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“Good afternoon. This is IsAC’s arts and media correspondent Ron Knee reporting.
Today I’m joined by legend in his own head Stephen Fry, who’s once again been giving the world the benefit of his views on Brexit. I see that you recently termed Brexit ‘a clown car crash’ on the BBC, Mr Fry”.

“Well, as GK Chesterton once said, ‘one sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak’ “.

“Sorry? What’s that supposed to mean?”.

“Ah well you see *condescending smirk* I do so love to throw in a quote from Chesterton, and I do see great things!”.

“Yes of course; it all adds to that air of preening pseudo-intellectualism that you try so hard to generate around yourself. But on to the subject of Brexit…”.

“Yah. As I told that horrid Kuenssberg creature, Brexit is a catastrophe, and everybody knows it, deep in their bones. Certainly the rest of the world knows it”.

“Really? Many of our followers would disagree, I’m sure, and they won’t be alone. On what do you actually base these wide-ranging assertions? Can you offer some empirical evidence, facts and figures, to support your claims?”.

“Ah dear boy *irritating snigger* there’s no need for that. It’s what Benjamin Franklin would have referred to as ‘a truth we hold to be self evident’ don’cha know”.

“Well pardon me ‘dear boy’, but I and very many others don’t take your statement as a self evident truth, or anything like. Indeed, it was the democratic will of the people to give the elbow to the bloated, suffocating plutocracy that is the EU. So I repeat; back up your waffling claim that Brexit is ‘a catastrophe’ with some hard evidence”.

“Bah. I’m not going to bandy words on the subject with someone who is so clearly my intellectual inferior. If you and the moronic majority cannot grasp the blindly obvious fact that membership bestowed a multitude of benefits on Britain, and that leaving was a disaster, I’ll waste no more time and bid you good day sir!” *storms off in a huff*

“So there you have it cunters. When challenged to shit or get off the pot, Mr Fry did indeed prove to be constipated, and like Elvis, has now left the building. This is Ron Knee, for IsAC, returning you Brexiteering morons to the studio”.

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Nominated by : Ron Knee

And mere minutes later, seconded by Captain Magnanimous:

Stephen Fry is a cunt, isn’t he.

I’m sick of this conceited, chubby cock-womble, always sniffing about looking for the next gobble. He’s like an hugely overweight child dressed as a sailor attempting to impress his elderly parents by reciting some shite Gilbert & Sullivan ditty in Latin.

He continually pretends to be clever, intellectual, and witty despite having all his work written for him. He used to pompously explain the answers on that dreary quiz show, which wasn’t difficult when you reading them. The last decent thing he did was Jeeves and that was thirty years ago.

Now he’s having a pop at our leaving the wretched EU, calling it a catastrophe. Aww diddums, can’t you fly so easily over to Italy anymore for some buckets of tagliatelle and being penetrated by Euro furrywinkles?

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Other gaylebrities like Elton John and Mandy Mandelson have remoaned about Brexit Why do the poo-pushers seem to love the Reich so much?

Shut the fuck up Fry, you portentous, haughty, dick-snaffling queerhawk.

84 thoughts on “Stephen Fry [7]

  1. You know those dinghy raiding cunts who claim they are being persecuted in the shitholes they come from because they are gay? We could employ Mr Fry as Chief Bottom Inspector……..I bet he knows a ravaged arsehole when he sees one and he wouldn’t need to stick a torch up there.
    That might put a few of them off and the fucking ECHR can hardly complain about it can they?

    • Sir Elton is ‘deeply concerned’ about Suella Braverman saying LBGTQ persecution is ‘not fit for purpose’.

      Gary Lineker as well. ‘how could you know that?’ he says. You cannot tell if a migrant is LBGTQ or not.

      • Ok, just make Fat Reg Assistant Chief Bottom Inspector. That should keep him happy the dirty bastard.

      • Well I for one am deeply concerned to learn that he’s deeply concerned.

        Him with a bad back to contend with an’ all.

        Poor luv.

      • It’s easy.

        Get a few male model type gays. The dinghy rider claiming persecution because of his gayness must suck them off then bum them. If he doesn’t get a stiffy, he’s failed.

        To be honest, I don’t give a fuck if they are bent. Stop being a bummer in your country if they put you in prison for it.

      • Here’s a tale about Fat Reginald,

        The song Candle In The Wind was originally inspired by Montgomery Clift (another raging whoopsie) in The Misfits.

        But then Fat Reg told Bernie Taupin to change it and write lyrics about Marilyn Monroe, Taupin didn’t even like Monroe (is he another poove?) But Fat Reginald insisted that it be done, so they would make more money. So, it wasn’t a tribute at all, Just a cynical cash in.

        I dare say the ‘eulogy’ to Diana, Princess of Knob Gobblers was pretty much done the same way.

      • Norm,

        Did you know it was originally entitled “Candle up the bum”?

        Definitely true. I read it in Viz.

      • Aye old Gary has ‘spoken’ again. That must be the ‘grey area’ he can exploit.

        Can’t find it. But Richard Madeley had Gary on about the ‘Germany in the 30’s tweet. It was a bit later and he was out to dismiss it. But Richard doggedly went after him.

        ‘where has the govt used ‘language used in Germany of the 39s’.
        No answer from our Gary. Only this is old news.

        Funny its left to comfortable old silly Richard to actually press someone.
        I thought.

  2. He is fucking shite and always has been. He’s like a fat Hugh Grant.

    All he ever did on telly was shout ‘Baaaah!’ and ‘Poo Poos’ on the overrated Blackadder Goes Forth.

    I am surprised Fat Fruit Fry never got the Big A.

  3. I’ve stepped out of listening to preening, pseudo-intellectual cunts such as Sir Bloater Fry.

    Here’s why. I have the fortune to move in intellectual circles from time-to-time. Proper, hardcore Harvard/MIT intellectuals are not like this self-gratifying prick.

    Get ’em away from a lecture theatre, and they’re some of the most right-wing, hard-drinking cunts you’ll ever meet.

    None of them are this fat, either.

    Bit pissed in Eastern Europe. Night one. Night all.

  4. This arse bandit and ex jailbird should realise that the Brexit Boat sailed We voted to leave end of Instead of inter fearing in politics stay at home with your husband and count your money you fucking hypocrite 👎👎

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