Climate Hypocrite Politicians and Celebrities …

… are proper cunts and need calling out.

With this in mind, all respect to GBN’s presenters, Patrick Christys and Michelle Dewbury, who yesterday started to reveal some of the fucking hypocrisy there is amongst (probably the majority of), the tree-hugging politicians and ‘celebrities’.

I want to see more of it. Every one of the toss-pot shitehawks that come into the studio to spout their ill-informed green rhetoric should immediately be asked three questions.

Do you have an electric vehicle?

Do you have solar panels on your home?

Do you have a heat pump heating your home?

If they answer ‘no’ to any of these, they should be told to shut the fuck up until they can answer ‘yes’ and stop preaching to us.

Nominated by Cassandra, with a little help from C.A.

(While we’re at it the COP28 climate-change “do as we say!” junket has just started in Dubai of all places. UN COP28Day Admin)

44 thoughts on “Climate Hypocrite Politicians and Celebrities …

  1. Di Tadpolio is a total nobhead. Billy Zane should have beaten him up before throwing him in the fucking sea, it would have made a much better ending, and spared us his eco drivel.

  2. I think it’s great.

    The more actors and the like keep lecturing us all about exploding pandas,melting mountains and koalas with AIDS the more people think Just Fuck Off.

    The tide is turning on the cunts.

  3. I like the bloke who comes onto gbnews every now and again (Clive something), he actually has some knowledge of the power grid.

    You can build as many wind farms as you like but if you can’t connect or accommodate on the grid they are just useless. When the wind blows just right it’s all fine, not enough and the obvious occurs, too much wind and they (I assume some) have to be shut down and get paid not to produce.

    Just Stop Oil (and gas), decarbonise the energy grid by 2030 or 2035 (just pick a date) absolute fantasy.

    All these cunts, like Craprio, just sing from a fucking climate hymn sheet while assuming it doesn’t apply to them.

    All cunts.

  4. I notice these junkets always seem to be held in places like Dubai, Bali or Kyoto, never Dortmund or Kingston-upon-Hull. I wonder why that is?

    It’s 25 degrees here and we’ve got the doors and windows open. The MSM report the unusually warm weather as the harbinger of doom. I doubt it has occurred to them that several million people look out of the window and think; “Thank god for that, another day I don’t need to run the heating.”

    • perhaps they should have COP29 in Dhaka, Pakistan, which is not only one of the most impoverished cities on the planet, but also one of the most densely populated and one of the heaviest polluting!

      I’d like to see Greta, the eco-loons from XR and JSO along with other Greenies spend 2 weeks in that shithole and telling all 22 million people there to change their ways!

  5. When the bet zero bollocks is finally shown to be a fantasy most of the decision makers who brought it about will be dead and unable to apologise for their stupidity. We will have to be content throwing rocks at Greta and the dim Just Stop Oil teats.

  6. We’ve all got to do our bit for the environment.
    I do my part by running 2-stroke motorbikes and big block Ford engines to release loads of lovely carbon into the atmosphere.
    Trillions of plants need lots of carbon.

  7. The COPOUT28 junket reminds me of the one in Glasgow a couple of years ago. Scores of world leaders, hundreds of ministers and junior ministers and thousands of pencil heads, security staff, personal aides, journalists and other assorted cunts, flying in from all 4 corners of the world for a 2 week piss up, and then having the afront to tell us plebs to make sacrifices and spend thousands in order to save Greta’s fucking future!

    But these cunts lack not only common sense and self-awareness but also fucking irony!

  8. Can you imagine Robbie Coltrane calling us all fat bastards and giving us advice about healthy eating and exercise? It would be a fucking farce. Yet, somehow these rich, privileged bastards (step forward the Royal Family among many others) can zoom about in their collection of gas guzzlers and fuck off around the world in private jets while telling us to get on the bus and take our meagre annual holiday in fucking Scarborough.
    Fuck off cunts. We haven’t all fallen for your media driven, fake humanitarian, hypocritical bullshit.

  9. Personally, let them get on with it.
    I’m at that age now where I couldn’t give a shit what they do. Moreover, we’re powerless to do anything about it because the globalist elites are clearly running the show and national governments are just mere local council town halls with very little say in anything.

    Enjoy life while you still can and fuck the politicians, fuck the media and fuck the planet.

    Future generations will soon come to realise what a monumental fuck up today’s politicians and eco-loons have made of their lives!

  10. He’s worth how much?
    And pretends it’s ok to constantly Jet around the planet due to a bit of carbon offsetting?
    We should use the celebs as fuel.

  11. Frasers Group has submitted a planning application for a global headquarters campus on Green Belt land at Ansty in Rugby, Warwickshire.

