GB News (3) and the BBC (94)

First Sir Laurence Fox and Dan Wooton get the boot, Now Calvin Robinson has got the bullet, And all because Ava Evans has been offended for the hundredth time.

Well, for a start, all three men are in a no win situation. Ava Evans is the sort of woman who gets offended if a bloke opens a door for her or pulls out a chair for her to sit on. Her blatant misandry and total hatred for (white straight) men is well known. But, of course, the media – mainstream and social – have conveniently overlooked or ignored all the nasty shit that she has said. From her wanting all men to be ‘terrified; to sneering at male suicide statistics. And will she apologise like Fox and Wooton have had to do? Will she fuck. She can say what she wants, when she wants.

Yet Fox, Wooton and Robinson are public enemies numbers 1, 2 and 3. GB News should be backing then up, not carpeting them. GB News was supposed to be the last bastion of British free speech a beacon in a sickeningly woke world. My arse, they are as scared of offending the woke loonies as much as any other media outlet.

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Nominated by Norman.

And in a similar vein, there’s this from Cuntybollocks 

BBC on their high horse

The absolute shower of cunt that is the BBC, have been up in arms over the recent Lawrence Fox fallout. GB News have shamefully shit their pants and have thrown others under the bus in support of twats like ‘Hate (and destroy anyone with a different opinion or who tells a risque joke) not Hope and other cunts, such as the BBC.

Let’s have it right.

The BBC employed Savile, DLT, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris and that recent crocodile tamer cunt, whose crimes are so fucking sick and evil, the media can’t really tell you what he did. It’s too harrowing so I’m not going to go into that here

No, what fucks me off, apart from GB News shitting themselves (they can fuck right off from now) is that I’ve seen countless BBC talking heads moralising over GB News content and presenters in recent days.

Look, Fox’s comment was pretty rude, but fuck it. He’s not been raping dogs until they die or diddling kids for fuck’s sake.

What GB News should’ve done is doubled down and told the Beeb, the Guardian and the bastards at HNH to go fuck themselves, which they probably would if it was possible, unless of course there was a kid or dog in the way.

Fuck off.

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  1. To fair it was quite tame, Russell brand would of sexual assaulted her in the name of light entertainment..
    To the sound of crickets from the gonad and BBC..

    Double standards much..

  2. I since found out that that Ava fucker has posted stuff for years like ‘I don’t want to shag you mate ‘ and other up herself comments on social media if some bloke simply disagrees with her.

    So if some cunt got in first by saying he wouldn’t want to shag her, fuck it. I’ve now heard some of her appalling man hating so she can get fucked.

    She’s everything that is wrong with the ‘strong, independent woman’. I wouldn’t touch her with a fucking bargepole covered in a massive johnny.

  3. Bit of a poor show to say publicly that a bird isn’t worth a fuck. Come on now I’ve seen her picture, dated worse.

    That said Bbc itv sky et al are massive hypocrites. Savile the day time groomer Beth etc all did said worse.

    • That Dan Wotton is a slimy little arselicker.
      With his weird gum to teeth ratio.

      Sort who’d grass you to the boss for being late.

      Larry Fox can take his tattooed hands and rollups and fuck off too.

      I watch GB news.
      Every evening.
      And saw Fox say this.

      I thought it was a bit clumsy and unprofessional.

      He’s given ammo to the MSM who are out for GB news.

      I’m sad Calvin Robinson is involved though.
      I’ll miss him.

      He’s a honest man.
      I respect his integrity.

      There’s MNC sticking up for a black gay Christian.

      And if you don’t like that you can fuck off

    • What about a gay bloke?

      What is the difference between Laurence Fox saying ‘who would shag that?’ about a vile cunt and Douglas Murray asking James Barr ‘wouldyou shag it?’ about Sam Smith?

  4. I’ve seen the clip and yeah, it wasn’t the best thing to say. If you’re going to attack someone’s political position, then slamming their attractiveness and their desirability was not right. I think an apology was appropriate, but a qualified apology. Meaning, some of that slag’s hate speech and previous anti-men outbursts could have been highlighted as mitigating grounds for Fox’s outburst. If someone’s got form for something they’re now offended about, I think it’s fair game to throw that back in their face. Suspending people over it was a step too far in my view and ventures into virtue signalling territory.

    As for the other news outlets piling in….wow! The BBC in particular are so far removed from the moral high ground it’s not even funny. They just can’t help themselves. Do they even realise how mocked and despised they are at this point? I suspect they don’t and think they’re still head and shoulders above the rest as the nation’s premier broadcaster. Talk about having a superiority complex. Their demise will only accelerate. Good.

