Genesis Pre School Hull and Grandad’s Pride

This piece of perversion, featuring drawings of gays in bondage gear, has been handed out to kids aged 4 at this school, and no doubt others too.

It beggars, or should that be buggers belief that this vile shit is being peddled to kids of that age, or any age to be honest.
The school refused to apologise to outraged parents and defended it by claiming that the children would not understand the images.

The perversion was written by some creep called Harry Woodgate, he’s a cunt too.


Nominated by mystic maven.

66 thoughts on “Genesis Pre School Hull and Grandad’s Pride

  1. The bit I don’t get is school staff defending this, on the basis that the kids ‘wouldn’t understand the images’.

    Huh? Then what’s the effing point of making them available to them in the first place? What was the school even thinking about?

    That Woodgate thing looks a proper fanny as well.

    When oh when is this cuntitude going to end?

    Morning all. Good spot Mystic!

    • Woodgate should be locked behind iron gates, the fucking oddball.

      He’s got that weird androgynous look about him. Looks like one of those Oxfam workers who diddled kids.

  2. Creepy as fuck.
    No way id allow my kids to be exposed to this sort of grooming (and it is grooming) when they were little.

    I suspect Harry Woodgate has plenty in common with Sidney Cook,
    The filthy cunt.

  3. All part of the sickening attempt to normalise kiddie-fiddleing by calling it “minor attracted persons” and ushering it under the umbrella of LGBTQ+, thereby proving the theory that benders are all either closetted or active pædos.

    • Absolutely Thomas. They try to make out that a bloke who likes to dress up as a woman does it purely because it makes him happy. Whereas we all know he does it for sex, be it wanking or being fucked up the arse or whatever.
      This is the lie they pedal to kids as well as adults. That sex is only their second or third consideration, when it’s fucking obvious it’s their primary objective.

      • Indeed FMC…at least when we were all at school, teachers would simply smack you one rather than try and bum you.
        Although that undoubtedly happened at posh schools.

  4. The schools spurious defence should be of little consequence as the local education authority should have sacked those involved immediately.
    There should be no such thing as a Pride book for children in the first place, let alone in schools.
    What next? A children’s book on water sports? T bagging? Frotting?
    I suppose it’s deemed as acceptable if it’s got a Pride flag on the cover.
    Why can’t people see that the Pride movement is no longer about awareness, if it ever was.
    It’s about the promotion of sexual deviancy.

  5. It all started with Harriet Har’man’ and her PIE men. The teaching ‘profession’ is now the vanguard for ensuring the proper grooming of all kids and young people in readiness for exploitation by their betters ie the filth that inhabits every institution from Parliament down. I am beginning to think that maybe Pol Pot was on to something.

    • Absolutely.

      Why can’t these cunts just let kids be kids? They’ll find out what a shithouse the world is soon enough as it is.

      • Quite right, Ron. Kids that age should be reading about Noddy’s adventures in Toyland and looking forward to Christmas. Instead they are fed muck, and to make matters worse, we are fucking paying for it. To paraphrase another cunter, my piss is really boiling.

      • My thoughts exactly. Round here, in E Hull, the kids on bikes actually ring bells to get past you, and say Thanks if you move out of their way. They might well be smoking weed, but they are gentlemanly about it.
        Deviant Pride buses ought to be accidentally re-routed through slimey areas, and see what happens.

  6. I’ve never been a religious type, preferring to believe in the science of matters, but I’m rapidly becoming a fire & brimstone believer & hoping for eternal damnation on this incessant pool of shit & perversion that’s enveloping this sceptred isle.

    St Peter (at The Gates): “What’s the fucking crack!!? Turning up here looking like a fucking freak – you’re in the form of Adam, but dressed like Eve you cunt! And, by the way, you’re not fooling anyone!”
    Pervert: “But ..but Justin Welby said it was ok…”
    St Peter: “Yes, well that bullshitting cunt’s got it coming too! The Boss doesn’t take well to letting freaks & perverts in here. Get off my fucking cloud, you abject piece of shit!”

