Hamas and the UK Left wing support for them

Hamas are terrorist cunts and we all know it.
Their recent murder of Israeli citizens is sickening, and will hardly further their cause.

Unless of course you’re a member of the UK Labour party, who refuse to condemn the Hamas murdering, seem to support it, and find other ways to describe it.
Just as pathetic is the BBC who describe the terrorists as militants, because it is in keeping with their policies. Who’d have thought it.

If you value your TV screen, under no circumstances watch Jeremy Corbyn’s opinion on the situation.

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Nominated by the Duke of Cuntshire.

277 thoughts on “Hamas and the UK Left wing support for them

  1. Hamas are everything the ‘left’ claim to abhor – racist, misogynistic, supremacist. In fact, Hamas, and Islamists in general, are the ‘far right’ of their fever dreams.

    The thing that strikes you about the Israeli-Palestinian imbroglio is how easy it is to solve. Two groups of people of roughly the same size lay claim to the same piece of land. The only solution is partition. This solution has been repeatedly proposed since before Israel existed.

    The only thing that keeps this argument going is religion – ‘our book of fairy tales is better than your book of fairy tales.’

    One only has to read the vile anti-Semitism being spouted by ISAC’s resident Catholic bigot in his usual illiterate prose to see how religion poisons the mind and robs people of their basic human decency.

    • Oh, for the halcyon days of yesterday, when we were bathing in the brown majesty of the anal sex nom.
      A more light-hearted and innocent time…

      • I knew you were Fat Reg all along. Don’t worry, I won’t be nominating you as Celebrity Cunt of the Year.

      • Its making the Ukraine thread look like a bit of a tea party and the IDF hasn’t even entered Gaza yet.

      • LL@

        Fiddler would of caused mayhem on this nom.😁

        He’d of made someone cry, guaranteed.

      • I was always afraid Mis, to ask what ever happened to the Fiddler, when I wasn’t here for along stretch, incase he died or something worse, found God maybe?
        I miss Sir Fiddler terrifyingly so , he could cut ice blocks with his index finger while sipping a malt simultaneously.

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        Shame, he was a great poster,
        ISACs not the same without him.

        A genuine star.

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      • To be fair Miles,
        Fiddler was pretty much anti – everyone, and everything.

        A all rounder so to speak.😁

      • Thanks Mis and Minge, didn’t even know such a report button existed.
        He did the hounorable thing.
        I salute you Sir Fiddler
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        That did make me laugh.

  2. It’s halftime here at Spurs v Bradford, both sides are guilty of some dirty play and VAR is bound to be called upon in the second half.

  3. There’s one thing that is guaranteed through all this destruction and bloodshed – the Palestinian birthrate will still be high.

    Israeli bombs and abject poverty doesn’t stop these lot from breeding like rabbits.

    • Evening HJ…who’s got the highest birth rate, do you reckon?
      These carpet riders, africans, white council scum or border-hopping wetbacks?
      I have genuinely no idea.

  4. What a great nom!

    ISAAC at its best 👍

    Racism, anti-Semitism, blood lust, arguments,
    Calls to war,

    Where’s our resident Jew anyway?
    JP .
    Wonder what he thinks?
    Come on JP,
    Never mind counting your spare change in the cellar!

    What should we do about Palestine?!!

  5. An interesting header photo. I think I can see the word “Labour” on the right hand side. I see loads of fake “refugees” on the horizon escaping from a “ war torn zone” caused by the fucking Jews. If Nostradamus was about these days he’d have a fucking field day.

  6. Miles@. Your revelations are astounding.

    I never knew you were an Irish, Catholic A-Rab.

    Two racial stereotypes and a religion with a blood soaked history for the price of one.

    Perhaps the best value on ISAC tonight.

    Perhaps not.


    • Just my righteous anger Jack.

      Comes from my Arab -Irish Great Grandfather-

      Seamus Mohammed McSalah.

      • Mosque on Friday, church on Sunday.

        If you did a bit of digging you could probably find some Jewish blood in there somewhere, someone called Manny or Jacob.

        Then you could get the hat trick and attend the synagogue on a Saturday.

        Oy vey !