  5. 2300 hrs Headliners on GB news is something I watch pretty much every day.
    Viewing figures higher at times than the British Bollox Corporation.
    I fucking hope it keeps going.

      • I like Leo, but he did once say Tony Blair was an excellent PM (on Lotus Eaters). He wasn’t joking either.

      • Leo Kearse, Nick Dixon and Lewis Schaffer all good stuff. Schaffer reminds of Mel Brooks who I used to like a lot.

        I reckon the next one they’ll be after is Neil Oliver, he must yank a few chains.

  6. Ava Evans (or Santina) is an absolute cunt.

    She’s been making nasty, misandristic comments on air for donkey’s and getting away with it, because of course, SHE can.

    I recently put up a nom about this frightful cow, probably now overtaken by events.

    Unfortunately for Cox in this instance, he didn’t just try to refute her arguments. He got suckered in to making it personal, ceding the high ground; a very naive and idiotic thing to do.

    He’s paid the price. Stupid, stupid boy.

    • I think you’re right, Ron. Laurence has played into her misandrist hands.

      And what about the Villa? They are looking good, Better than good.

      • What ho Norman.

        Yes but it’s been a funny old season so far. Thumped by Noocassel and the Bin Dippers, looked horrendous in Warsaw and against the Toffees in the week; mix that in with a win at Chelsea and a demo job on the meeja’s new darlings today. Bit of a roller-coaster so far, but they’re starting to cope with long-term injuries to Mings, Buendia, Moreno, Ramsey and Carlos. Ramsey back today and scored a beaut.

        Meanwhile, what the hell’s going on at Old trafford?

    • Afternoon Ron.👍

      There is no sign of a takeover or the Glazers pissing off. And Ten Hag is our most inept manager since Dave Sexton. Cracks on he is no nonsense, but it’s obvious that uppity crybaby players still rule the roost.

      Also the interference from stupid wimmin (see you Rachel fucking Riley) and the club actually allowing that doesn’t help either.

  7. GB news are struggling for advertising revenue, you know ‘they don’t align with our values’ brigade.
    They had no choice on this one, ofcom would like any excuse to give them the boot, what has really upset the main stream is that they suspended Fox and Wooton immediately.

    Fucking newsnight were flying close to the wind with all guests wanting to ‘shut it down’

    Who is this fucking Ava cunt anyway, some two Bob asrewipe on a three Bob arsewipe station called Jo summat. Never heard of either so fuck them 😂

  8. Fuck knows why Laurence Fox put himself in that position? Why not just point out her obvious faults and leave it at that. He’s just fucked himself and given her more victim points.

    On the flip side at least we can all plainly see GB news was created to make money from the free speech advocates whilst having no interest in freedom of speech.

    I heard Nick Robinson and other lefty cunts calling for GB news to be forced to call themselves entertainment not news as they smugly hinted at being of the left whilst hiding behind BBC impartiality.

    I really don’t want opinions left or right served up as news, just report the facts.

    X amount of illegal migrants entered the country today, how many entered and how they got here. I don’t want a sob story about their struggle to get here, I don’t want to hear about their aspirations.

    The news I really want to hear is the BBC become self funded relying on people who are willing to pay a subscription to watch the self congratulatory shite they pump out!

  9. You’re allowed to call people “scum” or suggest acid should be thrown at people, but not whether you’d shag somebody. Fucking ludicrous.

  10. I like it when they have that crackpot dr Tessa Dunlop on.

    She’s more crackers than the Jacobs factory.

    Guaranteed a meltdown 😄

    I’d love to see if I could trigger her,
    I wouldn’t stop even when the paramedics were working on her.

    • Good evening MNC…those paramedics would need to put in some serious overtime on Ava after I’d finished with her and dumped her spunk enslimed remains at a bus stop in the dead of night.
      DCI Gene Cunt’d get quite a shock when he realised I’d surgically swapped her arms over and put her legs back to front.

    • As Brucie used to say, ‘re-arrange the following into a well-known phrase or saying’;

      Cunt is fucking Tessa gobshite a Dunlop barmy.

  11. I can see GB News on YouTube. Sometimes I think they’re pretty good and other times I think they’re a cunt. Lately, it seems that more often than not they’re a cunt.

    On the other hand Auntie Beeb is like the prostitute who objects to being called a whore and insists on being called a courtesan. Regardless of what you call her she still sucks.

