Sam Smith [8]

Yeah ok guys, it’s yours truly Ron here. Again. Some might argue that I spend too much of my time on here, but I crave your indulgence. It’s a case of so many cunts, so little time.

Speaking of cunts…

I was just sent this link by the wife, who’s still laughing with disdain at the latest antics of megacunt Sam Smith;

YouTube Link. (Brian Cox is also a cunt though, eh Ron? – NA)

Now some might argue that he’s just trolling for attention, and they might be right. But personally, I find something extremely creepy about this person’s posturing, bordering on sinister. It’s hard to quantify, he just radiates unsavoury like a fire radiates heat.

There’s being outrageous for effect, and there’s being in need of help. In my opinion, in Smith’s case it’s definitely the latter.

Nominated by : Ron Knee

64 thoughts on “Sam Smith [8]

  1. Just wait, cunters. In ten years’ time, if that, that kind of performance will be normal. If not mandatory, if you wish to evade the thought police. It isn’t just Smith now: it’s the system that tolerates him.

    /Sunday, feeling moralistic.

  2. Yes Brian Cox is also a shill cunt of the highest order.

    Ron’s original link was for a clip of Brian Cox which he subsequently corrected. In case you were curious as to the reference – NA.

  3. Is there a chance laughing gas being pumped into the auditorium for the halfwits next performance ? It might make the silly twat think his fans are laughing at him and might think of calling it a day ?

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