        Shalom. 😁🇮🇱

  7. Great nomination and some interesting comments.

    I must say I’m a bit surprised (and more than a little dismayed) by the number of Closet Corbynites.

    To pour some more fuel on the fire, the notion of Western weapons finding their way into the hands of Hamas has been around for a while. Some say they are American weapons left behind in Afghanistan and then provided by the Taliban.

    Others say they are Western (including British) weapons bound for Ukraine either sold for money by unscrupulous Ukrainians or captured by the Russians and transferred to Iran or Hamas.

    This article is from last summer:


    I don’t really like Newsweek as a source but it was the most comprehensive article I could find.

  8. The nom about anal sex was a lot more fun than this.

    Oh well.

    Israel will fuck Hamas up the arse. Discuss.

    (243 comments and counting. I don’t think there’s ever been a 300+ comment nom. Will we make history?)

    • It depends what you mean by “fuck up the arse” but there are all sorts of geo politics involved here which you and I are not privy to. The best advice is always follow the money. We may not understand it but the money men know what they’re doing.
      Of course, any cunt can make a mistake and then it’s the peasants like us who have to pay for it. Of that you can be assured.

      • Most of the already dilapidated infrastructure will be wiped out on the first phase.
        Israel have already cut all water and power supplies
        This will lead onto an obliteration by the shelling of key strongholds, regardless of civilian casualties.
        The problem Israel has is, 150mm ammunition supply to back up such tactics as numbers are record low in the West
        The arrival of the big aircraft carrier is purely a symbolic gesture

        The witnessing of an over stretched world police.
        The ground is the only place one can win in such geographical circumstances.
        Hezbullah paitiently waiting for upping the ante even if they hate the sunni Palestinians.
        This could drag everyone in the whole of the Middle East into the final Holy War. That includes Iran and Turkey
        It is without understatement, a very dangerous moment in time

  9. The slaughter of Israeli civilians is vile and deplorable.
    I for one, do not for one second blame Israel for retalliating, and it will be swift and bloody. I fully expect Israel to strike back 5, if not 10 fold.
    ….and therin lies the rub. Hamas want Israeli attacks – devestating bloody attacks.
    The cowardly shits with the Kalasnikovs, rocket launchers and all Iran send them, hide safely in cellars and basements while Israeli gunships pound Gaza.
    Palestinian citizens, old, young, children, will shed the blood, and the best recruitment drive Hamas can have…and so it continues – another generation of Palestinians growing up hating Israelis.
    More car bombs, IEDs, rocket attacks, hand ringing by the UN.
    USA selling Israel the latest weapons and watching to see live fire tests in the field.
    Russia and Iran and Egypt sending any old shit weapons to Hamas – anything to stoke the fire and keep the Wests gaze off them.
    Peace is a dream we should never abandon, but I doubt I’ll live to see it.
    So many think Israel should be the ‘better’ of the two. Try to negotiate and make concessions and ‘stop persecuting the Palestinians’ as a lot of these morons protesting in London seem to think.
    Well, Churchill said it best… “You cannot reason with a Tiger, while your head is in it’s mouth”

  10. That smackhead woman bashing cunt Lou Reed once called Bob Dylan a pretentious kike. A bit fucking rich. Because Lou was also a 4×2 who had a conk that would rival the Concorde.😏

    Also, a Warhol acolyte and a member of the Velvet Cunterground calling anyone pretentious isn’t just rich, it’s fucking Paul Getty Howard Hughes Sultan of Brunei wealthy.🤣

  11. I wonder if the so-called Progressive Left will welcome Israeli refugees in the same way they’re welcoming scumbag “refugees” from Somalia and other African nations who have travelled through a shedload of “safe” European countries to end up here!

    But as we’ve seen these last few days most of the Left-leaning media, academia and liberal twats on social media are more or less suggesting that the Israeli massacre is all their fault and should be despised for what they’re doing to Palestine.

    They’re more or less saying, therefore, that they’re not welcome despite the horrors and the atrocities. Much better to have thousands of Somalian men pretending to be children arrive on our shores because they’re the “real victims” and if you say otherwise then you’re racist!

    The radical Left really are total shit munchers!





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