    • Evening GC…well, I must say that Colorado was absolutely beautiful. I did tons of wonderful things, drove up Pikes Peak, went halfway round Utah as well.
      I talked to a lot of people and in 2 weeks, not one person I talked to mentioned either politics or left/right wing shite. Not one.
      It was a breath of fresh air…a most enriching experience.

      • Hey TtCE!

        Good to hear from you and I’m glad you had a good visit.

        Sometimes those of us in the Cunting Industry tend to forget that there are some nice people out there and that there’s more to life than cunting Cunts.

        Did you get to see a rare Colorado Banded Platypus in the wild?

        What about the 3 Tied Utahian Sloth?

        Perhaps a Blue Beaked Mountain Parrot?

        A Toothless Denver Crack Whore?

      • Nope, but I did eat a delicious McSpicy Bald Eagle burger with a side helping of beaks and claws.

    • The BBC is the aunty that leaves your uncle with a note and says she had to follow her heart, only to try and take the family estate as part of the divorce.

    • I stopped watching GB News a while ago. Just monologues and ‘clashes’ with grifting loons trying to create a media career (or if you’re Narinder Naur, reignite one).

      Leo Kearse and Andrew Doyle are better off doing comedy unleashed and the podcast circuit.

  12. Slightly tangental but on Tuesday I was trying to find the League Cup (Caraboa Cup for the youngsters) results and also how Barnet got on. I was confronted with a whole list of meaningless split arse Notional League shit results. What the fuck? Since when has the wimminz game ranked in front of proper football.

    Don’t get me started on the BBC benefits and various help pages. 95% of our population is either block of half blick or fucking peaceful. Get to Fuck you MSM Cunts!

  13. GBNews isn’t perfect, but the press establishment must be extremely afraid of it. The establishment, from the Grauniad to the Daily Excess is falling over itself to be on the woke side of this non-debate. GBNews have suspended,/i> the trio, pending investigation, and probably to avoid the BBC’s error of covering up and ignoring its own villains.: The Daily Wail fired Wooton without benefit of even a kangaroo court, for simply supporting his own people, as good journalist do. I think we can take it that GB News presents a real and present threat to the journalistic status quo. Slava GBNewsi!

    Read this extended whine, in which Evans is given a free run by the strangely obsequious Wail, and ask yourselves: would YOU shag that in a non-BDSM scenario. With gag?

    • The wail get woke and get it wrong quite often. One case was the Covington lads on a school visit to washington DC. The Mail almost copy-pasted the CNN report saying the lads were mocking a native American. When you see the footage from the start you see the bloke and black chaps approaching the group of boys.

      The supposed ‘sneering’ is what most lads woukd do if a crazy old cunt got close making a racket.

  14. Aaagh. Don’t know what went wrong there. Should be:

    “GBNews have suspended the trio, pending investigation, and probably to avoid the BBC’s error of covering up and ignoring its own villains; The Daily Wail fired Wootton without benefit of even a kangaroo court,”

  15. I don’t watch TV, it’s boring, so don’t see news programmes.

    I buy a newspaper twice a week, and even that’s a bit too much, might have to cut back to just Saturday.

    Anyway, I think all news outlets are
    Lying cunts
    Promoting the Government agenda
    Promoting the Opposition agenda
    Lying cunts
    Written by semi-literate 8 year olds
    Fronted by people who would be improved by a frontal lobotomy
    Lying cunts
    Encouraging despair and panic with doom/gloom predictions that don’t actually happen
    Lying cunts
    Using click bait headlines
    Making reading online news impossible through pop-ups

    Oh, did I mention lying cunts?

    • Well said.

      My local news paper’s site is difficult to navigate. every paragraph some cluckbait ad. Given up on the cunts.

    • Ange put the work in back in Aus and Japan. Served his time being a success on the fringes of football.

      Good to see him being rewarded, the bloody w0g*

      *means something else in Aus’

  16. Well I’d fuck it all day long but I take his point. I’ve heard this bitch on the radio and she is a stereotypical posh, fake leftie, immo loving fucking cunt.
    It would be nice if it was on offer but if I had to work for it then forget it. I couldn’t cope with all that whining, climate crisis bullshit these days……haven’t got the fucking patience any more. That Fox bloke must be some sort of cunt serving himself up like that.
    What the fuck did he expect? What a dimmo.