  7. This is just the “drip drip drip” towards legitimising sex between adults and children.

    Already, the woke are trying to soften the relationship between adults and kids by by no longer calling the former Peter Files, but the much more acceptable (to their minds) Minor Attracted Persons (or MAPs).

    They’ve also gone a step further by sexualising children at school both in terms of gender identity, trans acceptance and now this.

    Another year or two, and they will be calling for the age of consent either to be lowered to the age of 8 or 9, or banning it altogether! (I’m sure Harriet Harman would support this given her dealings with PIE back in the day. Source –

    One would hope that the general public at large finally say enough is enough of this shit, and protest to their MPs to do something about it once and for all.

    I wouldn’t hold one’s breath though.

  8. Imagine you’d been away for a few years and had no access to any media, and you came back to see this. What would you think has happened? Pervy loons running the show.

    • I try to imagine what my Dad would have to say , he fought in Monti Casino and after the war in Palestine.
      He would probably think “ what was the fucking point

      Morning So Long.

      • Off topic, I went to Monte Cassino this year. Looking at what they had to assault, and the Polish war memorial, your father was a very brave man. Don’t make them like that anymore.

  9. Doing a google search shows some cunt with a womans hairdo. It’s about time these cunts were slapped down hard and given lengthy jail terms. Of course letting the lags know what they were in for. Sick cunts.

  10. This sort of shit will lead to some pretty severe violence sooner or later .

    Just has to surely

    • Good.

      Violence works.
      Let’s hope the filthy cunts behind this book get a good portion.

      • Yes I forgot to add that’s what I was hoping would happen. Maybe introduce it as mainly Muzzie schools , see what the snackbars think of it

        They’d hate it , kind of ironically given their Northern gangs but still be funny to watch the alphabet people try and push their shit to them

  11. All this shit should have been stopped years ago, the fucking Pride bollocks is nonsense. The poofs parading around advertising gayness, normal folk don’t go down the street going ‘look at me I am straight’ (maybe some do to counter pride shit).

    Kids at 4 and 5 absorb everything, they may not fully understand the image but they will certainly retain it.

  12. I wonder what might have happened if this book had turned up at a pre-school for predominantly mudslime kids?

    I suspect the teachers wouldn’t have apologised..because they would be too busy going into hiding.

    What a bunch of fucking deviants.


  13. One good thing you can say about Putin , He doesn’t tolerate any of this perverted crap.
    Even the Gayness is banned in schools

  14. I’ve worked in education and for the life of me I can’t see how this doesn’t infringe safeguarding guidelines.
    In fact, that’s putting it fucking mildly.
    Maybe I’ve missed something. Maybe there are different safeguarding rules relating to the promotion of gay sex.
    Surely someone must have at least got a bollocking and if so, they should say so rather than making out it was a mistake and getting defensive.
    Not that I think a bollocking is enough. Especially after trying to defend the indefensible.

  15. I blame the government/s for letting this fester for so long, Itchy Ballsack, he of the flappy ears and short trousers should intervene.
    How can people in authority let blatantly perverted crap like this into youngster’s classrooms?

    To think when i was young, i harboured aspirations about becoming a teacher, i’d be pulling my hair out.

    Fuck the alphabet gang and theiir inevitable protests
    Bunch of cowards.

  16. Absolutely disgusting saga, and the author of these “kids” books is clearly a sick cunt too. Just what is being peddled to children these days, whether or not they can understand it or not?
    SHAME on the vile school staff for using that as an excuse in the first place… oh this was in Hull where they employ fucking inadequate morons and progressive bandwagon-jumpers.
    One of the primary aims of the LGBTQ agenda is to get the age of consent lower and lower – it’s utterly sick and needs to be stopped!

