Entitled Black Shoplifter & the Blacklash

I truly didn’t know how to begin this cunting, for this act deserves more than a cunting. This person requires a hanging, followed by being pissed on whilst trying to breath their last breath then tied to the back of a night bus doing a cross London route.

Some of you may have heard this story by now, there may already be a nomination but I need to create my own to add to the gravity of this, so here goes.

Location: Peckham : BBC News Link.

A black woman walks into a ‘beauty’ shop; though the notion of a beauty shop in this instance is rather upside down. It should really be called an ‘ugly’ shop, for all the ugly cunts that need to visit it, but that’s a different story entirely.
It’s the kind of outlet that sells fake hair and other such products to the no doubt highly educated, mannered, law abiding and cultured residents of this area of London.
So back to this woman; she visited the shop to get a refund on some beauty products. Except that this shop does not offer a refund on such items (creams etc) as they may have been used. In any case, she should have known before buying the items that she would not be able to refund them as the store offers an exchange or store credit, which is ample in my opinion.
However not happy with the response she became angry and aggressive. Now knowing she wouldn’t get her money back she decided to redress the situation by grabbing a few packs of fake hair and then attempted to leave the store; the store owner would not let her leave and quite rightly so, he got in her way, a scuffle ensued and he had her in a hold. Anyway I don’t need to describe the entire episode, the video can seen in the BBCunt article in the link.

Now that is fairly regular stuff you may add, but what really enraged me, what really got to me was the response from the black ‘community’. Instead of understanding that a thief was caught, their ire was reserved for the store owner. They protested en mass outside the store with chants of “you touch one, you touch all”. The store owner was advised by police to close the store. Racist graffiti was sprayed on the shutters and the protesters held placards with similar messages.

This is the latest effect of not blowing up the fucking Empire Windrush 🙁

Nominated by : Billiam

46 thoughts on “Entitled Black Shoplifter & the Blacklash

  1. They protested en mass outside the store with chants of “you touch one, you touch all”.
    Does that ACTUALLY mean “You touch one n166a, you touch all n166as”?

  2. This is one of those happy incidents where there’s no victim.

    Mammy twoshoes wants a refund for a few rattails she was going to weave into her coconut matting hair.

    Sanjay says no.

    She chimps out
    Entitlement in action.
    Sanjay throttles her.
    She goes full jungle book and starts twatting him with a basket.

    The whole of Peckham screeches and takes to the lamp posts .

    Sanjays wigs are out of business.

    Comedy gold😁

    Sanjay should relocate back in Calcutta
    And Mammy go natural and wear her hair like a charred Brillo pad.

    • If I got a free go to strangle a black woman it’d be a close call between Rosa Parks and Doreen Lawrence.

      Too many witnesses on a bus I suppose?

  3. 3 packs of hair 24 pound..

    Must be shaving rats in Peckham, get your genuine rat hair. As modeling by dame doreen lawrence.. if its good enough for the house of Lords.

    You to could feel like a entitled racist chimp..

    Get in quick before the place is torched.

  4. Disaster at the Groaniad. Their report headlined BLACK WOMAN VICTIM OF RACIST ATTACK BY WHITE SHOPKEEPER had to be pulled when they found out a coolie was responsible.

    • She should try Rodders an Del on Peckham market!

      They’d sell her a wig/ merkin.

      An a Trevor Francis tracksuit from some mush in Shepherds Bush

    • Fucking Groaniad. The Volkischer Beobachter of the Hampstead dinner party chattering class.

      And the BBC of course.

    • Poor Afua, I’ll send her a couple of face wipes, shall I?

      Then she can get that egg of her face.

  5. I’ve been in one of these shops in Brixton…….you wouldn’t believe all the overpriced shit they have, supposedly specifically designed for black women. They are all run by Peacefuls, making a fucking packet and the silveries fucking hate them. This particular part of Peckham is seething with racial hatred……and barely a whitey to be found anywhere! But try telling that to some politician or Guardian reading arsehole. They’ve never been there and never will. Too busy crying about the mythical “far right”, otherwise known as Sue Ellen Braverman, Priti Useless and Wishi Washi Norman Wisdom Trousers.

  6. Ah yes the ‘community’ and those poor black women being bottom of the pile.

    Would this be the same community that celebrated land whales twerking their fat arses in the middle of the street at the Notting Hill Carnival? The same community who’s music reduces them “ho’s”, “bitches” and prostitutes?. The same community that can protest about some cunt stealing wigs but can’t be bothered when a schoolgirl is stabbed to death on her way to school?

    If they don’t care then why the fuck should we?

  7. I heard she was trying to return a non returnable item. When she was refused a refund, she hit the store owner. Hard. She fucking started it. Something that gets missed, of course. She then attempted to steal items from the store. He had to physically stop her from doing this and he put his hands around her neck for a split millisecond.

    This is the image used in the media. Then, the predictable chimp out in the ‘communidee’ occurs. Imagine if the shop owner had been a honky and not an Indian?

    Like I say. Don’t sell or buy to the cunts. I never thought like this until recent years. Reality and experience. Can’t be fucking denied anymore, sorry.

    IQ and nature matters.

    Get to fuck.