    If approved it will take up over 60 acres of land and blah blah blah.

    The local council is pushing its green green credentials on its residents, and yet at the first sniff of some business income it forgets about the Green Belt and all that bollocks and will seemingly approve this vast scheme because money talks!

    • Fuck me! 241 million cunts in Pakistan?
      And all of them “among the most vulnerable people in the world”
      Are there enough dinghies in the world to shift that fucking lot?

      • Suckdick Khan will be making suitable arrangements for them to “pop over” to Londonistab. And if the hotels are all full (apart from the really posh ones of course), then you’ll be asked to share your home with a few “lodgers”

        I hope you have a spare bedroom and no preteen daughters, Freddie!

      • 225 million in Nigeria too.

        Are they all ‘eating da poo poo’ and playing the gay card?

      • London in 2040.

        Big Ben now called Big Abdul
        The Tower of London – Mosque of London
        Buckingham Palace – Allah’s Temple
        The British Museum – The Woke Museum
        Trafalgar Square – George Floyd Square
        The M25 – Horse and Cart carriageway

  12. Politicians and environmental hypocrisy is nothing new.

    “The Green Belt is a Labour achievement and we intend to build on it”.

    – John Prescott, 1998 –

  13. Some silly cabin crew cunt on a recent BA flight tried to sell me carbon offsets! I tried not to laugh. Wankers.

  14. People can have an opinion on whatever they want, that’s fine.
    But when the likes of Dicuntio and that fucking pot bellied goblin Bill Gates
    spout off as though they are somehow qualified to do so, i pay them no heed.

    It’s ok when we do it, were offsetting our carbon footprint, fuck off.
    Dicuntio is an actor, i’ve never considered him a font of knowledge.
    Gates is a software engineer, not a climatologist or viroligist and i don’t consider myself to have been ‘lectured’ by any of them.

    Fuck the fuck off and when you get there, fuck off again.

  15. DiCaprio may well be a hypocrite. In the film ‘Total Eclipse’ he and David Thewlis appear as the French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine respectively. When Verlaine is sent to prison for wounding Rimbaud, doctors examining his arse declare him to be guilty of giving and receiving, although how they could tell he dished it out I don’t know, unless they found he had a brown dick.
    In the one book I’ve read on the subject, Rimbaud is quoted as saying to an acquaintance “Verlaine fucked me all night and I can’t keep my shit in'” So why is it that in the one scene in the film depicting an act of sodomy, DiCaprio is shown giving it to Thewlis? Could it be that the director agreed to rewrite history simply because DiCaprio didn’t want to look like a bender?

  16. I can’t think for myself so I’m really grateful for celebrities making opinions for me.

    We’ll thank them once they save the world.

    And surely the likes of Bono, Gob Geldof, and deCaprio know a lot about environmental matters, ecology, geology, and other scientific matters?

    I assume they learn all that at stage school?

  17. Ps

    When’s Israel going to decimate Palestine?

    Come on big nose!!
    Fuck the filthy Arabs up

    Your more than entitled to get revenge

      • I’m all for Israel getting justice on this.

        I want the Muslims to speak nervously in whispers

        ” remember what happened to Palestine?”

        And it to be a smoking crater for 50yrs.

        No survivors?
        Ticketyboo 👍

    • With Netanyahoo in charge, it will be bloodbath on a massive scale and the yanks won’t be waving the finger for a considerable amount of time.

  18. it’s a big virtue signal. I do my best to ignore it. Same with net zero. no real science involved at all.

    If you dont believe the climate is changing then you don’t.
    If you do, regardless of it being caused by humans, it’s too fucking late to reverse it anyway and carbon capture at the scale required is fantasy.

    Net Zero is a stupid pointless gesture.
    The infrastructure for EV is too expensive and impractical to install and doesnt work on an energy density level.
    People will not want to spend an hour charging a car at a giant charging station, because power cuts happen.
    Nuclear is the power source you need for low carbon functioning economy (doubters can go and see France snd Japan for it in practice) but the UK is not interested and Germany is still reliant on Russian gas.

    The media, politicians and activists are acting like terrified children and it shows the lack of quality of the minds engaged in the public debate.

    Wake me up when the fucking ice melts.

    • Right on all accounts, just wish the schoolteachers in charge could see but they are blinded by the money making rackets of Bwankers, corporations and elites, rinse and repeat.
      Look at the mess the EU has itself in by unelected upper council, ah shower of turds fkn itself weekly.
      Green agenda to sell us all down the Swanny with impossible targets that even the poor sighted can see.
      Fancy a fire hazard then buy an EV

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