Genesis Pre School Hull and Grandad’s Pride

This piece of perversion, featuring drawings of gays in bondage gear, has been handed out to kids aged 4 at this school, and no doubt others too.

It beggars, or should that be buggers belief that this vile shit is being peddled to kids of that age, or any age to be honest.
The school refused to apologise to outraged parents and defended it by claiming that the children would not understand the images.

The perversion was written by some creep called Harry Woodgate, he’s a cunt too.


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66 thoughts on “Genesis Pre School Hull and Grandad’s Pride

  1. Parents are too soft.

    If I had a kid at this pre-school I would have walked in with a baseball bat and made the head teacher eat the fucking book.

    I would then have beaten him until he vomited it up, and then make him eat it again.

    • Too right Artful.

      My old man would have walked in there, took me out of the school, and woe betide anyone who got in his way.

      When I was at school, we got talks from people like Oliver Postgate (Bagpuss, Clangers creator) and David McKee (Elmer, King Rollo) and David Prowse (Darth Vader, Green Cross Code). Now they get sexual deviancy and tales about sodomy from card carrying weirdos If one of those freaks even looked at my kid, I would turn them into mince.

      • I am sure that if I was exposed to this sort of shit at the age of 4, I would have been traumatised.

        A bit like when you found out about normal sex and thought, “Urgh! Did my parents actually do that?”.

        I am sure that any 4 year old shown this book would start looking at adults differently.
        Perhaps they would become suspicious, frightened, introverted, maybe even curious.

        Either way their minds have been fucked with.

        Is that the plan?

        To have a future generation of quivering cowards and/or gays.

        A population much easier to control.

        It’s sinister.

      • We had sexusl deviancy practicals from some of our teachers.
        Oliver Post gate also did Noggin the Nog (only qualifies for Care in the Community, whereas Muffin the Mule was a guaranteed custodial sentence, as a mule cannot give informed consent).

  2. If the granddad in the book has a granddaughter then the girls mother was either a gaybe or the filthy basted was slipping his wife shitty dick. I am a granddad and do not wear leather bondage gear or attend pride parades in fact I fail to see how sucking men’s dicks and getting your arse reamed out is anything to be proud about.
    Do what you fucking like but leave the majority and little children out of your perviverse.. The author of the book is a successful writer of children’s books, does the illustrations as well, was the said literature supplied gratis by the author and its publishers or was the pervy shite purchased by the council education budget.. what do you think?

  3. Look at the smug expression on (what I presume is) the head teacher’s face in the thumbnail. That’s a look that says “I know what’s best for your kids far better than you, you great unwashed plebs…and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

    The deviant apologist needs a spell in intensive care to re-think its policy re children.

    These leftist cunts seem to be right and centre of all of the social ills this country is having at the moment. They are pulling down everything our ancestors have built brick by brick.

    Before we start getting rid of illegals, or stringing up dress wearing pedarasts, we need to start cleaning some of our own people out.

    Massive hole in Hyde Park dug by them, told to get in, us filling it back in, then screaming for mercy, none given.

  4. When he saw this, Tatchell probably came in his leather chaps in anticipation. Or, some other chaps, chap’s. Or maybe up Harry Woodygate’s garden gates. The filthy wee donut punching poo pirates.

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