Shola Mos-Shogbamim (3), white privilege

Claims that ‘Whiteness” was responsible for the baby murders at Countess of Chester hospital.

Professional race baiter Dr (mickey mouse dept.) Shola Mos-Shogbamim claimed doctors’ suspicions about lucy Letby would’ve been taken more seriously if she wasn’t white. Dr Shola blacksplained:

“Lucy Letby exemplifies how [the] ideology of Whiteness keeps Britain in a chokehold. They believed her tears/denials even though evidence said otherwise, for no other reason than she’s white. A Black or Brown nurse would’ve been reported to the police immediately & sacked for suspicion.”

“Dr” Shola was backed up by Royal College of Nursing president Sheila Sobrany who said:

“If we are going to learn anything from this case we need to stop denying that racism is a serious issue in the NHS, this doctor (Dr Ravi Jayaram) would have been listened to if he was white and Lucy Letby would have been stopped sooner if she wasn’t white.”

Fuck me.

Spiked Online concluded:

“It’s hard to know where to begin with all this bullshit. First up, the notion that Jayaram wasn’t listened to because Letby is white and he is not is a grotesque mangling of the facts. Several consultants and clinicians, many of them white, raised the alarm about Letby. Dr Stephen Brearey, head consultant at the neonatal unit where Letby worked, was the first to alert hospital executives to the fact that babies were dying and Letby was the common denominator. His alleged abundance of white privilege clearly held no sway with hospital managers.”



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More on this topic by Cuntybollocks below.

Lucy Letby’s ‘white privilege’

Fuck me, even I didn’t expect the race grifting, anti white cunts to blame Lucy Letby’s murderous spree on her ‘white privilege’.

Like the author of the article linked in ‘Spiked’, I fucking should’ve known better.

Yes, it seems there are cunts out there who think that had Letby been black, she’d have been suspended much earlier.

What a load of fucking shit. Most employers I know, particularly fucking government ones like the NHS, are terrified of even criticising non whites, for fear of the old race card getting whipped out and the ensuing tribunals and inevitable (underserved) pay outs.

But I digress somewhat.

How fucking sick are these utter cunts, to be using dead babies to push more of their race baiting and grifting?

I’d happily see these cunts drowned in a bucket of piss.

Fuck off.


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  1. If I was to go on telly or give a newspaper interview claiming all our country’s ills are the fault of black man, I’d not only be arrested, but blacklisted by the media.
    Yet professional race baiters are encouraged back on air to spout their hate. Not only that, they’re allowed to do it unchallenged by gutless interviewer’s who simply nod sagely in agreement and feed them loaded questions.
    If they stopped giving these people airtime or refused to print their bullshit, racial tensions would ease overnight.
    But there’s no money in that.
    And as mentioned in a previous post, just about every racial hatred law has been violated by this woman, yet its clearly a law that can only be applied against white people.
    The media and the law are traitors.

  2. I read it somewhere – probably The Grauniad – that Trump is planning to bring back slavery and legalise the eating of babies. Booo, hissss.

  3. Racist/racism is a term coined by grifters that now includes anything they want it to, such as culture and religion.

    The original term was racialism, and pertains to the biological differences, with suggestions that because different ethnic groups are biologically different, there is a hierarchy in nature. This is now dubbed ‘scientific racism’.

  4. However many apologies you’d make to these fuckers, if you gave each of them a bottomless pit of cash, or “reparations”…the fucking moon – it would never be enough.

    • I really fucking hate these devisive, race bating liars, who come out with endless horseshit to push their agenda.
      Make the world a better place and next time a rocket is sent into space, put a few of these cunts inside.
      Space suits and oxygen not needed….

      • The attitude has been around for decades

        These cunts racialised the moon landing with Whitey on the Moon back in the seventies.

        Myopic spastics.

        ‘It was a project of White America’

        Yeah, it was, as white people paid for it, cunts.

  5. I’m sorry (well, actually I’m not), but it has to be said.

    Fucking Black Cunt. I am sick to death of these bastards like her and Frankie Boyle’s bitch saying what they want – no matter how offensive and tasteless – and getting away with it, cos they fucking black.

    Has this bitch given the parents of those murdered innocents a second thought? Course not, she’s just using their deaths and their tragedy to spread her own self pity and BLM fascist bollocks. It’s cunts like Mos Shogbamim (a fucking Star Wars name or what?) who keep racism alive and thrive on it. They don’t want it to die, it definss them and it is the only thing that keeps scum like her relevant in the eyes of the woke media. If there was no ‘racism’ cunts like this bitch (and Megain Mantis and Lewis Hamilton and many others) would be nothing. Because whining about racism and victimhood is all they are.

    And she looks a state and all. What the fuck’s that on its head? An uncooked packet of Super Noodles? Stupid cunt.

  6. And weren’t Mandela (he was no saint), his horible wife, Amin and Mugabe black? Not to mention numerous other despots and nutters in Nigeria, Sudan and other places? How many people did they kill or have killed? Was it ‘blackness’ that killed those South African police, those who got the tyre treatment, and all those people in Uganda and Zimbabwe?🤔

    Sorry Mos Shotgun, it doesn’t wash. As Granny from Blazing Saddles might say,
    ‘Up yours, N!ggur!’

  7. It really is time to call this shit out. This country is historically white. It has evolved, often painfully, to ensure that its predominantly white citizens enjoy the fruits of their collective and individual endeavours. Those that do so may be considered privileged, or maybe they are simply good and effective citizens of this white institution. Call it privilege.

    Fine. If you want black privilege hand in the degrees you obtained from two shit and two decent UK universities, give up your lucrative UK-based legal racket, stop murdering the English language and fuck off back to Nigeria. Otherwise, you are as much a recipient of white privilege as any Caucasian in the country. Don’t knock it, you jumped-up, blathering, racebaiting cow.

  8. A dark quay nurse, if apprehended, would just play the feckng waaayce card.
    Her syrup is a bloody disgrace. Even Fabricunt can do better than that.
    Weapons-grade grifter of darkness.

  9. She must be a pathetic person seeing racism everywhere, especially when babies were murdered. Fucking scum

  10. To ruin the black cunts sex life, I’d constantly keep reminding her of all the WHITE spunk from blacks besides white men, that’s floating around her snatch, arsehole and big gob.

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