resort to anything in order to achieve it.

    But typically her in-depth knowledge on political issues might just touch the kneecaps of a passing grasshopper. But her legions of fans will take her word for it because she’s got her finger on the pulse of the nation. Whereas in fact she’s shoved it up her plastic well-bleached arsehole.

  15. Hammer that other celebrity gobshite terry Christian up her arsehole with a sledgehammer..

    No-one outside the metropolitan bubble gives a fuck about your opinion..

  16. “Two space hoppers found up Voldenork’s jumper. No risk of catastrophic expl…. Oh feeeeeck…”

  17. This is this deluded old fuckpigs idea of o a last desperate gasp on her career, she will do or say anything for some attention same as countless other hasbeens who have sold their souls to the devil Lilly Allen, Amanda Holden, Devina Mc Call, all attention seeking cunts, who would do well to fuck off now….

  18. She was a right slag, even all those years ago.

    The tales about Vorderwhore and a certain Man United player (and cunt) were all over Manchester at the time.

    Clue: Duran Duran did an album with the same name.

    • I wish she’d stop teasing and just get ’em out so that we can get a proper look (purely out of academic curiousity you understand).

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