  17. If the kids don’t understand the images what’s the fucking point of giving these images to the kids? Oh shit of course program the little darlings to think that men wearing such apparel is normal.
    Have to admit top bit of propaganda sly deviant beasts.
    Fucking sad world we are living in.

  18. It’s a short step from this to Jackanory being relaunched as Jackoffanory by the BBC, attempting to tittilate 5 years olds with stories of gay bondage grandads.


    • Floella fucking benjamin will then get another cunting gong – mind you, i have no idea why she got her last one. Services to boring-the-shit-out-of-everyone-about-windrush I think.

  19. There’s only one reason why you would put such images in front of children and we all know what it is. What the fuck is this useless fucking government doing? They should be sacking and arresting cunts left, right and centre starting with the dirty bastards who published this abomination. No, they just sit on their hands with their snouts in the trough doing fuck all as usual.

    • A lot of this perverse shite gotbokayed by Gavin Williamson, and then he got his knighthood.

      Seems perversion of children is worthy of becoming a knight of the realm; Jimmy got one, after all.

  20. One argument used to ‘defend ‘ this outrage was ‘the book was widely available in Hull. Well, so is fucking heroin but no one is saying that it should be available for four year olds.

    • I’m sure these pictures showing men using ropes and harnesses were taken at the local rock-climbing club, whose members are eager to demonstrate this healthy sport to children.
      Move along. Nothing to see here.

    • Valid point, Guzzi.

      The schools justifications are spurious, to say the least.

      Why not show them some bukake or a snuff film? All no doubt widely available and, of course, at 4 years old the kids won’t understand the images.

      When is someone going to draw a line?

      I see that the Trustees have ordered the book removed and the rest of the library audited for any other inappropriate material, although they are “supporting the staff”, all the way to a gallows, I hope.

  21. Phil Collins is keeping quiet I note.
    Same with Peter Gabriel.

    ” oh it’s nothing to do with us”


    Genesis pre school?!
    Your fingerprints are all over it !

    Typical pop stars

    Who’s the dinner lady?

    Gary fuckin Glitter?!

  22. Isn’t grooming children against the law any more?
    Anyone promoting this p edophilia should be taught a lesson themselves.
    With a cat-o-nine tails.

  23. And Waterstones can fuck off and all.

    The supposedly renowned book shop has had this sickening Grandads Pride abomination in their main display window for weeks now. Like those other LGBTQ peddling cunts, WH Smith, I shall never give Waterstones any money again.

    And the people need to act. Complaints are not enough, and woke nazi schools and councils simply don’t give a fuck. Parents need to pull their kids out of these places en masse. Fuck the school’s threats about fines and suchlike. If the dirty deviant fucks had no kids to teach they would close soon enough. Parents – of whatever background, race or religion – need to team up and stop this filthy muck and child abuse (because that’s what it is) spreasing. As those Manic Street Thingys sang ‘If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.’

  24. What you seem to be forgetting is that ‘normal’ has become an aberration and this degeneracy is promoted. Straight white males, in particular, are slowly being eradicated.

    • Straight white males will be wearing coloured stickers (a red triangle?) in years to come, on their way to being gassed. Mark my words.

      • Gassed? By who?? The limp wrist brigade , those from the sub continent.

        Both groups have the strength of a wet wafer

        I’d be suitably ashamed if I couldn’t take 20 of them on my own

  25. Genesis? More like Genesis P’orridge. The recently deceased ‘confused’ trannie from Throbbing Gristle.

    • God, they were shit. He/she/it had a stupid fucking name too. Might as well have called it self Red .E. Brek.

  26. Give it a few years and you’ll go to a parent/teacher evening and all the teachers will be wearing gimp suits.

  27. Oh dear.
    I think some of these parents will get a knock on the door from Humberside Police.
    ‘We need to check your thinking… get in the back of the van!’
    Moon-faced, flabby, sexless social workers will be around to take the kids into care, in homes run by gay couples called Humbert and Quilty.

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