  17. I also get GB news clips on the Utube. (no mainstream TV for 10 years or more) Never trusted Wooton or liked Fox but I do like Neil Oliver for his observations about globalist cunts and they way he delivers his monologues and also like Nana Akua (Bet she didn’t have it easy in her schooldays) for her direct approach in dealing with bullshit racism, yes she calls it out on her own crowd and other wokey bollocks also.
    I was sorry to see Calvin Robinson let himself get caught up, he was a bit different but interesting non the less

    • Agreed Nana Akua talks a lot of sense and has no time for BLM, white guilt etc and wants to bring back the death penalty. Leo Kearse sails close to the wind sometimes so hope this doesn’t curtail his output. I’ve always thought he would make a great cunter here on IsAC.

      • Id say Nana has more noose on the lot of them that surround her. I think she’s ahead of the game, hopefully Ron Knee

      • I saw Nana Akua play a blinder with some professional black moaner.
        This woman blamed everything on racism.

        She thought Nana would be onside simply because she’s also black.

        When Nana disagreed she couldn’t believe it 😁

        She didn’t know what to say.

  18. One thing I like about GB news,
    Regional accents.

    Michelle Dewberry and her Hull accent.

    Don’t get that on Sly news

    Never get a pretentious Brummie or Geordie.

    Always down to earth

    You have Scots ,
    Scousers, mancs,
    Its nice to hear .

    Sometimes you’ll get some cunt from wherever, complain about Michelle Dewberrys accent.
    Say they can’t understand her.

    She’s from Hull you cunt not fuckin Mongolia!

    I like Michelle 👍

      • Evening Herman 👍

        See Tyson Fury Vs Usyk has been agreed!

        Just watched a interview with Fury and Rio Ferdinand,
        Said hes not interested in a AJ fight.

        ” What’s he got to offer?!
        Lost his belts, he’s got nothing, no , I’m not interested”.

    • Ah duurrrt nurrr MNC.
      Is she frerm ‘esssle rrerrrd in ulll?

      She’s no doubt fulfilling certain cunter’s stern secretary fantasies

  19. Have to agree that Neil Oliver is the next target on the list. His measured antl Globalist rants are a joy to behold. I hope he hasn’t got any skeletons in the closet because they will fucking find them, trust me.
    And if they can’t find them the cunts will make it up. However, they haven’t managed to stitch Sir Nigel up after 20 odd years of trying so I have high hopes for Sir Neil.

    • Wonder what happened with Neil Oliver and the BBC?

      He was the face of Coast and did loads of history programmes,
      Then nothing.
      Turned up on GB news.

      But never heard if he was pushed or walked.

      • He had some shite as head representative of the National archaeological society that led to his resignation, if memory serves Mis which it probably doesn’t in this instant but there be a little truth in what I rememberers

      • Knew that there must be something Mecuntry.

        I liked Coast.
        He did some great documentary series on the Celts,Vikings,
        Neolithic man etc.

        He was good at presenting historical stuff.

      • He was brilliant Mis, relating the backgrounds an behaviours that walked the glens and shores across generations of old.
        It was a great series that clicked with grandparents to teens.
        He loves his hair though just to be a cunt about it

      • Id give a smiley for that Tim O Tay, eh Mis, haha haha he he but im on the Belgian Keyboard and cant
        on my ancient Apple. It was a fella called Ginola that sold me it, the Apple that is
        He said “because I’m worth it”
        Im still trying to locate the cunt

  20. Ava Evans sounds like a right bitch but Dan Wootton has had this coming for years. A very unpleasant individual.

  21. I think Vic Reeves could be next in the whole inappropriate conduct from 20+ years ago stakes. All that rubbing his legs on Shooting Stars over some of the more erm… appealing female guests.

    Come to think of it Lee Francis/Keith Lemon had better watch his back saying he’d smash back doors in.

    • Oh, there will be no end to it, Harold.

      The person who said ‘Ello Darlin’ on Ed Stewart’s radio shows will be arrested next.

  22. Good now.
    Ava Evans is a nasty piece of work., and all of the outrage over Lozza has been manufactured.
    The proof is that when Douglas Murray asked James Barr ‘would you shag it?’ about the blubbery Sam Smith, on TalkTV, no cunt blinked an eye.

    I guess the media tolerate three gays being waspish (or is it the prospect of taking on TalkTV’s owner, Murdoch?) but as soon as one of their blonde grifter girl gets a bit of flack they pretend she’s a delicate little creature, butter wouldnt melt and they wheel out irrelevant cunts like Sharon Osbourne and ol’Cyclops McJock to call for GB news to be reviewed by OfCom, as if it wasn’t run by fromer TV executives from the BBC.

    That the puppet show that GB News is seen as a threat by the establishment shows just how rigidly they’d like the bullshit to be controlled.

    As per my earlier cunting Ava Santina Evans is a proper cunt.

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