    And a shop selling stuff to make black folk have straight looking hair?

    Stop culturally appropriating my hair. Well, not that I have much nowadays but you get my drift.


  8. At first glance I did not get the reasoning behind the media kerfuffle over this event. Both Black innit? Then woz up bro? Then I sussed. Wrong type of Black innit. Asian Black on Swartzer Black. The story that is never told. The racial warfare that rages on our streets between the corner shop owning Patels and their customers, the Dumb Bros.
    Customers enter through the door which triggers a loud bell then step on a floor mat which triggers a buzzer and Patel is behind the till which is itself behind a screen of gorilla glass and watching a video screen linked to multiple security cameras. Hidden behind the counter or in many cases concealed in the shop window waiting to pounce is Patel’s younger brother.
    Dumb Bro and his oppos try to pull something then try to rush out with valuables such as beef jerky or similar Bro food to be confronted by the Patel family and it all kicks off. Seen it too many depressing times. Have acted as Voice of Reason on occasion by suggesting to Patel to “Leave it out, the Swartzer is built like a shit house and while I have had a boring day and it would be an amusement to see your head get rammed up your arse, there is a lady present (Mrs Patel).”
    That usually defuses the situation, Dumb Bro swaggers out with his spoils and Patel, ever the commercial realist, starts marking the prices of his stock up yet again.

  9. I’m surprised that “BLM activist” Slasha Johnson wasn’t there leading the fight for justice.
    Whatever happened to her I wonder?

  10. I’ve probably mentioned this more than once but I actively gave up watching and reading the ‘news’ during Covid and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

    That said I do pick up on events simply by owning an IPhone and being an ISAC regular – which of course means I don’t hold any biased views…….

    So I did see the video that was posted ont’ thinternet and I immediately thought of what my best mate, a former Cop of 30 years says in these situations which is – I can’t really comment because I wasn’t there but if I can see the footage in full then I’ll be in a better position to form an opinion.

    And what a perfect example this was of editing the reality to fit the narrative.

    I remain convinced that the only reason this story had any legs was because the word went out that the shopkeeper was whitey.

  11. And that’s the difference between us and them.

    If I felt conned out of a refund in a shop, I’d listen first. Maybe the big skiddies I’ve left in the undies that were a bit too tight can’t be resold. However , if I still thought I was being ripped off, I’d ask for the manager’s full name and business address and tell him I’ll be contacting trading standards. And that I’ll see him in the small claims court and make sure every cunt knows about his policies. And calmly leave.

    This ‘un? Smacks the guy in the mush and tries to steal loads of shite, whilst screaming and shouting the place down, causing a near riot. She could’ve calmed that mass chimp out at any point too.

    No fucking chance. She’d have loved it and probably wanted him and his family’s heads on spikes.

    Although I have enjoyed some global companies who’ve been promoting all this blm pro black anti White shite, getting their shops looted and smashed up by their pets recently.


    • What’s even funnier is that these same companies are then closing their shops in those areas and the cunts that caused it all are complaining they’ve got nowhere to ‘buy’ food, trainers and TVs.

  12. An Asian fella throttles a shop lifting chippy black in his store in the nation’s capital city. All hell breaks loose, the chippy community close ranks and basically side with the law breaking shoplifter. Why wouldn’t they?

    The BBC and the rest of the media told me that multiculturalism is fantastic.

    The powers that be never asked any cunt if they wanted multiculturalism but they decided to give it to us all the same.

    We should be grateful I suppose because the gifts to society are obvious.

    I take it this incident will somehow be the fault of white Brexit voting heterosexual males?

    • If I lived in Peckham I’d spread the rumour that blacks will only be allowed in the shop one at a time.

      And that white women get the same wigs at 30per cent cheaper.

      Then as the crowd gathered outside
      I’d pop to the local mosque and say that the blacks are going to hang Sanjay and burning the Koran.

      You have to make the most of a situation

  13. I couldn’t think of anything worse than owning and working in a shop like that everyday.

    Well, apart from being in a scat porno with Diane Abbot and Jeremy Corbyn.

  14. Run them over with an armoured car and send the shovelling up bill to David “Chiggun on exes” Lammy.

    Then gas him.

  15. The caption mentions upsetting scenes. I saw none but was upset that Sanjay didn’t fucking deck the cross between a turd and a piece of velcro when it started lashing out. I saw it using the hair extensions as a whip. Wonder where it got that idea from,

    • I was disappointed too. After seeing the still that went around the world, I was hoping big Sanjay had throttled the cunt until she dropped like a bag of shite. He had his hands on her neck for about a second tops on viewing the clip.

      I felt more ripped off than she did.

      In fact, it should’ve been me protesting, not her.

      • Maybe she wanted to be the British chicken George..
        I can’t breathe..suicide by shopkeeper.

  16. Hang the cunt from a tree – tree hanging cunt hanged. And tomorrow we can look forward to the glorious Black History Month – if only they were history…..

  17. What gets me about this is the breathtaking sense of entitlement.

    You whiteys all has to oh-bey de law, but I cans rob, and bash and trash, because I is blik, innit.

    I have no words that can describe my utter, utter contempt for this thing. She’s a turd, needs scooping up in a (extra large) doggy bag and binning.

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